Schedler Honors College Papers

Every semester, the UCA Archives receives theses from the Schedler Honors College.  These papers, written by senior Honor College students, encompass a vast array of topics allowing archives researchers to utilize references and view examples of well-written papers.


HC: 86-01 – Blair, Lisa M.; “La Simbologia Machadiana: Un Estudio De Un Concepto Del Sueno”, 1986, 28p

HC: 86-02 – Buffaloe, Donald R.; “John Muir and Aldo Leopold: Their Influence on the American Conservation Movement”, 1986, 28p

HC: 86-03 – Gray, Nancy; “The Philosophic Novel: A Study in Aesthetics”, 1986, 29p

HC: 86-04 – Hawkins, Judy; “Our Responsibility To The Hungry”, 1986, 29p

HC: 86-05 – Meadors, Karen; “Sexist Language in a Changing Society”, 1986, 25p

HC: 86-06 – Miller, Paul R.; “Talk About Talk About Art”, 1986, 31p

HC: 86-07 – Myers, William T.; “The Relevancy of Life after Death for a Process Theodicy”, 1986, 29p

HC: 86-08 – Palmer, Jerry; “Environmental Controls: The Cost of a Healthy World”, 1986, 21p

HC: 86-09 – Plafcan, Gerald; “Government Intervention in the Economy”, 1986, 42p

HC: 86-10-Rogers, Edmundo G.; “The Nature of Love: Marcel or Sartre an Intellectual Discussion of the Problem”, 1986, 52p

HC: 86-11 – Sharp, Jeff W.; “Language and Artificial Intelligence”, 1986, 17p

HC: 86-12 – Shastri, Ananda; “Reliable Theories and the Dependability of Extraordinary Claims”, 1986, 18p

HC: 86-13 – Wilson, Janet K.; “Depression in Women: A Psychosocial Perspective”, 1986, 40p



HC: 87-01 – Adams, Scott; “Journalism and Civil Religion: The InterconnectionsBetween the American Journalistic System and the Civil Religion of the United States”, 1987, 19p

HC: 87-02 – Fuller, G.L.; “War: Modern Moral Precepts and Nuclear Deterrent Justification”, 1987, 49p

HC: 87-03 – Kingan, Robert John; “Intuitive Process and Formal Construction: The Significance of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem”, 1987, 29p



HC: 88-01 – Dirck, Brian; “For I have Become Death…”: The Holocaust – As – Shrine”, 1988, 51p

HC: 88-02 – Eldridge, Keri, E.; “The Alienation of Individual’s”, 1988, 16p

HC: 88-04 – Leubker, Monica; “Sexual Harassment: Women Are Fighting Back”, 1988, 32p

HC: 88-05 – Russell, Paula S.; “Cultural and Psychological Factors That Influence The Development of Entrepreneurial Behavior in European Societies”, 1988, 27p

HC: 88-06 – Wall, Byron Robert; “Theodicy of C.S. Lewis: The Problem of Human Evil”, 1988, 27p

HC: 88-07 – Wear, Kay Lynn; “Redefining the Term Gifted and Identification Characteristics of Primary Age Children”, 1988, 50p

HC: 88-08 – Wilson, Melissa; “Harmful Effects Of Repression On a Changing Society”, 1988, 23p

HC: 88-09 – Young, Tami L.; “Perspectives On The Interaction Of Psychology In Christian Counseling”, 1988, 20p



HC: 89-01 – Brewer, Evangeline M.; “A Discussion of the Modifiability In Preschool Children”, 1989, 54p

HC: 89-02 – Buchan, Chuck; “The New Public Administration Movement and Its Impact On Organizational Theory: A Twenty Year Retrospective”, 1989, 14p

HC: 89-03 – Bull, Donna; “The Use of Comparative Analysis in Finding The Cultural Significance of Variations in Fairy Tales”, 1989, 40p

HC: 89-04 – Dean, Deborah Ann; “The Social Comedies of Aphra Behn and Beth Henley – A Perspective”, 1989, 29p

HC: 89-05 – Gamble, Gina Marie; “Management Philosophy of Theory Z: Applications To Improve Education”, 1989, 56p

HC: 89-06 – Henderson Caroline Blythe; “The Impact of Computer Technology In the Field of Music”, 1989, 39p

HC: 89-07 – Leding, Carl; “Theories Of The Growth Of Knowledge: Biology Or Sociology?,” 1989, 21p

HC: 89-08 – Messer, Rachel L; “The American Adversary System: A Critique Of Anne Strick’s, Injustice For All”, 1989, 20p

HC: 89-09 – Thurman, Glen M.; “Behavior and Thought: A Critique of Artificial Intelligence Research”, 1989, 22p



HC: 90-01 – Arnhart, David William; “Science: Revision or Revolution?,” 1990, 18p

HC: 90-02 – Tromater, Britt-Marie; “Rape: Power-Play in Disguise,” 1990, 26p

HC: 90-03 – Post, Margaret Amanda; “The Nature of Myth: The Environment’s Effect on the Creation of Myth by Primitive Man”, 1990, 49p

HC: 90-04 – Matthews-Wood, Lisa Madeline; “Countercultures: The Child Crusade”, 1990, 22p



HC: 91-01 – Archer, Walter C.; “The Role of Truth-Telling in the Physician/Patient Relationship”, 1991, 16p

HC: 91-02 – Crouch, Elizabeth; “Engendered Lives: The Structure and Process of the Feminine Role”, 1991, 29p

HC: 91-03 – Phillips, Tami M.; “Lord of the Flies: The Beast Within”. 1991, 16p

HC: 91-04 – Taverner, Rebecca Diane; “Alexandra, Empress of Russia: An Historical Reassessment”, 1991, 37p

HC: 91-05 – Tanguay, Edward John; “Toward Proficiency in Foreign Language Teaching: Reevaluating Our Methods”, 1991, 63p

HC: 91-06 – Whitbey, Stanley G.; “Business” and “Ethics” As Nonmutually Exclusive Terms: Kantian Ethics in a Modern Business Setting”, 1991, 23p

HC: 91-07 – Ezell, Karol Ann; “Living With Myth and Joseph Campbell”, 1991, 18p

HC: 91-08 – Treat, Rita; “White Tail Deer and Timber Management: An Ozark Perspective”, 1991, 35p

HC: 91-09 – Batterton, Jamie Ann; “Dual-Earner Families: An Examination”, 1991, 35p

HC: 91-10 – Zaloudek, Heather Lynn; “Experiences and Survival Techniques of Women Victims of the Holocaust”, 1991, 41p



HC: 92-01 – Kahland, Brad Michael; “Coca Production in Peru and Bolivia”, 1992, 26p

HC: 92-02 – Davis, Martha Karen; “Bibliotherapy and Children’s Award Winning Books’, 1992, 36p

HC: 92-03 – Thomas, Shannon Renee; “Social Insurance and the Medical System in Germany”, 1992, 29p

HC: 92-04 – Somova, Marla Woodward; “Categorization and the Sexes: A Socio/Psycholinguistic Perspective”, 1992, 26p



HC: 93-01 – Armstrong, Jan Nance; “Making A Case for Multicultural Education”, 1993,  48p

HC: 93-02 – Brown-Damron, Jill M; “The European Community: A Struggling Postmodern Evolution”, 1993, 32p

HC: 93-03 – Davis, Heather Dawn: “Frida Kahol: Her Life, Her Times, Her Art”, 1993, 18p

HC: 93-04 – Dielmann, Kim Bernice; “The Cultural Taboo of Incest and the Modern Family Unit”, 1993, 28p

HC: 93-05 – Doran, Jennifer; “Identity in Ceremony and Personal Narrative”, 1993, 20p

HC: 93-06 – Fletcher, Wendi Ryna and Green, Kim Ranae: “Beyond The Deconstruction of Objectivity in the Media’, 1993, 29p

HC: 93-07 – Godwin, Jennifer Ann; “A Catalyst for Change: The Civil War and It Effect on Women”, 1993, 27p

HC: 93-08 – Hopkins, Jerry; “The Emerging Global Economy; Culture As Communication”, 1993, 41p

HC: 93-09 – Jackson, Steven; “The Arab-Israeli Crisis: Its Origins and Solutions”, 1993, 26p

HC: 93-10 – Lawrence, George Stephen; “Literary Portraits of Unmerited Suffering; 1993, 25p

HC: 93-11 – Lewis, Tamara; “The Diary of Annie Mae Bordeaux”, 1993, 70p

HC: 93-12 – Sorrows, Jay P.; “Unexperienced Oedipus: A Deweyan Critique of Freud’s  Oedipus Complex:, 1993, 28p

HC: 93-13 – Mullins Jr. Morell E.; “Dreamtime”, 1993, 304p

HC: 93-14 – Miller-Warren. Susan Marie; “Does the Legal Text Speak For Itself?: A Current Debate”, 1993, 30p

HC: 93-15 – Sheesley, Christopher Paul; “The Life and Times of Albert Einstein”, 1993, 40p



HC: 94-01 – Atkinson, Marcia; “Factors That Influence Learning Among The Elderly: Teaching Nutrition Behavior Modification”, 1994, 40p

HC: 94-02 –Fuson, Jennifer Ann; “Cognitive Constructivism and the Therapeutic Healing of Eating Disorders”, 1995, 44p

HC: 94-03 – Mobley, Georgiaberry Almitra Enoch; “Descriptive Language in Texts Discussing The Art of Sub-Saharan Africa”, 1994, 25p

HC: 94-04 – Dycus, Dorris Leslie; “Stepmother Mythas: Do Labels Help Or Hinder?”, 1994, 24p

HC: 94-05 – Faulkenberry, Gwendolann Adell; “The Life of Thackeray’s Literature”, 1994, 19p

HC: 94-06 – Pierce, Jennifer Elaine May; “The Insanity Defense”. 1994, 20p

HC: 94-07 – Jackson, Lesley Kaye; “Character Development in the Psychological Novels of Thomas Hardy”, 1994, 17p

HC: 94-08 – Clark-Mitchum, Becca; “Mind Over Grey Matter: One Women’s Struggle With Language”, 1994, 129p

HC: 94-09 – Sorrows, Susan Renee Heskett; “Grief and Loss Experienced by Nurses When Their Patients Die:, 1994, 38p

HC: 94-10 – Oberer, Emily Anne; “Corporate-Supported Child Care”, 1994, 18p

HC: 94-11 – Young Jared; “Multicultural Education – Moving Towards a New Curriculum”, 1994, 27p

HC: 94-12 – Crawford, Michelle Lee; “Violence in Arkansas High Schools: A View From The Principal’s Office”, 1994, 145p

HC: 94-13 – Smith, Mary Shernell; “The Effects of Mentoring on Minorities in Higher  Education, A Case Study: The Matriculation of Entering African-American Students In the Fall 1994 Class at the University of Central Arkansas”, 1999, 94p

HC: 94-15 – Thompson, Cody; “The Environmental Impact of NAFTA: A Critical Reappraisal”, 1994, 34p

HC: 94-17 – Villines, Larry S.: “Cultural Differences and Their Affect on Business Management”, 1994, 25p



HC: 95-01 – Bingham, D’ Andra D.: “The Human Genome Project: Its Social and Ethical Implications”, 1995, 47p

HC: 95-02 – Bowles, Laura Niswonger; “The Hero’s Journey: Masculine and Feminine Archetypes”, 1995, 56p

HC: 95-03 – Chollar, Natalie; “The Poorest of the Poor: A Look at Homelessness in America”, 1995, 41p

HC: 95-04 – Colley, Emily Kay; “Television and Cultural Chaos: The Call for Media Literacy”, 1995, 57p

HC: 95-05 – Corbitt, Ruth Ann; “The Judeo-Christian Tradition: A Need for Ecological Integrity”, 1995, 40p

HC: 95-06 – Key, Shawn H.; “Conduct Unbecoming: Homosexuality and the Christian Response” 1995, 27p

HC: 95-07 – Lea, Jarrett Boyd; “Social Darwinism: A Descent with Modification”, 1995, 27p

HC: 95-08 – Markey, Janell; “Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering: A Survey”, 1994, 29p

HC: 95-09 – Meador, Scott; A CD, “Visualization of Ancient Theater Architecture in a Multi-Media Learning Program”, 1995

HC: 95-10 – Olds, Carl Blaine :Heroes and Anxiety: “A Tillichian Approach To Myths and Myth-Making”, 1995, 42p

HC: 95-11 – Murphy, Mildred Cecilia; “Abortion: An Ethical Dilemma”, 1995, 113p

HC: 95-12 – Noble, Rebecca Mona; “The Artistry Within: Taking a Second Look At The Bell Jar”, 1995, 19p

HC: 95-13 – Rollow, Christy Darlene; “Exploring The Nature of the Earnings Gap inArkansas”, 1995, 41p

HC: 95-14 – Russell, Lisa Delores; “An Analysis Of Recruitment and Retention Practices of Minority Students in Physical Therapy Education Programs in Arkansas and Bordering States”, 1995, 27p

HC: 95-15 – White, Tana Marie; “Perspectives on Media Socialization:, 1995, 38p

HC: 95-16 – Tisdale, Cynthia Rae; “Broken Commitments and Bad Faith: The U.S. Government, The Lakota and the Black Hills”, 1995, 31p

HC: 95-17 – Campbell, Allyson Shandel Rippy; “German Expressionistic Art Under the Nazi Regime”, 1995, 37p

HC: 95-18 – Denton, Heather Allicia; “The Diplomat and Henry Kissinger: A Traditional Model of Diplomacy and an Instrumental Official as Test Case”, 1995, 39p

HC: 95-19 – de Letant, Olivier; “Aborigines of Australia: Anthropological Study of an Early Hunter-Gatherer Society and Its Place in Today’s World”, 1995, 47p

HC: 95-20 –Oliver, Cory Lynn; “Afrocentric Education: Its Value and Necessity in the Development of African-American Children in a Multicultural Society”, 1995,         42p

HC: 95-21 – Shope, Teresa Ann; “The Historical Origins of Sexism: The Influence of thePatriarchs on the Societal Transformation of Women”, 1995, approx, 102p

HC: 95-22 – Zaloudek, Jennifer Leigh; “The Revival of Paganism”, 1995, 27p



HC: 96-01 – Bell, Michael Eric; “Birth and Descent: Books One and Two from Order”, 1996, 110p

HC: 96-02 – Lindsey, Jeffery T.; “The Status of a Tradition in America and Europe: HowAre Newspapers Surviving in the Competitive Information World?”, 1996, 76p

HC: 96-03 – Terrell, Chad M.; “Voyeurism In Film: Re-narrating The Works of Alfred Hitchcock”, 1996, 29p

HC: 96-05 – Edwards Jennifer Lee; “At-Risk Youth: How This Occurs and How This Can Be Prevented”, 1996, 62p

HC: 96-06 – Engelhardt, Brian N.; “Nichts Besonderes”, 1996, 39p

HC: 96-08 – Jones, Layne Leanne;  “ The Incidence of Apoptosis: A Possible Explanation of Use to Control Human Lifespan and The Ethical Principles Behind It”, 1996, 29p

HC: 96-10 – Justus, Stacey Michelle; “Women Writing Themselves: An Analysis of Holocaust Narratives”, 1996, 67p

HC: 96-11– Chandler-Lovelace, Alex; “Quality and the Scientific Method: Setting Goals for Science”, 1996, 18p

HC: 96-13 – Philpot, Lora Carroll Lindsey; “Unexpected Perspectives: Viewpoints of the Disabled”, 1996, 10p

HC: 96-14 – Pickett, Amy Lynn; “Shaping Women: Depictions of Beauty in Mass Media”, 1996, approx, 37p

HC: 96-15 – Scott, Aaron Jason; “Place for Emotion in the Global Culture: The Process of Valuing As a Guide Into the 21st Century”, 1996, 38p

HC: 96-16 – Shope, Teresa Ann; “The Historical Origins of Sexism: The Influence of the Patriarchs on the Societal Transformation of Women”, 1995, approx, 102p

HC: 96-17 – Slaton, William Victor; “An Honors Physics Curriculum”, 1996, 63p

HC: 96-18 – Smith, Stacy Anne; “The Myths of Aging: A Deconstruction”, 1996, 47p

HC: 96-20 – Thomason, Aaron N.; “A Comparative Analysis of Attitudes Among Gifted Students in Eleven Different Schools”, 1996, 38p

HC: 96-21 – Wilson, Kelli Ruth; “Enthanasia and the Physician-Patient Relationship”, 1996, 27p

HC: 96-22 – Witt, Sara Aubrey; “Ethnomycology: Mushrooms, Myths, and Religion”, 1996, 37p



HC: 97-01 – Jones III, R. Perry; “The Legal Systems of the United State and Mexico: A Comparison of Civil and Common Law”, 1997, 44p

HC: 97-02 – Bissell, Jodi Leigh; “Foreign Language Instruction in Arkansas Elementary Schools: A Rationale and Call For Implementation of FLES* Programs”, 1997, 50p

HC: 97-03 – Bowles, Caroline Rebecca; “The Development of an Emotional Intelligence Scale for College Students: A Preliminary Study”, 1998, 25p

HC: 97-04 – Deckard, Kim J.; “Child Maltreatment and Poverty: An Assessment of the State of Arkansas”, 1997, 32p

HC: 97-05 – Dobbs, Jason Carroll; “Ethical Considerations of Germ-Line Therapy”, 1997, 29p

HC: 97-06 – Evatt, Robert Clay; “An Insider’s Outside Perspective: A Critique of  Nineteenth Century English Regency Society Through the Poetry of Lord Byron”, 1997, 36p

HC: 97-07 – Faulkner, Andrew Christopher, “Braves in Gray: How Their Life Styles Led Them to Fight for the Confederacy”, 1997, 72p

HC: 97-08 – Horton, Leah Susan; “Genetic Engineering: Playing God or Being Human?”, 1997, 37p

HC: 97-09 – Geheb, Ruth Ann; “Society and Culture in Three Edith Wharton Novels”, 1997, 44p

HC: 97-10 – Givens, Joe Michael; “Jose Marti: The Soul of Cuba”, 1997, 35p

HC: 96-24 – Zibell, Carol Ann: “On Pirates and Shipwrecks: Treasuring The Real At Walt Disney”, 1997, 65p

HC: 97-12 – Julian, Michael D.; “Alchemy: A Search For Proof”, 1997, 30p

HC: 97-13 – Kaplan, Derek Keith; “Prologue To Epistemography and Ambigubiquity: Recent Inquiries into the Possibility of Order and Their Potential Implications On Our Understanding of Language”, 1997, 101p

HC: 97-14 – Kennedy, Jonathan Mark; “Within The Looking Glass: Nonphilosophy and the Implications of (Transliterated) Epistemology”, 1997, 57p

