Small Manuscript Collection

The UCA Archives Small Manuscript Collection consists mostly of papers written by senior seminar history majors, undergraduate honors in the major thesis, and collections that fit into a folder. There are approximately 1,800 papers in this collection. These papers can be helpful when doing research for their diverse topic representation as well as each author’s bibliography, which can help you continue your own research.  Please complete the Small Manuscript Collection form for your research request(s).


SMC #1- Tom J. Terral Papers – c. 1926

SMC #2- John L. McClellan Letter to Gov. Terral

SMC #3- Dee Brown Letter

SMC #4- John Gould Fletcher letters

SMC #5- Garland to Mrs. A.C. Curtis

SMC #6- John Gould Fletcher Manuscript Poem “Canadian Crossing” and “South Star”

SMC #7- Moore, Dan F., “17th Century Michigamea Village Location in Arkansas”

SMC #8- Governor George Donaghey Speech Manuscript to ASTC on Founders Day 1936

SMC #9- Edsel Ford Poem, Letter, and Newspaper Articles

SMC #10- Gwaltney, F., “Yeller-Headed Summer” Manuscript

SMC #11- Fletcher-Utely Letters

SMC #12- Governor Charles H. Brough Speech, “Arkansas the Commonwealth of Opportunity and Achievement”

SMC #13- Strawberry Industry of Bald Knob

SMC #14- Chaney Jr., Horace, “Historical Sketch of Woodruff County,” – c. 1951

SMC #15- Court case notes on Jacob Barkman vs. Stephen F. Austin – c. 1820

SMC #16- McLeod, Walter E. “New Hope Church: The First Hundred Years”

SMC #17- Charlie May Fletcher Letter

SMC #18- Pulaski County Surveyor Letter – c. 1871

SMC #19- Pulaski County Surveyor Document and Map – c. 1871

SMC #20- Clayton, J.E. “The Start of Conway’s Public Schools”

SMC #21- William Grant Still Documents

SMC #22- Reid, Margaret, “Months of the Depression in Conway,” – 1963

SMC #23- McGaughy, J.P., “Sketches,” – 1969

SMC #24- Biographical Sketches of Charles Hilman Brough – 1950

SMC #25- H.K. Thatcher Manuscripts, “Camden and the Ouachita River” and “Ships That Have Passed in their Day”

SMC #26- Biography of John W. Morris – 1916

SMC #27- Wilcox Store Day Book – 1920-1929

SMC #28- Landscape Drawing

SMC #29- L.S. Dunaway Letter

SMC #30- Irby, Nolen M., “Program for Educational Opportunities Equality”

SMC #31- McLeod, Walter, “State Builders- The Hardins”

SMC #32- Patton Jr., Adell, “Black Family Migration In-and-Out, ” – 1984

SMC #33- Patton Jr., Adell, “Reverend A.L. Stemford, 1830-1883,” – 1984

SMC #34- Plat of sections – 25 & 26, T25, R9W in Lonoke County, Surveyor’s Office – 1853

SMC #35- Parker, Rebecca, “Bishop William Montgomery Brown: Heretic or Hero?” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 03, 1988

SMC #36- Scott, Sondra, “Walter Munn, Advocate of Constitutional Revision in Arkansas,” – 1969

SMC #37- Scott, Susan, “Political Leadership in the Arkansas General Assembly,” Honors in Political Science – April 10, 1981

SMC #38- Copeland, Maybelle, “Mineral Production in Arkansas”

SMC #39- Diary of P.H. McNulty (1863-1864)

SMC #40- Fulmer, Dennis C., “An Historical Geography of Jacksonville, Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – May 1963

SMC #41- Bridge Across East Cadron

SMC #42- “Farewell Address” by Governor Sid McMath – January 13, 1953

SMC #43- Whitmer, Julian Keith, “The Frontier Dispute Between Arkansas Territory and Mexico”

SMC #44- Arkansas Elementary School Council Materials

SMC #45- Burkner, Juanita, “Ashley County Officials 1864-1874: Carpetbaggers and Scalawags or Loyal Confederates?” – May 05, 1972

SMC #46- Nisley, Janice, “Jacksonian Democracy in Arkansas During the Territorial Period,” Honors Paper – March 28, 1972

SMC #47- Alsmeyer, Marie Bennett, “Those Unseen Unheard Arkansas Women: WAC, WAVES, Women Marines of World War II,” – 1988

SMC #48- Meacham, Martha, “The Confederate Capitol of Arkansas”

SMC #49- Guthridge, David L., “The Capture of Little Rock,” ENG 132, Section 16 – April 05, 1961 (note: 1st three pages are missing)

SMC #50- McBrien, Dean D., “Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Hon. Otis T. Wingo,” – October 30, 1930

SMC #51- McFall, Irvin H., “James Calvin Casharago,” HIST 4300, Seminar – July 1973

SMC #52- Plopper, Bruce L., “The Usefulness of University Sponsored Workshops as Aids for High School Journalism Advisers…” – 1988

SMC #53- McKinney, Francess A., “Caves of Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – June 17, 1963

SMC #54- Runon, Harriet, “Conway County: Arkansas Geography,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas

SMC #55- Thompson, Mary E., “Cherokee Indians of Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – May 20, 1963

SMC #56- Pierce, Arthur, “White Township, Newton County,” – August 7, 1953

SMC #57- “The Educational Needs and Interests of Arkansas,” – c. 1953

SMC #58- “John S. Gibson, Candidate for Representative of Lawrence County”

SMC #59- Wood, Tomie, “Arkansas’ State Parks,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – June 24, 1963

SMC #60- Carolan, Nell, “Coal in Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – July 1963

SMC #61- Brummett, Sue, “Distribution of Vocational Training in Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – April 20, 1963

SMC #62- Wolcox, Ruth, “Arkansas Forests,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas

SMC #63- Teeter, Neva, “Agriculture in Drew County,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas

SMC #64- Blackwell, D., “Tourism in the Ozark Mountains,” – August 10, 1961

SMC #65- Harper, Winston D., “Game Fish of Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas

SMC #66- Lenggenhager, Dorothe, “The Water Supply System of Little Rock, Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography in Arkansas – May 1963

SMC #67- Fong, Mable, “Geography of St. Francis County,” GEO 338, Geography in Arkansas – May 02, 1960

SMC #68- Quapaw Quarter Association Materials

SMC #69- George C. Branner Letter, Pactolus, Arkansas – June 26, 1941

SMC #70- Loftin, Phebe, “Development of the Buffalo River”

SMC #71- Woodward, Billy R., “Bradley-Southern Division of Potlatch Forests, Inc.” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – May 1963

SMC #72- Sneed, Betty, “Bowie Land Frauds” – March 08, 1971

SMC #73- Dillard, Joe, “History of Lake Conway”

SMC #74- Ross, Margaret Ann, “Early Camp Meetings in Faulkner County” – 1950

SMC #75- Jones, Leola, “The Aluminum Industry in Arkansas,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas

SMC #76- Eastham, Josie, “Fort Smith,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – May 20, 1963

SMC #77- Whatley Family Materials

SMC #78- Berry, Trey, “Bill Clinton and the Changing Image of Arkansas”

SMC #79- Clayton, Louise, “Legal Status and Social Life of the Slave in Arkansas”

SMC #80- Price, Hoyt, “The Price Family”

SMC #81- Letters to Hays Gibson, Conway, Arkansas

SMC #82- War Ration Books – 1943-1944

SMC #83- Arkansas State Police Materials

SMC #84- Bunting, Almeta Ray, “The Life Story of Almeta Ray Bunting” – December 15, 1967

SMC #85- George W. Wilson Murder Materials

SMC #86- Conway High School 1925 Class Materials – May 28, 1955

SMC #87- Martin Family Materials

SMC #88- Sam Houston Letter to C.F.M. Noland – June 10, 1832

SMC #89- Joe Frauenthal Letters – 1922-1931

SMC #90- Cooperative Extension Service Letter – 1929

SMC #91- Deed for Swamp and Overflowed Land – 1837

SMC #92- Professor Earl L. Higgins Diary – 1945

SMC #93- Poll Tax Receipts – 1904-1938

SMC #94- Bill of Sale for a Slave – 1825

SMC #95- Memorial to Frank L. Blair – 1927

SMC #96- Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools – 1860

SMC #97- Kuykendall, Marshall E., “Captain Robert H. Kuykendall of Austin’s Colony”

SMC #98- Ragle Family Materials

SMC #99- Beck, Florence M. “Library Science in Normal Schools” – June 1900

SMC #100- Wilson, William Oscar, “History of Education in Arkansas: Accounts of Academies” – c.1935

SMC #101- Wilson, William Oscar, “History of Methodist Education in Arkansas: Early Methodist Academies” – c. 1935

SMC #102- McCloy, Joseph Dixon, “History of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., Monticello, Arkansas 1866-1936”

SMC #103- Lester, Caroline McClurkin, “Harry G. McClurkin: An American Educator” – May 06, 1987

SMC #104- Dean D. McBrien Materials

SMC #105- Col. John C. Wright and Capt. Pink Burk Materials

SMC #106- Montgomery, Don, “Confederate General Assembly in Washington, Arkansas” – January 30, 1979

