What is an Apostille?

Foreign countries may request that individuals who have completed degrees outside that country are required to have their degrees certified with an Apostille. An Apostille is a special seal applied by an authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original. This can be used whenever a copy of an official document from another country is needed. The Registrar’s office can process your transcript or diploma and obtain the Apostille seal from the state of Arkansas.

Steps to complete an Apostille

  1. Complete Form
  2. Order Official Transcript (Delivery: Pickup Registrar)
  3. Order Diploma Reprint (Delivery: Pickup Registrar)
  4. Submit Papers to Registrar Office (Attn. Becky Rasnick)

How do I obtain an Apostille?

For details on the Arkansas Apostille and process, please visit: https://www.sos.arkansas.gov/business-commercial-services-bcs/apostille-certification/

How do I order a transcript?

For details on ordering a transcript please visit: Ordering a Transcript

How do I order a diploma?

For ordering a diploma visit: Ordering a Diploma