HC: 97-15 – Leonard, Charles M.; “Cultural Closeness: A Comparative Analysis of the Native Religions of the Celtic and Chinese Peoples”, 1997, 48p

HC: 97-17 – Malcolm, Kitty Lynn; “Gender Implications of Race Relations in Early America”, 1997, 52p

HC: 97-18 – Middleton, Lee Ann; “Gender Communication and the Media: From Past toPresent”, 1997, 24p, 6 videos

HC: 97-19 – McCormack, Dorian Michelle;  “She – Poetical Autobiography”, 1997, 45p

HC: 97-20 – McNeal, Amy D.; “How Patriarchy Has Effected Middle Eastern Dance: A Performance Dialogue”, 1997, 22p

HC: 97-21 – Pyle, Thomas Edward; “The Revolutionary Nature of Non-Euclidean Geometry”, 1997, 26p

HC: 97-22 – Rephan, Sydney Gail; “Getting Along in a Diverse World: Reinventing The Public Square”, 1997, 21p

HC: 97-23 – Ridge, Timothy D.; “Animal Behavior: The Case for Anthropomorphism”, 1997, 30p

HC: 97-24 – Robertson, Philip Ray; “An Ounce of Prevention: Health Insurance and the Disposition to Seek Early Treatment”, 1997, 46p

HC: 97-25 – Silverstrim, Karen R.; “A Quarter Century After The Cultural Warping of  Childbirth”, 1997, 31p

HC: 97-27 – Thomas Jr., Bobby Gene; “Tax Systems: An Historic Struggle Between Equity and Equality”, 1997, 29p

HC: 97-28 – Torday, Tunde Tyubinne; “The Practical Socialism”, 1997, 42p

HC: 97-29 – Weatherford-Brown, Traci M.; “Through Gardens and Gates: Uncovering The Feminine Presence in the Art of Lauren Ewing”, 1997, 67p



HC: 98-01 – Beavers, Valarie Lashelle; “Mules of the World: The Lives and Works of Zora Neale Hurston and Nella Larsen”, 1998, 33p

HC: 98-02 – Dority, Debra Lynn; “Philosophy, Poetry, Sex and Heidegger: What Poetry Brings to Philosophy”, 1998, 23p

HC: 98-03 – Ebie, Alexandra Anne; “Sources of Influence on Parental Care Patterns in Primates”, 1998, 55p

HC: 98-04 – Ellis, M. Paul; “Conversations with Cognitive Cetacean Cousins: Interspecies Communication with Dolphins”, 1998, 102

HC: 98-05 – Hawkins, William Jeffrey Truman; “Mathematical Knots in Science”, 1998, 60p

HC: 98-06 – Houk, Amana Helen; “Fear, Fangs, and Females: Comparing Female Role in classic and Contemporary Gothic Literature”, 1998, 33p

HC: 98-07 – Morris, Nona M; “Effect of Divided Government on Committee Value”, 1998, 38p

HC: 98-08 – Niswonger, Etta Louise “Weeji” Belden; “Input and Ions: Designing Software for Science Education”, 1998, 24p

HC: 98-09 – Screeton, Lisa Scott; “Reaping an Economic Harvest of Sowing Seeds of Discount: The Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Arkansas Rice Production”, 1998, 17p

HC: 98-10 – Simmering, Shana Dianne; “Equal v. Special Treatment: The Proper Legal Interpretation of The Pregnancy Discrimination Act”, 1998, 39p

HC: 98-11 – Stewart, Tonya Marie; “Ebonics and Foreign Language Anxiety”, 1998, 32p

HC: 98-12 – Totten, Matthew Byron; “Palliative Care: An Ethical and Pragmatic Alternative to Euthanasia”, 1998, 48p

HC: 98- 13 – Ward, Clayton Joe; “Swords, Guns, and Lawyers: The Evolution of the Duel”, 1998, 30p

HC: 98-14 – Young, Hanna Noel; “Where’s The “Science” in Creation Science?”, 1998, 35p

HC: 98-15 – Patterson, Melissa Mae; “Gendered Perceptions of Women in American Culture: Can We Communicate?” 1998, 83p

HC: 98-16 – Lee, Ginger Lynn; “The Mimetic Theory: Problems with Representation in Aesthetics”, 1988, 29p

HC: 98-17 – Soumah, Andea Gabrielle; “A Strategy for Better Health in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on Maternal and Child Health and Women’s Education”, 1997, 33p

HC: 98-18 – Gurney, Rosanne Danielle; “Philosophical Debates of Education Reform Concerning Goals 2000: A Case Study of Alabama” 1998, 106p

HC: 98-19 – Strnad, Petra Jaroslava; “The Role of cognition in Psychological Disorders: A Case Study of Beck’s Cognitive Theory of Depression”, 1998, 61p

HC: 98-20 – Wilkerson, Jon Louis; “Spread of Yoga Practices in the West in the 1960’s, 1998, 24p

HC: 98-21 – Gipe, Kristi A.; “Can You Handle The Truth? A New Look At Patient/Physician Relationships”, 1998, 32p

HC: 98-22 – Sapp, Heather Dawn; “Maintaining Autonomy For The No Competent Patient”, 1998, 32p



HC: 99-01 – Alfonso, Tracie Suzanne; “Old Dog Same Trick: Similarities in the Rhetoric of the Abortion Debate in Vichy, France and Conservative America,1999, 44p

HC: 99-02 – Allen, Carri Anne; “Fiction As History: Scarlett O’Hara, A Real American Woman”, 1999, 28p

HC: 99-03 – Boyett, James Matthew; “Canned Hem”, 1999, 125p

HC: 99-04 – Charton, Sarah L.; “Innocence Lost: The Psychological and Social Effectsof  Internment on Japanese-Americans in Arkansas Relocation Centers”, 1999 75p

HC: 99-05 – Davis, Christina Marie; “The World Sees What It Wishes to See…: James Baldwin’s Search for Identities”, 1999, 29p

HC: 99-06 – DeHart, Ginny Rebecca; “Should The Aquatic Environment Be Promoted?”, 1999, 18p

HC: 99-07 – Drewenski, Carrie Marie; “Assimilation Versus Pluralism: How Does A Multicultural Society Cope Culturally and Linguistically?”, 1999, 43p

HC: 99-08 – Corless, Catherine; “Representative Cass Ballenger’s Detrimental Propositions For OSHA Reform: 1998-1999”, 1999, 23p

HC: 99-09 – Harness Jennifer Rebecca; “To Live or Let Die: An Exploration of Key Arguments in The Battle Over The Ethics of Euthanasia”, 1999, 36p

HC: 99-10 – Hill, Brandi Michelle; “Preparing Middle Level Teachers For The Advisory Role: A Proposal for Arkansas”, 1999, 20p

HC: 99-11 – Jones, Michelle Marie; “Can Sex Lead To God?: John Donne, Anne More, and The Church”, 1999, 18p

HC: 99-12 – Kerr, Emily Rose; “The Book As Art Object”. 1999, 33p

HC: 99-13 – Kuperman, Aaron; “Jefferson, Cleveland, and Clinton: Presidential, Character, and Its Effect on Reaction to Disclosure of Sexual Improprieties”, 1999, 31p

HC: 99-14 – Leest, Erin Vander; “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Stage Management… That Someone Forgot To Tell Me: A Beginner’s Guide to Stage Management in the UCA Theatre”, 1999, 68p

HC: 99-15 – Littlepage, Elizabeth Anne; “Reflections From A Broken Mirror: Self Construction in Postmodern Ethnography”, 1999, 71p

HC: 99-16 – O’Brien, Frank; “Allen Ginsberg: Modern Day Prophet”, 1999, 32p

HC: 99-17 – O’Bryan, Laura Claire; “Appeasing Dictators: An Ethical Dilemma, Europe 1936-1938”, 1999, 33p

HC: 99-18 – Olson, Christopher Aaron; “Daniel Elazar and the Libertarian Part: Political Subcultures and Minor Party Electoral Success”, 1999, 40p

HC: 99-19 Page, Sarah Rebecca; “The Future of Religious Freedom in American”, 1999, 28p

HC: 99-20 – Price, Joanne Louise; “Implementing Genetic Testing Into Public Healthcare Systems, 1999, 32p

HC: 99-21 – Richards, Charlotte Della; “Impact of Sex Based Communication Differences on Therapeutic Relationships”, 1999, 26p

HC: 99-22 – Ross, Jonathan D.; “Feasibility Analysis of a State Lottery in Arkansas”, 1999, 24p

HC: 99-23 – Ruth, Kenneth Wayne; “Love’s Philosophy”, 1999, 45p

HC: 99-24 – Rutter, John Mark; “The Relevance of Prayer in Process and Classical Theology: A Critique”, 1999, 37p

HC: 99-25 – Shirley, Stephen Boyd; “Computers and Our Changing Society”, 1999, 22p

HC: 99-26 – Wise, Veronica Lynn; “The Impact of Heavy Metal Music on the Attitudes and Behavior of Adolescents”, 1999, 23p

HC: 99-27 – Smith, Melissa Dawn; “The ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ of Subliminal Advertising”, 1999, 32p

HC: 99-28 – Toland, Roland William; “Can Fiction Be Philosophically Useful? An Examination of the Role of Discipline and Desire in the Pursuit of Wisdom”,1999, 37p

HC: 99-29 – Counts, Jenny Rebecca; “Looking for the Glass Slipper and Finding the Frog Prince Instead: A Study of Fairy Tale Evolution, Criticism, and Paradigm Construction”, 1999, 43p

HC: 99-30 – Clark, Doris Lenea; “The Role of the Woman: The Traditionalist Woman versus the Modernist Female:, 1999, 21p

HC: 99-31 – Cobb, Alventena Roshell; “The Necessity For Multicultural Music Education in the K-4 Classroom: A Suggestion for the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks”, 1999, 87p

HC: 99-32 – Davis, James Kelly; “How Is Your Father? A Documentary Video” 1999, 5p

HC: 99-33 – Smith, Stacy Ellen; “Parent Involvement During Painful Medical Procedures: How Parents Influence Children’s Pain Perceptions, “, 1999 76p

HC: 99-34 – Jackson, Darrell Scott; “Traditions, History, and Culture: Reflections on Modern Day Issues in Latin America”, 1999, 17p

HC: 99-35 – Hughs, Elaine M.; “Honor Systems: A Study in Ethical Decision Making”, 1999, 29p



HC: 00-01 – Isanhart, Leia; “Kenyan Culture and Development: Re-Evaluating the Effects of Achievement Motivation on Economic Growth”, 2000, approx. 77p

HC: 00-02 – Whitmarch, Kelly Marie; “Elvis Aron Presley: The Man Behind the Myth, The Legend Beyond The Stereotypes, In His Own Words: “Without a Song…The Day Would Never End…A Man Ain’t Got A Friend… The Road Would Never Bend…Without a Song.  So I Keep Singing The Song.”, 2000, 194p

HC: 00-03 – Hovland, Benjamin Weiss; “Making Waves: An American Experience in Foreign Culture”, 2000, 306p

HC: 00-04 – Arrington, John Blake; “All That Jazz: A Jazz Arrangement and Original Composition”, 2000, 101p

HC: 00-05 – Chase, Matthew J.: “Broken Signs: An Exploration of the Craft of Poetry”2000, 79p

HC: 00-06 – Gipson-Morris, Miranda Christine;” Re-narrating Her Story”, 2000, 62p

HC: 00-07 – Kennedy, Rebekah; “The Wolf Lurks in Darkness: A Novel of Public Perception and the Mythology of Violence:, 2000, 69p

HC: 00-08 – Francis, Robert; “The Influence of Attachment Theory on the Study of Adult Romantic Relationships”, 2000, 26p

HC: 00-09 – Worthington, Amy L.; “Effects of Computerized Versus Traditional Testing With and Without Review Capability”, 2000, 24p

HC: 00-10 –Sanders, Molly; “Bible on Broadway”, 2000, (partial fulfillment)

HC: 00-11 – Staggs, Brady A.; “Altruism: Mechanisms for Its Evolution And Sustainability in Human Society”, 2000, 23p

HC: 00-13 – Griffin, Lane Gray; “Nightingale’s Legacy for Nursing: Influences Outcomes, and Relevance in Modern Times”, 2000, 38p

HC: 00-17 – Varghese, Sherin Marian; “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Evaluation of MCPP-Induced Mouth Movements in Rats as an Animal Behavior Which Models Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:, 2000, 21p

HC: 00-18 – Pianalto, Sarah; “The Importance of Color Symbolism”, 2000, 32p

HC: 00-19 – Wallace, Christopher M.; “The Propagation of Evil: The Mobilization Strategy of the Nazi Party”, 2000, 25p

HC: 00-20 – Alexander, Carita Q.; “Ethnobotany and Its Techniques in the Screening of Antimicrobial Activity in Solidago Canadensis:, 2000, 31p

HC: 00-21 – Taylor, Misty; “Evaluating Aggressive Acts in Disney Feature Length Cartoons”, 2000, 27p

HC: 00-22 – Davis, Elizabeth; “Why Begin Second Language Study at an Early Age?” 2000, 24p

HC: 00-24 – Foster, Marvalee; “Tuesdays With Morrie: An Online Reference”, 2000, 9p

HC: 00-25 – Holt, Jason; “Swapping Systems of Delivery: Differences in the Cultural Values of the United States and Australia that Prevent Trans-positioning the Australian Health Care System into our Own”, 2000, 24p

HC: 00-26 – Selva, Beth Anne; “Music Education Equals Brain Power: A Study of the Impact of Music Education on the Intellectual and Social Development of Children and Adolescents”, 2000, 24p

HC: 00-27 – Abbott Emily; “Feminism and Pacifism: The Theoretical Connection”, 2000, 27p

HC: 00-28 – Essary, Alyson M.; “Work of Breathing: A Comparison Between Liquid and Conventional Ventilation”, 2000, 54p

HC: 00-29 – Hall, Melissa R.; “Positive Attitudes in Cancer Patients: Its Effects on Progression of Disease and Survival Rates:, 2000, 35p

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HC: 06-76 – Boeckman, Megan Elizabeth, The Effects of Volunteering on the Well Being and Mortality of Older Adults

HC: 06-77 – Gilbert, Catherine, An Icon for Some Forgotten Saint

HC: 06-78 – Kibbey, Jarred W., Global Intellectual Property Laws and Developing Economies

HC: 06-79 – Porterfield, Lisa M., Journalism and Politics: A Love/Hate Relationship

HC: 06-80 – O’Neal, Kathryn J., A Place for Art and the Art of Place

HC: 06-81 – Beckman, Heidi Lynn, Moving Toward a Healthier Future: Addressing the Problem of Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence

HC: 06-82 – Morehart, Tyler Jordan, The Emerging Church: Redefining Movement or Just Another Passing Fad?

HC: 06-83 – Killingsworth, Elizabeth Sarah, Communications Methods for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

HC: 06-84 – Keith, Valerie Lynn, The University of Central Arkansas: A Quilted Centennial

HC: 06-85 – Sisk, Timothy Jones, Emerging Selves: The Struggle for Gay Identity in theAIDS Crisis

HC: 06-86 – Hyman, Jennifer Lynn, Globalization and the Struggles that Follow

HC: 06-87 – Dalby, Marie Antoinette, The American Weight: Who is Responsible for   Obesity?

HC: 06-88 – Carranza, Maximiliano, Five-Star Evaluation Program: Determining Success within the Greek Community

HC: 06-89 – Miller, Crystal Noel, Post-Polio Syndrome: An Attempt to Suppress the Unyielding Aftermath of Disease

HC: 06-90 – Burns, Allan, Finding Berlin: Resolving Berlin’s Legal Status During the Cold War

HC: 06-91 – Pullen, Ashley Diane, So Smiles May Abound: The Effects of Cleft Lip and Palate and Hope Found Through Operation Smile International

HC: 06-92 – Starkey, Katie M., Broodal Slaying: A Gender Comparison Analysis of Filicide

HC: 06-93 – Klingsporn, Bradley, Promoting Service Learning at the University of Central Arkansas

HC: 06-94 – Allgaier, Jessica, Being Benjamin: Connecting Information and Inspiration in a 21st Century Publication

HC: 06-95 – D’Amore, Danielle Gabriella, Calcium Kinesiology: A Study of Calcium’s Role in Skeletal Muscle Movement, Pathologies, and Physical Therapy in Today’s Motatorious Society

HC: 06-96 – Courtney, Rachel Olivia, Gender Equity in Mathematics Education: A Case  Study of Northwest Arkansas Students

HC: 06-97 – Carvajal, Rennie Marina Gallo, Through the Eyes of a Woman: Views onPregnancy and Childbirth in Honduras

HC: 06-98 – Roberts, Jessica A., Mythology, Fantasy Literature, and the Modern Reader

HC: 06-99 – Post, Elizabeth Katherine, Laura Farr, A Novella



HC: 07-01 – Bailey, Colley, “Vanishing Point: A New American Tragedy”

HC: 07-02 – Bishop, Samantha Augusta, “Angels, Witches, and the Women Between Them: An Examination of the Feminist in Women’s Literature from the Victorian Era to Present Day”

HC: 07-03 – Davis, Elizabeth Marie, “The Search and (Re)search of Expectancy Violations Theory”

HC: 07-04 – Felty, Christopher Blake, “Bombs in Bilbao, Brains in Barcelona Basque and Catalan Struggles for Autonomy”

HC: 07-05 – Foster, Kristin, “From the Preservation of Sacred Knowledge to the Rise of Secular Individualism: Historical Influences of the Book”

HC: 07-06 – Hughes, Dawn Sheree, “Scarred”

HC: 07-07 – Kuperman, Rivka Ellsworth, “Solo Performance (‘Rivka!’)”