SMC #107- The Indians at Pea Ridge

SMC #108- Minton, Hubert L., “History of UCA”Collection created. Please see M06-02 – H.L. Minton Collection

SMC #109- Battle of Pea Ridge

SMC #110- Brady, Charles Scott, “Little Rock to a Man in Blue,” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 12, 1991

SMC #111- 100th Anniversary of Pea Ridge, Benton County Pioneer, Vol. 7, No. 3 – March 1962

SMC #112- Dickson, Clella B. and Sybil D. Fowlkes, “Historical Geography of Heber Springs”

SMC #113- Montgomery, Don, “The Federal Occupation of Washington, Arkansas in 1865” – February 17, 1981

SMC #114- Ferguson, John L., “A Brief History of Washington”

SMC #115- Fair Jr., James R., “The St. Francis Basin Project of the Cotton Belt Route”

SMC #116- Osburn, Mattie Lee, “Historical Geography of Forrest City, Arkansas”

SMC #117- McKnight, Helen, “Bradford, Arkansas”

SMC #118- Sullivan, Anna J., “Briggsville History,” Historical Geography of the U.S. – April 22, 1952

SMC #119- Hunt, Schell, “The Geographical History of Heber Springs and Cleburne County,” Historical Geography of the U.S. – August 03, 1953

SMC #120- Robinson, Jewel, “History of Cabot, Arkansas,” Historical Geography of the U.S.

SMC #121- Logan, Phil, “History of Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Booneville, Arkansas” – December 09, 1946

SMC #122- Harris, William Henry, “History of Harrisburg and Poinsett County”

SMC #123- Report of General Albert Pike, C.S. Army…March 14, 1862

SMC #124- The Indians at Pea Ridge

SMC #125- Trebing Memorial Home for Blind Women Materials

SMC #126- The Battle Between Ike and Faubus

SMC #127- Curtis Hornor Papers – 1918-1919

SMC #128- J.A. Pence Papers – 1880-1938

SMC #129- Roy A. Nowell Papers – 1918-1945

SMC #130- Miller’s Store Records – 1927-1957

SMC #131- George E. Patchell Papers – 1879-1952

SMC #132- W.E. Woodruff Telegraph – 1862

SMC #133- Granade, Henry M., “Ten Years Recollections of Itinerant Life in the Arkansas Conference of the Methodist E. Church…” – 1859-1869

SMC #134- Arkansas Department of Education Correspondence – 1918-1978

SMC #135- Republican Party Materials – 1907-1954

SMC #136- R.A. Nowell Official Bond – May 1931

SMC #137- Arkansas State Rangers Materials – 1935-1972

SMC #138- Demby, J. William, “The War in Arkansas, or a Treatise on the Great Rebellion of 1861” – 1864

SMC #139- Petty, A.W.M., “A History of the Third Missouri Calvary” – 1865

SMC #140- Statewide Coordination Meeting of Federal Agencies Operating in Arkansas – April 24, 1936

SMC #141- Magazine School Record – 1877-1882

SMC #142- Coles, Sandra D., “Hydroboration-Oxidation Reactions of Bicyclo Olefins”

SMC #143- Little Rock City Health Department Report – 1947

SMC #144- Randy O. Bowling Materials – 1974-1987

SMC #145- Conway Treasurer’s Journal – 1878-1918

SMC #146- Data on an Arkansas Map – MAP III-168 in Archives

SMC #147- Little Rock Architecture Manuscript by Charles Fearnley

SMC #148- Moved to M89-28.

SMC #149- A+ Arkansas Educational Materials

SMC #150- Marion R. Perry Materials

SMC #151- Arkansas’ Incorporated Academics Data

SMC #152- Howe, Harrison, “All Aboard for Arkansas,” Sheet Music (FRAGILE)

SMC #153- Louisa Thessing Materials – c. 1900s

SMC #154- Charles Hillman Brough Materials

SMC #155- 11th U.S. Colored Troops Materials

SMC #156- Religious Materials

SMC #157- Religious Materials by Dale Collins

SMC #158- History of the Arkansas State Teachers College – 1939

SMC #159- Capt. H.L. Trundie Materials

SMC #160- Cecil Garrison Materials

SMC #161- Sherman, Nicana C., “Race for the Statehouse: The 1952 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in Arkansas” – December 15, 1986

SMC #162- Cartagno, Jacalyn, “A History of the J.M. Maus Company”

SMC #163- Control of Total Reduced Sulfer Emissions from Kraft Pulp Mills

SMC #164- Heifer Project International Materials

SMC #165- Plopper, Bruce L., “Gannett and the Gazette: Effects of Chain Ownership on General New Content in AR’ Oldest Newspaper”

SMC #166- Lucy Turner Materials

SMC #167- St. Boniface Catholic Church Materials

SMC #168- Arkansas Press Association Materials

SMC #169- Larson Library Materials

SMC #170- Albert Pike Letters

SMC #171- J.N. Heiskell Materials

SMC #172- Dabbs, Phillip C., “The Curtis Motor Car Company” – June 30, 1969

SMC #173- Stinson, Rev. J.W., “A Brief Sketch of My Work in Arkansas”

SMC #174- Arkansas Earthquake Materials

SMC #175- Genealogical Repositories Data

SMC #176- Martin, Jason C., “Engagement at Poison Springs”

SMC #177- Rowe, Earl David, “The Federal Writers’ Project in Arkansas: 1935-1942,” Master of Arts Thesis – May 1990

SMC #178- Mote, Ralph E., “The Development of an Educational Method…or The Training School From Beginning to Present,” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 07, 1990

SMC #179- Polston, Mike, “To Can the Kaiser’- Sevier County and the Great War”

SMC #180- David Hampton Prior Materials

SMC #181- Franklin, Vanessa L., “The Last Political Machine in Arkansas” – November 18, 1985

SMC #182- Buegal, John T., “A Diary Dealing with Experiences and Events During the Civil War…”

SMC #183- Democratic Primary Election Polling Places – 1966

SMC #184- University of Arkansas Special Collections Reference Guides

SMC #185- Rich Mountain Community College Materials

SMC #186- Stane, Barry, “Bigelow”

SMC #187- Arkansas Endangered and Threatened Species Materials

SMC #188- Russell W. Benedict’s Narrative of Early Settlement in Central Arkansas

SMC #189- Nichols, Ronnie A., “Family Background”

SMC #190- Nichols, Ronnie A., “Private Aaron Hurvey, Co. F., 4th Arkansas Regiment of African Descent”

SMC #191- Hunting and Fishing Materials

SMC #192- World War II Prisoner of War Camp Inspection Records

SMC #193- Wallace Institute Document

SMC #194- Bowie Knife Materials

SMC #196- Lollie Plantation Records  Moved to M20-05 Lollie Plantation Records Collection.

SMC #197- Hackbart-Dean, Pam, “Map Management for Small Collections”

SMC #198- Arkansas Penitentiary Death Row Materials

SMC #199- McDonald Family History

SMC #200- McDonald, Mary, “The Light of Day is Dim” – c. 1951

SMC #201- Plopper, Bruce L., “Defamation in a Rural State: An Analysis of Arkansas Supreme Court Libel and Slander Cases,” – 1991

SMC #202- Taylor, Melissa R., “Precursors to Recognition: A Geographical History of N. Little Rock,” GEO 338, Geography of Arkansas – October 08, 1993

SMC #203- Omond, Arthur V. and Hallie C. Ormond, “History of Elba, Arkansas”

SMC #204- A History of the National Youth Administration in Arkansas – Jun. 26, 1935-Jul. 3, 1943

SMC #205- University of Arkansas Committee for Survey- Appraisal of National Youth Administration of Arkansas – July 1, 1940

SMC #206- Dollar, Clyde D., “The First Fort Smith Report: Addendum 1975” – March 1976

SMC #207- Goodwin, Sheard, “Not By Magic: The Creation of Little Rock Air Force Base,” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1992

SMC #208- Town of Fourche History

SMC #209- Lois Spears Diary – 1929

SMC #210- John R.H. Scott Papers – 1861-1862

SMC #211- Word, David, “Ordinance Activities of Confederate Arkansas,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 14, 1992

SMC #212- Noble, Tom, “The Vestal Company,” HIST 4300,  Seminar – August 14, 1992

SMC #213- Nieser, Tracy, “The History of Camp Pike, Arkansas,” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #214- Howard, Patricia, “Arkansas Mammals: From European Confrontation to American Conservation,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 11, 1992

SMC #215- Reynolds, Jana, “KATV, Channel 7,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 12, 1992

SMC #216- Canulla, Michelle, “Italian Immigration to the Delta: Lake Village and Pine Bluff, 1895-1915,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 14, 1992

SMC #217- Baker, J. Chris, “A Commitment to Excellence: The History of Baker Drug Store,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1, 1992

SMC #218- Schwartz, Scott, “A History of Lodge’s Corner, Arkansas,” HIST 4300, Seminar – July 25, 1992

SMC #219- Dais, Michale A., “A History of the Development and Dedications of Greers Ferry Dam, 1932-1963,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 14, 1992

SMC #220- Foreman, Cathy, “Beebe: The Beginning and Its Growth,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 14, 1992

