Lester Gene Hatfield was born on November 23, 1925 in Conway, Arkansas to Lester and Gertrude Powers Hatfield.  Gene’s birth took place in the family home at 407 Center Street.  He was the youngest of five children, having three older sisters and one older brother.  The oldest child was Maurine, who was eighteen years older than Gene, who was ten years older.  Frank was 9 years his senior and Myra was four years older.

The Hatfield family has had a very long relationship with the University of Central Arkansas (UCA), which began in 1922.  Gene, along with siblings Mildred, Frank, and Myra attended the training school at UCA, formerly known as Arkansas State Teachers College.  His eldest sister, Maurine, attended Central College for Girls in Conway.  She transferred to Arkansas State Teachers College where she graduated in 1929. Gene’s mother, Gertrude Hatfield, also attended Central College for Girls, as did Maurine and Mildred, who finished high school there and completed their first two years of college.

Gene’s father, Lester Hatfield, was a building contractor and built many homes in Conway during the 1920’s.  In 1929 the stock market crash occurred and Lester’s business was adversely impacted.  This financial setback was the impetus for the Hatfield family to move back to Mount Vernon in 1932.  Mount Vernon was Lester and Gertrude’s hometown and they would move into a house directly across the road from Gene’s grandmother.

In 1937, the Hatfield family moved back to Conway and Gene would attend Conway High School, where he graduated in 1942.  After graduation from high school, he entered Arkansas State Teachers College and found college life very pleasant.  Due to World War II, there were very few males on campus with the exception of Navy pilots and army recruits.  In addition, Women’s Army Corps Branch Number Three was on campus, which added to the already disproportionate number of females to males.

After his first sophomore semester, he was drafted into the U.S. Army in January 1944.  He received his basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  In September 1944 he was sent to France, where he landed at Marseilles and waded ashore.  His unit camped in a field outside Marseilles until they were picked up by trucks and taken to the war-front in Northern France.  In northern France they had to fight through to Vosges Mountains to the Rhine River.

In April 1945, Gene was wounded by shrapnel from an anti-tank grenade, which exploded in a tree right above him.  The shrapnel hit his face, missing his left eye while severing the muscle below the left eye.  At a field hospital near Stuttgart, Germany a brilliant surgeon removed all the shrapnel and saved his sight.  He was then sent to a hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he recovered.

After being discharged from the Army, Gene again enrolled at Arkansas State Teachers College and graduated with a B.S.E. degree in the summer of 1947.  After receiving his B.S.E. degree Gene studied at Northern Colorado University and earned a M.A. degree.  Upon completion of his Master’s Degree he began teaching at A.S.T.C. with Miss Marie Schichtl in the Art Department. During the summer Mr. Hatfield continued his education by taking courses in painting and sculpture at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  In addition, during the summers he took advanced classes in Saint Ives, England, Paris, Fontainbleau, and Aix-en-Provence, France.

In 1957, he would marry Miss Nicole Wable in Montreuil Sur-Mer France.  They would have three children all born between 1960-1970.  Their names are Hadrian, Marc, and Mathilda.  The long-term Hatfield association with UCA which began in 1922, continued with all three children of Gene and Nicole Hatfield attending the University of Central Arkansas.  Marc attended UCA and graduated from the University of Arkansas; Hadrian graduated from UCA and did graduate work at Vanderbilt University where he earned a Juris Doctorate Degree; Mathilda graduated from UCA and received her Masters Degree in Student Affairs from the University of Kentucky at Louisville.  She went on to become Director of Alumni Services at UCA and served admirably in this position for several years.

Mr. Hatfield was a member of Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Arkansas Art Teacher Association (President – 1952), and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.  Mr. Hatfield was voted Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art at UCA in 1987.  He retired from UCA in 1985 after completing 37 years of service with the university.  As of April 2001, Gene and Nicole Hatfield continue to make Conway their home.


Box 1

File 1 – Gene Hatfield’s “baby locks” (blond baby hair, July 1929)

File 2A- Photographs

Envelope 1 – Hatfield’s Boyhood

Envelope 2 – Hatfield’s Grandmother

Envelope 3 – Gertrude Powers Hatfield & Aunt Mandy (1933-1934)

Envelope 4 – Hatfield’s Grandmother House

Envelope 5 – Hatfield’s Sister Myra

Envelope 6 – Hatfield’s Sisters (Maurine and Mildred)

Envelope 7 – Hatfield’s family and friends, 5 photos

Envelope 8 – Hatfield as a young man (1945)

Envelope 9 – Hatfield and two students, 2 photos

Envelope 10 – Former Hatfield Home

Envelope 11 – Front Street in Conway, Arkansas

Envelope 12 – Hatfield with Christmas Artwork, 2 photos (1942 and 1946)