HC: 07-08 – Mahan, Lacey, “The Pressure to be Perfect: A Study of Print Media’s Influence on Body Image in Female College Students”

HC: 07-09 – Mathis, Brandon Scott, “Perspectives in Modern Drawing”

HC: 07-10 – Morris, Adrienne C., “Keeping Their Friends Close but Their Enemies Closer: An Analysis of the Organizational Culture of the Mafia in The Godfather Trilogy”

HC: 07-11 – Pangle, Aubrey Ann, “The Role of Community in the Novels of Toni Morrison: A Look at the Creation of Spaces and Places Within Female Relationships”

HC: 07-12 – Perez, Laine Elise, “A Dry Season: A Novel”

HC: 07-13 – Root, Kristina M., “Looking Through the Trash: Assessing the University of Central Arkansas’ Recycling Program”

HC: 07-14 – Shoemaker, Mary Elizabeth, “Use of Peers and Siblings in Behavioral Interventions for Children with Autism”

HC: 07-15 – Gift, James, “Interpreting Existence: Understanding in Philosophical Hermeneutics”

HC: 07-16 – Shahan, Justin, “The Jewish Parables of Jesus

HC: 07-17 – Womack, William Dane, “Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Community, and Truth: Present Application from a Timeless Theologian”

HC: 07-18 – Raible, Lindsey Shea, “Superstitions and Athletes: An Analysis of Sports Culture”

HC: 07-19 – Phillips, Geoffrey, “Practicing Public Relations on a Local Level”

HC: 07-20 – Shumate, John Nicholas Jung, “Goodbye America. Hello Korea. A Story from the Korean Adoptee Experience”

HC: 07-21 – King, Aaron Michael, “From Knife Slinging to Sushi: Teppanyaki in America and the Invention of Tradition”

HC: 07-22 – Klinck, Benjamin Michael, “On Pins and Needles: Effectiveness of Acupuncture and its Relationship to Modern Western Therapies”

HC: 07-23 – Rhodes, Melissa Ann, “Close Encounters of the French Kind”

HC: 07-24 – Yarbrough, Linda Dawn, “The Death of a Sacred Art Form: From the Moors to the Modern in Spain, Mexico, and the United States”

HC: 07-25 – Drasler, Linda Rachel, “You Only Know Half of It: An Investigation Into What We Know, What We Think We Know, and How We Deceive Ourselves Into Thinking We Know More Than We Do”

HC: 07-26 – Emison, Jessica Erin, “Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Past, Present, and Future of Telemedicine”

HC: 07-27 – Reynolds, Katie Marie, “Needle in the Haystack: Developing Applicable Technologies from Chaos Theory”

HC: 07-28 – O’Bannon, Victoria Beth, “Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART): What it is, How it Works, and Why it Does Not Work in Sub-Saharan Africa”

HC: 07-29 – Posey, Krystal Leigh, “SPME Analysis of Red Wine for Herbocides”

HC: 07-30 – Vick, Sarah, “Parental Smoking and its Effect of Fetal and Childhood Development”

HC: 07-31 – Viegas, Mark, Chen Wang, “Electronic Voice Phenomenon”

HC: 07-32 – Wiles, Andy N., “Hydrodynamics of Tritonia Diomedea”

HC: 07-33 – Zhou, Yun, “Grid Service Description and Discovery”

HC: 07-34 – Boucher, Alan Jacob, “Alzheimer’s Disease: the Science, the Social, the Strain”

HC: 07-35 – Coghlan III, James Joseph, “Using Dolphins as Models for Prehistoric Human Social Development”

HC: 07-36 – Earleywine, Bonnie Laine, “Causes, Consequences, and Conservation of our Disappearing Riparian Forested Wetlands”

HC: 07-37 – Snook, Justin Ray, “Picture Power: The Historical and Cultural Impetus of Japanese Manga”

HC: 07-38 – Green, Tori Michelle, “Cherokee Health Disparities:  Turning a Problem into a Solution”

HC: 07-39 – Henry, Travis W., “Rootdiggers and Grannywomen: Modern Applications for Traditional Medicine”

HC: 07-40 – Hicks, Ashley Brooke, “Healing Our Healthcare System: Can State Healthcare Reform Bills Succeed?”

HC: 07-41 – Hyde, James, “The Difficulty of Defining a Moving Target: Where Do We Draw the Line Between Technology and Humanity?”

HC: 07-42 – Gentry, Courtney R., “From Villain to Hero: The Evolution of the Vampire in Literature from the Nineteenth to Twenty-First Century”

HC: 07-43 – Smith, Merritt, “Utilizing Seira to Study the Adsorption Properties of Various Analgesics”

HC: 07-44 – Pulfer, Sarah Elizabeth, “Michael Kamen’s Film Score to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)”

HC: 07-45 – Smith, Joshua Thomas, “Sleepless in Conway: A Comprehensive Overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

HC: 07-46 – Flanagin, Michael, “Using Technological Innovation to Improve the City of Conway Arkansas”

HC: 07-47 – Taylor, Matthew J., “Subito! Sunlight and Shadow in New Music”

HC: 07-48 – Regalado, Michelle Marie Zablah, “Ethical Considerations in Neuromarketing: An Examination of the Need for Regulation and Consumer Education”

HC: 07-49 – Dobbs, Benjamin Michael, “Classical Greek Ideas on Academics and Aesthetics in Music”

HC: 07-50 – Whitworth, Amy Elaine, “Cohabitation Among Senior Citizens of Arkansas”

HC: 07-51 – Floden, Loralei Marie, “The Deck of Healing”

HC: 07-52 – Bennett, Courtney, “Selfish Id”

HC: 07-53 – Glover, Micah F., “Music for the New Millenium: Contemporary Trends in Wind Band Literature”

HC: 07-54 – Ruple, Aurea Leigh, “Using the Classroom Environment Scale: Improvement of the Classroom Environment Through Reflection”

HC: 07-55 – Morelle, Bopda Kamgno Josuanne, “Running Ahead: Elective Cesarean Section”

HC: 07-56 – McShane, Matthew Brennan, “The Impact of Performance Enhancing Supplements on Bench Press Strength of College-Age Males”

HC: 07-57 – Mitchell, Britni, “Perceived HIV Risk and Preventive Sexual Behaviors”

HC: 07-58 – Perry, Ben, “The Effects of Political Regime and Economic Development on Land Redistribution Policy in South Africa and Zimbabwe”

HC: 07-59 – Allen, Heather Rene, “’Let This Seed Be Exhaustless’: Cultivating the Ecological Vision of Vandana Shiva”

HC: 07-60 – Basham, Kyle Brian, “From Molecules to Medicine Cabinets: Drug Development from Research to Marketing”

HC: 07-61 – Guzzardi, Jose Eduardo U., “The Politics of Seeking a Permanent Seat in the United Nations Security Council: An Analysis of the Cases of Brazil and Japan”

HC: 07-62 – Green, Daniel Richard, “The Bomb, the Shrink and the Cleavers: Pop Culture of the 1950’s and Its Impact on America”

HC: 07-63 – Harris, Amanda Beth, “Journey of Queen Inclusion: A Comparative Analysis of the Freedom Rides and the 2007 Equality Ride”

HC: 07-64 – Tilahun, Fitsum,” The Litmus Test for African Elections: An Analysis of the 2005 Ethiopian Parliamentary Election”

HC: 07-65 – Mizell, Katy Lucienne, “Spoiled Kings and Baby Machines: Consequences of the One-Child Policy in Chinese Culture”

HC: 07-66 – Herriman, Tyler Joseph, “Why Soccer?: Using Neil Smelser’s Theory of Collective Behavior to Examine Crowd Violence at Soccer Matches”

HC: 07-67 – MacMillan, Amanda Claire, “Interconnecting and Coordination Traffic Signals: An Application for Conway, Arkansas”

HC: 07-68 – Alvarado, Karina D., “Culturally Competent Prenatal and Postnatal Care for Mexican-American Women: A Guide for Nurses”

HC: 07-69 – Diebold, Lindsey, “From the Soviet Union to the European Union: the Impact of Economic Integration on the Quality of Life in Estonia”

HC: 07-70 – Pore, Brittany Layne, “To Have and to Hold: How the Consumer Culture Shaped the American Wedding Celebration”

HC: 07-71 – Keith, Forrest David, “Loving Guatemalans: A Journey Towards Cultural Understanding and Appreciation”

HC: 07-72 – Stirling, Scott, “From the Box Score to the Blogs: The Evolution of Baseball Journalism”

HC: 07-73 – Chapman, Alicia Ellen, “You Are What You Eat: Diet Reform as a Reflection of American Culture”

HC: 07-74 – Mendenhall, Miranda, “Myspace: Safety and Privacy Concerns for All Generations”

HC: 07-75 – Dellar, Meaghan, “Being Scottish in England’s Great Britain: Scotland’s Identity and Political Future in the Wake of Devolution”

HC: 07-76 – Rodrigues, Christopher Joel, “Competence and Compassion: Synergism and Healthcare”

HC: 07-77 – Nelle-Davis, Elizabeth Ashley, “Art After Death: Oceanic Imagery and the Departed”

HC: 07-78 – Mathis, Jessica Danielle, “Someday You Will Die and Something’s Going to Steal Your Carbon: An Inquiry of Life and Death”

HC: 07-79 – Baker, Austin Kyle, “When Cheaters are Called Champions: How Baseball Reflects Morality in America Today”

HC: 07-80 – Binyon, Tamara, “Speculations on the Afterlife”

HC: 07-81­ – Sterrenberg, Tara Lynne, “Nancy Drew: Role Model, Detective, and Feminist?”



HC: 08-01 – Smith, Nathan Tyler, “C.A.M. – A Short Film”

HC: 08-02 – Hoke, Candice Leigh, “On the Top of the World:  Personalities & Problems  Concerning Mt. Everest”

HC: 08-03 – Steele, Michael Garrett, “Applying the Cognitive Neo – Association Model of Aggression to a Virtual Environment”

HC: 08-04 – Fox-Eason, Kristen D., “The Roles of Fundamentalist Christianity, Hyper-nationalism & Rights – Movements’ Methods in the Fight for GLBT Equality:  A Comparison of Germany & the United States”

HC: 08-05 – Hurley, Timothy Paul, “Minding the Gap:  Improving the Educational Outcomes for Impoverished High School Students in Arkansas”

HC: 08-06 – Rashidi, Stephanie A., “The Great Cyber – Taxation Debate:  The Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreements Implications for Arkansas Buyers”

HC: 08-07 – Methvin, Leigh, “The Fleshy Petri Dish:  Consequences of Excluding Female Anatomy from Medical Illustration”

HC: 08-08 – Horn, Katie Lynn, “Autism:  A Social barrier in the Classroom”

HC: 08-09 – Wilson, Benjamin E., “Existentialism, Alienation, & Paranoia in Selected Works of Stephen King”

HC: 08-10 – Spurlock, Daniel Craig, “The Brat of the Pampas:  Argentina in the U.S. Cultural Imagination, 1940-1950”

HC: 08-11 – Morgan, Jeremy, “The Gospel of God”

HC: 08-12 – Murphy, Maegan Rainee, “We Try Harder:  The History & Legacy of Creative Advertising”

HC: 08-13 – Johnston, Brian W., “The Public & Private:  Hannah Arendt’s Prescription for Modern Politics”

HC: 08-14 – Tabor, Jessica Nicole, “Comparison of Economic Reform:  Estonis & Belarus Since Independence”

HC: 08-15 – Montgomery, Dustin P., “Journey Through the Fourth Dimension:  The Possibilities & Impossibilities of Theoretical Time Travel”

HC: 08-16 – Fang, Joe, “Domo Arigato Dr. Ishiguro:  The Rise of Machines in Japan & America”

HC: 08-17 – Malloy, Bryan K., “Double Bass & Dreamlands:  The Strange Connection Between Fantasy Literature & Metal Music”

HC: 08-18 – Estetter, Erica A., “West Meets East via Northbound Southerly Flight:  The Cultural Ramblings & Analytical Discussion of Chinese Social & Business Affairs by XIAO WAI”

HC: 08-19 – Rose, Katheryn H., “God, The Devil, & Bob:  The Is & The Ought”

HC: 08-20 – Thomas, Benjamin S., “The United States, Israel, & The Peace Process:  Examining the Peacemaking Implications of the US-Israeli Relationship”

HC: 08-21 – Vollersten, John E., “Fast Food for A Change:  Sustainable Solutions in the Capitalist Economy”

HC: 08-22 – Shumpert, Tiffany Janean, “A Pot & Kettle Conversation:  Examining Why Black Africans and Black Americans View Each Other as the ‘Other’”

HC: 08-23 – Francis, Brian D., “Sports/Writing:  The Significance, Philosophy, & Attraction of Athletic Competition Revealed Through Journalism & Literature”

HC: 08-24 – Parker, Katherine, “Skillet Full of Gasoline”

HC: 08-25 – Tressler, Gretchen E., “The 2008 Conway Poetry Night”

HC: 08-26 – Manning, Anthony T., “So Others May Live:  Methods & Reasoning in Chemotherapy Research”

HC: 08-27 – Thomas, David A., “Thomasville”

HC: 08-28 – Mosby, Frances Elizabeth, “Emma Immortal:  A Screenplay”

HC: 08-29 – Dees, David, “The Luminaries, Vol. I:  Tales of My Grandfather”

HC: 08-30 – Heath, Haley, “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice:  American Gender Mores. Media Bias, & Hilary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Campaign”

HC: 08-31 – Smith, Holly Ann, “A Thermo Acoustic Approach to Exploring Resonance”

HC: 08-32 – Waldron, Jamie Lee, “Local Flavor: The Environmental, Social, & Economic Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture in a Globalized Society”

HC: 08-33 – Spicer, Alyssa Brianne, “North of the Line”

HC: 08-34 – Kamruddin, Kara, “Scenes That Wrung the Heart… But Little Leisure to Sentimentalize: Four Civil War Nurses”

HC: 08-35 – Azmat, Sarah, “The Differing Perspectives of Sufism in Pakistan:  A Window Into the Fragmented Pakistani Identity”

HC: 08-36 – Schelkopf, Micheal, “Sound Radiation From a Hammered Dulcimer”

HC: 08-37 – Grubb, Sam, “The Community of Individuals:  Virtual Words as Civilizations”

HC: 08-38 – Drinkwitz, Anna and Hallie Templeton, “WWW: Where Weirdoes Wander? The Mysterious Depths of Online Socialization:  An Ethical and Experimental Endeavor”

HC: 08-39 – Sexson, Brittany, “Changing Misconceptions:  A Biological and Sociological Analysis of HIV”

HC: 08-40 – Ketchum, Mary Rachel, “Fighting the Redneck Image:  Stereotype and Reality in NASCAR”

HC: 08-41 – Kersh, Kendra Faye, “What is That Supposed to Mean?  An Analysis of the Effects of Conversation on Interpersonal Relationships”

HC: 08-42 – Hall, John Daniel, “Moments: “Existentialism, Phenomenology, and the Short Story”

HC: 08-43 – Widner, Amy, “English – Language Newspapers in Eastern Europe”

HC: 08-44 – Cho, Byungjoo, “Maximizing Benefits From Free Trade:  Examples of NAFTA”

HC: 08-45 – Benson, Jessica, “Experiences of Internationals in Central Arkansas and Their Reflection of American Culture”

HC: 08-46 – Smith, Ryan, “All of God’s Gifts: Technology and Society in the Transformation of Hutterian Life”

HC: 08-47 – Swirszcz, Joanna Barbara, “The Role of Islam in Chechen National Identity”

HC: 08-48 – Cox, Adam, and Nathan McCune, “The Future of Longevity Escape Velocity”

HC: 08-49 – Deitz, Eric, “SPARK”

HC: 08-50 – Reynolds, Kyle Benjamin, “Twisted Towers”

HC: 08-51 – Rullmann, Jennifer M., “01101000 Notes From the Dark Side”

HC: 08-52 – Womack, Jill Michelle, “ARKids:  Providing Health Care for the Children of Arkansas”

HC: 08-53 – Easterly, Kristy, and Magi McEntire, “Starting Early Environmental Discovery in Students:  Fostering Positive Environmental Awareness Through Hands-On Learning”

HC: 08-54 – White, Samantha J., “Social Interaction & Children’s Theatre: There’s No Place Like Home – A Children’s Play”

HC: 08-55 – Thompson, Leah Coleen, “The Psychological Effects of Aspartame:  The Linkage To Compulsive Eating”

HC: 08-56 – Walter, Sarah, “A Look Inside:  Welcome to the Artists’ Mind”

HC: 08-57 – Davis, Kaleigh, “Banking For Better Lives: The Positive Impact of Micro-Financing on Women and Their Households in Poverty Areas”

HC: 08-58 – Brown, Jerad, “Super Heroes and Comic Books: American Westerns Rediscovered”

HC: 08-59 – Cox, Nicolas Dewayne, “An Analysis and Application of Leadership in History”

HC: 08-60 – Karigan-Winter, Regina, “Back to the Land: A Profile of a Northwest Arkansas Community and a Modest Proposal on Living ‘Green’”

HC: 08-61 – Evans, Juanita Catherine, “The Life I Signed Away”

HC: 08-62 – Lassiter, Christopher Robert, “Attempts to Save a Dying Planet: A Governance Perspective on Global Sustainable Development Law”

HC: 08-63 – Taylor, Patrick Jordan Ferguson, “Bringing Nature Back to the State:  A Look at Open Spaces in Urban Environments”

HC: 08-64 – Eaves, Joshua A., “Stories from My Stomping Ground:  Southern Monsters, Myths, and Legend”

HC:  08-65 – Morgan, April Nicole, “The Sunshine Bed & Breakfast:  A Bright Spot to Relax in the Natural State”

HC:  08-66 – Gebre, Senetibeb B., “Fighting Back Nature:  The Midlife Struggle of Women in the 21st Century”

HC:  08-67 – Tucker, Jordan, “The Musical & Non-Musical Influences on the Music of Jazz Saxophonist Chris Potter”

HC:  08-68 – Smith, Kerin Anne, “Mental Health Awareness Day:  An Artist’s Statement”

HC:  08-69 – Adeogo Afelumo, Oluwafunmilayo, “The Secret of Books:  The Changing Landscape of Leisure Reading”

HC:  08-70 – Purkiss, Timothy, “The Truth is in the Theory:  Determining the Validity and Plausibility of Conspiracy Theories”

HC:  08-71 – Haskins, Ashley Lorrin, “Corruption in Arkansas:  The Political Ploys of Capital Punishment”

HC:  08-72 – Grimes, Ashley, “Xenios:  Blogging the Tales of Honors Travelers”

HC:  08-73 – Fortner, Ashley A., “Running Head:  The Effectiveness of Group Response Systems”

HC:  08-74 – Lyons, Angela R., “Comprehensive Obesity and Occupational Performance Evaluation (COOPE)”

HC:  08-75 – Ledbetter, Amanda, “Positive Experiences of Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities in Summer Transition”

HC:  08-76 – Hawkins, Melissa L., “Running Head:  A Summer Transition Program:  The Experience of a Teen with Autism”

HC:  08-77 – Fuller, Kayla, “Running Head:  Next S.T.E.P.:  Effectiveness in Facilitating Secondary Transition for Adolescent with Developmental Delay”

HC:  08-78 – Waldrep, Lindsay, “Running Head:  Nathan’s Story:  An Adolescent’s Participation in a Summer Transition Program”

HC:  08-79 – Thompson, Jillian Elyse, “Where the Mulberry Ends”

HC:  08-80 – Cuellar, Laura, “Love Above Ailment:  A Study on Understanding, Coping and Communicating with Alzheimer’s Patients”

HC: 08-81 – Smith, Lindsey Alainna, “When Jesus became God, the social and political factors that led to the Doctrine of the Trinity”

HC: 08-82 – Johnson, Grace, “The Effects of Structured Musical activity sessions on the development of a child with autism: A case study”

HC: 08-83 – McChesney, Melissa, “Academic Persistence in College: The Intersection of Social Integration, Cultural Capital and Masculinity”



HC: 09-01 – Yancy, Christopher Kelly, “Prevention of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections: How to Implement Change”

HC: 09-02 – Monteith, Melissa K., “Gardasil: Is it the Answer or the Enemy?: A Literature Review”

HC: 09-03 – Fussell, Sara Rachel, “UCA Bicycle Use & Safety: Taking It to the Streets”

HC: 09-04 – Swaty, Chris, “The Fine Art of Comics”

HC: 09-05 – Johnson, Clinton R., “Growth Rates in Cave and Resurgence Populations of Grotto Sculpin (Cottus carolinae), an Imperiled Cave Fish Endemic to Perry County, Missouri”

HC: 09-06 – Boger, Katie, “Complementary and Alternative Therapies for the Treatment of Dementia: A Literature Review”

HC: 09-07 – Miller, Heidi, “Sport Education: An Alternative Curriculum Model for Secondary Physical Education”

HC: 09-08 – Stirman, Coleton, “A Large Farm for Thoughtful Reform: Rural Education in the 21st Century”

HC: 09-09 – Adkins, David S., “And I Another Rib Afford”

HC: 09-10 – Oliver, Jacob S., “Main Street Exiles, Or How Our Culture Became Our Faith”

HC: 09-11 – Haught, Jordyn E., “Having Sex Like A Man…Or For One?: Exploring The Roots of What Is ‘Sexy’”

HC: 09-12 – Rickert, F. John, “What Is Cool?”

