The UCA Archives consists of a variety of collection types which provides significant source material for researchers’ needs.  Click on the collection type below to begin your UCA Archives research.

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections typically consist of one or more boxes of papers, records, correspondence, and other material donated by a person or entity.  The UCA Archives currently has over 350 manuscript collections.

Map Collection

Map collections vary in what information is depicted.  Maps can include natural earth formations like mountains and elevation differences, or they can include the roads, highways, and interstates which connect cities and towns.  The UCA Archives Map Collection contains a variety of maps from the national to municipal level.

Oral Histories

Oral histories consist of interviews with one or more subjects with the goal of preserving a first-hand account of a specific event or time period.  The UCA Archives has oral histories ranging from early Twentieth Century Arkansas history to the Little Rock School District desegregation crisis of the late 1950s.

Pamphlet Collection

Pamphlet collections typically include individual items such as pamphlets, leaflets, and other ephemera—materials of short-term use.

Photograph Collections

Photograph collections typically contain the printed images, and in many circumstances the negatives—film or glass.  The UCA Archives has over 53,000 images cataloged.

Rare Books Collection

The UCA Archives maintains cohesive collections of books which were owned by prominent Arkansans.

Rare Newspaper Collection

The UCA Archives currently has over 20 boxes of rare newspapers documenting Arkansas history as well as national events.

Small Manuscript Collection

Small manuscripts typically fit within a single folder, yet are more substantial than pamphlets.  The UCA Archives Small Manuscript Collection has approximately 1,800 papers for perusal.

Schedler Honors College Papers

The UCA Archives receives theses from the Schedler Honors College each semester.  These papers provide researchers a starting point for their own scholarly works.