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A graduate student’s regalia includes a hood made of velvet and satin. The color of the velvet panel signifies their field of study. Dr. Barlow, the Graduate Dean, is shown “hooding” a student during the commencement ceremony.


Your hard work has paid off as you are about to finish your journey toward an advanced degree. The following information will guide you through the steps to prepare for graduation.
Fall 2021
Friday, December 10, 2021


How to Wear Your Graduation Regalia

When should I apply for graduation?

The graduation application deadline for graduate students who will complete all of their degree or certificate requirements during fall 2021 is September 10, 2021.  Presently, applications should ONLY be submitted for those graduating in  Fall 2021. Please, make sure you choose the correct term when applying.  Graduation application fees are non-fundable.  It is important to verify in Degree Works that all program requirements have been or will be met prior to the end of this semester to avoid paying additional processing fees for subsequent applications for the same program.

How do I apply to graduate?
Master’s, Specialist, and Doctoral Degrees
Graduate or Post-Master’s Certificate

Failure to apply before the end of the term will result in a delay of degree award by one semester. Students will receive an email within three weeks confirming receipt of the application.

The deadline dates for submission of this application and fee are the same as those for filling an application to graduate. Failure to meet the deadline may result in the delay of the degree or certificate being awarded by a semester.

What do I need to do prior to the commencement ceremony?
  • Order your cap, gown, and hood: Regalia must be ordered through the the UCA bookstore; contact the bookstore for more information (501-450-3166). NOTE: Undergraduate gowns are distinctly different and may not be worn by graduate students.  You must have the appropriate regalia (gown and UCA hood) to participate in the commencement ceremony.
  • Incomplete Grades & Transfer Credits: Official transcripts showing outstanding transfer credits and final grades for all incomplete work credit should be submitted to the Graduate School as soon as possible. The final degree audit cannot be performed until this is accomplished.
  • Clear up University Accounts: All outstanding accounts with University Offices should be cleared as soon as possible. A restriction will be placed on the academic record of any student with outstanding debt to the Business Office, Library, Bookstore, Health Services Office, or University Police.
  • Complete an Exit Interview: Student Financial Aid (450-3140) and/or Student Accounts (450-5015) may require an exit interview of students participating in student loan programs. Please contact these offices for specific details if you believe this may be applicable to you.
  • Verify your address: Your diploma will be mailed to the address you gave on the graduate application. Address changes MUST be made in writing to the Graduate School prior to graduation in order to ensure the proper delivery of the diploma.
  • Order Announcements and Class Rings: May be ordered through the UCA bookstore in the Student Center.
  • Order Official Transcripts: Important- Your degree and date of graduation will not be placed on the academic record until all academic requirements have been fulfilled and your degree certified. Requests for official transcripts must specify “Hold for the degree to be awarded Month/Year”
When will I receive my diploma or certificate? How do I order an additional diploma?

The diploma or certificate will be mailed to the address given on your application form approximately sixteen weeks after graduation. Once final grades are reported by the faculty, the Graduate School will review each candidate’s application for degree or certificate completion. The final completion of all requirements must be verified before the degree can be awarded and the diploma or certificate printed. The diploma or certificate is printed with your name (as listed on the application), the degree or certificate awarded, and the date the degree or certificate is awarded. If your diploma or certificate mailing address changes prior to this please send an email with the new address to Jennifer Bell. Changing your address on myUCA does not update your diploma or certificate mailing address. Notify the Graduate School in writing if you have not received your diploma or certificate after the sixteen weeks has expired.

To request additional copies of your diploma, go to this link.  If you have any questions regarding additional diplomas or damaged diplomas, contact the Registrar’s office. 

NOTE: The University of Central Arkansas is not responsible for damage or loss that results from the actions of the US Postal Service.