HC: 09-13 – Gambill, Cassandra M. “It’s Like This: UCA Students and the Redefinition of Southern Language Perceptions”

HC: 09-14 – Penn, Aaron, “Mockingbird: Becoming a Playwright Through History’s Voices”

HC: 09-15 – Mason, Kimberly, “Rocket Lab and Balloonsat: The Importance of Student Based Hands-On Experiments in the Classroom”

HC:  09-16 – Lenehan, John, “Voiceless Birds:  The Fading Forms of Poetry – An Original Collection”

HC: 09-17 – Goel, Divy, “The Firm: Furthering Business Education in America”

HC: 09-18 – Franz, Julius, “Procreation: A Handbook to Becoming a Parent in the 21st Century”

HC: 09-19 – Simmons, Anthony Albert II, “Tights, Rights, and Vietnam: An Analysis of Marvel Comics’ Presentation of American Youth Culture in the 1960s and 1970s”

HC: 09-20 – Rucker, Jessica E., “Accountability in Corporate Capitalism: A Study of Employee Ownership”

HC: 09-21 – Cato, Brooks Arthur, “Port-A-Potties, Cramps, and Elvis: 26.2 Miles of Highs, Hills, and Hamstrings”

HC: 09-22 – Dendy, Christopher Wayne, “Raising Your Biographers: A Synthesis of Christian Theology and Research in Parenting”

HC: 09-23 – Layman, Rachel Sarah, “Alternative Fuels: Can the World’s Addiction to Oil Be Broken?”

HC: 09-24 – Bagby, Meredith Leigh, “Wish You Were Here!:  Impressions of Life Behind Barbed Wire Created By Interned Japanese American Students at Rohwer Relocation Center During World War II”

HC: 09-25 – McIntosh, Jessica Dawn, “Reflections on a Life’s Breath”

HC: 09-26 – Suazo, Luis R., “Einstein’s Theories Unraveled: Artist Statement”

HC: 09-27 – Westbrook, Lisa Renee, “The Importance of Eating Cornbread: Southern Food in the Modern South”

HC: 09-28 – Davies, Collin Thomas, “How Mental Illness Affected the Creativity of Neoclassical and Romantic Writers”

HC: 09-29 – Oakley, Sean Michael, “Wayward Spirits and Wandering Souls: Reflections and Examinations on Gay Spirituality”

HC: 09-30 – Byers, Seth D., “Science> Nationalism: The Ebb and Flow of High Energy Physics in America”

HC: 09-31 – Ordonez, Zoa Michelle, “Personality in Stave Lines: The Relationship Between Personality and Music”

HC: 09-32 – Olabode, Sule, “A Guide to Fluid Mechanics”

HC: 09-33 – Wolf, Abigail Christine, “Self through Poetry: The Quest For Adventure”

HC: 09-34 – Gordon, Mia, “Nothing Succeeds Like Success?:  The Challenges of Following Father’s Footsteps for Intra-family Political Succession”

HC: 09-35 – Lancaster, Kate, and Kara McGhee, “I Believe in Ghosts But She Doesn’t: The Sociology of Paranormal Beliefs”

HC: 09-36 – Cardona, Vanessa, “Hey Honduras! Don’t Leave Us Kids Alone!”

HC:  09-37 – Berbusse, Laura, “Out-tricking the Trickster:  A Rhetorical Analysis of Marshallese Literature”

HC: 09-38 – Williamson, Tobin Chandler, “Christian Barnard: How One Man Changed Medicine, His Country and the World”

HC: 09-39 – Davis, Courtney M., “Nature Deficits: Consequences of Destroying the World Around Us”

HC: 09-40 – Needham, Jessica R., “SOFIA: Sustainable Organic Farm In Arkansas”

HC: 09-41 – Nicholson, Katie Allbright, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: D-I Student-Athletes”

HC: 09-42 – Spickard, Kristen Renee, “Discover Yourself: A Journaling Project”

HC: 09-43 – Hill, Matthew Clancy, “The Southern Thing: Tough Times and Legends As Told By the Drive-In Truckers”

HC: 09-44 – Mullally, Sara Elizabeth, “Current US Immigration Policy: History, Approaches and Reforms”

HC: 09-45 – Frisbie, Gurrie, “Alwin High: A Problematic Microcosm of Secondary Education”

HC: 09-46 – Kopf, Aaron Francis, “He Said, She Said: The Effect of Gender on the Perception of Epic Behavior”

HC: 09-47 – Orely, Hilda, “The Igbo Ethnic Group: Their Impact on the Growth and Development on Modern Nigeria”

HC: 09-48 – Whitney, Allison, “From Ray Winder to Dickey Stephens: A Documentary on the Arkansas’ Travelers’ Home Field Transition”

HC: 09-49 – Roughton, Ashley Nicole, “Tourism and Conservation in the Buffalo National River: An evaluation of the environmental impacts of tourism and applicable conservation strategies within Ponca Wilderness Area”

HC: 09-50 – Pulfer, Jennifer, “Strengthening the Ties that Bind: The importance of Forming and sustaining healthy marriages and stable family living arrangements”

HC: 09-51 – Schiefer, Liz, “Evaluating the Feasibility of Sustaining Polar Bears with Articial Floes”

HC: 09-52 – Johnston, Megan Leigh, “The Only Real Nation is Humanity: How to strengthen it in our local communities and around the world through various humanitarian endeavors”

HC: 09-53 – Reed, Natasha Demetria, “Legacy: A Tale of New Beginnings”

HC: 09-54 – England, Kristy, “Influence of Culture on Occupational Therapy”

HC: 09-55 – Sharp, Brady W. “Blackjack:  A Statistical Approach and Theoretical Guide to America’s most popular casino game”

HC: 09-56 – Malcom, Anna, “Defeat in Victory: Tribalism and the Failure of Democracy in Iraq”

HC: 09-57 – Farish, Allyson Marie, “When the Levy Breaks –Again: The Great Flood of 1927 and Hurricane Katrina”

HC: 09-58 – Trower, Natalie Erin, “Readers Beware: An exploration of Taboos and Literary Criticism”

HC: 09-59 – Nunez, Coralia, “Honduropoly: The Game behind the Honduran Constitutional Crisis”

HC: 09-60 – Chan, Jessica, “Creative Advertising”

HC: 09-61 – Xie, Yuhan “Kitty,” “Hostel of the World at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) International and Domestic Students’ Perception of One Another”

HC: 09-62 – Swint, Melissa, “Education in America: Developing a plan for making our students more competitive in a global economy”

HC: 09-63 – Yeager, Sydney Leigh, “Healing Roots: A look at Alternative Traditional Health Care Practices in the Ozarks”

HC: 09-64 – Coker, Cara DeAnn, “Expanding Arkansas’ Opportunities for second language acquisition”

HC: 09-65 – Bowman, Robert Blake, “Yes we Care: UCA’s vote in the 2008 Presidential Election”

HC: 09-66 – Perry, Jacob, K. “Dirty Water Does Not put out the flame”

HC: 09-67 – Edgin, Greg, “A post-Freudian Approach to the life of Jesus of Nazareth”

HC: 09-68 – Fuqua, Wade Henderson, “Genuinely reevaluating everyone’s Energy Needs: An Eco-Friendly living guide for North Little Rock, Arkansas”

HC: 09-69 – O’Neal, Patricia Louise, “An order of Double Portions, a side of Extra Fat, and supersized American: How the United States’ food culture leads to obesity and more”

HC: 09-70 – Gates, Nadine, “The Creation of Transgenic Blackberry and the ethical dilemmas surrounding genetically modified crops”

HC: 09-71 – Fiallos, Nicole Marie Kluck, “Se Habla Espanol: Selling to Hispanic market, cultural differences and importance”

HC: 09-72 – Westor, Samantha, “Musings of a Martial Artist”

HC: 09-73 – Hensley, Vicki Ann, “The Trichotomous Nature of Humankind as it relates to ones relationship with the creator: A Christian Theological view point on Holistic Medicine”

HC: 09-74 – Malik, Amber Renee, “Examining the utilization of Aquatic therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy”

HC: 09-75 – Mizell, Ivy, “Ability Grouping and it impact on higher education”

HC: 09-76 – Murfin, Lena “Louder than words: Activist Art of the Twenty-First Century in America”

HC: 09-77 – Bertram, Fabia Francesca Anneliese Emilie, “Recital: Odyssey from music to Performance”

HC: 09-78 – Egwe, Benedict, “Mystical Stigmata: A psychosomatic malady”

HC: 09-79 – Tyson, Lacy Elaine, “Static Action: An Examination of Technology’s Impact on Social Movement Participation”

HC: 09-80 – Coelho, Nicholas, “The Scramble for China: Teaching History through the interactive format”

HC: 09-81 – Jordan, Constance Renee, “The Struggles and significance of the African-American Woman”

HC:  09-82 – Filipek, Jacob, “For the Money and the Power…or not?”

HC: 09-83 – Nelson, Steven, “How to Save a Life: Designing and Automated Life Guard System”

HC: 09-84 – Gangoso, Ace, “Clashing Ideologies of vocal production in Collegiate Musical schools”

HC:  09-85 – Simmons, Joshua Andrew, “The Wind without a Name and other Poems”

HC: 09-86 – Wilkins, Annette Faith, “A lot to lose: Developing a young adult bariatric surgery support network”

HC: 09-87 – Roberts, Katie Lea, “Explore Arkansas: A model business plan for an outdoor adventure outfitter”

HC:  09-88 – Eason, Elizabeth Caroline, “It’s a Good Day to be Indigenous:  Sherman Alexie’s Rise from Reservation”

HC: 09-89 – Hill, Kayla Renee, “From Classroom to Garden: The Transformation of the second grade classroom”

HC: 09-90 – Bennett, Colby, “Living with Aphasia: A Case Study of a Woman in Arkansas”

HC: 09-91 – McCormack, Ryan Patrick, “Principles of Political Ethics: A Moral Theory for the American Political System”

HC: 09-92 – Cogswell, Sarah Jane, “US: A Novel”

HC: 09-93 – Thurman, Lonnie R. III, “In the Land of Silence: A Fictional Account of the Challenges of Modern Christians in China”

HC: 09-94 – Burnett, Casey Jo, “An Inside Look to the Magic Behind the Harry Potter Phenomenon”

HC: 09-95 – Padgett, Casey, “Crosser’s Gate”

HC:  09-96 – Overton, Sara Elizabeth, “Wind Energy:  Past, Present, and Future”

HC:  09-97 – Ingram, Faryn, “The Unsung Hero:  The Realities and Perceptions of Black Greek Culture”

HC:  09-98 – Nichols, Rebecca, “Plays Well with Others:  A Study on How College Students become Involved”

HC:  09-99 – Bullard, Tiffany, “Literature Review and Analysis of Behavioral Treatments for Individuals with Autism”

HC: 10-01 – Summers, Jon T., “Counting on our Future:  Are Educational Technologies Effectively Allowing Math Teachers to prepare us Students for the World of Tomorrow?”

HC: 10-02 – Kaufman, Amber Rose, and Kane Michel Moix, “Promoting Green Children:  Implementing an Environmental Educational Program in a First Grade Classroom in Accordance with Arkansas Education Frameworks”

HC: 10-03 – Shatkovskyy, Anatoliy, “The Imaginary Land of Marx:  What Went Wrong in the Soviet Union”

HC: 10-04 – McCormick, Mallory, “Shake, Shake the Mango Tree”

HC: 10-05 – Wilson, Rhea, “Deliver Us from Evil:  Why We Suffer at the Hands of an All-Good-God”

HC: 10-06 – Adhikari, Saroj, “Einstein’s Elusive Waves:  Gravitational Waves Detection and Its Implications”

HC: 10-07 – Estes, Beth Ann, “Overcoming Obstacles:  Prospects for Further Military Integration in the European Union”

HC: 10-08 – Hester, Emily, “Red, White, and Blue:  Stereotypes in Country Music”

HC: 10-09 – Seefeld, Alycia Marie, “Modern Food:  We Are What We Eat”

HC: 10-10 – Larson, Signe K., “Yeast:  Small Organism, Big Impact”

HC: 10-11 – McGill, Rebecca Leigh, “Natural Building in a Community Context”

HC: 10-12 – Baugh, Rebekah Suzanne, “Femme Fatale and a Grotesque Art:  Make-up for the Dead”

HC: 10-13 – Storing, Julie Ann, “Barely Legal:  A Novel of Teenage Angst”

HC: 10-14 – Eckart, Elizabeth, “Public Opinion and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

HC: 10-15 – Cordova, James Scott, “Plenty of Room at the Bottom:  Policy for the Future of Nanotechnology”

HC: 10-16 – Richmond, Madeleine Reid, “Location, Location, Location:  The Changing Face of Tourism in Areas of Central America”

HC: 10-17 – Martin, D.J., “It’s so Easy a Grandmother Can Do It:  Synthesis of Radical Tyrosine Precursor”

HC: 10-18 – Turbeville, Richard Dean Jr., “Frontline Physicians:  Making Primary Care the Focus of our Healthcare Systems”

HC: 10-19 – Culpepper, Katherine Elizabeth, “Imagining the Iconic:  When Art Meets Advertising”

HC: 10-20 – Westfall, Tiffanie May, “Aggression:  The Effects of Deindividuation in Age Groups”

HC: 10-21 – Mathews, Kathryn D., “Going Green:  An Argument for the Federal Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana”

HC: 10-22 – Byrnes, Stephanie, “Individualized Education: The Benefits of Providing Individualized Education Plans for our Gifted Students”

HC: 10-23 – Dickinson, Chadrick Aaron, “A New Conway Experience:  Disc Golf in the Making”

HC: 10-24 – Gaddis, Juliana Grace, “Childhood Grief:  Finding the Feeling of Hope through Memories”

HC: 10-25 – Emery, Ian, “Monster Mouth”

HC: 10-26 – Kryzhanovska, Kristina, “Finding your Balance:  Seeking Personal Growth Through Holistic Well-Being”

HC: 10-27 – Valovich, Joshua, “Creating Transformational Leaders Through Experimental Training”

HC: 10-28 – Ford, Matthew Michael, “Is God a Scientist or is Science God?  An Analysis of the cosmological Argument for the Existence of God”

HC: 10-29 – Makia, Jerene, “The Steps Towards a Dream:  One Man’s Attempt to Gain Recognition and Success in the Hip Hop and R&B Recording Industries”

HC: 10-30 – Wilson, Cody R., and Tyler W. Troutman, “The Aegle Plan:  Nutrition and Exercise for Radiant Health”

HC: 10-31 – Payne, Brannen, “Angst and Self-Authorship”

HC: 10-32 – Hicks, Dustin Andrew, “My Fair Language:  How the History of the Standardization of English and French has Left More than Participles Dangling”

HC: 10-33 – Dyer, Robert Benjamin, “Thou has given him Dominion over the Works of thy Hands:  The Ethical and moral Issues of Dealing with Invasive Species”

HC: 10-34 – Beckendorf, Michel Thomas, “Necessary Evil:  Political Factions and the Community of Political Parties”

HC: 10-35 – Batson, Ashlen, “Scholarship Pageant is not an Oxymoron”

HC: 10-36 – Wright, Robert Geoffrey, “How Natural is the Natural State? Sustainability Issues in Arkansas Outdoor Recreation”

HC: 10-37 – Youngblood, Elizabeth, “The Journey to Truth:  How a Small Town Arkansas Girl Had her Mind Opened”

HC: 10-38 – Lusk, Jeremy Alexander, “Communicating Science:  Turning Scientific Understanding Into Public Knowledge”

HC: 10-39 – Bramlett, Josh C., “Civic Education:  Purposes, Practices, and Preparation for the Future in Arkansas”

HC: 10-40 – Womack, Corey Dean, “An Explanation of Choices Made in the Production of ‘The Last Summer’”

HC: 10-41 – Senia, Mark Christopher, “The Open Source Solution: Destroying Software’s Intellectual Property Roadblock”

HC: 10-42 – Philamlee, Whitney, “Philosophy of the Heart and its Medical Implications”

HC: 10-43 – Kopf, Lauren Michelle, “Batman and Superman: An Illustrated History of American Culture”

HC: 10-44 – Thomas, Allen, “Social Interest and the Supervillian”

HC: 10-45 – Russell, David D., “NAIMA: An Excerpt from a Creative Work of Fiction”

HC: 10-46 – Toombs, George Robert III, “Turn of the Kitchen:  A Study of the Development of Modern Cookery in 19th Century America”

HC: 10-47 – Hayashi, Emi, “Globalization and Obesity in the World”

HC: 10-48 – Merino, Carlos, “Prisoner’s Dilemma:  A Twist on Rationality”

HC: 10-49 – House, Russell T., “Psychological Operations: The Impact of Psychology Warfare in the 20th and 21st Centuries”

HC: 10-50 – Beattie, Zachary Kappus, “Becoming an Acupuncturist:  The Research, Experience and Reflections of an American-Born Student”

