Manuscript Collections

M86-02 – E.E. Cordrey Collection

This collection contains records, ledgers, scrapbooks, photos and papers of UCA chemistry Professor Everett E. Cordrey, 1914-1950. (view finding aid)

M86-03 – Vestal Nursery Records Collection

Both Financial records and catalogs from the Joseph W. Vestal and Sons Co. depict the financial life of an Arkansas business, 1892-1960. (view finding aid)

M86-04 – Eva Burkett Collection

A former English Professor from UCA, Eva Mae Burkett, donated material relating to the English department and her own class materials on dialect and literary writers, 1963-1971. (view finding aid)

M86-05 – Faulkner County Educational Records Collection

These county records pertain to the inner workings of the educational system in Faulkner county between the years 1880-1939. (view finding aid)

M86-06 – W.H. Newton Collection

This collection consists of personal papers, political commissions, and correspondence of Mr. Newton, a Lincoln County farmer and politician, 1862 -1914. (view finding aid)

M86-08 – Ted R. Worley Collection

Ted Worley held a position at ASTC (UCA) and was Executive Secretary of the Arkansas History Commission until the 1960s.  His collection contains both personal papers, published material, and unpublished material on UCA and Arkansas history. (view finding aid)

M86-09 – Mary Caviness Collection

This collection contains personal papers, correspondence, and business papers of Ms. Caviness, a Hot Springs African American benefactress, 1895-1986. (view finding aid)

M86-12 – James K. Mackrell Collection

This collection consists of personal papers, writings, photographs, and political materials of a Little Rock radio personality and Baptist minister, 1941-1972. (view finding aid)

M87-01 – Faulkner County Probate Records, 1873- 1917 Collection

This collection contains papers pertaining to the estates of deceased persons filed in Faulkner Count Probate Court, 1873-1917. (view finding aid)

M87-02 – Rose Publishing Company Records Collection

This was an Arkansas based publishing company that specialized  in Arkansas subjects and titles.  This collection contains business records, copyrights, manuscripts, and correspondence, 1973-1981. (view finding aid)

M87-03 – Arkansas Ecology Center Records Collection

This organization was a non-profit environmental group, which worked to provide information to the public though research.  A large portion of this collection deals with the Cache River, 1970-1981. (view finding aid)

M87-04 – Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Collection

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra has been educating people on music since 1938.  This collection documents their success through administrative records, correspondence, audio-visual material, and memorabilia, 1938-2001. (view finding aid)

M87-05 – Steed Family Collection

Charles R. Steed was a farmer from Mayflower, Arkansas, who served as Faulkner County sheriff from 1941 to 1942.  His wife, Velma Steed, graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1929, and taught science at Conway High School for twenty-five years.  This collection documents their experiences in Faulkner county, 1919-1985. (view finding aid)

M87-06 – Maude H. Boen Collection

Mrs. Boen worked in the Japanese Relocation center at Jerome, Arkansas and this collection contains some of her memories from that experience in the form of correspondence, educational materials, photographs, and memorabilia, 1942-1945. (view finding aid)

M87-07 – Clayton-Wade Family Collection

The Clayton family was a prominent Conway family, who operated a  local grocery store. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and business papers , 1901-1980. (view finding aid)

M87-08 – Harold Sherman Collection

Harold Sherman was a prominent Stone County leader, author, lecturer, and expert in the paranormal whose work can be seen through publications, correspondence, memorabilia, audio-visual material, manuscripts and writings, 1907-1987. (view finding aid)

M87-09 – Chronicles of Arkansas Series Collection

This is the complete set of the a historical series as published in the Arkansas Gazette, 1958-1968. (view finding aid)

M88-01 – John R. Hume Collection

John R. Hume worked for the Arkansas Highway department from 1951-1981, during which, he collected a large amount of material on the history of Arkansas road construction. His collection contains personal papers, political papers, printed materials, and photographs related to the Arkansas Highway Department, 1928-1981. (view finding aid)

M88-02 – Richard C. Butler Collection

Richard C. Butler defended the Little Rock School board on the Central High Crisis Integration. This collection contains personal and biographical material, photographs, business material and litigation papers of an Arkansas lawyer, 1956-1984. (view finding aid)

M88-03 – Gale Stewart Collection

Gale Stewart had a private law practice in Little Rock, Arkansas, and she was active in the movement to prevent the channelization of the Cache River, 1968-1986. (view finding aid)

M88-04 – Daphine Doster Collection

Daphine Doster was a public health nurse and the first acting Dean of the University of Arkansas school of Nursing, 1951-1972. (view finding aid)

M88-05 – Morris Family Collection

The Morris Family papers hold genealogy information and business papers from a White county farm family, 1820-1937. (view finding aid)

M88-06 – Leo P. Bott Collection

Leo Bott created Bott Advertising and became recognized for his work with direct mail advertising. He also made several trips to Alaska and created some of its earliest promotional material, 1914-1968. (view finding aid)

M88-07 – Diana Sherwood Collection

Diana Sherwood worked as a freelance writer and journalist. She also did research on early settlers in Arkansas, 1936-1951. (view finding aid)

M88-08 – Lucille Babcock Collection

A Little Rock poet, editor, Carnegie Hero, and a former Women’s Army Corps member, she was recognized for saving a young woman from a would be rapist, 1987-1988. (view finding aid)

M88-09 – Arkansas WPA Writers Project Collection

The Arkansas WPA provided jobs for unemployed writers during the depression, and it also gathered information for a guidebook on Arkansas, 1935-1941. (view finding aid)

M88-10 – Stephen Wheeler Collection

Mr. Wheeler worked as clerk for two courts including the Arkansas Hanging Judge, Isaac C. Parker. This collection contains letters addressed to Wheeler in his capacity as Clerk, U.S. District Court, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1875-1897. (view finding aid)

M88-11 – Arkansas VISTA Collection

This collection contains research materials and publishing information from Marvin Schwartz, In Service to America: A History of Vista in Arkansas, 1965-1985. (view finding aid)

M88-12 – Walter Nunn Collection

During the Arkansas Constitution Convention of 1969-1970, he was hired to conduct research for the state. Mr. Nunn was a Little Rock publisher, political scientist, and revisionist, and his collection holds correspondence, books, and research materials from this 1940-1983. (view finding aid)

M89-01 – Will A. Berry Collection

This collection contains workbooks from Arkansas Normal School, teaching licenses, contracts, and poetry from a school teacher and his sister, 1893-1929. (view finding aid)

M89-02 – Arkansas Sociological and Anthropological Association Collection

The ASAA seeks to further knowledge in sociology and anthropology. Their collection holds newsletters, correspondence, minutes, and programs from annual meetings, 1971-2000. (view finding aid)

M89-03 – Betty Young / Arkansas Folklore Collection

Betty Young worked as a UCA Professor doing research in folklore and place names. Her collection reflects her love of local myths, 1958-1984. (view finding aid)

M89-04 – Arkansas Conservation Coalition Collection

This organization attempted to address conservation and environmental issues in Arkansas, 1981-1988. (view finding aid)

M89-05 – Mid-Southern Watercolorists Collection

The Mid Southern Watercolorists tried to educate people about the uses of watercolors in art, 1970-1989. (view finding aid)

M89-08 – Dr. William G. Holland Collection

Dr. William Holland ran a successful drug store and left behind store records, physician’s visiting list, and a register from “Friends of Temperance” (Temperance Movement) 1868-1938. (view finding aid)

M89-09 – Ray Poindexter Jr. Collection

This collection contains the papers of Ray Poindexter Jr. an Arkansas radio personality, teacher, and author 1940-1980. (view finding aid)

M89-10 – Washington County Circuit Court Records Collection

This collection contains transcribed court records from Washington County Circuit Court, March 1829 to June 1836. (view finding aid)

M89-11 – Gladys Sachse Collection

Gladys Sachse taught at the Arkansas State Teachers College, and produced the typed manuscript to her book Sachse’s U.S. Government Publications for Small and Medium-sized Public Libraries: A Study Guide, 1976-1981 (view finding aid)

M89-12 – Gerald L. K. Smith Collection

The Letter and The Cross and the Flat, both published by Carroll County minister, political organizer, and founder of the Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M89-13 – Governor George W. Hays Pardon Records Collection

This collection contains petitions, letters of recommendation, personal letters from convicts, applications for pardons, prison records, and official documents from the Hays administration 1914-1916. (view finding aid)

M89-14 – Larkin Wright Family Collection

This collection offers an interesting view of student life at Quitman college through family correspondence and materials, 1861-1937. (view finding aid)

M89-15 – Arkansas Art Pottery Research Collection

This collection contains research notes and materials used in compiling the UCA Archives publication Arkansas Art Pottery Bibliography. (view finding aid)

M89-16 – Carl Hunter Collection

Carl Hunter worked for the the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission producing papers, scrapbooks, and published and unpublished writings, 1947-1989. (view finding aid)

M89-17 – Harold Alexander Collection

Harold Alexander made major contributions in the field of conservation in Arkansas. His collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, unpublished writings, research materials, photographs, and personal papers, 1945-1993. (view finding aid)

M89-18 – Leon McClinton Collection

This collection contains the rough draft and manuscript of a Cross-Country Runner, 1970-1973. (view finding aid)

M89-19 – Arkansas Educational Association Collection

The AEA is the oldest professional group in Arkansas, starting in 1869. This collection contains programs and printed materials from the annual AEA meetings, 1905-1953. (view finding aid)

M89-20 – Arkansas Department of Education Publications Collection

This collection consists of pamphlets and typescript lists from the Arkansas Department of Education, 1917-1972. (view finding aid)

M89-21 – UCA Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Collection

The WAAC existed on UCA campus from 1943-1945. The collection relates to the WAAC training at UCA. (view finding aid)

M89-22 – E. L. Higgins Book Manuscript Collection

The collection contains original manuscripts of Mr. Higgins, a French Revolution expert, including primary sources, personal correspondence with publishing companies, research notes, World War I and World War II memorabilia, chronological history of Arkansas, hand written French diaries from 1791, and teaching materials gathered while he was a professor at the University of Central Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M89-23 – Eva Patton Collection

This collection contains photographs, personal materials, and correspondence of a Faulkner county homemaker, 1907-1966. (view finding aid)

M89-24 – Conway Junior Shakespeare Club Collection

The Junior Shakespeare Club was organized in 1926 and it disbanded in 1989. This collection consists of correspondence, minutes, program material, photographs, and yearbooks from 1928-1989. (view finding aid)

M89-25 – Daughters of the American Revolution Collection

The Arkansas branch of the Daughters of the Revolution held its first meeting in 1908. This collection consists of programs and minutes from their annual conferences, 1911-1931. (view finding aid)

M89-26 – United Daughters of Confederacy Collection

This collection consists of programs and printed materials from their annual conventions, 1905-1925. (view finding aid)

M89-27 – Arkansas Libraries Association Collection

This collection contains project materials, pamphlets, library directories, and programs for annual conferences, 1945-1986. (view finding aid)

M89-28 – Dr. Ada Jane Harvey & Constance Mitchell Collection

This collection consists of materials pertaining to the lives of Dr. Ada Jane Harvey, a UCA foreign language professor, 1921-1955, and Constance Mitchell, a UCA English professor and librarian, 1919-1956. (view finding aid)

M89-29 – Constance Mitchell Collection

This collection has been combined with M89-28.