SMC #221- Allen, Sharon Kay, “The Lynching of Women in Arkansas, 1889-1918,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1992

SMC #222- Strickland, Michael R., “Rum, Rebellion, Rackateers, and Rascals: Alexander Copeland Millar and the Fight to Preserve Prohibition in Arkansas, 1927-1933,” Master’s Thesis, UALRAugust 1993

SMC #223- “The Prairie County, Arkansas Slave Narratives,” compiled by Bill Sayger, Federal Writer’s Project, 1990

SMC #224- Bradach, Laura J., “Battle of Wilson’s Creek,” HIST 5330, Civil War and Reconstruction 

SMC #225- Warhurst, Greg, “Lee Wilson and Company:  100 Years of a Growing Tradition,” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1992

SMC #226- Journal of Adaline Kiethely

SMC #227- Cloar Sr., Mrs. T.J., “History of Earle”

SMC #228-

SMC #229- Cathey, Mrs. Aaron, “Historical Geography of Conway County,” GEO 339, Historical Geography of the U.S. – August, 03, 1953

SMC #230- Parsons, Charles David, “A History of Oakland United Methodist Church-Holland, Faulkner County, Arkansas,” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 03, 1992

SMC #231- Ophelia Fisher Scrapbook – 1920

SMC #232- Jonathon Hardin Materials

SMC #233- Charlie May Simon Fletcher Letter – May 17, 1950

SMC #234- Stone, Jayme Lynne, “The Civil War Struggle for Control of the Arkansas River: Dardanelle, Arkansas in January 1865,” HIST 5330, Civil War and Reconstruction – December 1992

SMC #235- Jimmye M. Jones Diary – 1936-1940

SMC #236- Nutt, Tim G., “By the Roar of the Cannons: The Battle of Fayetteville, Apr. 18, 1863”

SMC #237- Nutt, Tim G., “Floods, Flatcars, and Foozies: Creating the City of N. Little Rock, AR”

SMC #238- Final Grand Jury Report to Judge Paul Wolfe – May 12, 1960

SMC #239- McClung, Marshia, “The Bold New Experiment at the Arkansas State Teachers College,” HIST 4390, Oral History – March 10, 1987

SMC #240- Martin, Faye, “School Consolidation in Independence County, Arkansas: 1925-1934 with Emphasis on the Pleasant Plains Canter,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 12, 1970

SMC #241- Mills, James Rodney, “Consolidation in the Malvern Public School System,” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1986

SMC #242- Johnson, Carolyn, “The Organization of the Conway Public School System,” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1970

SMC #243- Hays, Sue Ann, “The Campus Life at Arkansas State Teachers College in the Fifties,” HIST 4390, Oral History – March 10, 1987

SMC #244- Harrison, Brent, “The Arkansas State Library Commission,” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 12, 1983

SMC #245- Wilson, John Bernard, “Arkansas Education, 1900-1904,” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 24, 1971

SMC #246- Krosky, James, “The Name Change of Arkansas State Normal School,” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 07, 1974

SMC #247- McGhee, Karen, “University of Central Arkansas During the Depression,” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #248- Lightie, Julian, “The Centerville Community Service Center, Inc.” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 10, 1971

SMC #249- Middlebrooks, Kathy Lynn, “Wingo Hall, The First PWA Project in Arkansas,” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 12, 1986

SMC #250- Mitcham, Janet Claire, “The Normal School Movement Among Teachers in AR, 1880-1885,”

SMC #251- Koehler, Cathy, “Arkansas Library Commission, 1935-1945,” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1981

SMC #252- Powers, Linda Susan, “Education in Mount Vernon, 1930-1950,” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 08, 1975

SMC #253- Hamby, John, “Rural School Consolidation in Bayou Meto Township, Pulaski County, Arkansas, 1926-1928,” – February 26, 1974

SMC #254- Hall, Carol, “The Coming of the Faulkner-Van Buren Regional Library” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #255- Howard, Laura, “Progressive Education in Arkansas: The Work of The Southern Education Board”

SMC #256- Wilhite, John, “The Consolidation of Bigelow School District #17 and Houston #39 to form East End Consolidated #1” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #257- Webb, Tommie, “College Theatre at Arkansas State Teachers College during the 1920’s and 1930’s” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1975

SMC #258- Thornton, Jusy, “The Creation of the Arkansas Library Commission” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 08, 1970

SMC #259- Villines, Pam, “Veterans and the Arkansas State Teachers College Housing Crisis of the Late 1940’s” – August 01, 1977

SMC #260- Thomas, Ronnie, “Clarke’s Academy” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 06, 1969

SMC #261- Schaper, Bruce A., “The Youngster: History of the ASTC Student Union” HIST 4390, Oral History – March 10, 1987

SMC #262- Rhoden, Howard E., “Influence of the Progressive Movement on the Establishment of the Arkansas Boys’ Industrial School” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 11, 1970

SMC #263- Bustamonte, Francis Joseph, “William J. Franks and the Medal of Honor” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1985

SMC #264- Roberts, Bobby, “The Federal Advance Along the White River” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 06, 1970

SMC #265- Wilkes, Richard W., “The Third Arkansas Cavalry (Union)” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 11, 1977

SMC #266- Whisnant, Stephen Willard, “Arms for Confederate Arkansas: Early Phase, 1861-1862” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 06, 1970

SMC #267- Wynn, Xavier Zinzeindolph, “The Fourth Colored Infantry (Fifty-Seventh United States Colored Troops)” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #268- West, Michael R.M., “Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 16, 1987

SMC #269- Taylor, Ronald Gene, “Aid to Confederate Veterans in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 13, 1970

SMC #270- Sontag, Charles E., “Horace Jewell: A Biographical Sketch of a Confederate Civil War Chaplain” HIST 4300,  Seminar – December 16, 1987

SMC #271- Smith, Dana, “Battle of Prairie Grove, December 7, 1862” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #272- McConnell, Lanny Ray, “The Influence of Disease on General Frederick Steele’s March from Pea Ridge to Little Rock, Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #273- Malone, Bill, “From Pea Ridge to Helena: A Few Logistics” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 11, 1967

SMC #274- Lawson, Charles Wayne, “Resistance in Drew County, Arkansas, To Military Forces From January, 1865 To Establishment of New County Government on June 3, 1865” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1970

SMC #275- Green, John N., “The Battle of Helena” HIST 4300, Seminar – June 30, 1969

SMC #276- Dent, Clyde Ralph, “The Recruitment of Negro Troops in Arkansas by the Union Army During the Civil War” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1970

SMC #277- Chandler, Frank Douglas, “Dawson’s 19th Arkansas Infantry” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #278- Burch, Barry, “General John Sappington Marmaduke’s Retreat from Cape Girardeau” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #279- Anderson, William David, “A Cursory History of the Fifty-Seventh Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Colored), 1864-1866” HIST 4300, Seminar – 1972

SMC #280- Bender, Melvin Edwin, “Prison Experience and Treatment of Officers Captured at Arkansas Post: Lt. James K. Ferguson” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 13, 1978

SMC #281- Kahland, Brad M., “Minos Miller: White Officer of Black Troops in the United States Civil War” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 20, 1993

SMC #282- Parson, Charles D., “A Brief Outline of the History of the Tenth Arkansas Infantry, Confederate” December 7, 1992

SMC #283- Shearer, Jarrel, “Life in Rowher [sic] Relocation Center” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 21, 1970

SMC #284- Jacobs, Edward Lawrence, “The Jerome Cooperative Enterprises, Incorporation” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 05, 1974

SMC #285- Hartsfield, Jim C., “Jerome and Rohwer: Relocation Camps” HIST 4355, Arkansas History – July 07, 1977

SMC #286- Myers, Lee Alyson, “Japanese Relocation: The Rohwer Camp” HIST 4300,  Seminar – December 13, 1979

SMC #287- Lewis, Dorothy Case, “Japanese Relocation Centers in Arkansas” – 1982

SMC #288- McClane, Sandra, “The Rohwer Relocation Center” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 10, 1972

SMC #289- Senn, Gerlad, “Opposition to World War I in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – June 30, 1969

SMC #290- White, Terry R., “Camp Barton” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 1973

SMC #291- Newland, Sherrin, “Effects of Old Dwight Mission on the Arkansas Cherokees” HIST 4300, Seminar – June 30, 1969

SMC #292- Nowlin, Ben Gary, “A Study of the first Baptist Church, Conway, Arkansas, 1920-1929” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 07, 1975

SMC #293- Ludinton, William A., “Fort Smith: A Union Stronghold.  A Study of Union Activities at Fort Smith, Nov. 1860-May 1861” HIST 4300, Seminar – June 1969

SMC #294- Longinotti, Joan, “The Dwight Presbyterian Indian Mission in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1970

SMC #295- Mitchell, Mike, “St. Joseph Parish of Conway Arkansas: Progress and Efficiency” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 14, 1971

SMC #296- Murphy, Sarnia, “The Missionaries in Arkansas, 1816-1860” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 18, 1967

SMC #297- Kirkendoll, James, “The Changing Times of Pee Dee Church and School” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #298- Waldrip, Don F., “Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1879-1929” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 22, 1970

