FAQ – Prospective Student

Frequently Asked Questions about The Graduate School @ UCA

What programs does UCA have?

Refer to the lists of On-campus, Hybrid, and On-line degree programs.

 What do I need to apply?
  • Check with the program to which you will apply because each program has its own specific requirements.
  • Complete the Graduate School online application & pay required fee, send official academic transcripts, and entrance exam scores (as program requires).
  • UCA’s Graduate School online application
What are the requirements for concurrent enrollment?

If a senior is in his/her last term of enrollment before receiving a baccalaureate degree and is otherwise fully qualified to enter graduate study, that student may be admitted to concurrent status.

 What are my options for financing my graduate education at UCA?

Your options include private funds, scholarships, graduate assistantships, and / or student loans.

How do I find a graduate assistantship?

See Graduate Assistantship webpage

How do I know when the semester starts/ends as well as other important dates such as deadlines for registration?

UCA’s Academic Calendar is the best place to find this information.

What is the Graduate School orientation and when is it held?

Graduate Orientation is offered each fall semester for any graduate student who is interested. The date/time of the orientation will be posted online on the Graduate School website. Certain degree programs also offer their own program specific orientations. Please contact your department for more information.

What are my options for housing during graduate school @ UCA?

UCA’s Housing office can provide you with information about on-campus options for housing.