M89-30 – Arkansas Repertory Theater Collection

A.R.T. helps to bring the performing arts to Arkansas. This collection contains correspondence, production material, administrative materials, and financial records, 1977-1988. (view finding aid)

M89-31 – Effie Finley / Garden Club Records Collection

This Pine Bluff Women’s club attempted to educate amateur gardeners and to help protect the native plant life in Arkansas. This collection contains administrative records, project materials, and scrapbooks, 1935-1960. (view finding aid)

M89-32 – George Bentley Collection

This collection contains information on the Pulaski County Quorum Court, Arkansas Bar Association, Linda Nooner court case, and other court cases, 1977-1988. (view finding aid)

M89-33 – Milford Pete Atkinson Collection

Milford Atkinson was stationed in India, flying in many air attacks in World War II. His collection consists of letters and photographs, 1943-1945. (view finding aid)

M89-34 – Walter C. Hudson Collection

Walter Hudson joined the state guard in hopes for fighting in the Spanish-American war, but saw no action until the Philippine Insurrection. This collection holds materials from his army and veteran organization experiences, 1878-1964. (view finding aid)

M90-01 – Madge Clayton Collection

Mrs. Clayton taught Latin and French at Conway High School in Arkansas, and her collection contains letters to and from her while she was away at Ouachita Baptist College and Columbia University, 1927-1970. (view finding aid)

M90-02 – Jane E. Stern Collection

Jane Stern of Pine Bluff, Arkansas was a prominent environmental leader and activist. The majority of her papers deal with her environmental work between 1965-1987. (view finding aid)

M90-03 – Conway Home and Garden Records Collection

This collection contains correspondence, awards, newspaper articles, and photographs of a Conway women’s club, 1951-1988. (view finding aid)

M90-04 – Conway Council of Garden Clubs Collection

This council’s purpose was to coordinate the actives of all the Conway area garden groups in order to maximize their effectiveness.1974-1987. (view finding aid)

M90-05 – Arkansas Tourism Materials Collection

This collection consists of various pamphlets relating to Arkansas State Parks and Tourism, 1970-1996. (view finding aid)

M90-06 – Brian Family Journal Collection

Solomon M. Brian and his son William S. Brian both contributed to a journal about their daily lives from 1861-1864 (Civil War years) and 1878-1904. (view finding aid)

M90-07 – L. Dorothy Lester Collection

Dorothy Lester supervised missionary work in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, and she was the first female ordained into the Presbyterian ministry in these three states, 1932-1956. (view finding aid)

M90-08 – Richard E. Yates Newspaper Columns Collection

Richard Yates was a retired history professor from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas who authored several articles for different Arkansas newspapers. (view finding aid)

M90-09 – Trulock Family Letters Collection

The Trulock family owned a plantation in Jefferson county and were later an influential family in Pine Bluff. This collection is comprised of a genealogical survey and family letters written between 1837-1866. (view finding aid)

M90-10 – Arkansas Power and Light Company Collection

The Arkansas Power and Light Company was created by Harvey Couch in 1914. This collection contains annual reports and the Nuclear Plant site announcement press kit, 1939-1969. (view finding aid)

M90-11 – Carol Griffee Collection

Carol Griffee is a well-known Little Rock journalist, editor, and environmentalist. Her collection contains environmental related papers, reports, and research material, 1975-1992. (view finding aid)

M90-12 – Ross Smith Letters Collection

Ross Smith served as a private during World War I, and his collection contains his letters to his family from 1917-1920. (view finding aid)

M90-13 – National Forests in Arkansas Collection

This collection contains pamphlets, proposals, annual reports, newspaper clippings, and brochures on the National Forest in Arkansas, 1982-1990. (view finding aid)

M90-14 – “Glory” Movie Records Collection

This collection consists of correspondence, press releases, and other materials relating to the UCA Blue/Gray Association’s participation in the motion picture “Glory”, 1987-1990. (view finding aid)

M90-16 – Freeman-Robbins Family Collection

Allen Freeman fought in the Civil War. His letters which are written after the war had ended, tell of his experience during and after the war, 1883-1912. This collection also has the diary of Ruth Robbins, 1936-1949. (view finding aid)

M91-01 – Arkansans for the Arts Collection

The founders of the AFTA hoped the group would assist in promoting the arts in Arkansas, but internal problems led to its disbandment, 1981-1990. (view finding aid)

M91-02 – Judge Morris S. Arnold Collection

Morris S. Arnold is currently a Judge for the United States Court of Appeals/Eighth Circuit. His collection holds family scrapbooks, memorandum opinions, and other legal papers, 1903-2004. (view finding aid)

M91-05 – Cloie Smith Presley Collection

Cloie Smith Presley (1922-2004) worked as a professional genealogist in Searcy Arkansas. This collection holds a wealth of genealogical information from the family trees she mapped. (view finding aid)

M91-06 – Leister E. Presley Collection

Leister Preslely joined the military in 1941 during World War II, and served for over thirty years. His collection contains copies of the 5th Armored Division Association News Magazine from 1979-2005. (view finding aid)

M91-07 – Luther Presley Collection

Luther Presley (1887-1974) wrote more than 1,000 hymns and gospel songs. His collection is composed of 195 song books dating back to 1916. (view finding aid)

M91-08 – Robert Armstrong Doyle Collection

Robert Doyle served in both World War I and II. His collection holds letters, and military papers from both wars. (view finding aid)

M91-09 – Woodson Levee District Records Collection

This collection contains the records of a levee near the Arkansas river, 1909-1945. (view finding aid)

M91-10 – Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Libraries & Information Services Collection

This conference was held in Little Rock in order to find ways to improve the library system in Arkansas, This collection holds the records of that meeting, 1990-1991. (view finding aid)

M91-12 – Terry A. Humble Collection

Terry Humble worked as both a principal and superintendent in Morrilton, Harrison, and Hot Springs, Arkansas. This collection holds school records and court cases from the previously mentioned schools, 1960-1988. (view finding aid)

M91-13 – Robbins-Gifford Family Collection

This collection contains correspondence dating back to 1918, and historical information on Rose Bud and Heber Springs, Arkansas, 1890-1985. (view finding aid)

M91-14 – Catholic Diocese of Little Rock Collection

These materials relate to the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock and holds correspondence, newsletters, parish directories and memorabilia, 1982-1994. (view finding aid)

M91-15 – Arkansas Press Association Collection

This collection contains programs and proceedings from their annual APA conventions, 1877-1934. (view finding aid)

M91-16 – Pulaski County Voter Registration Lists Collection

This list represents all registered voters who paid their poll tax for the years 1951-1960. (view finding aid)

M91-17 – Clyde D. Dollar Collection

Professor Clyde Dollar from the University of Arkansas history department also worked on archeological digs and as film consultant. His collection holds photographs, archeological materials, film material, writings, speeches, interviews, books, and audio visual materials. (view finding aid)

M92-01 – Dr. Horace A. Adams Collection

Dr. Horace Adams was a UCA history professor from 1945-1971. This collection holds speeches, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings, 1937-1986. (view finding aid)

M92-02 – Creo A. Jones Collection

Creo A. Jones writes about his days as a boy growing up in the hills of Arkansas. This collection contains manuscripts, material on public health in Arkansas, maps, and photographs, 1912-1989. (view finding aid)

M92-03 – Kimberly Collins Collection

The Kimberly Collins collection contains material from an Arkansas business woman and pro-choice activist, 1989-1991. (view finding aid)

M92-04 – Milton F. Davis Cartoons Collection

Milton Davis produces original cartoons for the Conway Log Cabin as well as other Arkansas newspapers, 1982-2004. (view finding aid)

M92-05 – Frank Williamson Collection

Frank Williamson collected material on Arkansas history including the French and Spanish possession and the history of Jefferson county, 1541-1963. (view finding aid)

M92-06 – Pine Bluff Women’s Center Collection

This organization formed in 1975 with the purpose of serving the needs of women in Jefferson county. They also collected the oral interviews of several women for their book, Women Of The Arkansas Delta, 1976. (view finding aid)

M93-02 – Charles J. Cremeen Collection

Charles Cremeen was the president of the Arkansas for Environmental Reform, which led an effort to reform the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission, 1921-1993. (view finding aid)

M93-03 – Arkansas State Communication Association Collection

This collection contains the records of the A.S.C.A., known as the Arkansas State Communication Association since the late 1980’s. The A.S.C.A. has gone through many name changes, but its purpose has remained the same. The group has encouraged speech education on the elementary, secondary, college, and university level. (view finding aid)

M93-04 – Mary Jane Scott Collection

Mary Scott was the chair woman of the Home Economics Department at the Arkansas State Teachers college in Arkansas. This collection contains some of her grade books from 1949-1966 and some home economic guides, 1949-1980. (view finding aid)

M93-05 – Arkansas Libraries Collection

This collection contains information on libraries in Arkansas from 1972-1993. (view finding aid)

M93-06 – UCA University Women’s Club Collection

This collection consists of official record and memorabilia of the University of Women’s Club, which provided a social forum for women associated with UCA, 1966-1991. (view finding aid)

M93-07 – Erwin L. McDonald Collection

Erwin McDonald worked as a preacher, journalist, and author pushing for racial toleration after the Little Rock Central High crisis in 1957, 1922-1995. (view finding aid)

M93-09 – Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union Collection

The Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union formed in 1878. The collection contains a few of their periodicals, annual reports, and convention programs, 1908-1984. (view finding aid)

M93-10 – Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory Collection

This collection contains the documentation resulting from the Arkansas Historic Bridge Inventory, conducted by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department and the Arkansas Preservation Program in 1988. (1987,1988, and 1996). (view finding aid)

M94-01 – Arkansas Teaching History Materials Collection

The Arkansas Teaching History materials were created in order to facilitate the instruction of Arkansas History through lesson plans, educational publications, and miscellaneous educational materials, 1970-1993. (view finding aid)

M94-02 – Corrine Hodges Collection

Corrine Hodges worked as editor of the Crowley’s Ridge Chronicle and left behind clippings of her career, 1967-1977. (view finding aid)

