How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule research appointments, simply select Schedule a Visit under the Visiting the Archives section of the UCA Archives’ homepage.

What if I need quick research help?

For quick research questions, you may select Ask the Archives under the Research Assistance section of the UCA Archives’ homepage, or you may access Archives help on the UCA Torreyson Library’s Chat with a Librarian feature.

What can I bring to my research appointment?

You may find all of the UCA Archives reading room policies and procedures in the UCA Archives Reading Room Policies and Procedures form.  UCA Archives Reading Room Policies and Procedures .docx

What forms will I need to complete for my research appointment?

All researchers must complete the UCA Archives Research Registration form and the UCA Archives Reading Room Policies and Procedures form.  Regardless of if a researcher has previously visited the UCA Archives, the UCA Archives Reading Room Policies and Procedures form must be completed at every visit to ensure the policies and procedures are adhered to in every visit.  Materials needed for the registration form include a form of photo identification (your Driver’s License or UCA ID, for example).  UCA Archives Research Registration Form.docx UCA Archives Reading Room Policies and Procedures .docx

I’ve never conducted research before, how prepared should I be before my visit?

Visiting researchers should have an idea of what material they wish to view, as well as a narrowed research topic.  While the UCA Archives Staff loves researching and facilitating research for patrons, we cannot conduct the research for you but will provide access to materials for your research needs.  UCA Archives Staff will conduct a preliminary research interview prior to approving a patron’s research appointment.  The preliminary interview will include discussing with the patron the topic of interest and potential collections and material to be viewed.  Researchers’ Guide to the Archives

Is there any material that I cannot view during my visit?

Unfortunately yes.  Several archival holdings are in mediums which are degrading, so material such as reel-to-reel, cassette tape, and VHS may not be available to researchers until the digitization project for these materials is complete.  UCA Archives Staff will notify visiting patrons if the material they wish to view is unavailable at the time of their scheduled appointment.

I noticed that other archives have backlogs, does the UCA Archives have a backlog?

Yes.  Like many archival institutions, the UCA Archives has a backlog of material to be processed.  The UCA Archives is working on strategic planning to address this area of need.  For information on newly processed collections, as well as new acquisitions and newly digitized material, check the New to the Archives section on the UCA Archives’ homepage.

 What does the UCA Archives accept?

For potential collections, the UCA Archives may accept material which reflects the mission and vision statements in place.  Before the UCA Archives officially ingests new material, a preliminary visit must take place where UCA Archives Staff can view the material.  Once it is determined that the material aligns with the UCA Archives mission and vision statements, a Donor Agreement form must be completed for the UCA Archives authority records.  University of Central Arkansas Archives Donor Agreement.docx UCA Archives Collection Policy

Are there plans to diversify the collections?

Yes.  A key component to the UCA Archives strategic plan is to work with individuals and communities which are historically underrepresented.  Steps toward this goal include the UCA Archives work with the UCA Griotte Project and the digitization project for the Women’s Project Collection (M95-03).

Who works in the UCA Archives?  Who will help me during my visit?

The UCA Archives currently consists of the Head of Archives & Special Collections–Phoenix Smithey, Archives Support Specialist–Shelbea Gentry, and student workers Clover Quill and Valerus Corbin.

Does the UCA Archives have social media?

Yes!  The UCA Archives has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

Does the UCA Archives have a blog?  What is typically posted?

Yes!  The UCA Archives has a blog, and typically collection highlights are posted there as well as in-depth posts about new acquisitions and newly digitized collection material.