Records for Former Students & Alumni


To order an official transcript please follow this link.  On that page you will find information about our transcript ordering process as well as the direct link to the ordering page.

Former students who attended UCA in August 1985 or thereafter will have records in our current database which can be accessed on-line.  Students whose only history with us was prior to that date will NOT be able to use the following process, and should order an official transcript instead. 

To access your general records and review an unofficial transcript your User ID and PIN are required.

Don’t know your USER ID and/or PIN? CLICK HERE to download a form to request this information.  (Please note for security purposes these requests are only returned by USPS standard first class postage.  If you have immediate need to access your records please consider submitting an official transcript request in addition to the USER ID/PIN request.  Those can be delivered by e-mail in an official and secure format.)

Once you have your USER ID and PIN:

  1. Click on this LINK
  2. Select Enter Secure Area to log in
  3. To find/view academic records click on “STUDENT”
  4. To view your unofficial transcript, grades and hold click on “STUDENT RECORDS”
  5. To view your unofficial transcript, click on “ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT”.


Mailing Address and Fax Information

University of Central Arkansas, Office of the Registrar

201 Donaghey Avenue, Harrin Hall, Suite 224

Conway, Arkansas 72035-0001

FAX NUMBER: (501) 450-5734