SMC #299- Waddell, William Arnold, “Questions of Prohibition, Evolution and New Morality in Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1920’s” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1978

SMC #300- Wood, Stephen R., “Early Baptist Churches in Independence County” – May 21, 1970

SMC #301- Readnour, Vada Camp, “St. Peter’s Episcopal Mission, Conway, Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1976

SMC #302- Showen, Diana Kaye, “The Old Dwight Mission” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 30, 1968

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SMC #305- Harris, Peggy, “History of Mount Zion Baptist Church” – July 30, 1969

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SMC #313-

SMC #314- Snider, Sharon, “Railroad Strikes of 1885-1886” – December 14, 1972

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SMC #328- Jones, Julian Joseph, “The Hempstead-Howard County Riot of 1883 and the Involvement of the Arkansas State Militia” – May 1976

SMC #329- Johnson, Sharon Ann, “The War in Conway County: Martial Law and Related Incidents [in 1868]” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1976

SMC #330- Wills, Robert, 1947 Liquor Election in Saline County” HIST 4300, Seminar 

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SMC #333- Ward, Charles E., “The Depression Years in White County”

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SMC #339- Smith, Alisa Lynn, “1982 Jackson County Seat Movement” HIST 4330, Civil War and Reconstruction, – December 15, 1986

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SMC #341- Sandoval, Jeff, “Elements That Led to the Demise of the Health Resort at Heber Springs” – May 07, 1993

SMC #342- Bland, Lovette Karen, “The Development of Public Health in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 28, 1977

SMC #343- Blaylock, Melvin “The Crippled Children’s Division, 1937 to 1949” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 15, 1970

SMC #344- Fravel, Jesse Samuel, “The Arkansas Hookworm Eradication Program 1910-1914” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 8, 1970

SMC #345- Satterfield, Sue, “Creation of the Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Booneville” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 10, 1971

SMC #346- Brimer, James E., “The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission”

SMC #347- Anderson, Steve, “Act 35 and the Reorganization of the Arkansas Game and Fish’ Commission” – August 08, 1973

SMC #348- Rogers, James Kenneth, “The Acquisition of the Lands Comprising the Bayou Meto Public Hunting Area” HIST 4300, Seminar – 1973

SMC #349- Staton, Pamela, “A General Discussion on the Development of Bait-Fish Farming in Lonoke County” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 13, 1982

SMC #350- Yingling, Christopher Paul, “The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1985

SMC #351- Cooper Betty Sue, “Progress in Heber Springs” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1970

SMC #352- Covington, Robert Daniel, “The Grand Opera House of Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1882-1904”

SMC #353- Craig, Milton, “Conway Public Schools, 1878-1892” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 12, 1971

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SMC #359- Sakata, Akira, “Conway Fire Department, 1900 to 1948” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 11, 1977

SMC #360- Smith, Susan W. “King Biscuit Time” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1986

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SMC #362- Wooley, Francie, “Pickles Gap as a Reflection of the Times” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 15, 1970

SMC #363- Hartsfield, Jimmie C., “Organization and Installation of Conway’s Wooden Water System” HIST 4300,  Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #364- Public Works Administration Conway, Arkansas 1934-1937 – August 11, 1970

SMC #365- Smith, Dianna Horton, “Leslie, Arkansas” – Spring 1970

SMC #366- Fancherk Terry, “Steamboat Disasters on the Arkansas River from 1836-1860” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 1970

SMC #367- Formby, Nancy  May, “The Rose Bud Fire of 1925” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 06, 1970

SMC #368- Burris, Rick, “The Flood of 1927 as Pertaining to Faulkner County” HIST 4300, Seminar 

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SMC #372- Lowe, Larry E., “A Comparative Historical Study of Cabot, Arkansas” – May 1993

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SMC #375- Bounds, Sarah, “A Brief Review of the Elaine Race Riot of 1919” HIST 5355, Arkansas History Graduate Level – June 30, 1981

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SMC #379- Gifford, David Edwin, “Niloak Pottery Company of Benton, Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1986

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SMC #382- Benton, Harvey L., “Negroes of Arkansas React to the American Colonization Society”

SMC #383- Cooper, Judy, “Negroes in the Arkansas Legislature 1865-1892” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1969

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SMC #385- Govar, Robert J., “The Negro Voter in Little Rock, 1890-1910” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 08, 1972

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SMC #388- Vogler, Myrtle Clarine, “Short Narrative of McCrory, Woodruff County, Ark., Negroes Attempting to Emigrate to Liberia, 1892”

SMC #389- Watson, Melonie Kay, “Black Emigration from Arkansas in 1879” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 18, 1978

SMC #390- Williams, Charlotte, “Lynching in Arkansas 1919-1926” – June 01, 1970

SMC #391- Hodges, Georgia Ann, “A Case of Injustice” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 03, 1985

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SMC #393- Burton, Karen Ann, “A Decade of Improvements: Tull Home Demonstration Club, 1929-1939” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 13, 1983

SMC #394- Davis, Sheila, “The Woman’s Chronicle” HIST 4300, Seminar – August 11, 1970

SMC #395- Cole, Leigh, “The Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs and it’s Attitude Toward Child Labor in Arkansas, 1910-1920” – May 10, 1973

SMC #396- Harper, Barbara G. “Women of Change: Emma Reichardt Hoeltzel and Pauling Ricnardt Hoeltzel” HIST 4300, Seminar – July 23, 1993

SMC #397- Blackwell, Karen Elizabeth, “Came an Educator; Teachings and Accomplishments of Sophia Sawyer, and her Fayetteville Female Seminary” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 05, 1984

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SMC #399- Greenway, Patrina, “One Arkansas Woman During World War II” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 05, 1985

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SMC #402- Shell, Bobby, “The History Concerning the First Workman’s Compensation Law of Arkansas” – May 10, 1973

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SMC #406- Cabe, Mickey W., “Jane Stern – Little Fighter: Arkansas’ Own Environmental Watchdog” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 15, 1992

SMC #407- Higgs, Donna, “Workmen’s Compensation in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 18, 1978

SMC #408- Lunsford, Lesa J., “Dr. Eva Dodge: Pioneer for Women” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1987

SMC #409- Grasser, Thomas Duane, “Faulkner County Representatives from 1913 to 1921” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #410- Carlton, Janice Willene, “The Cleburne County Bank: Depression New Deal, and Recovery” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 13, 1983

SMC #411- Burris, Dale, “Populism in Arkansas: Lonoke and Prairie Counties” – December 17, 1971

SMC #412- Burkett, Phyllis, “A Partial History of the White County Public Library”

SMC #413- Blair, Keith H., “The Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) in Pulaski County, Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 11, 1977

SMC #414- Davis, Gary Roger, “The Officials of Stone County from 1873 to 1883 and What These Men in Common to be Elected” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #415- Davidson, Martha, “County Officials of Conway County, 1864-1874” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 09, 1980

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SMC #417- Cobb, Chris, “Perry County War”

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SMC #422- Schwarts, Steven, “The Impact of the New Deal on Arkansas State Teachers College” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 07, 1993

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SMC #424- Briere, Michael J., “Arkansas State Teachers College: Curriculum Development of General Education, 1947-1954” – March 19, 1987

SMC #425- Brewer, Sharon, “Clarke’s Academy” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 30, 1968

SMC #426- Catlett, Robert Edwin, “WAAC Invade ASTC” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 17, 1986

SMC #427- Blume, William John, “Reorganization of Faulkner County School Districts, 1937-1950” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1976

SMC #428- Biedenharn, Cherokee Dea, “Arkansas School Improvement” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1981

SMC #429- Abraham, Benny, “A History of Searcy College” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 16, 1970

SMC #430- Crownover, Myra Virginia, “The Origins of the Arkansas History Commission” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 14, 1976

SMC #431- Clark, Mary Emily, “Pioneer Education in Arkansas With an Emphasis on North Lonoke County, 1820-1860” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1977

SMC #432- Gifford, Elizabeth, “The Arkansas State Nurse’s Association, 1912-1919”

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SMC #441- Allen, Deborah, “John Dunaway: A Man Behind the Scenes” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #442- Bonds, Cynthia Ann, “Josiah Hazen Shinn’s Contributions to Arkansas Normals and Institutes, 1890-1994” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #443- Lilly, Mary Ann, “William H. Fuller” HIST 5355, Arkansas History Graduate Level – June 30, 1971

SMC #444-Leavell, Clavin, “Nimrod Menefee” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1969

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SMC #447- Brand, Malvin U. “The Fourche River Lumber Company: Formation and Decline” HIST 4300, Seminar – April 30, 1974

SMC #448- Scott, Thomas H., “Matt Ward: Local Colorist” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #449- Watts, Eddie V., “Leslie Cooperage Mill”

SMC #450- Forte, Sylvia, “Coin Harvey: A Radical by Contemporary Standards” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #451- Senyard, Sue, “Coin’s One Track Mind” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 14, 1970

SMC #452- Stewart, Michael Miller, “James Monroe McCallister: A Typical Populist” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 15, 1975

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SMC #454- Wilson, Roland Dale, “Dr. Milton Vaughan, Arkansas Volunteer During the Spanish American War” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 07, 1973

