27 Hour Major Declaration Exception Request

Academic Clemency (undergraduate only)

Address Change

Adjustments and Appeals Committee (undergraduate only)

Advanced Placement Score Exclusion


Clearing House Information*

Degree Works Course Substitution Form


Forgive Repeat Course (undergraduate only)

Grade Appeal Form

Legal Sex Designation Change Form

Name Change

Non-Disclosure of Directory Information

Overload Request

Preferred First Name

Request to Audit Class

Residency (In-State) Reclassification Request Form

Schedule Change (Add/Drop One or More Classes)

Schedule Exception (After the Fact Enrollment)

Order a transcript

Transfer Course Approval (Department Chair Use Only) (undergraduate only)

Go to the Graduate School Forms page for graduate-level transfer credits approval.

Undergraduate Major, Minor, Concentration and Bulletin Change Form

Undergraduate Withdrawal Form (Full Semester Withdrawal)

Verification Request

Undergraduate Graduation / Diploma Forms

Diploma Address Change Form (Undergraduate)

Diploma Reorder Form

Undergraduate Graduation Application Date Change Form

Concurrent Enrollment Forms

* For Students Enrolled in High School Concurrent Courses ONLY.

Concurrent Enrollment Form

Concurrent Policy/Consent Form

Concurrent Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Concurrent Administrative Guide 2023-2024

Concurrent Student Handbook 2023-2024

Concurrent Drop Form 2023-2024

Liaison Site Visit Report

FAQ Concurrent Enrollment 2023-2024

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