Honors at UCA

Which honors program is right for you?

Students in Honors at UCA say that it has helped make their transition to college easier: connecting them with peers and faculty who care about their success, improving their grades by enhancing writing and critical thinking skills, and giving them a deeply rewarding educational experience. The University of Central Arkansas has a variety of honors programming opportunities available for students. The table below can help you decide which program is the best fit for you. Contact us at honors@uca.edu if you have questions, wish to schedule an individual meeting, or want to arrange to sit in a current Honors seminar.

*2+2 Transfer is available only to students completing honors programs at their community college**The student must qualify for full admission to the university.
Schedler Honors College University Scholars Program Honors in the Major
Who Applies Students who choose this program are often distinguished by an insatiable curiosity, a desire for exploration, a desire to give back to their community, and exhibit broader curricular interests Students choose this program for the opportunity to delve more deeply into courses and a capstone topic within their chosen major, as well as to develop as leaders within their chosen field of study Students choose this program to explore their chosen major in greater depth and with greater personal ownership
When to Apply High School Senior, College Freshman High School Senior, 2+2 Transfer Students* College Junior (after 60 hours)
Required GPA/ACT HS GPA or College GPA of 3.5, No Minimum ACT** HS GPA of 3.5, No Minimum ACT** Cumulative GPA of 3.25 with a 3.50 in 12 hours required by major
Application Elements 2 Essays, 2 References 1 Essay, 1 Reference Consent of Department
Program Goals & Curriculum Goals of Self-Authorship, Scholarship, Citizenship, and Leadership delivered through 4 Core Courses, 5 Course Minor (27 hours) Goals of Leadership, Expertise, and Social Responsibility delivered through 4 Core Courses, 2 Capstone Courses (up to 18 hours) Capstone Course(s) in Department
Financial Incentives $1,000/Semester Stipend, Private Room Upgrade Scholarship $500/Semester Stipend, Private Room Upgrade Scholarship May apply for Student Research Funds