HC: 10-51 – Sun, Guo, “Chinese Business Culture: How Renqing, Guanxi, Mianzi apply to real Chinese business environment”

HC: 10-52 – Vaughn, Hayden Lee, “Innovation: From Ideas to Production and the Rigors Involved”

HC: 10-53 – Busch, Lucille D., “Free Speech:  Reasserting Right of the Individual”

HC: 10-54 – Turner, Timothy Elliot, “Growth”

HC: 10-55 – Ford, John Tyler, “Evolution of Physical Therapy:  Helping the Lame toWalk Again – One Step at a Time”

HC: 10-56 – Caudle, Shawn Matthew, “The Molecular Basis of Cystic Fibrosis:  History, Channelopathy, and Evolution of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator”

HC: 10-57 – Harvey, Rebecca Lou Ann, “Bridging the Divide:  Wedding Services in Second Life”

HC: 10-58 – Howell, Kathleen, “Finding Their Voice:  Implementing Voice and Communication Therapy in the Transgender Community”

HC: 10-59 – Lane, Jesse Nicole, “Popular Music: Teachers Attitudes and Implementation in 5th & 6th Grade General Music Classrooms”

HC: 10-60 – King, Brandon, “Bad or Good, “Hookah is Misunderstood”

HC: 10-61 – Carter, Christopher Kevin, “The Angelic Dark”

HC: 10-62 – Thompson, Meghan Nicole, “Biotechnology as a Solution to Global Food Insecurity”

HC: 10-63 – King, Jade Forrest, “Big Wonders, Small Wonders:  A Paradigm Shift”

HC: 10-64 – Gupta, Sumit Kumar, “Acts of Cheating:  A Comparative Study of Business Ethics of Small Businesses in U.S. and India”

HC: 10-65 – Reynolds, Molly Claire, “Lessons for a Lifetime:  The Long-Term Benefits of Arkansas Governors’ School”

HC: 10-66 – Brown, Catherine Elizabeth, “The Silence of Objects:  Connecting Language, Violence and Women’s Legal Status”

HC: 10-67 – Bergstrom, Natalie D., “Destination Arkansas:  Marketing Tourism in the Natural State”

HC: 10-68 – Hartlerode, Wayne, “Free PJ:  Proposing Aclimbing Management Plan to Allow Rock Climbing at Petit Jean State Park”

HC: 10-69 – Wilson, Eric, “What Happened to Philosophy:  The Philosophical Significance of Experimental Philosophy”

HC: 10-70 – Sanders, Deborah Elizabeth, “The Effectiveness of the Nintendo Wii in Physical Therapy for the Geriatric Population” (2 copies)

HC: 10-71 – Edwards, Jennifer, “From Past to Present:  A Memoir of a Bohemian Family”

HC: 10-72 – Martindale, Lindsay, “Dirty Water:  Responses in Headwater Streams to Natural Gas Drilling in the Fayetteville Shale”

HC: 10-73 – Kirkpatrick, Andrea Taryn, “Vitamin A and Immunity:  Metabolic Profiling of Retinoic Acid in Human Immune Cells

HC: 10-74 – Cagle, Felecia K., “How Human Color Vision Influences Our Appreciation of Art”

HC: 10-75 – Gregory, Colton, “What the Constitution Doesn’t Say:  An Experiment of Unenumerated Rights and How They are Discovered”

HC: 10-76 – Keaster, Landon, Austin, “Dentistry:  A Historical and Psychological Perspective”

HC: 10-77 – Jeffus, Ellen Louise, “An Honors College Time Bank; From Idea to Implementation”

HC: 10-78 – Rogers, Robert Lee III, “How Did We Get Here and Where Should We Go? The History and Future of America’s Teachers”

HC: 10-79 – Jones, Isaac Thomas, “Monitoring the Monitors:  An Experiential Analysis of the Role Played by Monitoring NGOS in the Promotion of Human Rights”

HC: 10-80 – Shewmaker, Sally Elizabeth, “Musical Motor Skills:  The Effect of Manual vs. Pedal Movement on the Accuracy of Steady Beat in Kindergarten Students”

HC: 10-81 – Farhatt, Lucy Elizabeth, “Haunting Houses Pleasantly:  Why Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is Honored and Kept All the Year”

HC: 10-82 – Davis, Mary Caroline, “From Mishap to Marvels: A Documentary on Regenerative Wound Care”

HC: 10-83 – Davis, Kaitlin M., “ILY: How Technology Effects Dating”

HC: 10-84 – Hernandez, Paola E., “Changing Lives, Theirs and Mine: School Supplies for Honduran Children Project”

HC: 10-85 – McFalls, Kyla Rae, “Hitting Snooze:  Writing a Feature Length Script on What You Don’t Know”

HC: 10-86 – Wagely, Manas, “A Case Study on the Diarrhea Epidemic in Jajarkot, Nepal”

HC: 10-87 – Darling, Linsay Allison, “Too Much on My Plate:  A Memoir of Giftedness, Appetite and Reclaiming the Female Body”

HC: 10-88 – Tippit, Danielle Nichole and Lauren Nicole Sweet, “Art Therapy:  History, Technique, and Modern Applications”

HC: 10-89 – Zagurski, John Thomas Vitus, “A Meaningless System:  Does the New Honors Admissions Model Predict Retention?”

HC: 10-90 – Carpenter, Amanda, “Are you Eating Grass?  Cultural Food Differences and Identity”

HC: 10-91 – Sebourn, Hayley Ann, “Climate Change 101:  Resources for Educating America’s Youth”

HC: 10-92 – Busick, Robby, “Fasting and Limiting Consumption as a Source of Fulfillment”

HC: 10-93 – Oonthonpan, Lalita, “Battle of the Sexes:  Who Wins and Who Cries About It”

HC: 10-94 – Porter, Caitlin Marie, “I’m Engaged!  A Review of the Conduct of Employee Engagement”

HC: 10-95 – Temple, Jenny Leigh, “A Generation’s Silence:  My Struggle to Discover My Family Tree”

HC: 10-96 – Martin, Emily Laine, “In Their Own Words:  The Immigrant Perspective in the Jazz Age”

HC: 10-97 – Slayden, Carly Nicole, “Enhancing Environmental and Conservation Education in Arkansas Elementary Schools”

HC: 10-98 – Damron, Derek Martin, “Into the void: The Development of Risk management and it role in contemporary society”

HC:  10-99 – Fulks, Blake, “The True Studio Apartment:  An Exploration into the capabilities of Consumer-grade Home Recording”

HC:  10-100 – Nolley, Marianne, “See the Sky about to Rain:  A Story in Quilt”

HC:  10-101 – Hickman, Amanda Michelle, “How is the Alternative?  Exploring how Medicine can Affect Us”

HC:  10-102 – Garner, Jerry, “More than Four Walls:  The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art”

HC:  10-103 – Rivera, Marielle Carbajal, “Diabetes is helping the Economic Deficit Today and Tomorrow”

HC:  10-104 – Barnes, Jason, “The Computational Nature of the Universe”

HC:  10-105 – Borden, Caroline Paige, “The Firinne Nectar”

HC:  10-106 – Antley, Gregory, “Oleanna:  A Director’s Experience”

HC:  10-107 – Duncan, Matthew J., “The Tragic Comedy of Socrates and His Jewish Wife, Edna”

HC: 10-108 – Fodge, Sarah Caitlin, “The CSI Effect: A Study of Forensic Science on Television and It’s Impact on the Criminal Justice System”


HC: 11

HC: 11-01 – Waldron, Caeli, “The F-Word:  A Personal Journey Through the Challenges and Revelations of Feminist Advocacy”

HC: 11-02 – Stuart, Kendra Lynn, “Sharing Self:  The Risks and Rewards of Female Friendship”

HC: 11-03 – Moix, Kyle Joseph, “Still Pullin’ on those Bootstraps:  Attitudes toward Poverty in America”

HC: 11-04 – Nyange, Christabel Elinsa, “Breast Cancer Prevalence in the United States and Tanzania:  Understanding the Risk Factors Keeps the Doctor Away”

HC: 11-05 – McMoran, Aaron, “Animal Testing in Biomedical Research:  Why We Need It and Why It Needs to be regulated”

HC: 11-06 – Matthew, Katherine, “Food on the UCA Campus:  A Plan for an Environmentally Sustainable Future”

HC: 11-07 – Mikula, Casey, “China’s One Child Policy:  An Evaluation and an Alternative”

HC: 11-08 – Boyd, Kyle Lynn, “If You’re not First, You’re Last:  Developing Student Leadership Programming at UCA”

HC: 11-09- Ford, James, C., “Borrowing on Hope:  A Look at Taxes in a Changing Economy”

HC: 11-10 – Leonard, Catherine Megan, “Heels to Hiking Boots:  A Journey in Overcoming the “Otherness” of Nature”

HC: 11-11 – Thorvilson, Kristin Ann, “Climate Change Alarmism:  The Distortion of Science and the Push for Global Governance”

HC: 11-12 – Allinson, Marybeth, “From Individual to Community:  Mapping the Pragmatic Leap in ASDs”

HC: 11-13 – Bewley, Autumn, “Nature Deficit:  More Than Meets the Eye”

HC: 11-14 – Chander, Mani, “Vocational Education in India:  Preparing Children to Face the Challenges of the Future”

HC: 11-15 – McGuire, Gordon, “A City upon a Hill:  The Dynamics of Democratizing Iraq”

HC: 11-16 – Wilkins, John David, “The Culture of Video Gaming:  Resolving the Clash of the American and Japanese Industries”

HC: 11-17 – Lindeman, Sarah, “Fast Food Kids:  A Parent’s Guide on Instilling Healthy Living in the Modern World”

HC: 11-18 – Hancock, Christopher G., “Argenta Islanding:  A Future History”

HC: 11-19 – DeRusse, Jamie, “Understanding Obesity:  The Science behind our Expanding Waistlines”

HC: 11-20 – Savenka, Alexandra, “Striving for Democracy:  Understanding Belarusian and Ukrainian Political Systems in the Post-Soviet Era”

HC: 11-21 – Vernon, Bryce, “Combating Low Student Involvement in Universities through Marketing Strategy Implementation and Organizational Environmental Studies”

HC: 11-22 – Smith, Chloe, “El Sueño Americano:  A Director’s Perspective of the Filmmaking Process”

HC: 11-23 – Crouch, Sarah E., “Neogenos:  A Soldier’s Chronicle of the Cyborg War”

HC: 11-24 – McSpadden, Matthew, “Under the Snow and Other Tales from the Second World War”

HC: 11-25 – Turbeville, Katy Lynn (Simers), “Building a Love of Learning:  The Neptune Academy”

HC: 11-26 – Wilson, Margaret Rose, “Golden Rice and Aquabounty Salmon:  Two Innovations that Reveal the Controversies and the Possibilities of Genetically Modified Food”

HC: 11-27 – Byars, Zachary, “Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever:  An Exploration into How Anthropogenic Activities Facilitate Disease Spread and the Global Need to Address this Problem”

HC: 11-28 – Cline, Russell Adam, “Missile Defense Technological Development and the Future”

HC: 11-29 – Adams, David Mitchell, “Communication Breakdown:  Finding a New Message in Civil War Era Family Letter”

HC: 11-30 – Hall, Trent, “Experiential Education:  A Beekeeper’s Perspective”

HC: 11-31 – Wheeler, Melinda, “United States of Mind:  Musical Communities across the Nation”

HC: 11-32 – Wright, Gregory Harrison, “The World Ends with You:  The Post-Apocalypse and Creative Writing”

HC: 11-33 – Alderson, Anna Elizabeth, “Speaking with My Feet:  An Autoethnographic Exploration of Dance as Communication”

HC: 11-34 – Horton, Anna E., “The Evolution of Aggression:  An Evolutionary Perspective on Modern Gender Inequalities”

HC: 11-35 – Small, Rachael Katherine, “Tango:  Music, Dance, and Milonga Culture”

HC: 11-36 – Melton, Matt, “Arkansas Hauntings and Folklore:  The Amateur Filmmaker’s Journey”

HC: 11-37 – Nichols, Elijah Paul, “Exploring Music’s Elusive Connection Through the Creation of an Album”

HC: 11-38 – Yocum, Allison, “Memoires of Mississippi:  The Story of Hurricane Katrina”

HC: 11-39 – Aist, Brandon, “Restoration Ecology in Arkansas:  A Case for the Cougar”

HC: 11-40 – Armikarina, Dannis Ledy, “Indonesian Nursing:  A Movement toward a Profession”

HC: 11-41 – Misee, Cassey, “There’s (Not) Only so Much You Can Do:  The Effects of Faculty/Student Interaction on College Retention Rates”

HC: 11-42 – Trainor, Kirsten, “The History and Shortcomings of Musical Clefs”

HC: 11-43 – Moore, Ebony, “Animal Welfare:  When Duty Calls, Do Citizens Answer?”

HC: 11-44 – English, Kelsey, “The Science of Hope and Life Change:  The Importance of Positive Psychology in a Mentor’s Life”

HC: 11-45 – Warren, Brittney Jo, “Fracture of the Medial Tubercle of the Posterior Process of the Talus:  A Literature Review and Case Studies of Athletes”

HC: 11-46 – Delvasto, Jennyfer, “Confessions:  From Priests and Penance to FMyLife and PostSecret”

HC: 11-47 – Sharp, Alex Jay, “The Rock Music Canon:  Its Constituents and Its Changes in the Digital Age”

HC: 11-48 – Kimbrough, Genevieve West, “She Wears the Pants:  The Trouser Role in Opera”

HC: 11-49 –McVey, Julie N., “Rediscovering:  Displaying Ancient Artifacts in the Modern World”

HC: 11-50– White, Samantha, “Seeing Into the Dream:  Disney’s American Heroes and Villains”

HC: 11-51 – Selman, Emileigh, “A Two Week Preseason Training Program for a Women’s Collegiate Soccer Team”

HC: 11-52 – Warren Rebecca, “In My Bag:  A Look at Personality Evidence”

HC: 11-53 – Schimmel, Brixey Gina, “Bioremediation in the Open Ocean:  Using Bacteria to Clean Offshore Oil Spills”

HC: 11-54 – Reams, Lauren, “Color, Class and Colonies:  Issues of Race, Gender, and Social Standings as Portrayed in Historical Movies Set in the 1700s”

HC: 11-55 – Williams, Hillary Ann, “Woman in a Fighter’s Body:  Grappling with Gender Ideals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”

HC: 11-56 – Fliss, Jackson, R, “Ontology in Spacetime Physics”

HC: 11-57 – Bayles, Sara Darlene, “Righting the Wrongs of His Religion:  A Journey through Feminist Theology”

HC: 11-58 – Schneider, Stephanie Michelle, “Can’t Touch This:  Interpersonal Connectedness in Acceptable Touch”

HC: 11-59 – Maddox, Charles Benjamin, “Rectoría Y Reforma: The Asymmetrical Benefits of Neoliberal Reform in the Mexican Agricultural Sector”

HC: 11-60 – Neblett, Alisha, “Mujeres de Magia Y Patria:  Women’s Defining Roles in Latin America and It’s Magic Realism”

HC: 11-61 – Wright, Garrett W., “See You In Another Life:  Volition, Redemption, and Rebirth in Lost

HC: 11-62 – Akagi, Tamami, “Lumiere de la Créativité:  Etsy Business Plan for Hand Knitted and Crocheted Items”

HC: 11-63 – Moore, Ariel E., “The Yarn Diet:  An Interdisciplinary Journey Through Handcrafting and Service Learning”

HC: 11-64 – Miller, Shannon, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road:  American Identity in the Evolution of OZ”

HC: 11-65 – Marks, Hannah Danae, “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:  Healing Under Presure”

HC: 11-66 – Hampton, Leanne, “Q.E.D. Bach:  A Union of Rhetoric and Music”

HC: 11-67 – Robbins, Nathan Lee, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me your Culture: The Evolution of Romanitas and the Expansion of Roman Citizenship”

HC: 11-68 – Haydar, Amber Naz, “Where Am I?:  Being an Account of One Student’s Experience in Culture Shock, Journeying Across the Pond to Visit Four Countries in Two Summers”

HC: 11-69 – Davis, Destiny J., “Biotechnology of Tomatoes:  A Genetic and Metabolic Approach to Nutritional Improvement”

HC: 11-70 – Short, Kathryn Ellen, “Cultural and Biological Linguistic Taboos:  Why the Fuck They Matter”

HC: 11-71 – Russell, Patrick James, “Farmer Dasein and Pigs:  How Martin Heidegger’s Later Essays Condemn Anthropocentric Industrial Agriculture and Support Biocentric Husbandry”

HC: 11-72 – Karpe, Jordan Michael, “Up Against the Wall:  Exploring the Art of Muralmaking and Expression”

HC: 11-73 – Ronquillo, Renee, “Baking Binges and Munching on Mangoes:  A Memoir about Food, Family, Culture, and Identity”

HC: 11-74 – Cameron, Paul B., “Effects of Electronic Media on Education and Research”

HC: 11-75 – Clark, Shay Starlight, “Economic & Environmental Sustainability:  Planting Green Roots in Business Colleges”

HC: 11-76 – Sence, Joanna Elizabeth, “The Hero in Fur:  Animals as an Alternative Therapy for Depression”

HC: 11-77 – Maxey, LeeAnne, “The Why Behind Art:  Fine Art as an Idea and Phenomenon”

HC: 11-78 – Hynum, Jenn, “Animus:  A Screenplay”

HC:  11-79 – Barber, Zach, “Buddha Christ & Science:  Finding the Lines that Connect our Worlds”


HC: 12

HC: 12-01 – Naglak, Elizabeth Kathryn, “A Drink or Two Will Do:  Intervening in Binge Drinking in College Students”

HC: 12-02 – Thurman, Skipper Lance, “Adventures in Mathematics through Signal Processing”

HC: 12-03 – Walker, Adrea, “Fiana:  A Fantasy Novel”

HC: 12-04 – Clarke, Sarah, “Gamers, Love, and NPCs:  How Emotional Connections Formed with Artificial Beings are affecting our Lives and Changing our Society”

HC: 12-05 – Nguyen, Lynn Thanh, “Vietnam:  Gender Inequalities and It’s Reflection in Health Care for Women”

HC: 12-06 – Hall, Austin Toney, “Homosexuality in Cinema:  The Hero or the Villian?”