M94-03 – Maxine Stover Welter Collection

Maxine Welter graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1939, and left behind materials from her student days, 1935-1939. (view finding aid)

M94-04 – R.E.L. Wilson Plantation Collection

This collection contains papers on the Wilson plantation that later became the Wilson company in northeast Arkansas, 1860-1994. (view finding aid)

M94-05 – Arkansas Association for Childhood Education Collection

Administrative materials, correspondence, and programs of AACE meetings, newsletters, and memorabilia, 1939-1978. (view finding aid)

M94-06 – Luther Blaney Collection

The Luther Blaney Papers consist of family, estate, and insurance records, 1883-1987. (view finding aid)

M94-07 – David W. Bizzell Collection

David W. Bizzell collected historical material on the Spanish land grant, Faulkner county Greathouse, and Tennessee Military Institute Yearbooks, 1791-1994. (view finding aid)

M94-08 – Harry Steinberg Collection

Harry Steinberg served in both World War I and II; he was also a member of the Free Masons and a prominent lawyer, 1897-1971. (view finding aid)

M94-09 – Glenn Gant Collection

Glenn Gant’s collection holds biographical information and artist”s sketches of Eureka Springs, 1985. (view finding aid)

M94-13 – Bill Sayger Collection

This collection contains correspondence, genealogy, research materials, photographs, original manuscripts and books written by Bill Sayger on various Arkansas city and county histories, late 1800’s to 1993. (view finding aid)

M95-01 – Cochran Family Collection

The Cochran family papers represent a family experience in Little Rock, Arkansas through correspondence, business and legal papers, and a Civil War Diary, 1859-1975. (view finding aid)

M95-02 – Church Women United in Arkansas Collection

Church Women United brings together a wide range of Christian women in order to express their faith and improve their world, 1942-2000. (view finding aid)

M95-03 – Women’s Project Collection

This collection documents a women’s organization that promotes women’s, minority, gay, and lesbian rights. Suzanne Pharr also donated a good deal of material on her leadership of this organization and her fight for lesbian rights, 1980-present. (view finding aid)

M95-04 – Arthur Stern Collection

Arthur Stern was an architect who worked to improve the inner-city of Pine Bluff through revitalization, restoration, and conservation, 1976-1991. Some research material dates back to the 1940’s. (view finding aid)

M95-05 – Emmett Sanders Collection

Emmett Sanders was a prominent Pine Bluff Community leader who left both personal and city related records, 1942-1984. (view finding aid)

M95-06 – David W. Bizzell Maps Collection

This collection contains city, county, and state maps of Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M95-07 – Conway Shakespeare Club Collection

The Conway Shakespeare club was established in order to study the works of Shakespeare, and it also aided the community by its push to create a library in Conway, 1908-present. (view finding aid)

M96-01 – Virgie Britt Diaries Collection

Virgie Britt was the mother of the late Maurice “Footsie” Britt, Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas. These diaries tell of her daily accounts, 1963-1967. (view finding aid)

M96-02 – Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts Collection

Helen Walton organized the Arkansas committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The goal of the committee is to promote Female artists working in the state of Arkansas, 1989-present. (view finding aid)

M96-03 – Midsouth Academy of Economics and Finance Collection

The goal of the Midsouth Academy of Economics and finance was to promote economics and finance in the south, 1966-1995. (view finding aid)

M96-04 – Annielaura M. Jaggers Collection

The Jaggers papers contain the research material for the book, A Nude Singularity: Lily Peter of Arkansas, by Annielaura Jaggers on Miss. Lily Peter: teacher, poet, plantation owner, author, and photographer, 1891-1991. (view finding aid)

M96-05 – Faulkner County School History Collection

In 1989 the Faulkner County Historical Society and the Faulkner county Retired Teachers Association began the Faulkner county school history project dealing with the history of the original 100 plus school districts in Faulkner county. (view finding aid)

M96-06 – Ralph D. Scott Collection

Governor Winthrop Rockefeller named Scott the Director of the Arkansas State Police in 1968. This collection contains information relating to his service in law enforcement, 1968-1975. (view finding aid)

M96-07 – Dr. Foy Lisenby Collection

Dr. Foy Lisenby collected research material on Arkansas Governor Charles H. Brough and Arkansas’ problem with its image.  Dr. Lisenby also created cartoons and illustrations for advertisements and sports programs for UCA. (view finding aid)

M96-08 – St. Francis Levee District Collection

Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Mississippi, Phillips, Poinsett and St. Francis counties established the St. Francis Levee district in order to build and maintain levees on the Mississippi River. It was once a powerful political body, but has since lost its political power, 1913,1960-1990. (view finding aid)

M96-09 – Conway Rotary Club Collection

The Conway Rotary Club was formed in Arkansas in 1921. Much of this collection details the club activities from 1963-2000. (view finding aid)

M96-10 – Alsa Chester Howard Collection

Born March 7, 1884, Alsa Howard served in World War I and was an active Mason from Pope county. This collection contains Mason correspondence, photographs, and research material, 1900-1979. (view finding aid)

M96-11 – Osro Cobb Collection

Osro Cobb was a former State Representative; U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District during the 1957 Little Rock Central High Crisis; former State Chairman for the Republican party of Arkansas; Arkansas Supreme Court Judge; and oil and business man, 1929-1980. (view finding aid)

M97-01 – UCA Press Records Collection

The UCA Press printed a wide range of material from poetry to history. It functioned from 1985-1996. (view finding aid)

M97-02 – UCA Depression Era Construction Collection

UCA President H. L. McAlister started the procedures necessary to secure federal money in order to promote local jobs and provide the building needed for an every growing school, 1933-1940. (view finding aid)

M98-01 – UCA Business Office Ledgers Collection

This collection consists of departmental balances, budgets, bank accounts, and construction budgets, 1946-1981 and 1998. (view finding aid)

M98-02 – Jimmy Driftwood Collection

Jimmy Driftwood was an educator, folklorist, and Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter from Arkansas. While he was a teacher he wrote a song to help his students remember the facts on the Battle of New Orleans. This song was picked up by famous singer Johnny Horton and Jimmy Driftwood received a Grammy Award for it. (view finding aid)

M98-03 – Student Government Association Collection

The Student Government Association papers contain the organization’s constitution, by-laws, polices, resolutions and minutes, 1946-1988. (view finding aid)

M98-04 – Dr. Waddy W. Moore Collection

Dr. Moore established the UCA Oral History department and was instrumental in the creation of the UCA Archives. His collection contains oral history, Conway school board meetings, business correspondence, and black history. (view finding aid)

M98-05 – Edwin Forbes Army Sketchbooks Collection

This collection contains twelve Army sketchbooks from the Civil War correspondent and illustrator Edwin Forbes, 1894. Donated by Joe Goss. (view finding aid)

M98-06 – Coal Hill Materials Collection

The Mrs. Anita Elias family was a prominent family in Johnson county Arkansas. This collection reflects their lives through family papers, yearbooks, newspapers, and photographs, 1880-1969. (view finding aid)

M98-07 – Kathleen Bell Collection

The Kathleen Bell collection contains historical information relating to Clay, Cross and St. Francis counties in Arkansas, 1930-1988. (view finding aid)

M98-08 – Senator Stanley Russ Collection

Stanley Russ served in the Arkansas State Senate from 1975-2000. His collection contains: personal papers, military records, political tapes, photographs, and correspondence with political figures including Bill Clinton. (view finding aid)

M99-01 – Official Records of the University of Central Arkansas Collection

The University of Central Arkansas was established in 1907. This collection contains the official records of the university between 1908-2012. (view finding aid)

M99-02 – Dr. James Dombek Collection

Dr. James Dombek was a mathematics professor and later Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UCA. His collection contains Faculty Council papers from 1970-1982; vocational, educational, and technical programs; KUCA radio station information; and research proposals. (view finding aid)

M99-03 – Evalyn King Collection

Evalyn King taught school in various locations in the state of Arkansas including the Japanese relocation center in Rohwer. Her collection also contains her family genealogy research. (view finding aid)

M99-04 – Tom McAnally Collection

Tom McAnally was a UCA Mathematics Professor with a collection containing math books, State College of Arkansas and UCA Bulletins, and other information regarding both mathematics and UCA. (view finding aid)

M99-05 – The Professors Collection

The Professors were a Bluegrass group made up of five UCA Science professors. This is a record of their work together as a band and some of the materials they created, 1967-1985. (view finding aid)

M99-06 – Guy Murphy Collection

Guy Murphy was a progressive leader in Conway and a co-founder of the Faulkner County historical Society. His papers reflect his interest in both the growth and the development of Conway, 1958-1998. (view finding aid)

M99-07 – African American Alumni Association (A.A.A.A.) Collection

The African American Alumni Association collection contains photographs, newspaper articles, and information regarding the annual banquet and ball from 1998 to the present. (view finding aid)

M99-08 – Senator Guy H. “Mutt” Jones Collection

Guy Jones served as an Arkansas state senator, World War II Veteran, and was a prominent Conway attorney. His collection contains personal papers, military records, financial material, correspondence, legal material, and memorabilia, 1925-1985. (view finding aid)

M99-09 – Dr. Michael Rapp Collection

A professor of chemistry at UCA from 1968-1999, Michael Rapp’s papers contain a research paper for NASA as well as material over canoeing, travel, correspondence, and the Arkansas Science Teacher Association. (view finding aid)

M99-10 – Dr. Greg J. W. Urwin Collection

A history professor of UCA from 1984-1999, Professor Urwin established the Blue-Gray Association at UCA. His collection holds information on faculty life at UCA, papers from the Blue-Gray Association, and drafts of a few of his own books on history. (view finding aid)

M99-11 – Cathy Kunzinger Urwin Collection

This collection contains taped interviews on the subject of former Governor Winthrop Rockefeller from Marion Burton, Sterling Cockrill, G. Thomas Eisele, Orval E. Faubus, Robert Faulkner, Everette Ham, Cal Ledbetter and John Ward. (view finding aid)

M99-12 – First State Bank Newspaper Clippings Collection

A newspaper collection on the First State Bank in Conway, Arkansas covering the time periods of 1946-1973, 1985-1994, and 1996-1997. (view finding aid)

M99-13 – Frank Winburne Rare Newspaper Collection

A collection of rare newspapers spanning from the late 19th century to the late 20th century. (view finding aid)

M99-14 – James Bridges Collection

James Bridges is best known for films such as “The China Syndrome”, “Urban Cowboy”, and “The Paper Chase”. His collection contains information on the James Bridges performing arts scholarship fund, manuscripts, photographs, audio and visual media forms, and films from the director, writer, and former UCA student James Bridges. (view finding aid)

