• Digital signatures are REQUIRED for all the forms below. Scanned copies or pictures will NOT be accepted.
  • All forms must be initiated  by the advisor, program coordinator, or dept chair except the Leave of Absence, Thesis/Dissertation Permission Form, Walk Out of Term Request,  and Semester/Permanent Withdrawal Form. 
Program of Study – Degree Works 
Curriculum Change Request 
Graduate Assistants
Graduate Faculty

Make sure the graduate faculty status is up to date prior to submitting. 


Walk Out of Term Request – Request to participate in commencement in a different term. (student)

Leave Request

Check SEMESTER if you wish to drop ALL of the current semester’s courses but will be returning in subsequent semesters.

Check PERMANENT  If you wish to drop ALL of your in-progress semester courses, as well as future semesters, AND are notifying the Graduate School that you are permanently withdrawing from your graduate program.  Do NOT USE THIS FORM if the semester has not yet started; contact the Graduate School.
*If you will still be enrolled in classes for the current semester but wish to drop some of your classes, go to the Registrar’s Office to complete and obtain a Schedule Change Form.

  • Memorandum  – For recording the completion/in-completion of thesis/dissertation defense, comprehensive exams, portfolio requirements, exit requirements, etc.
Thesis & Dissertation
Admission Forms
  • Concurrent Student Application Form  – UCA seniors in their last semester prior to receiving their baccalaureate degree may, under certain circumstances, apply for concurrent enrollment.



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