What do students say about Degree Works?

UCA Degree Works PowerPoint Demonstration
Degree Works Responsive Dashboard

With the current version of Degree Works, you will need to completely log out the application after each use.  For the best performance, Chrome is the recommended browser. *If you encounter a JSON error using Chrome, please run your degree audit in Firefox.

How do I get transfer credits included on my Degree Works degree audit?

All transfer credits must be approved at the department level and by the Graduate Dean.  Complete and submit the Request for  Transfer Credit Approval Form.  Once approved, transfer work will be reflected on your degree audit.

What must I do if I need additional time to complete my degree?

Any course work that will be more than six years old for masters, specialist, or certificate programs or ten years old for doctoral programs will exceed the time limits for those degrees.  In such a case, please contact Jennifer Bell in the Graduate School.

What must I do to include coursework from a previous degree/program from UCA into my current program?

You may apply six credit hours towards a master’s or specialist degree and three credit hours towards a certificate.  Submit the Degree Works Prior Coursework Approval Form to request approval.

 What must I do if I want to make a change to my Degree Works audit?

Contact your advisor to discuss any changes to your audit.  All changes must be approved at the department level and by the Graduate Dean.  Once approved, the changes will be reflected on your degree audit.  Complete and submit the Graduate School Degree Works Management Form  to request any of the following:

  • Course substitutions
  • Designate cognate, elective, and/or content courses
  • Change to a newer bulletin year
  • Change concentration