Envelope 13 – Hatfield in the Army, 11 photos (1944-1945)

Envelope 14 – Hatfield with Army Buddy, 4 photos (1999)

Envelope 15 – Hatfield Family Home at Mt. Vernon, 9 photos

Envelope 16 – Anderson Adkisson, Amanda Malcom, Justice Franklin Powers, and Susan Marie Wood

File 2B – Photographs

Envelope 1 – Gene Hatfield and Emily Montgomery, c.1989

Envelope 2 – Gene Hatfield, c.1942

Envelope 3 – Gene and Nicole Hatfield (on Honeymoon) Dreux, 1957

Envelope 4 – Mathilda Hatfield daughter of Gene and Nicole, c.1983

Envelope 5 – Gene, Nicole, and Mathilda Hatfield at UCA Homecoming 1996, & Gene Hatfield at home November, 1994

Envelope 6 – UCA Archives Reception for Gene Hatfield Collection, 2001

Envelope 7 – Gene Hatfield and Art at Rockville, Maryland home of H & H Hatfield, & Gene Hatfield and Army buddy Peter Dobkowski in Washington D. C., 2001

Envelope 8 – Gene near Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida take by Pat Larson

Envelope 9 – Gene Hatfield, 2001-2002

Envelope 10- Marc and Leigh Hatfield, c. 2001

Envelope 11- Hatfield and brother, 1995

Envelope 12- Nicole and Gene Hatfield, 1998

Envelope 13- Bob Adams

Envelope 14- Life Magazine Hatfields and McCoys, May 22, 1944 & Arkansas Democrat Gazette, “Hatfield, McCoy Kin Peacefully Sign Truce” June 15, 2003

Envelope 15- Paper copies of family photographs of the Hatfield family, 1888- c. 2005

Envelope 16- Gertrude Hatfield, c.1984

Envelope 17- Gene Hatfield taken by Myra Hatfield Adams Edmondson, 1990s

Envelope 18- Photo of four children

Envelope 19- Hatfield family and Friends

Envelope 20- Hatfield family

Envelope 21- Gene, Nicole, and friends.

Envelope 22- Cemetery Memorial

File 3A- Family Photos

File 3B- Photos, 2007-2010

File 4 – Gene Hatfield’s Mother – Gertrude Powers/Hatfield

File 5 – Mathilda Hatfield, daughter – Gene Hatfield, photograph & Article

File 6 – Important Legal papers as in Marriage and Wills

File 7 – Awards and Certificates

File 8 – The Echo, Who’s Who Selections are named, Gene Hatfield is #8 (Oct. 25, 1946)

File 9 – Memorabilia as in School, College, Work, and Trips

File 10- Mathilda’s and Jeffery’s Wedding, September 14, 2002

File 11- Nicole A. Wable Hatfield, 1930-2004

File 12- Brochure for the Arsenal Building and Walk of Honor dedication, December 2001

File 13- Three Was Ration Books for World War II

File 14- War Department Pamphlet No. 21-4 Information for Soldiers Going Back to Civilian Life, 1944

File 15- World War II Correspondence, 1944

File 16- Connection! An Outgrowth of “Dancin” with Dollies A Memoir of World War II 384th Bomb Group, March 1994

File 17- Newspaper Article “Silence of the Camps” about Arkansas Two World War II interment sites for Japanese-Americans (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Mary 5, 2000)

File 18- Log Cabin Democrat, Newspaper, Article on preserving history on World War II and interview of veteran Gene Hatfield May 31, 2004

File 19A- Book – The Test and Study Speller by Daniel Starch and George A. Mirick – 1921 – This book belonged to Gene Hatfield – April 1933 – 2nd grade

File 19B- Worship and Conduct Songs for Beginners and Primaries by Elizabeth McE. Shields, 1929

File 20- Movie Life Magazine April , 1957

File 21- Myra’s Tour of Europe by Myra Hatfield Adams, 1994

File 22- Correspondence of Charles W. Colson and Frank Hatfield, 1960s-1970

File 23- Newspaper articles of Hatfield family members

File 24- Newspaper coverage of Ken Hatfield’s Career, 1983-1991 and undated.