M99-15 – Governor Ben T. Laney Collection

Governor Ben Laney supported states’ rights and was one of the leaders of the Dixiecrats. His collection contains political papers, correspondence, speeches, photographs, personal correspondence, campaign issues, U.S. savings bond sales during World War II, Civil Rights issues, and many other important topics, 1942-1970. (view finding aid)

M99-16 – Arkansas Reading Association Collection

This collection contains planning guides, budgets, proposals, goals, correspondence, scrapbooks, board meetings, photographs and video cassettes of an Arkansas literacy group. (view finding aid)

M00-01 – The Old Texas Church Collection

The old Texas Church papers hold partial records of a 19th century Faulkner County Baptist church, including a transcription of the original documents, 1869-1895. (view finding aid)

M00-02 – E. Howard Tipton / World War II Collection

The personal accounts of P.O.W., Technical Sergeant Howard H. Tipton’s missions during the European campaign. Included are photocopies of medals received, photographs, and a small manuscript, describing month by month accounts of war activities. (view finding aid)

M00-03 – Theodore Hood / World War II Collection

The Chief Master Sergeant Hood collection contains World War II memorabilia, achievement awards, photographs, books, videos, World war II statistics, newspaper articles, magazines, and the 306th Echoes from 1979 to present. (view finding aid)

M00-04 – William John Graff / World War II Collection

William John Graff served in World War II and his father served in World War I. The Graff collection contains material and information from both wars, early 1900’s to 1960’s. (view finding aid)

M00-05 – Marvin De Boer / World War II Collection

Marvin De Boer served on the U.S.S. Essex during World War II and brought back memorabilia, naval information, certifications, photographs, and Japanese currency. (view finding aid)

M00-06 – Oakland United Methodist Church Collection

The Oakland United Methodist Church was founded in 1849 by James Ford near Holland in Faulkner County. This collection contains a membership book, church history, Sunday school registers, and quarterly conference records, 1852-1926. (view finding aid)

M00-07 – Omer LeMire / World War II Collection

Sergeant Omer LeMire served in the United States Army during World War II and photographed the horrors of the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. (view finding aid)

M00-08 – Gene Hatfield Collection

Gene Hatfield’s family has been an active part of UCA for many years. He attended UCA before being drafted into World War II. After the war, Mr. Hatfield finished his education in the field of art and later became a distinguished professors at UCA, 1925-2005. (view finding aid)

M00-09 – UCA Alumni Association Collection

The collection contains correspondence, and UCA Bulletins dating from 1932 to the present. (view finding aid)

M00-10 – John P. Chopelas / World War II Collection

John P. Chopelas enlisted in the Army Air Forces during World War II at the age of 18. His collection contains photographs, merits awarded, missions of a gunnery man, newspaper clippings, albums, and cartoons. (view finding aid)

M01-01 – Neal King / World War II Letters Collection

The Neal King collection contains personal letters from Navy Officer Neal King to his sister Evalyn King and their parents during World War II. (view finding aid)

M01-02 – David Ramage / World War II Collection

Staff Sergeant David Ramage served in the European theater during World War II. His collection contains memorabilia, photographs, and letters. (view finding aid)

M01-03 – Jim McKim Collection

Jim McKim worked at UCA as a Professor of Mathematics and as the UCA’s Coordinator of Continuing Education Credit Programs at Little Rock Air Force Base and the Arkansas Correctional Department, 1979-1999. (view finding aid)

M01-04 – Lawrence Weems Trussell Collection

Weems Trussel was a lawyer, State Senator, State Representative and a banker from Fordyce, Arkansas. He served under Governors Carl Bailey, Ben Laney, Sid McMath, and Orval Faubus, 1936-1975. (view finding aid)

M01-05 – Ray Neilson / Celebrity Interviews Collection

The Ray Neilson collection contains interviews of the host of the “Good Time Picture Show” made with famous actors, actresses, and film directors, 1978-1981. (view finding aid)

M01-06 – Fred Hopkinson / World War I Letters Collection

Fred Hopkinson fought in World War I and was a civilian in World War II. His collection contains letters, copies of medals, copies of foreign money, and gasoline and tire ration book. (view finding aid)

M01-07 – Collins B. Isom / World War II Collection

This collection holds primary sources from both World War II and the Korean War through telegrams, V-mail, National Service Life Insurance, six issues of “Stars and Stripes”, and two copies of “Yank”. (view finding aid)

M01-08 – Earl Beadle / World War II Collection

Earl Beadle served in the Navy on the U.S.S. Capps during World War II. His collection contains video, and audio tapes dealing with the war as well as the diaries of Earl Beadle, Stanley R. Goral, and John Hnatichin, 1942-1945. (view finding aid)

M01-09 – Darrell Aubrey Rook / World War II Collection

This collection contains photographs from a championship football team in 1938, new Coast Guardsmen in 1942, and a book on SPARS. (view finding aid)

M01-10 – Helen Titus Erwin Collection

Helen Titus Erwin’s scrapbooks show campus life at UCA during the 1920s. (view finding aid)

M01-11 – Sigma Tau Gamma Collection

Sigma Tau Gamma is the oldest fraternity on the UCA campus. This collection contains the history of the organization from 1915-2003. (view finding aid)

M01-12 – Conway Orpheus Club Collection

The Conway Orpheus Club sponsors musical events, and they help to provide music and musical instruments to educational institutions of Conway, 1913-2002. (view finding aid)

M01-13 – UCA Faculty Senate Collection

The UCA Faculty Senate Records contain information regarding minutes, handbook revisions, and elections, 1970-2000. (view finding aid)

M01-14 – Robert D. Covington / World War II Collection

Robert Covington served in the Navy during World War II. This collection contains a diary, photographs, and discharge papers, 1942-1946. (view finding aid)

M01-15 – World Trade Center/Pentagon 9-11-01 Collection

The collection contains newspaper articles, first hand accounts, reactions inside Arkansas, information on Osama Bin Laden, and other events concerning September 11, 2001. (view finding aid)

M01-16 – Jim Malone Collection

Jim Malone, a fish farm owner, was President of the Arkansas Fish Farmers Association in 1956 and helped to push for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Fishing Farming Experimental Station in Stuttgart, Arkansas. He also wrote speeches for Governor Sidney McMath in 1950 and Governor Orval E. Faubus in 1954 and 1956. (view finding aid)

M01-17 – Richard F. Wood / World War II Collection

Richard F. Wood is a World War II Veteran who publishes the 79th Airdrome Squadron Newsletter. His collection also contains several books on Worlds War II. (view finding aid)

M01-18 – Ivor Parker / World War II Collection

The Ivor Parker collection contains photographs, medals, information on India, allied newsletters, and a letter of Presidential Recognition from President Harry Truman during World War II. (view finding aid)

M01-19 – Dorris Nunn Newspaper Collection

The Dorris Nunn Newspaper collection spans from the 1960’s to the 1990’s with major headlines including the Space Race and Desert Storm. (view finding aid)

M01-20 – Corrine Robinson Collection

The Corrine Robinson papers contain photographs, letters, and newspapers from UCA, 1963-1994. (view finding aid)

M01-21 – UCA Search For 8th President / Lu Hardin Collection

The UCA Presidential search comprises information on the search and selection of the 8th UCA President, as well as newspapers related to President Lu Hardin’s resignation. (view finding aid)

M01-22 – Hansel Lee / World War II Collection

Hansel Lee graduated as a pilot from the Army Air Force in 1944. His collection contains a bomb group pilot album, and some copies of the Briefing: Journal of the International B-24 Liberator Club, 1977-2001. (view finding aid)

M02-01 – WAC Veterans Association / Sue Evans Collection

The Sue Evans WAC Veterans Association collection contains minutes, information on national conventions, association handbook, and the annual bulletin of WAC, 1979-2001. (view finding aid)

M02-02 – Ruth Farmer Collection

Ruth Farmer was a former employee at UCA and her collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings and correspondence from an Arkansas family in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. (view finding aid)

M02-03 – Dr. Fred Dalske Collection

Dr. Fred Dalske was a well-respected biology professor at the University of Central Arkansas. This collection contains newspapers articles, letters, and pictures concerning his life, 1999-2001. (view finding aid)

M02-04 – Phi Delta Kappa Collection

This collection contains awards, forms, requirements, reports, and newsletters concerning the Phi Delta Kappa, 1970s-2002. (view finding aid)

M02-05 – Beth Brickell Collection

Beth Brickell is an actress, producer, and director who appeared in such films as Posse Deadly Game, and The Only Way Home. She attended the Arkansas State Teacher College and has been very active in the Arkansas political system, 1954-2002. (view finding aid)

M02-06 – Dorris Curtis Collection

Dorris Curtis was a school teacher before World War II, an industrial worker, and an award winning artist. Her collection contains sheet music that dates back to 1893, songs written by Dorris Curtis, and some of her paintings.1893-2002. (view finding aid)

M02-07 – Shane C. Dunn Collection

This collection contains information regarding Franz Ziereis the Commander of Mathauson and an overseer of many German concentration camps. (view finding aid)

M02-08 – Edwin Ledbetter / World War II Collection

This Edwin Ledbetter collection is a compilation of unpublished material by Edwin Ledbetter on his experiences during World War II and growing up in Conway during the Great Depression. (view finding aid)

M02-09 – Dan Estes Collection

Dan Estes was a Professor of Mathematics, football coach, hunter, fisherman, and conservationist. His collection contains a large binder that chronicles his life, 1909-2001. (view finding aid)

M02-10 – Sam Laser / World War II Collection

Sam Laser joined the navy in World War II and was present on the U.S.S. Yorktown when it was repeatedly hit by Japanese torpedoes before sinking. (view finding aid)

M02-11 – Conway School Board Records, 1878-1891 Collection

The Conway School Board collection displays some of Conway’s early history with a ledger from 1830-1845 and the minutes of the Conway School Board from 1878-1892. (view finding aid)

M02-12 – Four Witt Brothers Collection

The Witt brothers were early settlers in Conway and became prominent in the business community. Their collection begins with materials from the 1880’s. (view finding aid)

M02-13 – Vivian Lawson-Hogue Collection

Vivian Hogue collected information and photographs on the original homes in old down-town Conway, and also wrote articles for the Log Cabin Democrat. (view finding aid)

M02-15 – Al Hiegel / World War II Collection

Al Hiegel served on the U.S.S. Independence, CVL-22 during World War II. This collection contains information on the ship and its service men. (view finding aid)

M02-16 – Torreyson Library Collection

This collection contains the business practices of the the UCA library by use of annual reports, fiscal report, staff meetings, and survey 1926-1979. (view finding aid)