HC: 12-07 – Bailey, Brett James, “The Use of Professional Sports to Model Economic Situations:  A Reflection on Research”

HC: 12-08 – White, Clinton M. Jr., “The Gospel of J.K. Rowling:  Christian Love in the Harry Potter Series”

HC: 12-09 – Hughes, Justin Lee, “Wealth Maximization:  A Reflection on the Use of Wealth as an Indicator of Social Benefit”

HC: 12-10 – Bates, Lennon, “Pictures from the Past:  Creating a New Rock Art Chronology in the Lower Pecos”

HC: 12-11 – Cruz, Ayvee Elaine, “Love You Today, Hate You Tomorrow:  Music and Lyric’s Effect on Romantic Relationships”

HC: 12-12 – Cason, Lindsey Elizabeth, “The Real World:  The Importance of Post-Graduate Financial Literacy”

HC: 12-13 – Shaw, Timothy K. II, “Paying to Die: Navigating the Estate Planning Process”

HC: 12-14 – Edwardes, Brittany, “Muslim Feminine Self-Discovery Through the Lens of Fiction”

HC: 12-15 – Petre, Kenneth Edison, II, “Empathy in Therapy and the Holistic Paradigm”

HC: 12-16 – Hudson, Cody, “Building with the Legos of Life:  Analysis and Development of the FGK-DF Model for Predicting Local Tertiary Structures of Proteins”

HC: 12-17 – Gambill, Jessica, “Eat your Carrots!:  The Role of Vitamin A in Inflammation and Immune Response”

HC: 12-18 – Waterson, Lesley M., “Public Transportation in Central Arkansas:  Using Bus Rapid Transit to Create Sustainable Transport for a Better Future”

HC: 12-19 – Chen, Tsung Yen, “Nanotechnology, Precious Metals, and Personalized Treatment:  The Scientific and Social Impacts of Nanomaterials in Medicine”

HC: 12-20 – Knight, Jennifer Lynn, “The Distressingly Indeterminate Yet Indispensable Nature of Democracy:  A Case Study of an Urban Agriculture Policy in Conway, Arkansas”

HC: 12-21 – Kelly, Shannon, “4 Decades Later and 200,000 Dead:  The Evolution of the U.S. Coup in Guatemala into Genocide”

HC: 12-22 – Sketas, Gregory Darryl, III, “Big Considerations:  Analyzing the Ethics of Childhood Obesity”

HC: 12-23 – Bowlin, Brandi, “A Bit about IMAC…No, Not the Computer”

HC: 12-24 – Danielson, Megan Summer, “Minimizing Trauma:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Child Welfare through Child Advocacy Centers”

HC: 12-25 – Killey, Eliza Nicole, “Understanding the Past to Appreciate the Present:  An Analysis of the Changing Attitudes toward Marriage and Motherhood through Literature”

HC:  12-26 – Tsukuda, Naruhiko, “Japanese Bureaucratic Challenges in Response to the Tohoku Earthquake”

HC:  12-27 – Pitts, Kate E., “Fracking for a Fair Price:  Managing Arkansas’s Resources and the Natural Gas Industry”

HC:  12-28 – Skiver, Natasha A., “Adapt or Die:  The Organic Polycultural Answer to the Problems or Monoculture”

HC:  12-29 – Knight, Douglas Allen, “How Long These Waves Have Been Crashing”

HC:  12-30 – Roberson, Mallory, “An Act of Bearing W(h)it(e)ness:  Exploring the Past, Present, and Future Struggle to Desegregate Public Schools in Central Arkansas”

HC:  12-31 – Alobuia, Wilson M., “Alzeimer’s Disease:  Challenges, Successes and the Way Forward”

HC:  12-32 – Head, Bryan, “Drug Money:  A Look into the Relationship between the Pharmaceutical Industry, Insurance, and FDA”

HC:  12-33 – Risi, Kim, “The Man in the Moon”

HC:  12-34 – Schwader, Cathrine Marie, “Steaking a Claim:  The Symbolic Meaning of Meat and the Importance of Vegetarianism”

HC:  12-35 – Rogers, Nicholas Sebastian Snipan, “It’s not About the Hills, the Curves, or the Roads:  It’s about You and Them:  An Ethnographic and Sociological Study of Road Cycling:  my Struggles, my Success, my Journey, on a Bike”

HC:  12-36 – Friesen, David L., “Crime in the U.S.:  A Statistical Analysis of Social and Economic Variables by State”

HC:  12-37 – Armas, Dulce E., “Itadakimasu:  Sushi, Globalization, and Japanese National Identity”

HC:  12-38 – Hill, Katherine, “Colonialism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism:  Causes of Marriages between Filipinas and American Men”

HC:  12-39 – Keil, Daniel P. “More than Skin Deep:  Exploring Phylogenetics and the Species Concept through the Cnidome of Copula Sivickisi

HC:  12-40 – Sims, Rachel Rebecca, “Conscientização:  A Short Story based on the Life and Work of Paulo Freire”

HC:  12-41 – Logan, Jake, “Convergence of Growth Rates through European Economic Integration”

HC:  12-42 – Wood, Camille, “Shades of Grey”

HC:  12-43 – Smith, Hillary L., “Developing Oral Hygiene through the Use of a Children’s Storybook”

HC:  12-44 – Carlock, Rachel S., “Parkinson’s disease:  Understanding and Treating a Neurodegenerative Disorder”

HC:  12-45 – Schmidt, Logan M., “Reducing Complexity:  Vertebrate Cephalization as a Christian’s Novel Introduction to Evolution”

HC:  12-46 – Graves, Patricia C., “Distorted Identity:  A Visual Exploration of How Digital Culture is Redefining the Self”

HC:  12-47 – Stallings, Zachary, “The Untapped Potential of Lucid Dreaming:  A Scientific Journal”

HC:  12-48 – Wold, Benjamin, “A Brand New Thesis:  A Creative Thesis on the Craft of Music”

HC:  12-49 – Yu, Fuxin, “Smart Phones Use in Higher Education:  Exploring the Digital Divide between Teachers and Students”

HC:  12-50 – Walker, Shalisa R., “Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Services in Arkansas”

HC:  12-51 – Tamo, Samuel Joseph, “Are All Who Wonder Lost?  Assyrians as a Nation without a Territory”

HC: 12-52 – Boyd, Molly Kathryn, “Something to Smile About:  A Study of the Treatment of Cleft Lip and Palate in the United States and India”

HC: 12-53 – Kennedy, Thomas Lynn Jr., “Work Hard, Play Harder:  Dynamics Around Athletes Suffering Injury”

HC:  12-54 – Trower, Emily C., “It’s Like I Love the Pain:  Employing Psychological Theories and Country Music to Explore a Domestic Violence Victim’s Perspective”

HC:  12-55 – Schlinker, Destiny, “Service Learning:  A Mixture of Soil and Seminar”

HC:  12-56 – Wilkerson, Jordan, “Integrating Scientific Writing into the University of Central Arkansas Writing Center”

HC:  12-57 – Beshears, Erika, “Eating Disorder Prevention:  Diminishing Risk and Strengthening Protection in Contemporary American Society”

HC:  12-58 – O’Neal, Emily Kate, “Uniting U.S.:  Solving the Real Immigration Debate through the Development of a Worker’s Exchange Program”

HC:  12-59 – Vaughn, Chelsea Noel, “The Reputation of Immunizations:  Student Perceptions Related to the Risks and Benefits of Vaccination”

HC:  12-60 – Sutton, C. Taylor, “Homo Corporatus:  A Kantian Business Ethic Rotted in Corporate Personhood”

HC:  12-61 – Miller, Chelsea N., “The Impact of Rural Malagasy People in Rainforest Regions on Populations of Endemic Animals:  Ecotourism as a Solution to conflict in Northeastern Madagascar”

HC:  12-62 – Jones, Jacob, “Brighter than he Rising Sun:  America’s Use of Atomic Bombs against Japan”

HC:  12-63 – Hankins, Matthew, “The Point Remove Mound Complex:  A Study in Native American Astronomy”

HC:  12-64 – Runge, Monica, “Exploring the Optokinetic Reflex in the Nine-Banded Armadillo (Dasypus Novemcintus)”

HC:  12-65 – Blasingame, Kelsey, “A Language of a Different Color:  Asha’s Evolving Views of African American Language”

HC:  12-66 – Hall, Jared W., “Debt Crisis:  Because the Government’s Money is Your Money”

HC:  12-67 – Fancher, Kendall G., “Pedogogy Reform in Rwandan Primary Schools”

HC:  12-68 – Pennington Caley, “Iconic Warfare:  The Art of War and the Craft of Manipulation”

HC:  12-69 – Gragg, GaeLyn, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Art Therapy for Depression in a School Setting”

HC:  12-70 – Turner, Lillian Paige, “Patois and It’s People”

HC:  12-71 – Springwater, Kelsey Danielle, “Midwifery:  The Benefits and Implications of Getting Back to Our Roots”

HC:  12-72 – Musser, Karissa A., “Entiendo El Bilingual Brain:  The Reality of Bilingualism in the United States”



HC: 13

HC:  13-01 – Holt, David Benjamin, “A Walk in the Park:  A Defense of the National Park System in America and Beyond”

HC:  13-02 – Demailly, Catherine Emilie Christiane, “Meet Your Meat:  The History, Practices and Problems of Industrial Meat and How you can Promote Change without being Vegan”

HC:  13-03 – Thomas, Laralyn, “Uncovering the Black Box:  A Process Evaluation of Faulkner County Drug Court”

HC:  13-04 – Cantrell, Amy, “Hidden Heroes:  Women from the Natural State”

HC:  13-05 – Ilic, Jovana, “All the World’s a Stage:  Exploring the Development of English Renaissance Theatre”

HC:  13-06 – Sexton, Alissa Michelle, “Hickory and Faye”

HC:  13-07 – Chen, Li Chen, “Gas-Phase Nickel Ion Chemistry leading to the Designing of an Electrospray Ionization (ESI)”

HC:  13-08 – Hubbs, Daniel Maurice, “NHE Protein Expression in MCF-7 Cells”

HC:  13-09 – Maye, Rebecca, “Are you Smarter than an Asian?  Curricular Differences between the United States and Asia and their Effects on Students”

HC:  13-10 – Randle, Jonathan, “How to Effectively Learn a Second Language”

HC:  13-11 – Doolabh, Daniel Roshan, “Discovering the Elixir of Life:  Searching for Longevity Genes”

HC:  13-12 – Burnette, Brittani Nichol, “It’s Getting Hot in Here:  The Heated Debate on Climate Change Legislation in the United States”

HC:  13-13 – Bird, Justin, “The Sovereignty of Self:  Identity and Structure in Sherman Alexie’s Autodidact”

HC:  13-14 – Campbell, Brittany Lea, “Yank the Yarn a Little Tighter:  The Benefits of Knitting and other Handcrafts in Primary and Secondary Education”

HC:  13-15 – Chambliss, Jesse Clint, “College, I Choose You!  I Think?  Reducing Uncertainty after High School through Catalyst Programs”

HC:  13-16 – Heard, Kandi, “Reaching Children with Autism in the Music Classroom: An Instructional Approach”

HC:  13-17 – Ockerman, Emma, “Creating Music Together:  Experiences and Reflections of a Community Hand Chime Ensemble”

HC:  13-18 – Taylor, Hunter Alan, “The Comprehensive Disc Golf Manual:  For Beginner to the Sport of Disc Golf”

HC:  13-19 – “Stories from the Southern Skies:  Agricultural Aviation and the Importance of Preserving Oral History”

HC:  13-20 – Weatherford, Kristin, “Miracles, Juggalos, and Faygo:  Social Class and Religion in Horror Rap”

HC:  13-21 – Grubbs, Meredith Rose, “Never Let your Fear decide your Fate:  Overcoming Aquaphobia through Swim Lessons”

HC:  13-22 – Alexander, Travis Lee, “The Subtle Power of a Pretty Face:  Attractiveness and Perceived Competence”

HC:  13-23 – Steele, Sarah Elizabeth, “The Wild Cards of Crittenden County:  Understanding Crittenden County’s G.I. Revolt, the Coughlin Brothers, and the Culture that inspired them”

HC:  13-24 – Bayrak, Ecehan, “Democratization in the Middle East:  An Analysis of Saudi Arabia and Turkey”

HC:  13-25 – Mosler, Travis, “Diamond John:  A Historical Film about Arkansas”

HC:  13-26 – Dunlap, Shelby, “Saving Orphans or Buying Babies:  A Global Analysis of Interracial Adoption”

HC:  13-27 – Stav, Monica, “The Cassandra Project:  A Study in Steampunk”

HC:  13-28 – Njwaba, Veronica Irene Bernard, “14:3 Education Service Project:  Support Vulnerable Tanzanian Children’s Education”

HC:  13-29 – Culpepper, Holly, C., “Rewiring Education:  Balancing Technology and Developmentally Appropriate Education”

HC:  13-30 – Huang, Frank Chenxi, “Confucius Say, Go to UCA:  Factors Contributing to Chinese Students’ Experience at the University of Central Arkansas”

HC:  13-31 – Bettran, Melissa, “We are the 18%* Why so Few Women in Computer Science and What UCA can do about it”

HC:  13-32 – Sanders, Eric J., “Metacognition:  Key to Academic Success and Self Efficacy”

HC:  13-33 – Yan, Maoyuan (Ryan), “Robo-Librarian:  A Programmed Robot”

HC:  13-34 – Vick, Page Elizabeth, “The Effect of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Life History of the Slender Madtom, Noturus exilis, in Central Arkansas Streams”

HC:  13-35 – Slims, Spencer Caroline, “The Power of the Media: Gender Bias in Presidential Campaigns”

HC:  13-36 – Hambrick, Andrea, “I can! Make Music:  How Music Made a Difference”

HC:  13-37 – England, Katherine Elizabeth, “Psychoneuroimmunology:  Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into the Treatment of Patients with Cancer”

HC:  13-38 – Jenkins, Casey, “Nature at Camp Aldergate:  An Adaptive Nature Curriculum for Campers of all Ages and Abilities”

HC:  13-39 – Hill, Mary Beth, “Social Media:  The Future of Global Enterprise”

HC:  13-40 – Wray, Sarah, “Who did I just give that Morphine to?  The Effects of Stress in Nursing School”

HC:  13-41 – Belcourt, Jason, “Urban Search and Rescue Team – Yankee 1:  Single Resource Search Team, A New Capability in Large Scale Urban Disaster Response”

HC:  13-42 – Desrochers, Claire, “Friend or Foe:  The Organic Chemistry of Antioxidants as Foods Preservatives”

HC:  13-43 – Bregy, Joshua Caleb, “Thunderstruck:  Lightning-Produced NOₓ Concentrations during the Thunderstorm Lifecycle and Influencing Meteorological Factors”

HC:  13- 44 – Cockrum, Karen, “Wiped”

HC:  13-45 – Ward, Dustin, “Welcome to the Academy:  Major League Baseball’s Opportunity in the Dominican Republic”

HC:  13-46 – Bryan, Kyla, “How to Waste your Money: Exposing Not-for-Profit Corruption and Solutions for World Change”

HC:  13-47 – Dacus, Lindsey Michelle, “Language Acquisition: One Size fits All?  A Cross-Linguistic Analysis of the Role of Child-Directed Speech”

HC:  13-48 – Camp, Brandon, “The Search for Zenu: And Other Tales of Conquest” by Brandon Camp

HC:  13-49 – Hicks, Ashley Jean, “A Study of the Speed of Sound in Pure Gases and Binary Gas Mixtures”

HC:  13-50 – Darden, Dick, “Rimbax: Sabar Drumming in Dakar, Senegal”

HC:  13-51 – Correll, Sarah Lynn, “Anodal vs. Cathodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation:  A Comparison of Modalities Applied to the Lower Extremity Motor Cortices After Stroke”

HC:  13-52 – Eubanks, Stephanie, “Amish Education: Past, Present and Future”

HC:  13-53 – Kellner, Grace, “Land Sharing vs Land Sparing:  Land Management Impact on Pollinator Abundance and Crop Production in an Urban Matrix”

HC:  13-54 – Williams, Shastady R., “A Long Way from the Kitchen: The Gender Bias Facing First Ladies in the Exercise of their Power”

HC:  13-55 – Hicks, Taylor Lea, “Tripper: A Novel of the New Adult Genre”

HC:  13-56 – Harris, Scott T., “Open Wide:  Modern Day Dentophobia Explained through Exploring the Profession’s Roots”

HC:  13-57 – Hinds, Michael J., “Becoming Native:  A Look through Native American Cultures into the Environmental Movement for a More Complete Way of Relating to the Earth and the Natural World”

HC: 13-58 – Bittle, Tyler, “Borderlands”

HC: 13-59 – Bakovic, German Raul Perez, “The Masking of Democracy:  Understanding XXI Century Bolivia”

HC: 13-60 – Greenhaw, Kearstin Danielle, “Joanne’s Journey”

HC: 13-61 – Davis, Julie Beth, “The Harbinger:  Glyphosate Resistance and its Impact on Production Agriculture Modeled in Arkansas Soybeans”

HC: 13-62 – Broussand, Brian, “The Effect of Outgroup Size and Economic Vulnerability on Support for State-Level Dream Acts:  Evidence from 2012 Referenda in Maryland and Texas”

HC: 13-63 – Bayles, Marni, “Burying Caesar: Reviving Shakespearean Comedy in American Secondary Education”

HC: 13-64 – Coppock, Amanda Rene, “Considering the Role of Acculturation in Speech-Language Pathology”

HC: 13-65 – Culwell, Hannah Alline, “Monkeys in the Head, Grasshoppers in the Shoulders, Snakes in the Spine:  The Transformation from Individual to Collaborator through devised Theatre”

HC: 13-66 – McCool, Tabitha Haley, “On the Backs of Elephants:  An Analysis of Healthcare Provision in the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand”

HC: 13-67 – Paxton, Sara, “Acupuncture, Schmack-upuncture: Successes and Failures concerning the implementation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the United States Healthcare System”

HC: 13-68 – Stepp, Lindsey, “Straying from the Path: The Evolution of Fairy Tale as Meme throughout Little Red Riding Hood”

HC: 13-69 – Sivils, Stephen, “Double Concerto: A Musical Expression of the Concept of a Thesis”


HC: 14

HC: 14-01 – Browder, Jillian – “A River Runs through Us: Sustainability and Stewardship in the American Vein of Thought”

HC: 14-02 – Moussa, Mohamed Idrissa (Nathaniel), “Understanding Modern Medicine in Niger: Challenges and Solutions”

HC: 14-03 – Price, Adam, “Online Democracy: The Next Step Towards Global Integration”

HC: 14-04 – Atkins, Sarah Katherine, “Can I Have Your Attention, Please: Common Myths and Misperceptions about ADHD”

HC: 14-05 – Angleton, Kaleigh, “When You Wish Upon a Star:  The World of Disney and the Generational Implications of Its Influence on Children and Adults”

HC: 14-06 – Brizzolara, Blake Zweifel, “Identity Crisis: The Policy Innovation and Diffusion of Voter Identification Laws from 2002 to 2012”

HC: 14-07 – Carlock, Sarah Hollyn, “The Culture of Complexion: The Impacts of Society’s Role in Shaping the Definition of Beauty”

HC: 14-08 – Desai, Nirja Dipak, “An Elephant’s Word: How Trauma and Isolation Affect Social and Psychological Development in African Elephants”

HC: 14-09 – Edwards, Jade Nicole, “It’s All Squiggs: A Visual Spectrum of Emotion”

HC: 14-10 – Espe, Ethan Barrett, “Millennials and Budgeting: Escaping the “Helicopter Parent”

HC: 14-11 – Fletcher, Jordan Aleece, “Behind the Syringe of Nazi Germany: Investigating the Medical and Ethical Implications of Medical Experimentation in the Third Reich”

HC: 14-12 – Galloway, Rachael, “Finding the Silver Lining: How Families Cope with a Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”

HC: 14-13 – Golden, Jon Whitt, “The Craft Beer Movement in Arkansas”

HC: 14-14 – Goodwin, Jennifer, “Bigger isn’t Better: Attacking the Problem of Childhood Obesity”

HC: 14-15 – Hampton, Elise Camille, “Advancing the Liberation of Teachers and Students through Critical Thinking and Cultural Responsiveness”

HC: 14-16 – Riddle, Kelsey Layne, “Great Expectations: Preparation and Reality while Volunteering Abroad”

HC: 14-17 – Scarbrough, Catherine Brooke, “The Digital Documentation of Heirloom Seed Varieties”

HC: 14-18 – Stevens, Nicholas James, “The Hotel Imani”

HC: 14-19 – Van Valkenburg, Madalyn, “Histology of Ecology: How do caterpillars of Theroa zethus (Notodontidae) deactivate host defenses?”

