FAQ – Current UCA Students

I’ve been accepted to graduate school at UCA, now what?

 How do I reset my MyUCA password?

You can reset your password online if you remember your security answers or contact the UCA IT Helpdesk at 501-450-3107

How do I register for classes? 

View the Schedule of Classes

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Log into MyUCA and click on the Register for Classes shortcut or search for “Register for Classes” in the search bar at the bottom of the screen.
Select the term and click Submit.
Enter the course CRN  or click on Class Search to find the course.
Select the subject and then click on Course Search.
Click on View Sections to see what class times are available. A “C” in the first column means the class is full.
Click the textbox by the class and then click on Register.

How do I remove registration holds?
Advance Registration HoldAssigned Program Advisor
(Check Degree Works for
your assigned advisor)
Search uca.edu for phone numberSearch uca.edu for email address
Graduate School Graduate School(501) 450-3124ucagradschool@uca.edu
Graduate School ProbationGraduate School(501) 450-3124ucagradschool@uca.edu
SH Measles/Rubella PRFStudent Health(501) 450-3136 shc@uca.edu
Student Accts Outstanding AmtStudent Accounts(501) 450-5015studentaccounts@uca.edu
How do I pay for my tuition?

All tuition payments are processed by Studnet Accounts.  Please, visit their website for more details.

What is DegreeWorks and how can I access it?

DegreeWorks is an online program that allows you to view your progress to your degree. See the Graduate School webpage on DegreeWorks.

Where is my program’s building?

View Our Campus Map

Where do I get a student ID?

UCA Student Center, Room 104

Where do I get a parking permit?

Parking permits are covered in the cost of tuition and fees, so they are no additional cost to a student. A parking permit can be obtained by the University Police Department at the start of each new academic year. The Department’s Parking and Traffic Services Office is open for payment of traffic fines and purchase/distribution of parking permits between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What are the important steps and deadlines I need to follow while working on my thesis or dissertation?

The student should select the topic of their thesis/dissertation and find a faculty advisor who will work with them during the course of their thesis/dissertation. 

For a thesis committee, the student should choose the main advisor, as well as two other professors who will review and suggest revisions. The thesis committee should have a total of three members. For a dissertation committee, the student should choose the main advisor, as well as four other professors who will review and suggest revisions. The dissertation committee should have a total of five members. When the student has selected the members of their committee, the student needs to submit a Thesis or Dissertation Committee Selection Form to the Graduate Office (Torreyson West 328). Details about the thesis and dissertation process can be found on our Thesis and Dissertation webpage.

 Also, see the Visual of Thesis-Dissertation Steps.

 What is the deadline to apply for graduation?

It is best to see the Graduation webpage of The Graduate School @ UCA website.

How do I withdraw from the current semester or program and the university?

Submit a completed Graduate School Withdrawal Form. Check SEMESTER if you wish to drop all of the current semester’s courses but you will be returning. Check PERMANENT,  if you wish to drop ALL of your in-progress semester courses, as well as future semesters, AND are notifying the Graduate School that you are permanently withdrawing from your graduate program. Do NOT USE THIS FORM if the semester has not yet started; contact the Graduate School at ucagradschool@uca.edu.