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Degree Works

Welcome to the Degree Works information page.

Degree Works is a comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree audit solution used to ensure students are progressing toward graduation.

This page will contain information about the UCA Degree Works degree audit system, particularly as it applies to undergraduate students and programs. We will post news, troubleshooting issues, tricks, and updates about the system here.

Graduate Students: Please jump to the Graduate School Degree Works page for additional information specific to you and your programs.

An upgrade to the Degree Works application was performed in September 2020. This update includes substantial changes to the user interface. Information regarding the use of the updated Degree Works can be found via the Registrar’s site at


1. Log in to MyUCA
2. Click on Self-Service
3. Click Student & Financial Aid
4. Click DegreeWorks for Students
Your degree audit will load

1. Review your audit
2. Check your advisor, degree, major (concentration and minor if required). If any of this information is incorrect or not showing on your audit, in MyUCA, locate the Academic Advising Center box then click on change my major to make any updates. Your change will be forwarded to the Academic Advising Center to update. Once the change has been made by the Academic Advising Center, your Degree Works audit will reflect the change.

What- If: This tool is used if you are thinking about changing your degree, major, minor, or concentration. Click on the What If at the left. This will come up with a set of search criteria. Click Degree (if changing this), click Bulletin Year (if changing from the old general education curriculum to the new lower-division core), then select a major, minor, or concentration you want to see a new audit on, then at the top, click on Process What-If. This will bring up a new audit with the information you have selected. You can do this as many times as you want. Select Worksheets to go back to your original audit when finished.

Save as PDF: This tool allows you to save or print your audit. Just click on the link to load.

GPA Calculators: This tool has three different GPA calculators that you can access to projecting your term grade point average to an advice calculator to project how many semesters it will take to improve your grade point average.

FAQ: This tool at the top is to be used if you have any questions about anything on your audit. Click on the FAQ button, find and click on your question, and the answer will show.

This information can be downloaded here.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting a question.

Q: How soon after a department submits a curriculum adjustment request will those changes be reflected in Degree Works?
A: Degree Works is updated once all approvals have been assigned to a proposed change and it is adopted as official policy, and only within the bulletin year identified as effective for the change. This process is done as an established step in the approval chain, there should be no need for departments to request that newly submitted adjustments be put in Degree Works beyond the standard application process.

Q: I have a student that is using a 2012 or before Bulletin, how do I run an audit on them?
A: Currently UCA Degree Works only will run audits on 2013 and later Bulletin years. You will need to process a “What If” audit. This is done by choosing “What IF” on the right menu and select the year, degree, major, and concentration (if any) and minor of the student. Then select the Process What-If button.

Q: I have transferred to UCA from another institution with an Associate Degree (A.A., A.A.T, or A.S) but Degree Works says that I have not met my Lower-Division Core Requirements.
A: Unfortunately this happens from time to time. The first thing to do is to check to make sure your official transcript with the degree posted has been received by the Registrar’s office. Once the Registrar’s Office verifies your degree and posts it to your student record at UCA the problem should be resolved. If this does not resolve the issue please use the form below to indicate there is a problem.

Q: I have been informed that an issue has been resolved, but my audit still looks the same.
A: There are some behind the scenes items that have to take place and the solution is to always perform a “Process New” audit button in the middle of the form. If this does not solve the problem please let the Registrar Office know.

Q: The auditor screen has the error message:

“Status = 4390″
The number of audtree-dtls read from the DB was less than expected.
Make sure you have enough space in your DB to save audits and run a new audit.”

A: The solution to this issue is to run “Process New”.

Faculty and Staff should download and use the Course / Degree Substitutions form to communicate any course or degree substitutions.


As an example: The Student needs to take a Special Topics course instead of a required course. You would download and fill out this form have the Department Chair or Dean sign off and email the form to

Degree Works Course / Degree Substitutions form

Use the following form to submit questions about an audit issue. For a more general question please contact the Registrar’s Office (for undergraduate students) or the Graduate School (for graduate students) regarding this degree audit report or your official degree/certificate completion status.

Degree Works Issue Submission

This form is used to ask questions about Degree Works or report an issue.
  • Please provide the Banner ID of the student that the audit is being produced.
  • Please tell us your type of audit / user:
  • Degree plan for the student:
  • What bulletin year did you run the audit against:
  • Please Describe the the issue area.
  • Please tell us about any solutions that you have attempted.
  • Add any additional information that might help us determine the issue.