Graduate Council

What is the role of the Graduate Council?
  • To review new proposals and revisions to existing graduate curricula and programs submitted by the various departments and colleges to the Council of Deans
  • To initiate and recommend policies relevant to graduate degree requirements, grading and credit policies, academic standards, and related matters
  • To review and recommend faculty for graduate faculty status
  • To act as an academic appeal body for graduate students
How do I find information about the process for making curriculum and graduate program policy changes?

Start by contacting the Graduate School.  The staff and the Graduate Dean can assist you at the front-end of the process, providing guidance and helpful information which will save you time.  Next, you’ll consult P and A, the Planning and Assessment website for further information.

Who are the members of the Graduate Council?


What are the deadlines for submitting proposals?

The Graduate Council must approve changes/additions to graduate curriculum and programs by the conclusion of the November meeting for the subsequent academic year. Please email your proposals to the Graduate School at