Graduate Faculty Status

Which faculty currently hold Graduate Faculty status?

UCA faculty who hold Graduate Faculty status are listed in the Current Graduate Faculty List

Who needs graduate faculty status?

  • If you instruct any graduate-level course, whether part-time, adjunct, or full-time.
  • If you are a thesis or dissertation committee member, whether you are a UCA employee or not.
  • If you sit on the Graduate Council.
How do I apply for graduate faculty status?
  1. The program coordinator or department approver initiates the graduate faculty application for
    both UCA faculty and non-UCA faculty. The application provides prompts for approval chain
    progression and documentation requirements. Status category (full, associate, or affiliated) is
    determined by the individual’s employment status and engagement with graduate studies at the
    university. Please see the Graduate Faculty Membership Guide for reference.
  2. The application packet progresses through three levels of appraisal before being submitted to
    the Graduate School.
  3. The Graduate Dean presents the applicant as an information item to the Graduate Council. Any
    exception or application where there are differing recommendations from the faculty, chair or
    dean will be reviewed as an action item by the Graduate Council.
Graduate Faculty status criteria:
Biology Dept
College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences - All Depts.
College of Business - All Depts.
College of Education - All Depts.
Communication Sciences & Disorders Dept.
Computer Science & Engineering Dept.
Creative Writing, MFA
Exercise & Sport Science Dept.
Film, MFA
Geography Dept.
Health Science Dept
Mathematics Dept
Music Dept
Nursing Dept
Nutrition & Family Sciences Dept.
Occupational Therapy Dept.
Physical Therapy Dept.
Psychology & Counseling Dept.