File 25- Interview with Brother C.C. Turner at his place of business “Brother T.s Soul Food” in Conway, Arkansas, 2008

End of Box 1


Box 2

File 1 – Teacher’s Class Record Book, September 13 1948 – June 5, 1949

File 2 – Teacher’s Class Record Book, 1949-1952

File 3 – Teacher’s Class Records Book, 1951-1954

File 4 – Teacher’s Class Records Book, 1955-1958

File 5 – Teacher’s Class Records Book, 1958-1961

File 6 – Teacher’s Class Records Book 1961-1964

File 7 – Teacher’ Class Records Book, 1964-1968

File 8 – Teacher’s Class Records Book – 1976, 1978, 1983-1984, December 1985, and 1985-1986

File 9 – Teacher’s Class Records Book 1986 and undated

File 10- UCA Alumni Bulletin/Contact 1974 – 1984 and 1996

File 11- The Starwagon Troupe (1960)

File 12- Play Scripts cutting by Gene Hatfield, Hamlet-Macbeth-Medea-Oedipus Rex-Hecuba-The Gypsy

File 13- UCA Productions, programs (undated)

File 14- Programs and Flyers of Art Exhibits of Gene Hatfield and other artists

End of Box 2


Box 3

File 1 – Hatfield interview with Madam George

File 2 – The Fortune Teller by Faye McCormick, written for Children’s Gems (Nov. 1930)

File 3 – Book of Poems, A Chance to Enchant by Gene Hatfield (1998)

File 4 – Chocolate Chicanery by Gene Hatfield, book cover and miscellaneous (1991)

File 5 – Chocolate Chicanery, manuscript by Gene Hatfield (1991)

File 6A – Chocolate Chicanery, manuscript by Gene Hatfield (c. 1993)

File 6B – Chocolate Chicanery, manuscript by Gene Hatfield (c. 1993)

File 7 – The Devil’s Toupee, manuscript by Gene Hatfield and Lester Retsel (c. 1989)

File 8 – Enola Victrola by Gene Hatfield (1987)

File 9 – Miscellaneous pages from the manuscript Enola Victrola (undated)

File 10- Sketches by Gene Hatfield for book EnolaVictrola

File 11- Poems by Gene Hatfield

End of Box 3


Box 4

File 1 – Portrait paintings by Gene Hatfield, Lois Georges, and Hal Prestwood

File 2 – Reprints of painting by Gene Hatfield

File 3 – Color Photographs of Houses and Streetscapes or Landscapes painted by Gene Hatfield

File 4 – Color Photographs of Nudes, Still Lifes, and flower paintings with women’s faces painted by Gene Hatfield

File 5 – Color Photographs of Sculptures in Ceramic, Clay and Yard Art by Gene Hatfield

File 6 – Color Photographs of Wood Carvings and Other Mediums by Gene Hatfield

File 7 – Three Matted Photographs of Sculptures by Gene Hatfield

File 8 – Yard Art by Gene Hatfield

File 9 – Yard Art at Gene Hatfield’s Home on Donaghey Street near UCA

File 10- More yard art at Gene Hatfield’s Home on Donaghey Street near UCA

File 11- An Installation by Gene Hatfield, Snow Fine Arts Gallery, UCA Remnants and Fetishes of Pleasant Plunder, July-August 1987

File 12- Newspaper Copies and Originals of Gene Hatfield’s Art, 1954-1993

File 13- Newspaper Copies and Originals of Gene Hatfield’s Art, 1995-1996

File 14- Newspaper Copies and Originals of Gene Hatfield’s Art, 1998-1999

File 15- Newspaper Copies and Originals of Gene Hatfield’s Art, 2000-2009

File 16- Controversy with City of Conway over “Yard Art,” 2002

File 17- A Thesis in American Culture Turning the Inside Out: An Ethnographic Exploration of Yard Artists and Consequences for the Display of Material Objects by Erin Mitchell, 2003

File 18- Cartoons on Art and other topics

File 19- Art by Marc Hatfield

File 20- Poem by Caroline Hatfield, April 2004

File 21 – Video: “Stained Glass”

File 22 – Video & flyers on “The Garbage Project”

File 23 – Video “Been in the Storm so Long” produced by Lee Stokes & directed by Kamal Kozah and Lee Stokes

End of Box 4


Box 5

File 1 – Correspondence of Gene Hatfield, 1930s,1989

File 2 – Correspondence Gene Hatfield, 1990-1995

File 3 – Correspondence of Gene Hatfield, 1996-1997

File 4 – Correspondence of Gene Hatfield, 1998-1999

File 5 – VIP Letters, 1993-2001

File 6 – Correspondence Dorrance Publishing Co., 1989-1993

File 7 – Correspondence, 2000-2003

File 8 – Correspondence of Gene Hatfield, 2007

File 9 – Correspondence of Gene Hatfield, 2008

File 10- Correspondence, 2009

File 11- Correspondence – Father Charles Tessing, 2006-2009

File 12- VIP Letters – 1978, 1984, 1991, 1993-2005

File 13- Correspondence Dorrance Publishing Co., 1989-1993

File 14- Letter from friend Bob Thompson describing Hurricane Katrina destruction Sept. 15, 2005

File 15- Birthday Cards

File 16- Greeting Cards – Christmas, Father’s Day, etc.