SMC #455- Mobbs, Randy Joe, “The Role of William Allen Clark in the Development of Landmarkism Within Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1976

SMC #456- Owen, James, “The Owen Family in the New South” – c. 1980

SMC #457- Ray, Daniel J., “Dr. Joseph Steven Westerfield” HIST 4300, Seminar 

SMC #458- Sanders, Jill, “Thomas Nuttall: A Botanist in the Arkansas Territory” HIST 4355, Arkansas History – July 07, 1971

SMC #459- Elmore, Donna, “The Creation and Work of the Bureau of Mines, Manufactures and Agriculture” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #460- Halsey, Lloyd C. “Death of Willie Kees” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #461- Harris, Shirlene W., “King Crowley” HIST 4355, Arkansas History

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SMC #465- Horton, Melvin, “Development of Rice Milling and Market in Arkansas County” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 19, 1970

SMC #466- Houston, Linda Ann, “Governor’s Commission on Farm Tenancy in Arkansas, 1936” HIST 4300, Seminar 

SMC #467- Johnson, Jerry, “Plot of Claude Williams and Communist Party to Gain Control of Southern Tenant Farmers Union – 1937-38” – August 09, 1972

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SMC #470- Pickand, Sharon, “Violence in Northeast Arkansas as Result of Founding of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 16, 1974

SMC #471- Phelps, Bernice, “Commission of Immigration and State Lands” – May 10, 1973

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SMC #476- Myers, Belinda, “Discovery of Oil in Arkansas” HIST 5355, Arkansas History, Graduate Level 

SMC #477- Abbott, Laura Lynn, “The Founding and Development of the Arkansas Symphony” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 16, 1987

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SMC #480- Parson, Gregory Wayne, “Landmarkism in Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1970

SMC #481- Owen, Harold Lee, “CCC Company V-1781: Petit Jean State Park” HIST 4300, Seminar

SMC #482- Newton, Ken, “Work of Company 3777, Civilian Conservation Corps on Projects at Boyle Park and State Fish Hatchery” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 10, 1973

SMC #483- Newberry, Rick, “Snag Boat Clearance Operation on the Arkansas River from its Mouth to Little Rock, 1833-1834” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 11, 1972

SMC #484- McGinty, Aline, “The Discovery of Natural Gas in Arkansas” HIST 5355, Arkansas History, Graduate Level 

SMC #485- Ryan, John L., “The Creation and Development of Arkansas’ First State Park” – Spring 1974

SMC #486- Stallings, Carol, “The Entry of the Agricultural Wheel into Politics” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1969

SMC #487- Spradley, Larry, “The Farm-Militia Colonies Organized in Northwest Arkansas in 1865” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 08, 1973

SMC #488- Spades, Virginia Ruth, “A Study of the Abolition of the Bureau of Mines, Manufactures Agriculture” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1974

SMC #489- Southall, Ellen M., “Early Arkansas Inns”

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SMC #492- Taylor, George L. “The Donation Law of 1840 and Related Land Policies” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 1970

SMC #493- Tyler, Mark Allen, “The Arkansas Farm Tenancy Commission and the Southern Tenant Farmers’s Union” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 1976

SMC #494- Webb, Dorothy Marie, “The Arkansas Tenant Farmer, 1934-1936” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 18, 1978

SMC #495- Watson, Jeffrey, “Riceland Foods During the 1920’s” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 14, 1972

SMC #496- Ward, Howard Glenn, “The Red River Raft” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 1970

SMC #497- Wright, Marshall, “Before the Razorbacks! The Beginnings of Football at the University of Arkansas, 1894-1912” HIST 5355, Arkansas History, Graduate Level

SMC #498- Wilson, Nancy, “Origins of the Arkansas State Fair” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 17, 1971

SMC #499- Yeager, Jimmy, “The Discovery and Development of Arkansas Coal, 1840-1890” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 06, 1970

SMC #500- Odom, Eric Lee, “Harold Alexander Catalysts for Free-Flowing Stream Preservation” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1992

SMC #501- Lemmon, James Andrew, “The Origin of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Implications of Amendment 35” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 12, 1992

SMC #502- Whisnant, Stanley Allen, “Problems Kerr-McClellan Ark. River Navigational Project Caused Conway Water Supply and Rectification” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 15, 1992

SMC #503- Holder, Nancy, “Arkansas: How it got its Name” HIST 4355, Arkansas History

SMC #504- Roberts, Sandra, “Farm Tenancy in Faulkner County” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 10, 1970

SMC #505- Richard, Johnna Kay, “When Peaches were King in Southwest Arkansas” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1987

SMC #506- Sloan, Danny “The Swamp Land Act of 1850 and the Results in Arkansas to the year 1857” HIST 4300, Seminar – December 14, 1972

SMC #507- Scott, Billy Joe, “The Development, construction and Effects of Lake Bennett” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 02, 1972

SMC #508- Drown, Ronald Stanley, “The Cherokee Indians in Arkansas” HIST 5355, Role of Arkansas in the Nation, Graduate Level – April 1974

SMC #509- Barnes, Kenneth Charles, “Arkansas’ Immigration Commission, 1868-1874” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1977

SMC #510- Foy, G. Clive, “H. L. Mitchell’s Power Struggle, April-June 1935, Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 09, 1973

SMC #511- Eans, Jamie “The Southern Tenant Farmers’s Union” HIST 4300, Seminar – May 08, 1984

SMC #512- English, Max, “The Agricultural Wheel in White County” HIST 4300, Seminar – Fall 1969

SMC #513- Farley, Nickie George, “Dyess Colony: A Study of It’s Origin” HIST 4300, Seminar – January 1970

SMC #514- Grogan, Joe Ellis, “The Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union in Woodruff County” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1977

SMC #515- Goza, Letsy Jane “Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union: A Study of Sharecroppers and Tenant Farmers during Great Depression” HIST 4300, Seminar – Spring 1984

SMC #516- Gibbs, Gaylom, “Toltec Mounds” Arkansas History – Fall 1966

SMC #517- Gates, Van Maxwell, “The Second Annual National Convention of the Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union” – December 14, 1972

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SMC #754-

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SMC#1489- Waco and the Apostle

SMC#1490- General Assembly Bill: “An Act to Authorize Counties to Establish and Maintain County Free Libraries

SMC#1491- A Business History of J. M. Malone and Son Enterprises: J. M. Malone, J. The White Amur and Controversy

SMC#1492- Intergration of  SCA Oral History by Beverly Hammons, March 24, 1980

SMC#1493- The Higgins Case by Susan Standridge – March 26, 1980

SMC#1494- Transition of  McAlister to Irby 1940-41, by Dianne Tolson – March24, 1980

COMBINED WITH SMC#1364: SMC#1495- Arkansas State Teacher’s College Alma Mater – Words by Mrs. Ora Blackmun and Music by Mr. Homer Hess, Head of Music Dept.

SMC#1496- World War II Veterans Committee – 2006 Commemorative Calendar

COMBINED WITH SMC#1364: SMC#1497- Alma Mater

SMC#1498- Ida Rainwater at State Teachers College – Conway, AR at Graduation -1939

SMC#1499- A History of Organized Crime in America, 1990-1970 by Steve McCleary Spring 1977

SMC#1500- Analysis of Organizational Power Held by Nurse Administrators in Central Arkansas by by Cathy R. Merrick – April 1984

SMC#1501- “Mixed Feelings: The Uncertain State of Popular Knowledge and Opinion about Delegate Selection Procedures in Arkansas” by Barton L. Sherwood, April 1985

SMC#1502- Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl Amines by Gary E. Sherwood – May 1985

SMC#1503- The Similarities and Differences of Selected Personality Traits of University of Central Arkansas College Students with eating Disorders – by Linda Pistelli – May 1985

SMC#1504- Can the Future of International Monetary System Correctly Predicted? by Allyson Simmons – Spring 1985

SMC #1505- An Investigation of Interperiod Tax Allocation by Carol Rae Dewbre – February 1, 1985

SMC #1506- “Inhibition of Succinate Dehydropenase by Methlated and Ethylated Substrate” by Tara L. Chronister

SMC#1507- A Method for the Determination of the Universal Gravitational Constant by James M. Dyer, II – February 17, 1984

SMC#1508- Female Physicians Licensed in Arkansas: A Locational Analysis by Mary B. Aue April 15, 1983

SMC#1509- Conjugal Power Struggle: Who Makes The Decisions by Rebecca Jean Linam May 1983

SMC#1510- The Elecrophoresis of Prolactin Hormone by Jeffery Kevin Evans (2 copies)

SMC#1511- Interpolation of Acturial Statistics by Kevin R. Pray

SMC#1512- A Study of Thin Film Optical Filters by Charles Howell Thompson – April 30, 1985

SMC#1513- Monte Carlo Calculations: Analysis and Applications by Daniel Staton – Spring 1985

SMC#1514- A Study of Financial Statement Analysis by  Shelley Ann Stewart

SMC#1515- Letter to Homer Adkins – August 15, 1941

SMC#1516- The Origins of the 1992 Term Limits Movement in Arkansas by Kelly Johnson August 14th, 2006