M02-17 – UCA President Winfred Thompson Collection

Winfred Thompson was the seventh President of the University of Central Arkansas from 1988-2001. (view finding aid)

M02-18 – College Basketball Film Collection

The Basketball Film collection is a series of recorded UCA Basketball games from 1972-1978. (view finding aid)

M02-19 – Arkansas School Psychology Association Collection

This is a collection of newsletters, correspondence, memos, and business papers covering the time span of 1977-2002. (view finding aid)

M02-23 – W.C. Ferguson, Jr. and Mary Ince Ferguson Collection

The Mary Ferguson papers contain UCA memorabilia and UCA Alumni Bulletins from 1940-1999. (view finding aid)

M02-24 – Dr. Harry Readnour Collection

Dr. Harry Readnour was a professor of history and chair of the UCA department of history. (view finding aid)

M03-01 – Rex L. Horn Collection

Rex Horn joined the Army Air Corps in 1940 and died in a training exercise in 1941. (view finding aid)

M03-02 – Julie McDonald Collection

The Julie McDonald papers concern the processing and signing of a bill to remove words relating to race from the 1907 Act that had originally created the Arkansas State Normal School. It also holds awards given to the Echo from 1953-1962. (view finding aid)

M03-03 – Carroll Williams Collection

The Carroll Williams collection contains unpublished stories about his life including his father leaving for World War II and Carroll leaving for Korea. (view finding aid)

M03-04 – Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Collection

This is a collection of news articles about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. (view finding aid)

M03-05 – Joyce Garrison Collection

Joyce Garrison was the first republican elected to public office in Faulkner County since reconstruction.  She served as Justice of Peace from 1989-2002. (view finding aid)

M03-06 – Ruth Coster Collection

Ruth Coster was a member of the Women’s Army Corp during World War II and was stationed with Helen Kent in New Guinea, who was killed in a plane crash. (view finding aid)

M03-07 – Dr. Willie Hardin Collection

Dr. Willie Hardin was Dean of the Library at UCA from 1991-2003 and his collection contains material from his career at the UCA library, 1973-2003. (view finding aid)

M03-08 – Arkansas Library Paraprofessionals Collection

This collection is an array of information concerning the UCA branch of the Library Paraprofessional of Arkansas including conferences, awards, and correspondence, 1992-present. (view finding aid)

M03-09 – Ed Stallcup / World War II Collection

This collection contains a ration book, photographs, and the oral history of Ed Stallcup’s experiences during World War II. (view finding aid)

M03-10 – Jimmie Lee Williams III Collection

The Jimmie Lee Williams III collection contains information and historical material used in the creation of some of the AETN programs. (view finding aid)

M03-11 – Dr. Carl Forsberg Collection

Dr. Carl Forsberg was a professor of music at UCA from 1949-1984 and the Chair of the Music department from 1970-1980. (view finding aid)

M03-13 – Jerrel K. Moore Collection

Jerrel K. Moore was the director of Torreyson Library in the late 1970s and early 1980s. His collection holds material relating to Civil War medical practices. (view finding aid)

M03-14 – Leland Houston Knight Collection

Leland Houston was a Church of Christ Evangelist from Booneville, Arkansas. He preached in Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Indiana in the 1930’s, 1940’s, and the 1950’s. (view finding aid)

M03-15 – Daniel David Maddox Newspaper Collection

This is a small collection of The National School Newspaper during the year 1938. (view finding aid)

M03-16 – Richard Allin Collection

Richard Allin was a journalist for the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette from 1963-2003. He wrote the column Our Town. (view finding aid)

M03-17 – Charles Allbright Newspaper Collection

Charles Allbright was a journalist for the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette who wrote the column Arkansas Traveler up to his retirement in 2003. (view finding aid)

M03-18 – UCA Band Alumni Collection

This is a collection of photographs and newspaper clippings from the 1950’s to the present. (view finding aid)

M03-19 – UCA President Lu Hardin Collection

This collection holds personal and professional correspondence, including letters from Presidents and Chancellors of various universities congratulating President Hardin on becoming the 8th President of the University of Central Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M03-20 – Bill Johnson Collection

Mr. Johnson was the president of the Simmons First National Bank of Conway and was the sports announcer for the UCA Bears football team from 1961-2006. This collection contains material from both his personal and professional life. (view finding aid)

M03-21 – Charles H. and Elaine I. Carter Newspaper Collection

This is a collection of papers from Illinois and New York spanning from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. (view finding aid)

M04-01 – Craig O’Neill (A.K.A. Randy Hankins) Collection

The telephone prank became the hallmark of Little Rock’s once number one disc jockey Craig O’Neill. His collection holds not only his famous pranks from KLAZ, KKYK, and KURB, but also pictures, books, scrapbooks, magazines, stories written by him, and personal and professional correspondence. (view finding aid)

M04-02 – H. G. Foster Photograph Collection

This collection contains two albums of both the Second Sino-Japanese War (also known as the Second China-Japan War) and of the beautiful buildings and structures of China. (view finding aid)

M04-03 – President Bill Clinton Newspaper Collection

Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States in 1992. He served from 1993-2001. The newspapers in his collection contain articles about his political life from 1993-2003. (view finding aid)

M04-04 – Beulah Griffin Mann Collection

Beulah Mann and her daughter Carolyn graduated from UCA. This collection contains scrapbooks from UCA in the 1920’s, family albums, trips, and teacher’s material. (view finding aid)

M04-05 – Harold Edison Collection

Harold worked as Disbursing Officer at the University of Central Arkansas 1943-1970. (view finding aid)

M04-06 – Hot Springs Village 8th Air Force Veterans Collection

This collection contains information about the 8th Air Force Historical Society of Hot Springs Village, James Walter, and World War II. (view finding aid)

M04-07 – Betty Fowler Collection

Betty Fowler is a local entertainer in radio and television. She is a jazz singer and has been the musical director of the Miss Arkansas Pageant since the 1950’s. This collection contains sheet music from the early 1900’s to 1970’s. (view finding aid)

M04-08 – Jim Hoggard Collection

Jim Hoggard was a devoted UCA football fan. His collection contains UCA football programs from 1980-2003 and video tapes from 1985-1991. (view finding aid)

M04-09 – UCA Board of Trustees Collection

This collection has been combined with the M99-01 UCA Records Collection.

M04-10 – Waves National Collection

This collection contains information about the Waves, a non-combat organization of women created during World War II. (view finding aid)

M04-11 – Wayne Cranford Collection

Mr. Cranford was the Chairman of the President’s Advisory Committee for the Arts. This collection contains personal and professional correspondence and papers in regard to the political campaigns of Senator J. W. Fulbright and President Bill Clinton. (view finding aid)

M05-02 – City of Conway Collection

Contains articles, reports and maps about the city planning of Conway, Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M05-03 – UCA Sports History Collection

This collection contains memorabilia and news clippings from UCA’s Baseball, Basketball, Football, & other miscellaneous athletics throughout the school history. Also contains programs from the UCA Sports Hall of Fame Inductions. (view finding aid)

M05-04 – Ron Smith / World War II Collection

This collection contains World War II memorabilia. (view finding aid)

M05-05 – UCA/Ozark Heritage Collection

The Ozark Heritage Institute, due to the efforts of Jimmy Driftwood, was created to preserve the culture of the Ozarks.  Its goal was to educated people about  culture, music and heritage of the Ozarks. The center has closed, and its material is now kept in this collection. (view finding aid)

M05-06 – James Alexander Ogletree / Julie Avra Ogletree Genealogy Collection

James and Julie Ogletree moved to Arkansas shortly after the Civil War. This collection contains genealogic information from both the Avra and Ogletree families in Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M05-07 – Arkansas Chapter of the Wildlife Society Collection

The Arkansas Chapter of the Wildlife Society is made up of professionals and educators who seek high ethical and professional standards in the realm of their profession. (view finding aid)

M05-08 – Sue Evans Collection

Sue Evans was a professor of music at UCA. This collection contains old holiday, and children songs. (view finding aid)

M05-09 – President Silas Snow Collection

President Silas Snow was the President of UCA from October 29, 1953 until June 30, 1975. (view finding aid)

M05-10 – Vandiver L. Childs Collection

Mr. Childs worked for the United States Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service for close to fifty years. This collection contains a copy of his field notes from 1934 to 1982. (view finding aid)

M05-11 – Arkansas Chapter Of The American Fisheries Society Collection

This collection contains the by-laws, minutes, and photographs of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. (view finding aid)

M05-12 – Tom Bonner Collection

Tom Bonner served at KARK Channel 4 Little Rock both in front and behind the camera. His jobs ranged from weather man to station manager. He is currently working as Senior Vice President at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. (view finding aid)

M06-01 – Sam Fausett Collection

Mr. Fausett was a professional photographer and the first Master of Photography in Arkansas. He lived from January 29, 1901 to May 9, 1979. He married Alice Spencer on April 26, 1935. His photography studio was located on Parkway Street in Conway, and he also had a studio in Little Rock, Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M06-02 – H. L. Minton UCA History Draft Collection

Contains the draft of Minton’s UCA History. For easier access, this collection has been divided into parts. (view finding aid)

M06-03 – Sharon Priest Collection

Sharon Priest was the first woman elected to the office of Secretary of State in Arkansas. This collection reflects her years of service to the people of Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M06-04 – Jim Elder Collection

Jim Elder was Sports Director for KARN radio and the voice of the Arkansas Travelers. (view finding aid)

M06-05 – UCA World War II Alumni Collection

This collection contains information on UCA alumni who were killed in World War II. For information on UCA alumni lost in other wars please see M19-02 – UCA War Memorial Collection. (view finding aid)

M06-06 – Valerie Keith Collection

Valerie Keith graduated from UCA Honors College in fall 2006. Her thesis was a quilt commemorating the UCA centennial. The quilt depicts each UCA president and significant events which occurred during their tenures. (view finding aid)

M07-01 – Peter McGehee Collection

Peter McGehee was a novelist who grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. He later moved to San Francisco where he wrote his first play, “The Quinlan Sisters.” He died on September 13, 1991. (view finding aid)

M07-02 – KCON Collection

KCON-AM was a local AM radio station, and for a period of time, was located on the grounds of the University of Central Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M07-04 – UCA Sponsored Research of UCA and Conway Historic Structures Collection

This collection contains projects completed by UCA’s historic preservation students in 2007-2008 on various historic building at UCA and around Conway, Arkansas. Also contains a class plan for the “Introduction to Historic Preservation in the Interior Design Program at the University of Central Arkansas.” by Antoinette Johnson, instructor at UCA. (view finding aid)