File 17- Gene Hatfield Scholarship Fund, 2008

End of Box 5


Box 6

File 1 – James Bridges: ASTC Alumni, Author and Movie Director

File 2 – Dee Brown (an Arkansas Author) Article Active Years, August 1993

File 3 – Dorris Curtis

File 4 – Helen Gurley Brown Active Years, May 1993

File 4B – Program – The Bear Claw Follies – Oct. 16, 1997

File 5 – Cadron Settlement Park Blockhouse, Newspaper Article, July 19, 1998

File 5B – Typed History of Conway – formerly Conway Station – 1870

File 6 – Newspaper Articles on Cherokee Indians

File 7 – Newspaper The Conway Times Vol. 29 No. 6, April 29, 1925

File 8 – Arkansas Democrat Gazette, article on “Scipio Afracanus Jones” having to do with the Elaine, Arkansas Race Riot (Tues., Jun. 8, 1999)

File 9 – Letters form Mary Medearis, 1990-1996

File 10 – Mary Medearis, Arkansas Author and Music Teacher a Newspaper Articles, Sunday December 29, 1996

File 11- Article on the Life of Junius Sloan

File 12- Newspaper Article on 1957 Little Rock School Integration crisis, 1996-1997

File 13- St Louis Post-Dispatch “Salute to Television- What People Remember Most in 25 Years of Television” September 10, 1972

File 14- Arkansas Democrat Gazette, article on “Arkansas Post celebrates its history”, Reenactments depict miserable days as Spanish-French possession (Feb. 24, 2003)

File 15- Time magazine, articles on Vietnam and Noah’s Ark (Feb. 23, 1968)

File 16- The Log Cabin Democrat articles on Cambodia and Saigon, South Vietnam, 96th year – No. 153 (Mar. 13, 1975)

File 17- Newspaper Washington for Jesus Vol. 1 Issue 1, April 1980

File 18- Miscellaneous Newspaper articles 1964-1999

File 19A- Miscellaneous Newspapers, 2000-2008

File 19B- Newspaper Article related to Gene Hatfield, 1996-2009

File 20- Book, The Alienist by Caleb Carr, 1994

File 21- Book, The Fatal Englishman by Sebastian Faulks, 1996

File 22- Book, The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn, 1927

File 23A- Pamphlet – Exhibition Opening – “Daughter of The Bayou,” Aug. 19, 2000

File 23B- Magazine, Oxford American Issues 32-36, March–December 2000 “A Painted House” by John Grisham

File 24- “Picnic Proverbs” by Howard Johnson, 2001

File 25- Short Stories by Doc Hart

File 26- “Short Stories of Science and Invention,” by Charles Franklin Kettering

File 27- Magazine – UCA Magazine – 1, Vol. 100 Issue, Spring 2007 “UCA Centennial Anniversary

File 28- Article- Legacy of French Modernist print maker (Henri) Goetz celebrated in Carbonundum exhibition, Henri Goetz, artist/teacher, 1909-1989

End of Box 6


Box 7A

File 1 – Political Cartoons

File 2 – Political Writings by Gene Hatfield

File 3 – Political Writings by Gene Hatfield

File 4 – Political Newspapers, 1964-1995

File 5 – Political Newspapers, 1997-1999

File 6 – Political Newspapers, 2002-2009

File 7 – Bill Clinton

File 8 – Correspondence & Newspapers – Barack Obama, 2008-2009

File 9 – Miscellaneous Items

End of Box 7A


Box 7B

Item 1 – 11” x 14” blk./whi. Photo – Gene Hatfield, Freshman Ark. State Teachers College

Item 2 – 11” X 16” Color Copy of Photo – Gene Hatfield and his yard Art.

Item 3 – 10 ½ “by 11”½ Color Copy of Photo “Chair Art” on display

Item 4 – Old (very fragile) Newspapers in vinyl holders, 1940’s and 1950’s

Item 5 – 2 14” by 24” photo Copy of Newspaper Gene Hatfield with Yard Art, 12/14/2008

Item 6 – Faulkner County Centennial, April 25-May 5, 1879-1973 – Centennial Belle

End of Box 7B


Box 8

File 1 – Conway Symphony Orchestra – Feb. 2009 – Video Cassette, DVD – R

End of Box 8



Series II

Box 1

Item #1 – 12 ¾” x 15 ½” Framed and matted pencil and water color work called “Rose Noelle” or “Christmas Rose” by Charles Albright –  Limited edition 1/50 – June 26, 2003*

Item #2 – 17 1/2” x 18” Framed and matted pencil and water color work called “Rose Noelle” or “Christmas Rose” by Charles Albright –  Limited edition 12/50 – June 26, 2003*

*Included on the item is an issue of Texas Monthly magazine, with an article on Charles Albright’s life.  He was a student at Arkansas State Teachers College in 1953-1954.

End of Box 1

End of Series II

End of Collection