SMC#1517- Inextricably Intertwined by Rebecca Jane Prince – August 1, 2006

SMC#1518- No Farbs Allowed: A Brief History of the University of Central Arkansas Blue Gray Association by Eric Kocke – August 1, 2006

SMC#1519- THE UNKNOWNING PIONEER – James K. Mackrell’s Legacy in Arkansas Radio August 12th, 2006

SMC#1520- The Turning Point for a Small Southern College by Catherine Mann – August 2006

SMC#1521- Report Statistics of Agriculture in the United States at the Eleventh Census – 1890

SMC#1522- Justice of the Peace, William C. Jones

SMC#1523- Claybrook Tigers Baseball Team

SMC#1524- UCA Colors

SMC#1525- Leave a Legacy “Miss Bertie’s Study Hall” by Roger F. Taylor

SMC#1526- Leave a Legacy “My Feed Sack Dress” by Carol Kay Taylor

SMC#1527- Leave a Legacy “Our Huff Family Vacation” by Shelbie Huff

SMC#1528- Leave a Legacy “Aunt Fran” by Ricki Distin

SMC#1529- Leave a Legacy “Chalk Plus Kleenex Equals Math” by Teri L. Garrett

SMC#1530- Leave a Legacy “Memories of 55 Years and Today” by Polly Abbott Bakker

SMC#1531- Leave a Legacy “Martha Soffis, My Second Piano Teacher” by Lois Homrighouse Lee

SMC#1532- Leave a Legacy “Only Pigs have Bellies” by Jenny Butler

SMC#1533- Leave a Legacy “Grandma and Her Kitchen” by Deanna Moore

SMC#1534- Leave a Leaving a Legacy “Willie Lee Gray McKim, MyGrandmother” by Martha Jean Loftis Kehoe

SMC#1535- Leave a Legacy “Having Fun in the Sun and in the Mud” by Amanda Cumnock Rush

SMC#1536- Leave a Legacy “Deanna” by Jolynn Godkin

SMC#1537- Leave a Legacy “Life in the Great House” by Betty Jo Hazel Hightower

SMC#1538- History of the Southern Tenant Farmers’s Union – Nov. 1987

SMC#1539- Newspaper Article – Mountain Meadow Massacre Survivor Nancy Saphrona Huff Cates – 1853-1878

SMC#1540- Bad Blood Led to Massacre of Arkansas in Utah by Tom W. Dillard

SMC#1541- How Firm A Foundation by Almeda Riddle

SMC#1542- Conley C. James

COMBINED WITH SMC#1364: SMC#1543- History of the UCA’s Alma Mater by Ora Blackmun

SMC#1544- Faulkner County’s Struggle with “Demon Rum” and Rebirth after Prohibition by Daniel W. Klotz

SMC#1545- The State of Venture in Arkansas: A Comprehensive Study of the Factors and Conditions Affecting Venture Capitol Availability and Economic Development in Arkansas

SMC#1546- Proposing a Post – Baccalaureate Educational Program to Provide Didactic Supervised Clinical Experience to Meet the Qualifications for Practice in the Profession of Dietetics

SMC#1547- Arthur Hunnicutt, Actor from Gravelly, Yell County, Arkansas, added to Arkansas Walk of Fame – b. 1910-1979

SMC#1548- Arkansas State Normal School Memory Book, 1922 by Julia Smart

SMC#1549- Physiology of Physical Fitness by Meg Lynn “Toby” Hart

SMC#1550- The Arkansas State Council of Defense, 1917-1919 by Gerald Allen Senn – 1977

SMC#1551- “Conway Like Never Before”

SMC#1552- A Survey of Nutritional Deficiencies among Alcohol Abusers by Bonnie Dugger Fall 1986

SMC#1553- Comparison of Individuals to Various Depressions Levels determined by the Beck Depression Inventory and their Response towards Food Habits by Shari D. Cates – 1986

SMC#1554- A Comparison of Pretest and Posttsest Response by High School Students to Determine Knowledge Level of Bulimia by Renee Robinson Bethel

SMC#1555- A Survey of Teenagers’ Attitudes Toward Obesity by Aliza Tzilah Dicker

SMC#1556- An Analysis of School Lunch Preferences as Perceived by Middle School Students by Middle School Students by Andrea Denise Beaty

SMC#1557- Dawn of a New Republican Era: The Trimble – Hammerschmidt Congressional Race, 1966) by Cynthia Diane Burnett

SMC#1558- Early Intervention Spells Future Success Instead of Continuous Failure for High-Risk Students by Daphne L. Rivera

SMC#1559- Early Oral Language Acquisition and Gifted Children by Kay Wear

SMC#1560- The Dynamic of Spheres Accelerating through a Viscous Fluid Medium by James Gaylon Ross, 1988

SMC#1561- A Survey of Food Habits of Students Enrolled in Grades Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth at Conway High School by Wanda Fayne Daniels

SMC#1562- Does Marx Really Matter: Soviet Foreign Aid to the Third World by Shannon G. Davis

SMC#1563- The Symbolic Uses of Politics: Arkansas Educational Reform by Katherine Mondahl

SMC#1564- Arkansas Banker: The Post Deregulation Environment by Jawanda M. Whitaker

SMC#1565- Liability Management: A New Approach for Arkansas Banks by Kimberly Cunningham

SMC#1566- Eosinophils in the Rat Uterus During Different Phases of the Estrous Cycle by J. Baker

SMC#1567- Optimal Conditions for Kinetic Study of Succinate Dehydrogenase in Rat Liver by Collie B. Shaw, Tara L. Chronister, and John D. Peck

SMC#1568- Etiology of Falls In the Elderly: A Literature Review by Jacinda D. Hicks, PT

SMC#1569- Political Influences on the English Reformation by Laarni D. Goma – 1990

SMC#1570- Student Activism in China, A Comparative Analysis by Melania Miller Genrty

SMC#1571- “Harmony: A Correlation Between Cosmology and Music in the Ancient World”

SMC#1572- “Firsthand Perspectives of Homelessness”

SMC#1573- Red on the Hood by Shelly Wilcox

SMC#1574- The Railroad Affair by Norma Caldwell

SMC#1575- The Teachers from my Youth by Donna Murphey

SMC#1576- Lourene by Jean Leffler

SMC#1577- Mrs. Wallace by Joyce Rossi

SMC#1578- First Day of School by Regina Ann French

SMC#1579- A Tribute to UCA’s “Maytag” Man by Gene Gardner

SMC#1580- Grandpa Lohr’s Pride and Joy by Kathy W. Kordsmeier

SMC#1581- Miss Dorothy of the Ozarks by Lisa Wheeler

SMC#1582- Jewish Citizen in the Development of Pine Bluff, Arkansas by Daryl Spurlock

SMC#1583- The Women’s Project and Economic Issues of Arkansas Women by Chelsea Phillilps

SMC#1584- The Branding of America: The Link Between 1950’s Advertising in the New Yorker and the Creative Revolution by Maegan Murphy

SMC#1585- The History of Pari Mutual Gambling in Hot Springs by Christopher Livingston

SMC#1586- Stomping the Grapes: The State of Arkansas and Its Attitude Toward the Native Wine Industry by Krystal L. Watson

SMC#1587- The Grassroots Activism of Church Women United by Dedra Darter

SMC#1588- Crime Related Lynchings: A Study of Arkansas Lynchings from 1860 to 1886 by Julie Lamb

SMC#1589- KUCA (FM) Radio – University of Central Arkansas Campus – Conway, Arkansas 2006

SMC#1590- Stirring Sleeping Giants: Chemical Weapons Storage and Destruction at Pine Bluff Arsenal by Magi McEntire

SMC#1591- The Daughters of the American Revolution and World War I Relief Efforts by Shanna Wooten

SMC#1592- “Pollution Knows No Bounds” by Natasha Demetria Reed

SMC#1593- Ahead of the Game: A History of Women’s Athletics at UCA by Austin Baker

SMC#1594- The Boys’ Club of New York City in the 1920’s and 1930’s by Paul Ketchum

SMC#1595- Perseverance and a “Non-Complaining Attitude”: The Oishi Family and Racial Crises Of Mid-Twentieth Century America by Tracie Rushing

SMC#1596- Greers Ferry Lake and Dam’s Environmental Affects by Jordan Money

SMC#1597- The Flood of 1937 and How it Affected Crittenden County by Ashley Brick

SMC#1598- The Legacy of Arkansas’ Father of Conservation: Harold E. Alexander’s Impact on Stream Preservation in the Natural State by Laura Kelty

SMC#1599- Forrest City: A Town with Many Scars by Claire Necessary

SMC#1600- The History and Eradication Efforts of Malaria in Arkansas by Kacie Prysock

SMC#1601- Cockfighting in Arkansas: Breathing Life Into the Death of a Chicken by Jesse Webb

SMC#1602- Music Tablet belonging to Nona Russell.

SMC#1603- Marriage Records of Blount County, Tennessee 1775-1802.

