Why should I choose UCA?

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Inspired. Empowered. Accomplished. 

Potential students inspired to explore what the UCA Graduate School has to offer often realize that more than 60 available programs will empower students to seize opportunities and feel accomplished as they realize their potential.
  • Innovation 
Degree programs in the UCA Graduate School offer a small student-to-faculty ratio, allowing students to realize their full potential. The programs are large enough for students to take advantage of numerous career and research opportunities yet small enough to foster meaningful relationships that equip students to positively impact the world around them. 
  • Leadership 
Students not only develop a more profound knowledge of their discipline, but they also sharpen the skills needed to be leaders in their professions. Graduates leave with improved critical thinking skills along with the social and emotional intelligence necessary to succeed as a leader. 
  • Expertise
Graduate students have access to faculty and professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Whether working with their professors or practicing professionals, students glean from individuals dedicated to serving as mentors – offering their first-hand, real-world knowledge to inspire growth in students as they accomplish their goals. 
  • Opportunities
The Graduate School offers degrees that provide the rigor, opportunities, and vibrant community necessary for students to excel in their careers. Whether the goal is to be an artist, educator, business executive, health care provider, or scholar, UCA has dozens of programs to give graduate students expert-level skills as they reach their professional goals. 
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