M07-05 – UCA Centennial Celebration Collection

This collection contains letters, articles, brochures, pamphlets etc. pertaining to the the events which took place to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the creation of the University of Central Arkansas, or Arkansas State Normal School, as it was then known. (view finding aid)

M07-06 – Harold Helton Collection

Mr. Helton is a local business owner and frequent participant in Conway city affairs. His papers include Conway Chamber of Commerce materials. (view finding aid)

M07-07 – John Ward Collection

John Ward was the managing editor of the Log Cabin Democrat, and taught at U of A before becoming the Vice President of Public Affairs at UCA. His collection contains photographs, correspondence, records, and documents that chronicled his diverse career. (view finding aid)

M07-08 – Robert Collins / Pearl Harbor Collection

Robert Collins was in the Army in World War II and his collection contains photographs he took of the damaged base and ships at Pearl Harbor. (view finding aid)

M07-09 – The Centennial History of The University of Central Arkansas Manuscript Collection

This collection contains the research and materials collected by UCA Archivist, William J. Bryant, Jr. while he was writing The Centennial History of The University of Central Arkansas. The book was published in 2008 in celebration of UCA’s first hundred years of operation. (view finding aid)

M07-10 – Lois Lenski Collection

Lois Lenski was a well respected illustrator and author of children’s books. This collection contains a few of her illustrations from 1929 -1963. (view finding aid)

M07-11 – Farkleberry Follies Collection

The Arkansas Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (beginning in 1967) launched The Farkleberry Follies, a live theatrical satire of state news-makers produced to support journalism scholarships. This collection contains event programs, newspaper clippings, advertising material & scripts of the Farkleberry Follies productions. (view finding aid)

M07-12 – Arkansas Constitutional Convention 1979-1980 Collection

Information on the Arkansas Constitutional Convention of 1979-1980. (view finding aid)

M07-13 – Arkansas Rural Education Association Collection

The AREA was formed in 1965 by leaders of rural school districts to oppose consolidation efforts by the state government. It still exists today to represent the concerns & meet the needs of rural schools. (view finding aid)

M07-15 – Garland W. Griffith Collection

This collection contains information from a UCA music professor. (view finding aid)

M08-01 – Charlotte Barker Collection

This collection contains two scrapbooks over UCA during the 1940’s. (view finding aid)

M08-04 – Lencola Sullivan Collection

Lencola Sullivan was the first African American Miss UCA and Miss Arkansas. Her collection contains newspaper clippings, awards, and photographs that chronicle her career. (view finding aid)

M08-05 – Claudia Massey Collection

Mrs. Massey was an Arkansas State Teachers College (UCA) graduate, an elementary school teacher in Searcy, and a genealogist. Her collection contains her personal and work papers as well as some of her genealogical research. (view finding aid)

M08-06 – 9th Presidential Search Collection/Allen Meadors

This collection contains the resumes of all those who applied for the Presidency of the University of Central Arkansas in 2008.  The collection also contains information on President Allen Meadors and the controversy behind his resignation. (view finding aid)

M08-07 – Oak Grove Cemetery Collection

The Oak Grove Cemetery is located in Conway, Arkansas and has been in existence since the 1800’s. The collection contains business and financial papers for the cemetery, records of some of those interred, as well as a list of graves of known Civil War soldiers. (view finding aid)

M08-08 – Juanita White Campbell Collection

Juanita White Campbell attended Conway High school, and Arkansas State Teachers College. She was a librarian for Conway public schools for fifteen years, and her husband Ben Campbell was a Faulkner County game warden. (view finding aid)

M09-02 – Lillian Keasler Collection

Lillian Keasler attended Arkansas State Teachers College around 1929, at which time she acquired the photographs and materials she used to make a scrapbook commemorating her time there. (view finding aid)

M09-03 – Willard A. Hawkins Collection

Colonel Hawkins was in active and reserve military service for over 28 years, and retired from the Air Force in 1973. His collection contains his military records and correspondence as well as state political correspondence and papers from the 1960’s. (view finding aid)

M09-04 – Anne Jansen Collection

Anne Jansen retired as news anchor for KTHV news in 2008 after 25 years of service. Her collection contains correspondence, photographs, and other documents relevant to her career. (view finding aid)

M09-05 – Arkansas Land Register Collection

This collection is all in one book which lists names of land purchasers, the plots of land in Arkansas which they purchased, and the price they paid. The book has entries from 1821 to 1834. (view finding aid)

M09-06 – Pi Kappa Delta Debate/Forensic Club Collection

Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary, made up of students, educators, and alumni dedicated to promoting good communication and forensic skills. The Arkansas Eta Chapter is located at UCA. This collection contains papers pertaining to the group as well as many awards that they have won in competition. (view finding aid)

M09-07 – Bedford Chapel C.M.E. / Mt. Olive Baptist Church Collection

This collection includes Bedford Chapel C.M.E. Church’s Quarterly Conference Records dating back to 1881. Also included in the church record, Sunday school register, financial records, C.M.E. Church history, and religious book, pamphlets and hymnals. (view finding aid)

M09-08 – Phi Lambda Chi Fraternity Collection

Phi Lambda Chi is a national fraternity that began at Arkansas State Teachers College in 1925. The collection contains the original constitution & documents, & notes on the first national convention. (view finding aid)

M09-09 – David Grimes – Elijah Pitts Sports Memorabilia Collection

This collection includes memorabilia pertaining to the life and career of Elijah Eugen Pitts (2/3/1938 – 7/10/1998). He was an American football halfback in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers, the Los Angeles Rams, and the New Orleans Saints. Specific items include game programs, magazines and newspaper articles about Pitts. (view finding aid)

M09-10 – Veterans of Foreign Wars Collection

Veterans of Foreign Wars or VFW, is a national foundation. The materials in this collection include a charter and certification for the Conway, Arkansas chapter. (view finding aid)

M09-12 – Kriegsbucherei der Deutschen Jugend / War Library for German Youth Collection

The War Library for German Youth is a serial of comic size books written for children about German military affairs & published during World War II from approximately 1939-1943. This collection contains issue #1 through #154 and is believed to be the complete collection. All issues are completely in German. (view finding aid)

M09-13 – Graecorum Chirurgici Libri… Surgery & Medical Text Collection

This uncovered book was published in Florence, Italy in 1754 and is completely in Latin. The full title is Graecorum Chirurgici Libri Sorani Unus De Fracturaum Siginis Oribasii Duo De Fractis Et De Luxatis E Collectione Nicetae Ab Antiquissimo Et Optimo Codice Florentino Descripti Conversi Atque Editi Av Antonio Cocchio Anatomes Professore Publico Et Antiquario Caesaris. The content is on anatomy and surgery and the editor was Antonio Cocchio. (view finding aid)

M09-15 – Janet Gathright Collection

This collection includes articles and pamphlets about education, workforce training, educational legislation and information specific to Arkansas school statistics and curriculum. (view finding aid)

M09-16 – YANK Magazines Collection

A weekly magazine published by the United States military during World War II. The magazine was written by enlisted rank soldiers only and was intended to boost morale. The content included photographs of famous beautiful women and articles about military assignments, current events, and politics, etc. (view finding aid)

M09-17 – Arkansas Chapter (includes UCA Chapter) of the American Association of University Professors Collection

The A.A.U.P. is a national organization whose purpose is “to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education’s contribution to the common good.” This collection contains papers from the Arkansas chapter dating from the late 1990’s to present. (view finding aid)

M09-18 – Arkansas Historic Bridges Collection

This collection contains, diagrams, photographs, and descriptions, including the construction, of various bridges in the state of Arkansas. The materials were produced by the state highway department. (view finding aid)

M09-19 – Callis Childs / Detco Collection

Callis Childs is a lawyer in Conway and his collection contains material on two civil court cases he participated in. Series I contains materials on the DETCO fire for which he represented the plaintiff, Brenda Alexander and Series II contains records on the Shipman v. Wortman case for which Mr. Childs represented the defendant Bill Wortman. (view finding aid)

M09-20 – Phi Alpha Theta Mu Chapter Collection

Phi Alpha Theta in a national history honor society, the Mu Chapter is active at UCA. This collection contains records and correspondence of the group. (view finding aid)

M09-21 – B.J. Sams Collection

BJ Sams retired from broadcasting after 56 years in radio and television. At the time of his retirement he was a news anchor for KTHV. His collection contains photographs, news articles, and awards that span his career. (view finding aid)

M09-22 – Conway Symphony Orchestra Collection

This collection includes a Conway Symphony Orchestra history, budget and financial information, correspondence, photos, concert programs, and minutes from the Board of Directors meetings. Some items date back to 1982. (view finding aid)

M10-01 – Della Tyson Collection

Della (Del) Tyson served as the secretary for Governor Orval Faubus for eleven years (1957-1968). While serving in this capacity she typed untold numbers of letters for Faubus and consequently became friends with some of those whom Faubus corresponded with, including Governor George Wallace of Alabama. Her collection contains memorabilia from the time Orval Faubus served as governor including letters from President Lyndon B. Johnson, TX Gov. John B. Connally, Sargent Shriver, and hand written notes by Faubus. (view finding aid)

M10-02 – Vicki Wyeth Collection

This collection contains a scrapbook entitled “The Arkansas Story” (a sixth grade school project by Vicki Hahn. (view finding aid)

M10-03 – Arkansas State Board of Health Collection

This collection includes pamphlets issued from the Arkansas State Board of Health, assessments of water, sewer, & solid waste conditions from various counties in Arkansas, the Weekly Morbidity Reports (human & animal), Division of Communicable Disease Control Annual Reports, Arkansas State Hospital Biennial Reports, and other information on sickness and the medical statistics in Arkansas (1920-1994). (view finding aid)

M10-04 – Arkansas State Police Collection

This collection contains reports annual and biennial reports of the Arkansas State Police Department. It also includes driver’s manuals, analysis and summary of highway accidents, and other miscellaneous material dating between 1940-1982. (view finding aid)

M10-05 – Arkansas Legislative Council Collection

The Arkansas Legislative Council was established by Act 264 of 1949 to collect data and information upon which legislative decisions will be made during regular session of the General Assembly. This collection contains various documents and reports about Arkansas policy and research on a multitude of subjects dating from 1971-1977. (view finding aid)

M10-06 – Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference Collection

This collection contains correspondence, reports, constitutions and by-laws, meeting minutes, and other documents pertaining to the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference from 1967-1992. The AIC is an athletic conference that sponsored college football. They no longer sponsor college football in Arkansas but still operate under the name sponsoring other sporting events. (view finding aid)

M10-07 – Arkansas Education Collection

This collection contains documents published by the Arkansas Department of Education including handbooks, reports, surveys, and curriculum examples. It covers from the 1890’s to the early 1980’s. Within are documents on the Department of Education for the Department of Education. (view finding aid)