SMC#1604- The Current Tobacco Dilemma of Yancey County by Elizabeth A. Kleiman

SMC#1605- I’m a Mill’n aire! A Kelso Family anthology (This has not been copied by UCA)

SMC#1606- O’Joy H. Pearce

SMC#1607- The meth epidemic: frequently asked questions

SMC#1608- The Unknowing Pioneer: James K. Mackrell’s Legacy in Arkansas Radio by Jeremy Wheeler

SMC#1609- Proposal for the Cataloging of the Music Collection at the Little Rock Public Library

SMC#1610- SMC#1630 – Moved to M10-08 – Vietnam War Era Interviews

SMC#1631- Honors Research- “Design of a Micro Photometer to Study In Situ, the Relative Activity of the Enzyme Succinate Dehydrogenase” by Anthony W. Williams; May 14, 1987

SMC#1632- Armed Forces Song Folio, music books.

SMC#1633- CD-ROM- “Interview with Dee Brown”- Book Guys Radio Show

SMC#1634- Plan for “Arkansas Negro Boys Industrial School”

SMC#1635- Branch Baptist Church:  The 50th Anniversary of our Rev. & Mrs. J. R. Raynor

SMC#1635- Notepad- Music Composed by Nona Russell

SMC#1636- “A Timely Life, 1927-2009”- Jefferson D. Farris eulogy by Norbert O. Schedler

SMC#1637- “Fisher on Faubus” by Matthew French

SMC#1638- “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: Bill Clinton and the United Pentecostal Church” by Justin Luttrell

SMC#1639- “Arkansas’ Influence during the 1948 Presidential Election” by Emily Brown

SMC#1640- “Protestant Arkansas and a Catholic President” by Charles Williams

SMC#1641- “White Flight: The Racial History of the Camden and Fairview School Districts” by Travis Larison

SMC#1642- “The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in Pulaski County, AR” by Tori Dennis

SMC#1643- “The Involvement of Dogs in the American Civil War” by Clayton Gardner

SMC#1644- “The Mountain Massacre: Discovering the Differing Perspectives Over Time” by Josh Hotary

SMC#1645- Biography of Robert F. Courtway

SMC#1646- “The Origins of the Mercedarian Order:  A Reassessment” by James W. Brodman

SMC#1647- Moved to M89-28.

SMC#1648- Concession Speech to Dale Bumpers by former Governor Faubus, 1970

SMC#1649- “Chalk money: or how Bill Clinton bought out education in the United States” by Jacob Oliver, 2008

SMC#1650- Conway Regional Hospital – Conway, Arkansas – established 1921

SMC#1651- The Roebuck Project: Faulkner County Recreation – June 30, 1982

SMC#1652- Ed Keyser Letter, 1860-1880

SMC #1653- The Works of Fred Laymon- includes a letter written by Helen Walton

SMC #1654- Liner Notes for William Grant Still records, 1987

SMC #1655- “1969 Arkansas All-State Bands, Choirs, & Orchestra in Concert,” 1969

SMC #1656- “Potectors of Morality: The Arkansas Woman’s Christian Temperance Union 1937-1984” by Allyson Farish, 2009

SMC #1657- “Sheffield Nelson and the Rise of the Arkansas Republican Party” by D. Sheffield Clark, 2009

SMC #1658- “The State, the Citizens, the Exhibits, Arkansas at the World’s Fair Columbian Exchange, Chicago 1893” by Cristina Schally, 2009

SMC #1659- “Stealing the 1888 Election: The Democratic Party’s Fraud and Illegal Activities” by Nathan A. Thomas, 2009

SMC #1660- “The Evolution of Evolution In Arkansas’s Public Schools” by Steven D. Quick, 2009

SMC #1661- “Morphology of Rubus Prickle Development and the Molecular Investigation of Early Prickle Development Genes” by Allicia Kellogg, 2009

SMC #1662- The Seal of the State of Arkansas

SMC #1663- Leave a Legacy: “Uncle Pete” by Diana Pope

SMC #1664- Leave a Legacy: “Angel Aunt or Demon Della” by Sharon Blakely

SMC #1665- Leave a Legacy: “Uncle John and Aunt Morg” by Joyce Holder

SMC #1666- Leave a Legacy: “Tall Tales from the Heart: Stories from a ‘not so normal childhood’” by Miss Toby Hart

SMC #1667- Leave a Legacy: “Jewel Moore,” “The Hunter,” “Land Rush, Ponca City, Oklahoma, Elva” by Charlotte McCullough Penn

SMC #1668- Leave a Legacy: “William G. Duvall Sr.” by William G. Duvall Sr.

SMC #1669- “The Arkansas Constitutional Convention of 1970” by Asten Fox

SMC #1670- Scrapbook- UCA history compiled by unknown student

SMC #1671- “Making a Choice: Bartok’s Viola Concerto” by Core Winters, Fall 2010

SMC #1672- “Aligning Frameworks and Legislation Concerning Transition Services” by Noah Hansen

SMC #1673- “Pilot Normative Database of the Functional Test for the Hemiparetic Upper Extremity (FTHUE)” by Avery Hendricks

SMC #1674- “Acting Creates Therapeutic Success: A Program Evaluation” by Caitlyn Brune

SMC #1675- “Leisure Participation and Perceived Quality of Life of Persons Living with Spinal Cord Injury in the State of Arkansas” by Amy Bailey

SMC #1676- “Positive Behavior Supports: A Delphi Poll of Future Trends” by Tiffany Bullard

SMC #1677- “The Will to Power in Modern Fiction: Broch, Kundera, Dostoyevsky, Gombrowicz, Borowski, and Shulz” by Caitlin Porter

SMC #1678- “A Student Guide to Manual Muscle Testing in Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition” by Joanna Anderson

SMC #1679- “A Student Guide to Gonoiometry in Occupational Therapy, 2nd Edition” by Natalie Vinsant

SMC #1680- “Sex Technique & Sex Problems in Marriage” by Ed Wheat

SMC #1681- “His Arkansas Land” by AETN

SMC#1682- “Jim Malone’s Epic Fish Tale” by Kellen Bassham

SMC#1683- “The 2009 Chart of Conflict” The International Institute for Strategic Studies

SMC#1684- “UCA-The War Years and Beyond” by Kyle Hicks

SMC#1685- “Ralph Scott:  The Man that Changed the Arkansas State Police” by Blake Davenport

SMC#1686- “Reign of Terror: The Rise of Racial Violence in Faulkner County, Arkansas, 1880-1905” by Robert Rogers

SMC#1687- “Senator Stanley Russ:  A Life Long Champion of Education Reform in Arkansas and the United States” by Bradley Waddell

SMC#1688 – “Guy Hamilton Jones, Sr.:  Arkansas’ Roaring “Mutt,” by Matt Schneider, November 23, 2009

SMC #1689 – “Creating a Guide for the Future Development of a Downtown Arts District by Understanding the Past of Conway’s Business District” by Antoinette F. Johnson.

SMC #1690 – “1020 Front Street Old Ford Dealership Building” by Cambris Winkler

SMC #1691 – “James Miller Malone, Jr.:  The Marriage of Profit and Environmental Consciousness” by Matt Schneider

SMC #1692 – “Arkansas at Odds:  Capital Punishment in the State, 1973-2001” by Laura L. Choate

SMC #1693 – “Bat Conservation in Arkansas” by Matt Rogers

SMC #1694 –“Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium:  A Community of Hope” by Peyton Scharbor

SMC #1695 – “Flood Prevention in Clarendon, Arkansas after 1927” by Joseph Williams

SMC #1696 – “Minimum Compliance with Constructed Defiance:  How the Hot Springs School Board Utilized Token Integration while Reconstructing Segregation until 1969” by Kiah Billingsley

SMC #1697 – “Separate Spheres in Broadcasting:  The Life of B.J. Sams” by Anna Edwards

SMC #1698 – “Southern Politics:  A Look into the Organization created by Marlin Hawkins and the Opposition it Faced” by Elizabeth Gifford

SMC #1699 – “Arkansas State Teachers College During the Great Depression:  The Role of the Public Works Administration, President McAlister, and the ASTC and Conway Communities” by Cassie Howard

SMC #1700 – “1960s-1990s Environmental Activism in Arkansas” by Rebekah Rakestraw

SMC #1701 – “What Happened When Production Stopped?:  A Case Study of an American Company Town during the Great Depression” by Amber Westbrook

SMC #1702 – “Memories of Aunt Ellen (Mary Ellen White Crow)” by Virginia W. Brown

SMC #1703 – “Public Education in America:  The Problem with Faculty Integration in Morrilton, AR 1965-66” by Pamela Johnson

SMC#1704 – “An Examination of Potential Cultural Differences in Individual Versus Group Discounting” by Caitlin Porter

SMC#1705 – “Hyperplexia and Dyspraxia in Facilitated Communication” by Bradley D. Gossett

SMC#1706 – “World War II War Production – Why were the B-17 and B-24 Produced in Parallel?” by Major Nannette Benitez

SMC#1707 – “Does Inequality Cause Differences between Conservatives and Liberals in Happiness?” by Wade Fuqua

SMC #1708 – “Twist of Fate: How the Lives of Three Men Converged to Influence History” by Hannah Pearson

SMC #1709 – “All Roads Lead to Brewer Lake:  Essay on James H. Brewer and Conway Corp” by Angela Settgast

SMC #1710 – “James “Jim” Miller Malone Jr.” by Derrek Goff

SMC #1711 – “Arkansas’ Road to Secession through an Examination of Crawford County” by Charlie Skinner

