In the interest of more promptly and efficiently serving our students the UCA Registrar’s Office is in the process of bringing you a variety of request forms delivered entirely through the web.  Our new Web Forms will be the second link for each applicable form and will be denoted with the Web indicator.  In order to verify the identity of the requestor using this new method the requestor will be required to provide either their myUCA PIN # or a scanned copy of their handwritten signature.  Mouse signatures will not be considered sufficient verifcation for requests pertaining to the Academic Record.  For questions on these new forms or for requests to make other forms/processes available via the web please contact the Registrar’s Office at


27 Hour Major Declaration Exception Request

Academic Clemency*

Academic Clemency-Web

Academic Suspension Appeal Form* 

Address Change*

Adjustments and Appeals Committee*

Adjustments and Appeals Committee-Web

Clearing House Information*

Diploma Reorder*

Diploma Address Change Form*


Forgive Repeat Course*

Forgive Repeat Course-Web

Grade Change* (For Faculty use ONLY)

Graduation Application*

Master Class Schedule*

Name Change*

Non-Disclosure of Directory Information*

Online Undergraduate Re-Admission

Overload Request*

Request to Audit Class*

Schedule Change*

Schedule Exception*

Transcript Request*

Transcript Request-Web

Transfer Credit Pre-Approval*

Transfer Credit Approval-Web

User ID/PIN Request *

User ID/PIN Request-Web

Verification Form*

Verification Form-Web


*Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader