Faculty & Staff

The secret of success in honors education is the mentoring relationship. Small groups of students apprentice under the tutelage of distinguished professors, learning the arts of the intellect by practicing them firsthand. Our faculty live student-centered lives, seeking to empower with guidance rather than dazzle with sagacity. In small group seminars, faculty members help students engage in the great human conversation and teach them how they can keep it alive with their own ideas and passions. Honors students in both the Schedler Honors College and the University Scholars Program have a chance to become colleagues of the faculty, teaching alongside them and initiating the next generation in conversation.

The UCA Honors College is at the forefront of a growing movement across the country: full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty teaching honors interdisciplinary studies. Currently the Department of Honors Interdisciplinary Studies is home to six full-time faculty members with a range of disciplinary training, from philosophical theology to environmental literature to anthropology and Asian studies.

Staff members, including a dedicated honors advisor, an information technology professional, and an administrative assistant support the busy schedule and varied initiatives of the Honors College. Faculty and staff participate as a team in recruiting activities, special event planning, student advising and mentoring, and professional development.