This collection contains materials relating to the history of the Robert Edward Lee Wilson plantation in northeast Arkansas.

In the 1860’s the Wilson family moved to Mississippi County, Arkansas.  It was here that the roots of a great farming empire were planted.  The Wilson family purchased land for farming.  While in the process of clearing the land for agriculture the family decided to start a logging operation with the timber they had cleared for their farmlands.

The Wilson’s were not just in the agriculture and logging business.  They started a variety of other businesses ranging from a railroad to manufacturing.  In the course over one hundred years the Wilson family massed their varied operations into a town, and named Wilson after the family.

Today the R.E.L. Wilson Company is still functioning.  Their hard work and determination have built a farming empire in Mississippi County.


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File 1 – “Lee Wilson and Company 100 Years of a Growing Tradition,” Typescript by Greg Warhurst

File 2 – News Clippings

File 3 – Legal Documents

File 4 – Pamphlets and Published Materials

File 5 – Maps and Photographs

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