SMC #1712 – “The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps” by Kayla Gustafson

SMC #1713 – “Jimmy Driftwood: Savior of the People’s Music” by Kelsey Ezell

SMC #1714 – “The Behind the Scenes Story of Governor Orval Faubus (AR): The Della Tyson Story” by Johnette Osbon

SMC #1715 – “Unnatural” Acts in the Natural State: Sodomy Cases and the Arkansas Supreme Court” by Raymond Terry

SMC #1716 – “Rehabilitation Plan for Revitalization of 826 Front Street, Downtown Conway, Arkansas” by Mary Kathryn Bookhout

SMC #1717 – “Rehabilitation of 1021 and 1023 Front Street” by Harmony Hunt

SMC #1718 – “The Revitalization Plan of the Pine Street Neighborhood” by Laurie Feuerherm

SMC# 1720 – “Everett E. Cordrey:  A Professor’s Story” by Louise Cordrey McCue – contains manuscript and correspondence – 1993

SMC #1721 – “More than Just a Game: The Impact of Racialized Sporting events on Public Discourse” by Matt Knudtson – Spring 2013

SMC #1722 – “Mathematical Modeling of Photosynthesis as a Teaching Tool” by Daniel Brinker – Fall 2012

SMC #1723 – “Specialization versus Delegation: An Empirical Analysis of the NFL” by Jacob Bundrick – 2013

SMC #1724 – Justice Jim Johnson and Virginia Johnson campaign materials

SMC #1725 – Faculty author presentation  on The thousand-year flood : the Ohio-Mississippi disaster of 1937 by David Welky.

SMC #1726 – Faculty author presentation on The book on turkey hunting by Ron McGaughey.

SMC #1727 – Papers relating to military service, Clifford Lloyd Horn, 1942-1950

SMC #1728 – Conway County Voter Fraud Case – 1975

SMC #1729 – Short Biography of Frankie Lee Burke (former student at Arkansas State Teachers College 1929 – 1936); Scroll excerpts from 1934 and 1936; Arkansas State Teachers College and Hendrix College Student Directory 1933-1934

SMC #1730 – Gilbert Young Short Photographs and Correspondence

SMC #1731 – Scrapbook from Carolyn Baker’s term as President of Conway Business and Professional Women from 1987-1988.

SMC #1732 – Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Materials, 2003

SMC #1733 – Letter to James A. Burgin, 1871 and Burgin family material

SMC #1734 – Log Cabin Democrat articles on Faulkner County tornado, 2014

SMC #1735 – Cleburne County Water Garden (Proposed), 1963. Donated by Dr. Michael Yoder

SMC #1736 – Mattie Brown, first person to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arkansas State Normal

SMC #1737 – “Helpings of Holiday Cheer,” Magazine, featuring Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets in Keo, Arkansas, November/December 2015

SMC #1738 – 1877 Farmer’s Pocket Companion with entries

SMC #1739 – Governor of Arkansas commissions Sam Allen elected Mayor of Bigelow, AR 1933

SMC #1740 – Centralian – Central College and Conservatory yearbook 1920s

SMC #1741 – Torreyson Library Self-Survey Report 1957-1958 (with statistics from 1952 – 1958)

SMC #1742 – 1939 postcards from Wyoming; Texarkana, Arkansas; Utah; Colorado; also insurance card for A.O.U.W. of Kansas; “What Child Is This?” by Elinor Heath, 1936 Unity School of Christianity Christmas story; telegraph from TJ Breed to JH Hartje April 8, 1935

SMC #1743 – Torie Dailey, UCA nursing student graduate, receives one-time award established by former UCA professor Dr. Bob Reising, to begin her career at Mayo Clinic.

SMC #1744 – The Miracle of the Bridge, by Gordon Shepherd; about Bradford, Arkansas (White County)

SMC #1745 – The Social Construction of a Religious Prophecy, by Gordon Shepherd; about Bradford, Arkansas (White County)

SMC #1746 – VHS, The UCA Russian Exchange Program, May 17-June 15, 1993

SMC #1747 – VHS, AEGIS Gifted and Talented Program at UCA, July 1986

SMC #1748 – VHS, Gifted and Talented Seminar, undated

SMC #1749 “See No Evil: How Does a Perfect Gentleman Become a Vicious Murderer? For Charles Albright, It All Began with an Obsession with the Eyes,” Texas Monthly, May 1993, by Skip Hollandsworth.

SMC #1750 – “Unlocking the Public’s Business,” The FOIArkansas Project, newspaper, undated.

SMC #1751 – Order to Report for Induction, Delbert Russell, Nov. 20, 1942. Order and photo

SMC #1752 – Col. William “Bill” Wilkes, Junior – Purple Heart Certificate

SMC #1753 – Mrs. M.M. Hankins (Juliette Churchill Hankins) papers, c.1930 – Little Rock Daughters of the Confederacy

SMC #1754 – Arkansas Act 116, 1993

SMC #1755 – James W. Huffman, USS Dashiell

SMC #1756 – Lacy, Lauren Ratliff, “Benny Goodman: King of Commissions”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1757 – Moix, Jason, “Optical Character Recognition via Neural Networks”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1758 – Hufstedler, Amy E., “Does the Mere Expectation of a Cell Phone Call Occupy Working Memory”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1759 – Stamps, James Robert, “Semi-Supervised Learning for Multi-Label Data”, Undergraduate Thesis, Fall 2014

SMC # 1760 – Nicholson, Bryce, “Noise Correcting for Crowdsourcing”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1761 – Flory, Andrew D., “A Change of Pace: A Comparative Look at Malcolm Arnold’s Symphony No. 7”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1762 – Zinno, Kyle, “The Anchor of Faith: Cultural Preservation and Assimilation in the St. Joseph Colony (1890-1930)”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1763 – Dailey, Torie A. “Interventions to Reduce Test Anxiety in College Students”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1764 – Ellington-Burns, Michelle, “The Influence of Ammonium Polyphosphate Fertilizer on the Metal-Glyphosate Complexation Activity of Roundup ®”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1765 – Cruz, Abigail, “The Relationship Between Parent and Peer Attachment in Young Adults”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1766 – Copeland, Kayla, “Healing Musical Hands: Injury Recovery and Prevention in the Hands and Wrists of Flute Students”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1767 – Cleavenger, Jordyn, “Dicty Mutant Cells: A Biological Adventure”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1768 – Barker, Jennifer, “Masculinity in Crisis: An Examination of Society and Life Advertising in Post-World War II America”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2015

SMC #1769 – Coster, Haley R., “Challenging Conventions: The Issue of Genre in Harriet Wilson’s Novel”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1770 – Lagaly, Kelsey, “The Japanese Non-Ego: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Japanese Identity Fragmentation”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1771 – Forst, Beth A., “The Effects of Gender Attitude and Stereotype Threat on Women’s Intelligence”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1772 – Barthol, Caitlyn, “Effect of Glucose on the Lifespan and Stress Resistance of Long-Lived Caenorhabditis elegans”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1773 – Cavender, Samantha, “Gratitude as Psychological Immunization”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC # 1774 – Heacox, Hayley N., “Changes in Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Rat Bones Exposed to Simulated Microgravity and Cosmic Radiation”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1775 – Hahn, Emily M., “Utility of Emotion Regulation in Predicting Fear Extinction”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1776 – Douell, Cody, “It Can’t Happen Here: An Analysis of American Mass Murder from 1966-1999 Through Time, Newsweek, and Good Housekeeping”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1777 – Cole, Kylee Taylor, “’Never Count the Peckerwoods’: When Rehabilitation and Reformation Fail- An Analysis of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, 1908-1985”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1778 – Butler, Kaitlynn, “Effects of Food, Glucose, and Hormone Precursor Availability on the Lifespan and Stress Resistance of Caenorhabditis elegans”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1779 – Hicks, Aaron, “Innovation and Creativity as Applied to Policing”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1780 – Miller, Brandon, “A Geometric Approach to Determining Conservation Laws for Waves on a String”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2017

SMC #1781 – Nishikawa, Asami, “Aeroacoustic Source Strength Measurement of Helmholtz Resonator”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2011

SMC #1782 – Bailey, Brett James, “The Effects of Pressure on Mixed-Equilibrium Game Strategy: Examining the Effect of Court Surface in WTA Tennis”, Department Economic Honors Thesis, Spring 2012

SMC #1783 – Patel, Niravkumar D., “Elemental and Strength Analysis of the Bones Introduced to Simulated Microgravity”, Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2012

SMC #1784 – Bayles, Sara Darlene, “Feminization of Poverty with Regards to Religious Participation in the Ozarks of Arkansas”, Departmental Honors Thesis, Spring 2012

SMC #1785 – Hudson, Cody, “Predicting Protein 3D Structure via the Adaptively-Branching Fuzzy Greedy K-Means Decision Forest Model”, Senior Departmental Thesis, Spring 2012

SMC #1786 – Witcher, Marcus M., “From Prosperity to Poverty: The Story of American Economic Decline As Told Through the McFadden Banking Bill of 1927”, Honors Thesis, Fall 2011

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SMC #1807 – Removed from collection.

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