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27 Hour Major Declaration Exception Request

Academic Clemency*

Academic Clemency-Web

Academic Suspension Appeal Form* 

Address Change*

Adjustments and Appeals Committee*

Adjustments and Appeals Committee-Web

BA Foreign Language Exception Form

Clearing House Information*

Degree Works Course / Degree Substitutions form

Diploma Reorder*

Diploma Address Change Form*


Forgive Repeat Course*

Forgive Repeat Course-Web

Gender Designation Change Form

Grade Change* (For Faculty use ONLY)

Graduation Application*

Name Change*

Non-Disclosure of Directory Information*

Online Undergraduate Re-Admission

Overload Request*

Request to Audit Class*

Residency Classification as an In-State Domiciliary

Schedule Change (Add/Drop)*

Schedule Exception (After the Fact Enrollment)*

Order a transcript

Transfer Credit Pre-Approval*

Transfer Credit Approval-Web (Faculty Use Only)

User ID/PIN Request *

User ID/PIN Request-Web

Verification Form*

Verification Form-Web

Concurrent Enrollment Forms – For Students Enrolled in High School Concurrent Courses ONLY.

Concurrent Application form

Concurrent credit enrollment form

Concurrent Enrollment Administrative Guide 2015-2016

Concurrent Student Handbook 2015-2016

Concurrent Drop Form

Parental Consent Concurrent Form

FAQ Concurent Enrollment


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