Council of Deans

Composition and Purpose

The Council of Deans comprises the deans of the six colleges, graduate dean, and the associate provosts. The council acts in an advisory capacity to the provost and reviews all academic policies, along with new courses and programs that are recommended by the General Education Council, the Undergraduate Council, and the Graduate Council. The provost chairs the Council of Deans.


Dr. Steven W. Runge Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Jonathan Glenn Associate Provost for Academic Services and Student Success Mrs. Laura Young Associate Provost for Finance and Administration Dr. Kurt Boniecki Associate Provost for Instructional Support Mrs. Jane Ann Williams Associate Provost Dr. Stephanie Bellar, Dean Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Steve Addison, Dean College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Michael Hargis, Dean College of Business Administration Dr. Jimmy Ishee, Dean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Dr. Maurice Lee, Dean College of Liberal Arts Mr. Terry Wright, Dean College of Fine Arts and Communication Dr. Diana Pounder, Dean College of Education