Concurrent Enrollment Program

 UCA Concurrent Enrollment Program

Concurrent Enrollment is a cooperative program between participating high schools and the University of Central Arkansas through which high school students may enroll in college-level courses prior to graduation. Through Concurrent Enrollment, approved high school teachers teach University of Central Arkansas’ courses during the regular high school schedule. The course materials, assignments and grading standards used in the courses must meet the same standards as regular University of Central Arkansas courses.

For any questions regarding our concurrent program, please contact:

 JoAnna Trevino-Hoadley, M.S.
 UCA Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator
 Harrin Hall 222B
 201 Donaghey Ave, Conway, AR 72035 or 501-852-7407


Instructions for online admission application for concurrent enrollment

  1. Go to the UCA Application Portal at
  2. Create an account (using a personal email, not a school email) and wait for a follow-up authentication email with your temporary PIN.
    • Please do not make a new account if you are a returning user.
  3. Retrieve “University of Central Arkansas Online Registration” email with temporary PIN to complete the login process.
  4. Start New Application → Create Application (undergraduate) → Open Application
  5. When prompted “Are you seeking a degree?”, select “NO” as concurrent students are only earning credit while in concurrent courses, not a degree.
  6. When asked what type of student will you be at UCA, select “High School Concurrent”
  7. Complete application as instructed.

For questions/assistance with the application process, please contact Justina Grubbs at

Mission Statement

Our mission at the University of Central Arkansas Concurrent Enrollment program is to provide a challenging college-level experience for high school students who have demonstrated their readiness for post-secondary academic work. By expanding educational access to all individuals who meet academic requirements, the University of Central Arkansas intends to raise the educational bar in Arkansas.

Participating High Schools:

  • Abundant Life Christian Academy
  • Central Arkansas Christian High School
  • Conway Christian School
  • Conway High School
  • Episcopal Collegiate
  • Little Rock Christian Academy
  • St. Joseph High School
  • Vilonia High School


Eligibility & Student Registration

Registration materials are distributed to the high school based on the school’s registration policies and time frame. To register for a course, students are required to fill out a UCA Admission Application, and a Concurrent Enrollment Form. Also required is a copy of the student’s high school transcript and ACT scores for verification of eligibility. The high school coordinator collects and reviews students’ paperwork and forwards it to the UCA Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator.

To participate in the Concurrent Enrollment Program at UCA, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to enroll in courses:

  1. Students must complete the University of Central Arkansas Application Form.
  2. Students must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form and Concurrent Enrollment Policy & Consent Form.
  3. All students must submit documentation showing they meet the following academic requirements:
    • Transcript showing a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
    • An ACT Reading Score of at least 19
      • If taking English, students must also have an ACT English score of at least 19
      • If taking Math, students must also have an ACT Math score of at least 19
  4. Must meet all course prerequisites.
  5. Junior or senior classification. Sophomores may be admitted through special permission and high school counselor recommendation.
  6. Students who are enrolled in CE courses will be classified as non-degree seeking students.


After registration is complete and classes have begun, new concurrent students are sent a letter with their UCA ID number, username, and password. The letters are mailed or delivered to the high school coordinators for distribution to students early in the semester. With this information students can check their account and email by going to and clicking on “myUCA” to log on to the system. Students will be able to check if they are in the correct course, review transcripts and access final grades or pay billing for the courses being taken.

Tuition Charges

All Concurrent Enrollment students will be charged $10.00 per credit hour for each course they take through participating High Schools. To determine how much will be charged check the second digit of the course number. (Example: Charges will be $30.00 for MATH 2311, PHYS 1410 charges will be $40.00)

Students will be billed by UCA. The bill will be mailed to the student’s home address after the drop/add deadline given by the Registrar.

Payment options information may be found at

Teachers & Coordinators

Qualifications and Resources

The instructor of record will meet the same minimum qualifications as an instructor at UCA. The instructor will hold a Master’s degree that includes eighteen (18) hours of completed course work in the subject area of the endorsed concurrent enrollment course.

Additional qualifications may be stipulated by departments offering courses; these additional stipulations will be specified before partner schools propose instructors for proposed courses.

Courses cannot be approved without simultaneous approval of an instructor meeting university and department qualifications.

Information Needed for Instructor Approval

Undergraduate transcripts, graduate transcripts, and updated Curriculum Vitae are required for review by departments requested to grant concurrent credit. Other information may be requested by the reviewing department.

All questions about instructor eligibility/qualifications will be referred to the appropriate department chair.

Departments will identify courses appropriate for inclusion in the university’s concurrent enrollment initiative. Each high school requesting concurrent credit must request a specific UCA course.

High schools requesting a course will be supplied with a current syllabus for the comparable UCA course and with additional course-, program-, or discipline-specific requirements, if any, as stipulated by the department in which a course is housed. From this information, high schools will develop a syllabus that incorporates the required course content and objectives into the high school course curriculum.

Concurrent course proposals will be reviewed by the UCA department upon receipt of an appropriate syllabus and other course material from the requesting high school. These materials must include at least the following information, as relevant: lecture/lab schedule, course objectives, topical coverage, textbook/lab book titles and editions, assessment methods, and grading scale.

Syllabi for any course included in UCA’s general education core will explicitly indicate how the course meets the university’s general education objectives for the area the course is intended to satisfy. UCA’s general education requirements are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin: for an outline of requirements, see UCA Core; for a list of courses in the lower-division UCA Core, see the LD UCA Core Check Sheet.

Additional information such as examples of examinations and other assignments may also be requested by the reviewing department. All questions about course approval will be referred to the appropriate department chair.

End of Semester Grades

The high school teacher is responsible for entering student grades into UCA’s Banner System (unless other arrangements have been made through the registrar’s office).

Grades are posted by logging into myUCA (, selecting “Self Service,” and then clicking on “Faculty.” Select “Final Grades” from the list on the left-hand side. Your class roster will be displayed where you will click on a grade for each student. Detailed instructions are available under “Faculty Grade Reporting” on the Registrar’s website (

All students must be assigned a grade. Concurrent Enrollment students are graded the same as all other UCA students. If a student has left the class (moved, changed classes, etc.) but has failed to officially withdraw from UCA they should be given an “F”.

National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)

The University of Central Arkansas is an accredited member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and operates in accordance with NACEP Standards. UCA’s Concurrent Enrollment Program was accredited in 2012. We are committed to having a quality program that continues to meet all of NACEP Standards.

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships is a professional organization for high schools and colleges that advances seamless education through secondary and post-secondary collaborations. NACEP defines concurrent enrollment as Tran-scripted college classes taught by trained high school teachers for both high school and college credit, at their high school, during the regular school day. Established in 1999 in response to the dramatic increase in concurrent enrollment courses throughout the country, NACEP fosters student success and achievement by supporting standards of excellence that promote program and professional development, accreditation, research and advocacy.

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