Banner Training

The Registrar’s Office offers Banner training to new employees and current employees. We try to offer Banner I training (typically for new employees) once a week and Banner II training once a week. The Banner I training sessions will be presented at a slow pace since it is designed for beginners to Banner. The training sessions are located in Harrin Hall 218 in a small-group environment. Please review training session dates below and register for an upcoming session.

Banner I Training: Review¬†Banner screens, creating or copying CRN’s, adding attributes to a section, FYS section setup, setting up restricted seats, advance registration prep, registration in Banner 9, ARGOS reports and more.

Banner II Training: Banner waitlist process, using SFASRPO, adding or updating student attributes, graduation process and more

Curricula Updates: Updating the students advisor (major advisor or minor advisor) and updating the students major, minor, concentration and/or bulletin year in Banner.