Jerrel K. Moore was the Director of Torreyson Library from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s.  He was fond of studying the medical practices during the Civil War Era, and his collection is devoted entirely to that topic.  He died prematurely at the age of 47 of a cerebral hemorrhage.



Box 1

File 1 – Hospital Regulations – K. C. Devine, Surgeon in Charge

File 2 – Hospital Admission Ticket

File 3 – Letter to the editor of The Montgomery Advertiser, from a distraught mother –Mrs.Nancy Dunnam, June 1864

File 4 – S. H. Stout, Medical Director of Hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia, 1864-1865

File 5 – Report of the Foand Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, Aug. 15, 1864

File 6 – Report of sick and wounded in Oliver Hospital in Dalton, Georgia, June 1863

File 7 – Rules of the Academy Hospital – S. H. Stout, Medical Director Hospitals

File 8 – Miscellaneous, Orders for State of Georgia, 1864-1865

File 9 – Miscellaneous, Orders for State of Mississippi, 1862-1864

File 10- Muster Roll of Captain James McClure’s Company, 8th Regiment of Missouri’s Valley Inf. Army of Confederate

File 11- Benjamin S. Ewell – Assistant Attorney General, Headquarters in Chattanooga, 1863

File 12- Map of Northern Georgia and Tennessee, showing the Armies around Chattanooga,1863

File 13- General Orders – No’s 5, 9, 13, & 35, State of Tennessee, 1862-1863

File 14- Secretary of War George W. Randolph in Richmond, VA, 1862

File 15- Allowance of Medical Supplies, Chief Purveyor’s Office in Richmond, VA, 1862

File 16- Adjutant and Inspector General S. Cooper from Richmond, VA (1861-1865)

File 17- General Orders From The Adjutant and Inspector-General’s Office Confederate States Army by R. C. Gilchrist, acting Judge Advocate-General, Richmond, VA (1864)

File 18- A. R. Lawton, QM General in Richmond, VA (1864)

File 19- Samuel Preston Moore, Surgeon General of Richmond, VA (1862-1865)

File 20- Calendar for 1865

File 21- Small cloth Bag, approximate size is 5”x 9 ½”

End of Box 1

End of Collection