HC: 14-20 – Turetzky, Kyle, “Tautolitarianism: Refudiating the Exo-Facto Collapsation of Hopetimism”

HC: 14-21 – Stiles, Victoria, “Meaning, Mind, and Memory: Detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment through Sentence Disambiguation Tasks”

HC: 14-22 – Whittington, Logan, “Dooms of Love: Investigations of Ancestry”

HC: 14-23 – Williamson, Holly, “On Passion: What Dewey, Finland, and Rapport can Teach the U.S.”

HC: 14-24 – Murphy, Michael Eugene, “The Internet as a Global Brain: Philosophical Questions”

HC: 14-25 – Moix, Luke Daniel, “Intensive Dedication Ethics Accomplishment and Leadership: The History of the Social Change Model and Its Integration into the Ideal Leadership Team”

HC: 14-26 – Owen, Aaron, “Synthesis and Application of Metallic Nanostructures: Surface Chemistry and its Impact on Biologically Important Systems”

HC: 14-27 – Palmer, Ashlyn Elizabeth, “The Relationship between preferred Websites and Reading Motivation in College Students”

HC: 14-28 – Ray, Hannah Elizabeth, “Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give a Damn: A Brief Look at the History and Psychology of Curse Words in Western Culture”

HC: 14-29 – Harp, Hayley, “Where is the Social in Social Media?”

HC: 14-30 – Wills, Ashton, “Religiosity and Environmental Attitudes of UCA Campus Ministry Students”

HC: 14-31 – Magdefrau, Melissa Darlene, “Natural Resources and International Capital Flows”

HC: 14-32 – Leonard, Erin Nicole, “The Icing on the Cake: Cupcake Edition”

HC: 14-33 – Long, Ashley, “Breast Cancer: Problems, Promise, and Protons”

HC: 14-34 – Lensing, Nick, “Chronic Pain: The Painful Truth on its Origins and Treatability”

HC: 14-35 – Kimble, Katrina Marie, “Why Do You Speak to Them in Parables?”: How the Teaching Strategies of Jesus Meet the Multiple Intelligences of Elementary Students”

HC: 14-36 – Kim, Hannah, “An A+ is Music to Our Ears: The Importance of Academic Success and Its Influence of Music Education in South Korea”

HC: 14-37 – Jones, Logan, “River of Gold: A Documentary about Turning Water into Beer”

HC: 14-38 ­– Adair, Jordan, “Existential Encounters with the Grotesque: A Psychoanalytic Investigation”

HC: 14-39 – Airheart, Hunter Blake, “Heyms: A Review and Modern Revision of An American Classic”

HC: 14-40 – Altman, Byan, “Terrorism, WMDS, Democracy, or Oil? An Analysis of the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq”

HC: 14-41 – Arnold, Sarah Elizabeth, “The Next Best Thing to Home: German-Catholic Immigration to the Arkansas River Valley”

HC: 14-42 – Baker, Joseph Dalton, “Let’s get physical(ly rehabilitated): Music’s Benefit on Rehabilitation”

HC: 14-43 – Bakovic, Sergio Ivan Perez, “Unprotected Treasure, Buried Secret: UPLC-TQMS Analysis of Fatty Acids in ancient Pictographs”

HC: 14-44 – Berry, Karley Layne, “Straight Outta Little Rock: The Effects of Implementing a Middle School Transition Program on Pre-Service Teachers and Urban Students”

HC: 14-45 – Broad, Emily, “Meemaw’s Stories: A Personal Rendition of the Picaresque Novel”

HC: 14-46 – Cleavenger, Jordyn, “Dicty Mutant dells: A Biological Adventure”

HC: 14-47 – Denefe, Matt, “Makin the Djembe Drum in America: Hard Lessons and Appreciation of its African Roots”

HC: 14-48 – Ellis, Reagan, “The Housing Market Crisis: All Markets Are Not Created Equal. Could We See It Coming?”

HC: 14-49 – Hallock, Kristina, “Compassion Behind Closed Doors: Perceptions on the Central Arkansas Homeless”

HC: 14-50 – Kathman, Rachel Claire, “’Angels of the Hearth’ and ‘New Women:’ The Relationship Between the Self and Marriage For Women in the Late Nineteenth Century”

HC: 14-51 – Kling, Brittanie S., “What Do Y’all Think About That?: Arkansas’ Perceptions of Speech and the South in the United States”

HC: 14-52 – McKee, Lindsey, “The Girl and the Fish: A Look at Children’s Theater”

HC: 14-53 – Runge, Sabrina, “Painting From Memory: A Tale of the Partition”

HC: 14-54 – Stephenson, Seth, “E.M.P.: A Modern Hero for a Modern Problem”

HC: 14-55 – Tyree, Meredith, “Physiological Responses of the Freshwater Detritivores Tipula Abdominalis and Lirceus SP. To Low-Level Chronic Sodium Additions”

HC: 14-56 – Welter, John Dillon, “Earthship Enterprise: The Future of Housing”

HC: 14-57 – Bowles, Meleah, “The Language of Tying the Knot: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Culture of Bridal Etiquette”


HC: 15

HC: 15-01 – Kennedy, Emily Lynanne, “Nursing School: Where You Learn to Care for Others, But You Forget to Care for Yourself. A Student’s Perspective on the Self-Care Behaviors of Nursing Students”

HC: 15-02 – Richardson, Joseph Kirby, “Indian Thought, American Caste: Theories of Madhyamaka Self-Other Non-Duality and Their Applications in the Deconstruction of American Social Stratification”

HC: 15-03 – Meyer, Winston, “The Complexity of Communication: Using Chaos Theory to Understand How Sensemaking is Restored After Interpersonal Crises”

HC: 15-04 – Olsen, Peyton, “The Conwegian: A Community Magazine for the City of Colleges”

HC: 15-05 – Desrochers, Marie, “Necessity, Not Luxury: A Recent History of the Conservation of Arkansas’s Post Office Murals”

HC: 15-06 – Bevill, Logan, “Can You Smell the Danger: An Analysis of Candle Emissions and Their Effect on Your Health”

HC: 15-07 – Crowson, Morgan, “Guhanga, Gutabwa: Giving Back to Kanembwe”

HC: 15-08 – Blakely, Hannah, “Living Unlimited: A Photographic Essay on the Impact of Contact Between Individuals With and Without Disabilities”

HC: 15-09 – Cornwell, Melissa Kathleen, “Speedos, Spandex, and Free Pancakes: The Explosive History of Triathlon”

HC: 15-10 – Holt, Andrew Chase, “Overcoming Inertia With A Nudge: How the AAIMS Program Increased Advanced Placement Participation in Arkansas”

HC: 15-11 – Massey, Christine Nicole, “Memoir-ish: A Collection of Essays”

HC: 15-12 – Maxam, Sarah, “Quantity Versus Quality: Questioning Traditional Sex Education and Its Effects on Collegiate Heterosexual Women”

HC: 15-13 – Hill, Kimberly Diane, “Between A Rock And A Hard Place: The Conflict Between Rock Climbers, Business Owners, and Landowners In the Ozarks”

HC: 15-14 – Mortimore, Melissa Amber, “Oaks of Righteousness: Planting a Generation of Hope Through Creative Writing”

HC: 15-15 – Munyazikwiye, Gerard Bambi, “A Study of Concrete and Determining Elastic Moduli of Materials Using Resonance”

HC: 15-16 – Palmer, Megan, “Life of One in a Dozen: Discovering Self Among Family”

HC: 15-17 – Payson, Jordan Alexandra, “From the Pantry to the Podium: An Analysis of Traits Exhibited by Successful Female Politicians in Western and Islamic Cultures”

HC: 15-18 – Pittman, Jay Maxson, “The Home Recording Studio: Modern Recording Technology and the Decline of Its Excluvisity”

HC: 15-19 – Frederickson, Nicholas Lorne, “An Analysis of Pearcey Function Modeling of Transverse Cusp Caustics”

HC: 15-20 – Qualls, Colby, “Dust in the Wind: Exploring Methods of Corpse Disposal in Light of Migration”

HC: 15-21 – Feeney, Meghan, “Of Pragmatic Particles, Politeness Features, and Practice Theory: Examining Emma

HC: 15-22 – Qualls, Emily, “Progression: An Anthology”

HC: 15-23 – Reddell, Autumn, “Stages of Hope: Education and Development Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa”

HC: 15-24 – Rogers, Brandon, “Wrestling with the Stranger: A Literary Interpretation and Narrative Analysis of Stories in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”

HC: 15-25 – Cowling, Megan Elizabeth, “Astride For MS: Equine-Assisted Activities for Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Conway”

HC: 15-26 – Doolittle, Alexandra, “From Heretic to Goddess: The Transformation of Witchcraft as Womanhood”

HC: 15-27 – Ross, Ashley, “Retinoic Acid Impacts Cellular Adhesion and Proliferation”

HC: 15-28 – Savage, Megan, “And the Universe Danced”

HC: 15-29 – Speaks, Jennifer, “An Unexpected Angel: Growing Up With a Twin Who Has Down Syndrome”

HC: 15-30 – Taylor, Sydney, “Work Hard, Play Hard: Using Pivotal Response Treatment to Develop Pretend Play Skills in Children with Delayed Social Communication”

HC: 15-31 – Vogel, Olivia, “The Creation of a Fluorescent Fusion Protein to Improve Visualization of Mitochondrial Dynamics”

HC: 15-32 – Stewart, Meisha Ann, “Magnetic Cities: Testing Convergence of Artistic Clusters in the United States”

HC: 15-33 – Wood, Emyleigh, “Reason Enough: Pragmatism as a Tool for Establishing Worldview”

HC: 15-34 – Xiques, Michael Ramon, “The One-Man-Band: No Budget Filmmaking in 2015”

HC: 15-35 – Humphrey, Amelia, “Feel the Meal, Then Fill the Mill: The [i]/[I] Merger in Arkansas”

HC: 15-36 – Hickman, Ashley D., “Eat Your Way to a Better GPA: Healthy Options Available on a University of Central Arkansas Meal Plan

HC: 15-37 – Palmer, Kristina, “Katahdin to Springer: Women’s Perspectives of Public Space on the Appalachian Trail”

HC: 15-38 – Smith, Spencer, “Queer Perspectives: An Anthology of Coming Out Stories from Across America”

HC: 15-39 – Butler, Layla, “Hans Gal (1890-1987) and Egon Wellesz (1885-1974): Composers, Scholars, and Exiles”

HC: 15-40 – Crain, Carter Andrew, “The Birds, The Bees, and the Nurse: The Nurse’s Role in Enhancing Sexual Health and Sex Education for Adolescents”

HC: 15-41 – Evans, Jack, “Love Sinks: The Journey to Becoming a Film Director”

HC: 15-42 – Hill, Kaitlyn Elizabeth, “Differentiation For Learning: One Size Does Not Fit All”

HC: 15-43 – Hoke, Bradley, “Money in American Politics: An Analysis of the Power Elite in America”

HC: 15-44 – Hoyle, Alex and Jered Bryan, “Broke by Books: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Textbook Trading Business”

HC: 15-45 – Jensen, Gordon, “Going Green: How the Push for Environmental Sustainability, Renewal Energy, and Electric Cars will Shape Germany’s Automotive Future”

HC: 15-46 – Jones, Hannah, “Hanka’s Castle: A Journey Through Bojnice Castle and Slovak History”

HC: 15-47 – Long, Zachary Dair, “Zeta Squad: A Novel I Wrote to Graduate (the Future)

HC: 15-48 – Merrell, Emily, “#Feminism: Social Medias Influence on the Perception of Feminist Theory”

HC: 15-49 – Mosler, Madison Camile, “Creativity Unlimited: Integrating the Arts Into Elementary School Classrooms”

HC: 15-50 – Nichols, Shelby Kait, “The Second Brain: The Affect Gut Bacteria Has on Mental Health”

HC: 15-51 – Sowell, Madison, “You Can Never Be Overdressed or Overeducated”

HC: 15-52 – Mayen, Monica Raquel Vasquez, “Bailamos? Dance as a Cultural Immersion Opportunity”

HC: 15-53 – Whitehead, Thomas Trent, “Lock My Body Can’t Trap My Mind: Signification & Liberation in the Rap Game”

HC: 15-54 – Stice, Kenneth, “Military Environmentalism: A Burgeoning Philosophy Within the United States Military”

HC: 15-55 – Dayer, Stephanie, “Parkinson’s Disease: A mitochondrial-linked Etiopathogenesis”

HC: 15-56 – Jeffus, Bradyn, “Mobile Electronic Payments: Change is Coming”


HC: 16

HC: 16-01 – Gentry, Sarah, “The Psychological Influence of Color on Consumer Behavior”

HC: 16-02 – White, Lee James, “Superman or Super Racist?: The Imapct of Superman Comic Books on Racial Equality During the Civil Rights Era”

HC: 16-03 – Housh, Dylan, “Work Hard, Play Harder: An In-Depth Off-Season Strength Program for Pocahontas High School”

HC: 16-04 – Rolland, Amber D., “Aided by Adderall: Illicit Use of ADHD Medication by College Students”

HC: 16-05 – Cheatham, Ashton, “Kneading More in the Classroom: Curriculum and Culinary Science in Concept”

HC: 16-06 – Spickard, Madeline Rose, “Behind Every Great Woman is Another Great Women: The Establishment of an American Association of University Women Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas”

HC: 16-07 – Harrell, Laken Alise, “Becoming One: Merging Abstinence and Comprehensive Sexual Education for the Classroom”

HC: 16-08 – Forsythe, Heather Morgan, “Harry Potter and the Ugly Passport Photo: A Collection of Lesson Plans for a Harry-Potter-Based Study Abroad”

HC: 16-09 – Oluokun, Joseph, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Microaggressions and African-Americans’ Belongingness”

HC: 16-10 – Karamoko, Mariam, “The Financial Hardships Faced by African Students in the United States”

HC: 16-11 – Marasco, Johnathan Andrew, “Everything Causes Cancer: The Harmful Effects of Protein Free Radical Formation and Oxidation in the Human Body.”

HC: 16-12 – Savenka, Tatsiana, “Painting the Slums of Peru: A Look Inside Resource and Health Inequality”

HC: 16-13 – Stearns, Melia, “The Fork Goes on the Left and the Cellphone on the Right: Cellphone Etiquette and its Effects on the Quality of Face-to-Face Social Relationships”

HC: 16-14 – DeWees, Kaylee, “Forged by Fire: An Introspective Investigation of Family Identity Through Metal Casting”

HC: 16-15 – Owens, Grayson Bradley, “One Small Step for Fitness Facilities, One Giant Leap for Mankind: Increasing the Accessibility of Fitness Facilities”

HC: 16-16 – Feltz, Bridget, “She Lives on the Edge: An Ethnography on Female Edgeworkers”

HC: 16-17 – Mossman, Hallie, “Low Back Injuries in Gymnastics: Causes, Prevention, and the Role of the Physical Therapist”

HC: 16-18 – Rodgers, Aubrey, “A Thought Journey Through the Morality of Abortion”

HC: 16-19 – Moon, Sierra Ashley, “From Botticelli to Benioff: A Cultural History of Attitudes Toward Rape in Visual Media”

HC: 16-20 – Hardgrave, Natalia Jateal “Dirty Water: A Multifaceted Approach to Solving Complications with Clean Water”

HC: 16-21 – Rose, Jacob Pual, “An Artistic Journey: My Process in Learning to Draw

HC: 16-22 – Light, Jeremy G., “The Effect of Estrogen on SERCA2b and Phospholamban Eppression in Coronary Arteries”

HC: 16-23 – Erwin, Ethan, “Violin Short Bow Manufacturing and Market Implementation: A Submission to the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition”

HC: 16-24 – Demaree, Katherine, “Iron Heteroscorpionate Complexes”

HC: 16-25 – Thompson, Kaitlyn, “A Study in Cultural Relativism: Speech and Language Therapy in Arkansas and Ecuador”

HC: 16-26 – Hollenbaugh, Misti, “The Movement of Millions: A Multi-Media Storytelling of Immigration to America”

HC: 16-27 – Lee, Landon, “Violin Short Bow Manufacturing and Market Implementation: A Submission to the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition”

HC: 16-28 – Henegar, Mollie Mae, “Coffee Beans are People, too: An Ethnographic Study and Creative Reflection on Coffee Farm Living in Guatemala”

HC: 16-29 – Musso, Nathan, “What’s Buggin’ You: Entomophagy and Urban Agriculture”

HC: 16-30 – Arens, Hailey Mae, “Intelligence is Not Black and White: A Study of Stereotype Threat Effects on African Americans”

HC: 16-31 – Linna, Abbie, “Kaffee und Kuchen: Artisanal and Industrial Differences in Baking Culture Between Germany and America”

HC: 16-32 – Griffin, Christina, “Welcome to College! A Study of Optimism and Self-Efficacy in Frist Year Students”

HC: 16-33 – Kordsmeir, Courtney, “Applied Ethics in Physical Therapy: Informed Consent and Voluntariness”