M10-08 – Vietnam War Era Interviews Collection

This collection contains interviews of individuals living during the Vietnam War era, recorded by students of an American Nations II class in Spring 2010 taught by Dr. Lorien Foote. (view finding aid)

M11-01 – Lakeview School District 25 vs. Governors of Arkansas Collection

Started in 1992, this historic case started when the Lakeview School District claimed that they did not receive their share of the Arkansas education funds and that the state school-funding system was unconstitutional under both the Arkansas and the U.S. Constitution. This collection contains court documents from the years 1992-2004, including court proceeding transcripts, court notes, intervention notes and court exhibits. The Lakeview School District 25 was later dissolved, but the implications of this court case are still seen in the State’s school funding practices. (view finding aid)

M11-02 – Dr. George Thompson Collection

A former Hendrix professor of History, Thompson’s collection includes pamphlets and books on American History, as well as reading and teaching guides on the subject. This collection also contain copies of Civil War letters from both Union and Confederate soldiers and political figures. (view finding aid)

M11-03 – Community Development Institute of UCA Collection

Created in 1987, the Community Development Institute is endorsed by the Community Development Society, and international group of development educators and practitioners. The main purpose of the group is to train people in the techniques of modern leadership and management of community development efforts. This collection contains handbooks, enrollment records, yearbooks, board meeting minutes, and other material about the group. (view finding aid)

M11-04 – Jim Brewer Collection

James H. Brewer, who is well known for serving 26 years as general manager of Conway Corporation, was a student at UCA, then known as Arkansas State Teachers College. His collection contains personal & professional correspondence, materials on nature and travel, awards from his various organizations, newspaper clippings, photos, Conway Corporation statements & speeches, and telephone directories from 1965-1992. He was also the president of the Arkansas Industrial Development Foundation, past chairman of the Conway Planning Commission, president of the Conway Rotary Club, state board member of the Boy Scouts of America, president of the Conway Development Corporation, and director of Worthen National Bank in Conway. (view finding aid)

M11-05 – UCA Staff Senate Collection

The UCA Staff Senate’s mission is to provide communication and representation so that a positive attitude can be achieved within the university. This collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes and other materials dating from 1983-2010. (view finding aid)

M11-06 – Dr. Sally Roden Collection

Dr. Sally Roden has been a leader in her professional associations and has been the recipient of many honors. An educator at UCA since 1969, she served as associate provost, dean of undergraduate studies, and director of the living and learning communities program in 1993. She retired from UCA in 2012. Her collection includes awards, correspondence, photos, and books. (view finding aid)

M11-07 – Dr. Mary Mosley Collection

Retired educator, Dr. Mary Mosley, spent 20 years involved with the UCA Reading Center as its director, as well as being on the Board of Directors for the Literacy Action for Central Arkansas Council and the Faulkner County Literacy Council Board of Directors. She worked to study and improve the center’s research-based lesson plan and shared her findings in publications and presentations in hopes of improving instruction of struggling readers. Her collection includes correspondence, photos, publications on reading, books, calendars, and awards. (view finding aid)

M11-08 – Margaret Dixon-Anderson Collection

Arkansas State Normal School Alumni, Margaret Dixon-Anderson worked as a teacher in Arkansas for over 50 years.  Her collection contains personal files on her and her family and also professional material about teaching in Arkansas. (view finding aid)

M11-09 – Myrna Smetzer-Weiland Collection

Myrna Smetzer was one of hundreds of young women who, during World War II, received basic training at Arkansas State Teachers College with the Women’s Army Corp between March 1943-1944.  Her collection contains pictures of her time at ASTC and abroad with the Women’s Army Corp. (view finding aid)

M11-10 – UCA Wesley Foundation Collection

The UCA Wesley Foundation is an on-campus ministry affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  The collection is composed of photo albums and newspaper articles chronicling the activities of the group. (view finding aid)

M11-11 – Rush Rhoades Collection

World War I veteran, Rush Olga Rhoades was an Arkansas State Normal School graduate and Arkansas/Oklahoma school teacher.  His collection contains a Normal School diploma, obituary, and photocopied photographs. (view finding aid)

M11-12 – Dr. James Brodman Collection

Professor of History at the University of Central Arkansas for over 30 years, much of Dr. James Brodman’s collection includes information on Medieval Spain, medieval social welfare policy, and medieval religion.  In the collection there are a number of articles, papers, reviews, and encyclopedia entries on the topic.  The collection also includes information on the Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) to which Dr. Brodman created for UCA. (view finding aid)

M11-13 – Dr. Faril Simpson Collection

Dr. Faril Simpson was a Chemistry professor at the University of Central Arkansas for 30 years.  His collection focuses on his interest in music by containing recordings of his various music projects.  He was a member of UCA’s bluegrass band called The Professors as well as various other side and solo projects. (view finding aid)

M11-14 – Investiture of Tom Courtway, UCA’s 10th President

Tom Courtway became UCA’s 10th president in December of 2011. Courtway’s legacy as president of UCA is that he placed the university on sound financial footing and established a sense of stability on campus. UCA also experienced growth during Courtway’s time as president, adding three new major buildings: the Greek Village, sorority housing for young women students; Donaghey Hall, a mixed-use facility; and Conway Corporation Center for Sciences. The HPER Center was also significantly expanded during Courtway’s presidency. (view finding aid)

M12-01 – Conway Corporation Collection

According to retired Conway Corporation Chief Operating Officer Roger Mills, the announcement of electric lights coming to Conway was published in the June 27, 1895 local newspaper.  Although going through many name & technology changes, Conway Corporation has supplied the Conway area with electricity since that time.  This collection contains billing and usage ledgers for their electric, water, and sewage services, plant activity ledgers, miscellaneous business materials, and photographs for Conway Corporation dating from 1909-1990. (view finding aid)

M12-02 – University of Central Arkansas, Department of Nursing Collection

With its roots at Arkansas Baptist Hospital and Ouachita Baptist University, the UCA Department of Nursing has been in existence since 1967.  This collection contains information on the history of the department, undergraduate and master’s programs at UCA with meeting minutes, correspondence, self-study and accreditation reports, reunion information and news clippings. (view finding aid)

M12-03 – Dr. Cecil McDermott Mathematics Education Reference Collection

Dr.Cecil McDermott is a native Arkansas who established the computer science program at Hendrix College.  He also served as the director of the Instructional Microprocessors in Arkansas Classrooms (IMPAC) State Technology Program for Schools, as well as being on the board of directors for the Arkansas STEM Coalition.  His collection consists of various mathematic education reference books and booklets dating from 1926-1984. (view finding aid)

M12-04 – Judge Joseph M. Hill Collection

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Judge Joseph Morrison Hill attended law school in Tennessee and practiced law in Arkansas.  He also served as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court of Arkansas between 1904-1909.  Being President of the Board of Trustees for the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanitarium, his collection contains 6 volumes of bound papers that include the following material about the sanatorium: correspondence, expenditures, biennial reports, newsletters, articles and photos. (view finding aid)

M12-05 – Phillip H. McMath Collection

Phillip McMath is an Arkansas lawyer who uses his interest in history, southern culture, and his military experience to create fiction, drama and journalism.  He attended Hendrix College and University of Arkansas, graduating with a BA in 1967.  He then went on to graduate from University of Arkansas Law School in 1973.  His collection contains his various writing projects which include books, plays and short stories. (view finding aid)

M12-06 – Arkansas Council for International Visitors (ACIV) Collection

Arkansas has had an International Visitor program since around 1961.  Over the years, the program has evolved from, not only receiving and orienting international visitors, but also focusing on international youth exchanges, international education and foreign language training.  This collection contains information on the Arkansas Council for International Visitors and its various activities and programs from 1982-2012. (view finding aid)

M12-07 – Ralph Behrens Collection

Ralph Behrens was a professor of English at the University of Central Arkansas.  Not only did he teach here, he also attended the university, receiving his bachelor’s degree in the late 1930’s when UCA was known as Arkansas State Teacher’s College.  His collection contains early papers written by Ralph Behrens. (view finding aid)

M12-08 – Myron E. Rhodes, Sr. Collection

This collection contains atlases and newspapers dating from 1906-1947, with information on World War II and the Civil War. (view finding aid)

M12-09 – Bill Pate Collection

Collection contains material by Ben Burton including a Half-Century Club: Class of 1951 Speech, and the books The Play(ful) Pen of Ben Burton: The First Year and The Chicken That Won A Dogfight: The Humor and Hope of an Arkansas Boyhood (1992). Bill Pate was a classmate and friend of Ben Burton. (view finding aid)

M12-11 – Dr. Audie J. Lynch Collection

Dr. Audie J. Lynch served UCA as a professor in the Education department and as an administrator, both as department chair and assistant dean.  His collection includes newspapers, correspondence, and photographs chronicling some of the milestones of his personal and professional career.  Also included in his collection are newspapers and magazines dealing with Arkansas history, the Arkansas Sesquicentennial (1986), the moon landing (1969), Nixon’s resignation (1974), and the US Bicentennial (1976). (view finding aid)

M12-12 – The Arkansas Legionnaire

This collection contains one scrapbook with issues of the The Arkansas Legionnaire and the Journal American from 1936-1937. (view finding aid)

M13-01 – Larry Kressley – VISTA Materials

Larry Kressley worked as a VISTA volunteer at Warren, Arkansas in the summer of 1969.  His collection contains information about the work he did with VISTA, as well as the reception of VISTA into the Warren community. (view finding aid)

M13-02 – State Representative Betty Pickett Collection

Betty Pickett served for six years in the Arkansas House of Representatives and represented District 45 in Faulkner County from 2002 to 2008.  Her collection contains material from her time in office including information on the Arkansas Legislature, Arkansas education, legislative committees and Arkansas financial materials.  The collection also contains material from her time working with the Conway School District and the Arkansas State Board of Education. (view finding aid)

M13-03 – Dr. Jewel E. Moore Collection

Dr. Jewel E. Moore was a biology professor at the University of Central Arkansas. Dr. Moore used remnants of the original Conway Prairie on the edge of campus as an outdoor laboratory. Today, the 18 acres comprising the Dr. Jewel E. Moore Nature Reserve represent the largest surviving portion of the prairie untouched by development. The items in this collection contain various materials relating to Dr. Moore’s studies of biology in Arkansas.
(view finding aid)

M13-04 – Central Arkansas Horticultural Society

The Central Arkansas Horticultural Society was founded in 1988 to support the education and practice of gardening in Arkansas, which includes the exchange of garden plants, to research gardening practices, and to publish information on gardening. (view finding aid)

