Cancellation of Registration and Withdrawal Information

Graduate students: please see the Graduate School forms page.

Cancellation of Registration

A student who advance registers and decides not to attend must officially notify the University by submitting an Official Withdrawal form to cancel the advance registration before the first day of scheduled classes for the term. This will prevent the posting of financial charges to the account and the recording of grades on the academic record.

Withdrawal Information

An enrolled student may officially withdraw from the University during a term, but must do so by the date specified in the Academic Calendar for that term.

  • Graduate students – contact the Graduate Deans Office, Torreyson Library, Room 328.
  • Undergraduate Students – Students who wish to drop all their courses during a given term are required to complete the Undergraduate Withdrawal form.  This form may be obtained in the Academic Advising Center in Harrin Hall.  Please contact their offices for questions on this process.  Once the form is complete and authorized it is to be brought or submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  Students are advised that not paying for or attending their courses will not drop them from their classes.  Students will NOT be dropped by staff over the phone.  Failure to drop classes that you do not intend to complete may result in additional billings to your account, the assigning of F or WF grades and holds on your transcript./li>

It is the intent of UCA to assist its students, where and when appropriate and possible, in their efforts to continue their education.  Students may be asked about the circumstances leading to their withdrawal to determine if the motivation for leaving is something that UCA’s staff and community may be able to assist with in the hopes of allowing the student to continue their studies.  While not every issue is one that can be resolved in this way, your honesty in this process is very much appreciated.