Graduate or Post-Master’s Certificate

Students receiving Graduate or Post-Master’s Certificates do not participate in commencement but will receive a printed certificate.
  1. View your Degree Works audit.  If any classes in the  Fall Through or Over the Limit section should be included in Degree Requirements, a Degree Works Management form should be submitted and processed prior to submitting your application. Please consult with your advisor if you have any questions about degree requirements.
  2. Go to the graduation application and  click on  Go
  3. For Select a Term, choose the most current term.
  4. If the program curricula is inaccurate, please contact the Graduate School at to request the change.  Do not submit a certificate application until the curricula is correct. If the curricula is correct, select the program and continue.
  5. For the Graduation Date select the current term.
  6. For Diploma Name (certificate) select the name that you want to appear on your certificate.  This name can be edited.
  7. For Diploma Mailing Address (certificate) select the mailing address for the certificate.  If the information is inaccurate, the information can be edited.  REMINDER:  Since certificates will be mailed approximately 16 weeks after the end of the semester, use an address that will be correct at that time.  Students wishing to have certificates mailed out of the country must come by the Graduate School office to complete a customs form and mailing label.
  8. On the Graduate Application Payment page, for Payment Method select Graduate Graduation Application Fee $40.  This non-refundable processing fee will be added to your student account.
  9. On the Graduation Application Summary page, review the information for accuracy before submitting the application.  If anything is incorrect, use the back arrow and correct any errors.
  10. A non-refundable processing fee will be posted to your account and you will get a confirmation that the application has been submitted.  Certificates will not be available until this fee has been paid.

If all degree requirements (i.e. completion of all coursework, removal of X grades, etc.) are not completed by the end of the term (the last day of final exams), the student must submit a new application and pay the $40 processing fee in the subsequent term when ALL the requirements have been met.