M13-05 – Dr. Donald E. Culwell Collection

Dr. Donald E. Culwell was a biology professor the the University of Central Arkansas for 38 years.  His collection includes information on plants and plant taxonomy, class materials, including his biology field trip courses, and professional publications by Dr. Culwell, as well as other experts.  Information on the Jewel E. Moore UCA Nature Reserve and the Arkansas Native Plant Society can also be found in Dr. Culwell’s collection. (view finding aid)

M13-06 – Paul Revis Papers

Paul Revis worked in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and served as executive director of the Arkansas Waterways Commission.  His collection includes materials related to waterway development in Arkansas, primarily the Arkansas River Valley.  Collection includes material by the Corps of Engineers, Arkansas Waterway Commission, the Department of Transportation, the National Maritime Administration and books related to engineering. (view finding aid)


M14-01 – Dr. Donald E. Whistler Collection

Dr. Donald E. Whistler is a retired Political Science professor from the University of Central Arkansas who taught there since 1972.  His collection includes his book Citizen Legislature: The Arkansas General Assembly (2010) and an early manuscript. (view finding aid)

M14-02 – Conway P.E.O. Chapter CA

The P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization) is a international women’s organization aimed at helping the education and advancement of women.  This collection includes scrapbooks, the organization’s official publication The P.E.O. Record, member information, and yearbook/handbooks, 1983-present. (view finding aid)

M14-03 – Gamma Beta Phi Collection

The UCA chapter of Gamma Beta Phi, an honor and service organization for college students, was founded in April 1969 and is no longer active on campus.  This collection contains mostly photos and plaques dating from 1976-1990. (view finding aid)

M14-04 – South-Central Renaissance Conference

Started in 1951, the South-Central Renaissance Conference is an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the Renaissance time period with topics including literature, history, art and iconography, music, cultural studies and more.  This collection contains organizational material, meeting reports and minutes as well as information and the full printed run of their journal Explorations in Renaissance Culture. (view finding aid)

M15-01 – William F. “Bill” Foster Collection

William Franklin “Bill” Foster was born in Lonoke County, Arkansas on August 2, 1916. Foster served as secretary and president of the England School Board and was Lonoke County Justice of the Peace. Foster was elected Arkansas State Representative in 1961 and served until his death July 10, 1992 at the age of 75. (view finding aid)

M15-04 – Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Collection

This collection consists of materials donated by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. The items in this collection include documents and videos dating back to 1907 primarily regarding bridge construction and repair in Arkansas.
(view finding aid)

M15-05 – William Emmett Davis Collection

Lieutenant William Emmett Davis, born in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 14, 1918, served in the Navy during World War II.  He joined the Naval Reserve on February 12, 1942 and qualified as a Naval aviator on November 4, 1942. He was honorably discharged on December 7, 1945. Lieutenant Davis conducted 104 carrier combat missions; shot down four Japanese planes and destroyed two others on the ground; sailed 140,000 nautical miles. (view finding aid)

M16-01 – J. Bill Becker Collection

Bill Becker, the son of Russian immigrants, was born in Chicago. His father was a union member who cut suit patterns in a men’s clothing factory. J. Bill Becker served in World War II, and then earned his economics degree in Illinois. Becker moved to the South and began his life-long career in the labor movement. Becker led the Arkansas AFL-CIO from 1964 to 1997. Becker passed away in 1997. His collection contains letters, notes, reports, newspaper articles, and photos related to Becker’s work in the Arkansas labor movement. (view finding aid)

M16-02 – Dr. Gary Wekkin Collection

Doctor Gary Wekkin joined the faculty in the Political Science Department at UCA in August of 1982. He taught primarily in the area of U.S. Politics and Government. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his Master’s and Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Wekkin has published several books and journal articles. (view finding aid)

M16-03 – Dr. Jerry Reynolds Collection

Dr. Jerry Reynolds, professor of geography, retired from UCA in June of 2016. He obtained his B.S.F. at Stephen F. Austin State University in 1974, his M.S. at Southern Illinois in 1977, and his Ph.D. at Southern Illinois in 1984. He has published numerous articles and contributed to edited volumes. His main areas of interest include water resources, water use policies, and natural hazards. (view finding aid)

M16-04 – UCA’s 11th Presidential Search

This collection contains newspapers and articles about the search for the University of Central Arkansas’ 11th President. The investiture of President Houston D. Davis, UCA’s 11th president, is also included. (view finding aid)

M17-01 – Dr. J. D. Mashburn Collection

Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Mashburn and his wife were involved in the study of adult learning disabilities. In 1991, they gave $1 million dollars to the University of Central Arkansas to establish the Mashburn Center for Learning. This collection contains remarks given by Dr. Mashburn at the annual Christine Greenhaw Mashburn lecture series between 1985 and 2008.
(view finding aid)

M17-02 – Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Collection

The mission of the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences is to provide innovative and technologically superior instruction, research, and service through scientifically-based programs. Curricula in family and consumer sciences, nutrition/dietetics, interior design, and family and consumer sciences education are designed to enhance individual wellness and quality of life and to produce graduates who practice in an ethical and socially-responsible manner. (view finding aid)

M18-01 – Dr. Dan Skelton Collection

(view finding aid)

M18-02 – Faulkner County Citizens of World War II

This collection contains a scrapbook as well as two newspapers from the World War II era. (view finding aid)

M18-03 – Joseph Wilburn Sargent Collection

Joseph Wilburn Sargent Sr. was a World War II veteran of the United States Army Corps serving in North Africa. Later he worked as a Highway Engineer at the State of Louisiana Highway Department. His collection contains correspondence, photos, technical manuals, and operation orders during World War II. Approximate span of collection is between 1940-1948. (view finding aid)

M18-04 – Kenneth C. Barnes and Deborah Reese-Barnes Collection

Collection contains research materials related to German emigration to Arkansas during the late seventeenth century; German Catholics in Arkansas, specifically St. Joseph’s Colony, Sacred Heart, and Church of the Good Shepherd; German family histories; and four ledgers from Bird’s Store, later renamed Barnes General Merchandise, in Austin, Arkansas (Conway County).(view finding aid)

M19-01 – Earl Copeland Collection

Earl Copeland was from Red Stripe, Arkansas in Stone County. He graduated from Arkansas State Normal School on July 27, 1917. This collection includes Copeland’s personal file as well as commencement programs, handbooks, bulletin catalogs, and other materials related to the University of Central Arkansas from each era; Arkansas State Normal School, Arkansas State Teachers College, State College of Arkansas and UCA. (view finding aid)

M19-02 – UCA War Memorial Collection

This collection contains the research material used to create the UCA War Memorial. This memorial lists the names of UCA Alumni who were killed during several wars, including World War I, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Somalia, and the Global War on Terror. For information on Alumni who were killed during World War II  please see M06-05 – UCA World War II Alumni Collection. (view finding aid)

M19-03 – Harold E. Griffin Collection

Harold E. “Jim” Griffin was born July 29, 1935. He graduated from Arkansas Tech University in 1958 and received his Masters in Education from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1959 and his Ed.D. in education from the University of Missouri in 1972. He taught at Southeast Missouri State for several years and retired from the University of Central Arkansas after 12 years. He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Conway, Ark. Mr. Griffin died August 06, 2001. (view finding aid)

M19-04 – Delta Kappa Gamma – Theta Chapter – Collection

This collection contains several scrapbooks from the Delta Kappa Gamma – Theta Chapter Organization. The mission and purpose of the Theta Chapter is to promote the mission and purposes of the The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and those of Kappa State, which is to promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. Scrapbooks date from 1962-2006. (view finding aid)

M19-05 – Ray Simon Collection

Ray Simon, a native of Conway, Arkansas, served as United States Deputy Secretary of Education from 2005 to 2009. Prior to his appointment as deputy secretary, he also served as Chief States School Officer in Arkansas between 1998 to 2005 and superintendent of the Conway school district from 1991 to 1997. Ray Simon holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Central Arkansas, and an educational specialist degree from the University of Arkansas. This collection consists of e-mails, proposals, agendas, Lakeview materials, and other items relating to education in Arkansas from 1997 to 2005.
(view finding aid)

M19-09 – Mary Hiegel Collection

Contains materials that were used for the teaching of Home Economics. Included are class notes, pamphlets, books, and information of food preparation and clothing. (view finding aid)

M19-12 – First United Methodist Church History Collection

Contains the manuscript of Ralph D. Scott’s history of the First United Methodist Church in Conway, Arkansas.
(view finding aid)

M20-01 – Nan Snow Collection

Nan Snow was born July 23, 1936. She graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in 1957. In her career as an activist, publisher, and journalist, she fought for women’s rights in Arkansas and nationally beginning in the 1960s. She continues to be involved in both politics and in advancing opportunities for young women in the state. (view finding aid)

M20-02 – Faulkner County Levee District No. 1 Records

Records contain information on the creation of Faulkner County Levee District No. 1 (1905), the Tupelo Bayou Watershed, as well as the continued maintenance, inspection, and improvement of the levee. Records span the years 1905-2017. (view finding aid)

M20-03 – Faulkner County Retired Teachers Association Records

Collection contains scrapbooks from the Faulkner County Retired Teachers Association from 1973 to 2020. Early scrapbooks contain information about the beginnings of the organization. (view finding aid)

M20-04 – Women in the Civil War Collection

Ellen Lewis, employee of the University of Central Arkansas and a living history practitioner, collected the material in the Women in the Civil War collection. This material lists women from across the country who played a prominent role in the Civil War as spies, soldiers, and nurses. Several of Ellen Lewis’s presentations are included, along with displays she used in conjunction with the presentations. (view finding aid)

M20-05 – Lollie Plantation Records Collection

This collection includes ledgers from the Lollie Plantation, located 12 miles southwest of Conway, Arkansas.  The plantation consisted of a town which included a cotton gin, a sawmill for lumber and shingles, a sorghum mill, a federal post office, a commissary, a blacksmith shop, and segregated schools.  A doctor also lived on the premises.

M21-01 – American Association of University Women (Conway Branch) Collection

This collection contains the records and papers of the Conway Branch of the American Association of University Women.  Several former UCA faculty, librarians, and staff participated in this organization dedicated to the higher education of women.  (view finding aid)

M21-02 – John Gould Fletcher & Charlie May Simon Fletcher Collection

This collection contains the personal correspondence and writings of Pulitzer Prize winner, John Gould Fletcher and children’s author, Charlie May Simon.  The collection contains the materials of the Charlie May Simon Children’s Book Award, while under the direction of UCA librarian Gladys Sachse. (view finding aid)

M21-03 – Tom Mull Collection

This collection contains recordings by Tom Mull, director of education for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission that were played on Arkansas radio stations in the mid-twentieth century. (view finding aid)