HC: 16-34 – Pfaff, Jordan, “Mixed Strategy in Collegiate Soccer: Influence of Incentives on Development of Mixed Strategy”

HC: 16-35 – Miller, Jamie M., “Programming for Dummies: Android Mobile Application Development with No Experience”

HC: 16-36 – Craig, Laura Elizabeth, “Come One, Come All”

HC: 16-37 – Gurley, Cade Austin, “Refuting Ebert: Defending Video Games as Art”

HC: 16-38 – Lindsey, Mary Elizabeth, “The Phytochemistry of Medicinal Plants Used By the Native American Tribes of the Southeast United States”

HC: 16-39 – Youngblood, Emily, “Cultivating Lives in the Garden of Hope: A Toolkit for Making Community Gardens in Latin America”

HC: 16-40 – Martin, Jamie, “Placenta, It’s What’s for Dinner: A Qualitative Narrative Regarding Placentophagy’s Effect on Postpartum Health”

HC: 16-41 – McNeary, Margaret Ann, “CSAR: An Exploration of Computer Science and Coding Education in Arkansas” (Thumbdrive included)

HC: 16-42 – Meyer, Whitney Alexis, “’Following’ Fame: Micro-celebrities, the Internet, Society, and Their Significance”

HC: 16-43 – Momand, Maleka, “Civil Asset Forfeiture in Arkansas”

HC: 16-44 – Naugher, Houston, “Cat Got Your Tongue?: A Discussion of the Ethical, Ecologic, and Economic Concerns of Feral Cat Eradication”

HC: 16-45 – Ramsey, Tyler James, “Pornography’s Effect on Relationship Commitment and the Reward System”

HC: 16-46 – Remoy, Daniel, “Is Sport Participation Worth the Risk?: An Analysis of the Psychological and Physiological Effects of Sport-Related Concussions and Benefits of Athletic Engagement”

HC: 16-47 – Sims, Isaac, “Segregating the Congregation: Religious and Societal Separation by Little Rock’s Interstate 630”

HC: 16-48 – Sledge, Lilah Ashley, “Curators and Educators: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Arkansas Museums into Social Studies Learning”

HC: 16-49 – Smith, Chelsey, “Heroes of the Light: Gradual and Immediate Abolition in Britain, 1823-1838”

HC: 16-50 – Stutts, Callie, “Old Dogs, New Tricks: Benefits and Barriers of Elderly Adaptation to Information and Communication Technologies”

HC: 16-51 – Tackett, Jordan, “What is a Healthy Diet: A Comparison Between Four Popular Alternative Diets”

HC: 16-52 – Trussell, Abbey, “Pseudonyms and the Citation Gap: Using Feminist Research Methods to Demonstrate the Persistence of Gender Inequality”

HC: 16-53 – Vogel, Ericka Danielle, “FtsZ Homolog, FszB’s Role in Dictyostelium discoideum Mitochondrial Dynamics”

HC: 16-54 – Ilic, Ivana, “Does Color Influence the Appearance of Visually Ambiguous Motion?”

HC: 16-55 – Daigle, Stephanie, “The Movement of Millions: A Multi-media Storytelling of Immigration to America”

HC: 16-56 – Gambertoglio, Elizabeth, “Wanderlust: A Multi-City Film Experience”

HC: 16-57 – McKay, Paul, “Visualizing Little Rock: An Interactive Concept”

HC: 16-58 – Stroderd, Lori Elizabeth, “Visible for a day: An exploratory study of hidden struggles in high schoolers with communication disorders”


HC 17

HC: 17-01 – Musser, Sarah, “Up from the Depths: A Novella”

HC: 17-02 – Johnson, Colton Lee, “Inconvenient and Unnecessary?: An Analysis of Public Convenience and Necessity Laws in the Taxicab Industry”

HC: 17-03 – Karnes, Tyler, “What I Gave the Water: A Novel”

HC: 17-04 – Lazic, Antonije, “Memorial Wiki”

HC: 17-05 – Lee, Maggie Rose, “A Fabric in Time: Examining Women’s Lives Through the Eye of an Embroidery Needle”

HC: 17-06 – Linna, Jacob Kirk, “Fuck’em All to Death: An Evaulation of South Park’s Controversial Humor and Language as a Method for Political Commentary”

HC: 17-07 – Mackey, Alexandria, “‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’: A Look into the Experiences of Having African American Hairstyles”

HC: 17-08 – McKay, Scotty, “Cadherin 18 Localization and Interacting Partners”

HC: 17-09 – McPherson, Ezekiel James, “Married Young: A Historical Study of the Average Age of Marriage in Faulkner County, 1873-1968”

HC: 17-10 – Morales, Diana, “Mathematical Modeling of an Epidemic with Exposed Group and Diffusion”

HC: 17-11 – Motzko, Micaela, “Raise a Dog, Change a Life: An Interdisciplinary Study of Raising a Future Assistance Dog for Canine Companions for Independence”

HC: 17-12 – Opstedahl, Torin, “Breathing Fabric: Essays on Life and Knitting”

HC: 17-13 – Ordonez, Danica, “Rotations in Artistry: Design for the Integration of Art Courses in Medical Education”

HC: 17-14 – Pfaff, Ryan, “Heads for Tales: A Look into the Lives of Little Rock Homeless Individuals by Means of a Hair Cut”

HC: 17-15 – Roberts, Emily, “Establishing a Survey Method for the Ouachita National Recreation Trail”

HC: 17-16 – Scott, Meredith, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bug: A Personal Journey into the World of Insects”

HC: 17-17 – Speck, Elizabeth, “After My Own Heart: The Incredible Story of Dr. Werner Forssmann’s Invention of a Direct Access to the Heart through Cardiac Self-Catheterization”

HC: 17-18 – Stanley, Justing, “To Make a Mark or Leave No Trace: A Personal Journey into the Wild of America”

HC: 17-19 – Staton, Madison, “Out with the Old, In with the Engaging: A Standards Based Approach to Incorporating Technology Into the Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom”

HC: 17-20 – Steiner, Morgan, “What About a Trained Dog: The Multiple Avenues and Benefits of Bringing a Working Dog into Your Home”

HC: 17-21 – Walker, Catherine, “Reality Vs. Expectations: Employment Prospects of Seniors at the University of Central Arkansas”

HC: 17-22 – Weeks, Hannah, “’Kids in a Candy Store’: Teaching with Project-Based Learning in the Elementary Classroom”

HC: 17-23 –Williams, Grant, “Calling Something Your Own: Creation of a UCA Cross Country Course”

HC: 17-24 – Wilson, Seth Allen, “Screams for Dreams Haunted House: A Logistical Approach”

HC: 17-25 – Wofford, Ashley Grace, “An Heirs’ Problem: Study of Heirs Property in Arkansas through Land Valuation Analysis”

HC: 17-26 – Wright, Jessica, “Coffee Shops and Cash Crops: Gritty Origins of the World’s Favorite Beverage”

HC: 17-27 – Arechiga, Luz Elena, “Bullied for Life: How Childhood Bullying Affects Long-Term Mental Health”

HC: 17-28 – Battaglia, Alexander, “States as Species: An Interdisciplinary Metaphorical Lens to Examine Interstate Conflict and Development”

HC: 17-29 – Bishop, Danielle, “Things That Go Bump in the Night and Other Harmless Monsters: A Psychological Study of the Effects of Fear in Art”

HC: 17-30 – Blew, John David “Bo”, “Recreating Consensus: Scientific Racism and the Fight Against the Civil Rights Movement”

HC: 17-31 – Brady, Levi Allen, “The Sculpt Mind: An Argument for the Honors Experience as Abstract Art”

HC: 17-32 – Carter, Aaron, “I Can’t Go Back: How Transition Homes Can Help Break the Cycle of Juvenile Recidivism”

HC: 17-33 – Caruthers, Brigette, “Kung Physics: The Role of Progress and Tradition in Martial Arts”

HC: 17-34 – Casey, Danielle, “Race, Republicanism, and Realignment: Analyzing Arkansas’s Shift in Party Loyalty”

HC: 17-35 – Castro, Rafael, “To Our Health and Well-Being: The Human-Animal Bond”


HC: 17-37 – Cole, Christopher Freeman, “Baptized by Fire: The Unique Role of Glossolalia in the Azusa Street Revival”

HC: 17-38 – Cole, Samantha, “Paws for Veterans: Animal Assisted Therapy and its Impact on PTSD”

HC: 17-39 – Curzon, Austin, “Let’s Play: Exploring a YouTube Phenomenon”

HC: 17-40 – Denton, Caleb, “Philosophy Through Video Games: Gaming as a Unique Medium”

HC: 17-41 – Flippo, Bobby Calvin, “How Political Culture Influences Elite Special Interest Group Relationships with State Political Leaders”

HC: 17-42 – France, Jennifer, “Making Monsters: The Creative Process Behind Special Effects Makeup”

HC: 17-43 – Garriott, Shelby, “Green Spaces in Busy Places: Health Implications of Urban Agriculture”

HC: 17-44 – Godwin, Ashley, “Honors is the Tree: The Analysis and Further Branding of the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College”

HC: 17-45 – Grubbs, Emily, “Not So Sweet: The Realities of College Students Living with Type 1 Diabetes”

HC: 17-46 – James, Hannah, “The Decline of State Chartered Banks: Causes, Concerns, and Conclusions”

HC: 17-47 – Jensen, Andrew, “Comparing Efficiency of Roundabouts to Traffic Lights in Conway, Arkansas – A Probabilistic and Simulation Approach”

HC: 17-48 – Johnson, Mary Ellen, “Fair to Blame? Exploring Moral Luck Through a Pedagogical Computer Game”

HC: 17-49 – Balak, Deni, “Personalizing Probation: Understanding Juvenile Justice, Risk Assessments, and Recidivism in Central Arkansas”

HC: 17-50 – Craun, Victoria Katherine, “German Feminism in Weimar and Nazi Germany: The Women Between the War”

HC: 17-51 – Johnson, Hannah, “Repeat After Me: Analyzing Cultural Bias in Narrative Language Assessment of Bicultural Children”

HC: 17-52 – Halderman, Jacque, “Factors Impacting the Amount of Physical Therapy Services Received by Children with Cerebral Palsy”

HC: 17-53 – Antimo, Miranda Marie, “Rise Above Misconception: A Practical Approach to Resisting the Stigma Against Mental Illness”

HC: 17-54 – Adams, Abby Elaine, “Writing a Twice-Exceptional Blog: The Process of Creating Something Different”

HC: 17-55 – Daniel, Shelby, “A Tale of 22 Cities: Illustrated Memoir Documenting Female Perspective of Travel on a Five Week Trip in Italy”

HC: 17-56 – Walden, Kaitlyn, “Cutthroat vs Collaboration: A Comparison of Competitive and Cooperative Gaming on Reducing Anxiety”

HC: 17-57 – Allison, Zoe, “Doing Theatre Justice: Lessons in Building a Theatre of Employment”

HC: 17-58 – Kennedy, Kyle Garrison, “Bases Loaded: Applying the Balanced Scorecard Approach to the Business of Professional Baseball”

HC: 17-59 – Hardage, Jessica, “Barriers to Vaccination: Attitudes and Beliefs about Influenza Vaccines Among Students at the University of Central Arkansas”

HC: 17-60 – Hocott, Sarah Paige, “Like My Photo, DAMNIT!: The Effects of Photographical Social Media Posts on Mood and Social Comparison”

HC: 17-61 – Nelson, Hannah Elizabeth, “Maintaining Motivation: The Role of Community, Health, Dedication, and Technology on Runners in the United States and Europe”

HC: 17-62 – Baxter, Danny, “Milk and Honey: What’s Wrong with the Bees, and How Can I Help?”

HC: 17-63 – Talley, Christopher, “Kickstarter: The People Behind the Projects”

HC: 17-64 – Rathbun, Brinnon Michael, “The Telegrapher’s Equation: Millions of Miles of Math”

HC: 17-65 – Medina, Celia, “From Vegetarianism to Veganism: A Series of Short Essays and a Small Collection of Recipes”

HC: 17-66 – Finne, Madeline, “Burnout: Navigating Loss Through Experimental Film”

HC: 17-67 – Pittman, Pristine Bay, “Mapuche Healing and the Integration of Modern Medicine: A Case Study”

HC: 17-68 – Bridges, Danielle, “Spolin Sings: Integrating Theatrical Improvisations Games into the Choral Classroom”

HC: 17-69 – Bauman, Audrey See-Ting, “Hope and Her Library: A Novel”

HC: 17-70 – Karp, Katherine, “The Powers that Shape Identity: A Study of 80s and 90s Teen Narratives”

HC: 17-71 – Margis, Shelby, “Development of Synthetic Methods for R-Scorpionates”

HC: 17-72 – Gann, Courtney, “An Oral History of Animal Behavior Enterprises’ Use of Animal Operant Conditioning for Military Purposes”

HC: 17-73 – Rogers, Anna Leigh, “Get Your Head Out of the Game: Concussion Management for Collegiate Athletes”

HC: 17-74 – Garrett, Kylie Marie, “Is Free Really Free?: An Analysis of the Tax Implications of Receiving Free Money”

HC: 17-75 – Sweere, Morgan, “Bears Respond: Student Outreach Program for Emergency Preparedness at the University of Central Arkansas”

HC: 17-76 – Huckabay, Ellen Marie, “Why Local? A Taste of Conway’s Local Food Movement”


HC 18

HC: 18-01 – Morrison, Anna Belle, “‘Death by Unkown Parties’: Memorializing Lynching Victims in Monticello, Arkansas”

HC: 18-02 – Nick, Laurie, “A Teacher’s Guide to Grief: Supporting Middle School Students”

HC: 18-03 – Willis, Gabrielle Hall, “Words Worth Repeating: Perspectives of People Who Stutter”

HC: 18-04 – Wilson, Azaryah, “A PDE Method for Population Movement in an Epidemic”

HC: 18-05 – Kelley, Hannah R., “Sticks and Stones: Language’s Effect on the Self-Management of Chronic Conditions in College Age Students”

HC: 18-06 – Bibbs, Alexis Elizabeth, “Who ‘Gets Involved’: A Study of the Correlation Between Student Involvement, Personality, and Optimism Among College Students”

HC: 18-07 – Tatem, Alexandria, “Delicious Diversity: Experiencing Cultures One Bite at a Time”

HC: 18-08 – Wright, Jessica Realla, “Building A Place in the World: An Exploration of the Effects of Gender, Race, and Age on Place Attachment and Belonging”

HC: 18-09 – Hawking, Christy Lynn, “I Think I Can: Is There a Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Participation in School-Aged Children Receiving Therapy?”

HC: 18-10 – McEntire, Lillian, “The Right to Sight: Vision Care Accessibility For Homeless Individuals in Conway, Arkansas”

HC: 18-11 – Davari, Addison Sabahat, “Another Piece to the Puzzle: Helping Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Succeed in College”

HC: 18-12 – Evans, Leah, “Suicide Survivors’ Road to Recovery: A Transformative Healing Process”

HC: 18-13 – Davidson, Adam Kristopher, “Characterization of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Missouri and Arkansas”

HC: 18-14 – Patel, Bhavin, “A Coming of Age and the Modification of Indian Cuisine in the United States”

HC: 18-15 – Hickey, Sawyer Adam, “An Experiential Project: Organizing a Cycling and Running Race to Purchase Adaptive Therapy Bikes for Community Connections”

HC: 18-16 – McAfee, Anna Laura, “Family Caregivers and Dementia Care-Recipients: Using Preferred Music During Bathing Routines”

HC: 18-17 – Epperson, Garrett, “EPortfolios and the Importance of Self-Reflective Learning”

HC: 18-18 – Johnson, Samantha, “Mosaic: A Collection of Stories About Failing Well”

HC: 18-19 – Schmidt, Jenna, “Out of the Darkness: Shining Light on Suicide Prevention”

HC: 18-20 – Hufstedler, Jesse Glen Hardin, “Peregrinos, Reacciones Paliativas, y Medidas Putativas: El Vertido de Crudo del Barco Prestige en Terminos Economicos y Legales”

HC: 18-21 – McConnell, Sydney, “What’s Going On: The Evolution of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, 1965-1973”

HC: 18-22 – Poling, Nicole, “Adjustment to Career-Ending Sports Injuries: A Qualitative Study”

HC: 18-23 – Breazeale, Madison Claire, “Bridging the Gap: Jesus, the Teacher, and Modern Learning Theories”

HC: 18-24 – Meyer, Addison Steele, “Getting Pumped: An Analysis of Tax Write-Offs on the Ogallala Aquifer”

HC: 18-25 – Henderson, Ashley, “An Analysis of Anthropophagy Among Ancestral Pueblo People of the Four Corners Region”

HC: 18-26 – Wilson, Kayla A., “Participant Engagement in Online vs. Laboratory-Based Experiments: Two Attempts at Replicating the Illusory Correlation Effect”

HC: 18-27 – Haislip, Rachel, “FD&C Dye Content of Popular Beverages”

HC: 18-28 – Beck, Farrah J. “Mental Health While Abroad: Assessing the Absence of Resources Surrounding Mental Illness and Study Abroad”

HC: 18-29 – McElduff, Hanna Grace, “The Historical Construction of Whiteness and College Students’ Attitudes Towards Race”

HC: 18-30 – Whitaker, Maria Kathryn, “UCA to URJC: A Guide to Semester Exchange in Spain”

HC: 18-31 – Barnello, Joe, “Is the Bill of Rights ‘Necessary and Proper?’: An Analysis of the Effects of the ‘Necessary and Proper’ Clause and the Supremacy Clause on the Formation of the Bill of Rights”

HC: 18-32 – Dino, Justin Edcel Troy Samonte, “Effects of Pregnenolone Availability and 3B-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase HSD-3 on Dietary Restriction-Mediated Stress Resistance in C. elegans”

HC: 18-33 – Bass, Jake, “A Geometric Approach for Deriving the Conservation Laws of Electromagnetism”

HC: 18-34 – Purtle, Ashton Skyler, “Sock-Its: Helping Kids “Sock It” to Sickness”

HC: 18-35 – Avery, Taylor, “Perception of the Accounting Profession and the Effect of the Accounting Curriculum”

HC: 18-36 – Parks, Hannah M., “The Growth of Glyphosate-Resistant Amaranthus Palmeri in Response to Increased Temperature and Water Stress”

HC: 18-37 – Harp, Hayley, “‘Pills and Potions, We’re Overdosing’: Female Athlete Performance Enhancing Drug Abuse”

HC: 18-38 – Russenberger, Nick, “Nosocomial Infections: Where Arkansas Healthcare Flatlines”

HC: 18-39 – Duvall, Jarett, “Far and Wide: The Story of American Sufism”