Beth Brickell is a native Arkansan, growing up in Camden and graduating from Camden High School.  She attended UCA for one year and then transferred to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where she received a B.A. in Political Science.  She later studied at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles, California to receive a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Degree.

Beth is a veteran of stage and screen.  She studied under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg and had a membership in the Actors Studio.  She has had several leading roles in more than 25 stage productions including Thurber Carnival with Jean Stapleton, Room Service with Bill Macy, and Taker Her She’s Mine with Walter Pidgeon.

Her television career includes a starring role for two seasons in Gentle Ben with Dennis Weaver and a very large black bear.  She has appeared in over 100 television shows including Gun smoke, Fantasy Island, Matt Helm, Love American Style, Alias Smith & Jones, Bonanza, The Virginian, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Hawaii Five O, and Knots Landing.  Beth has also directed several episodes of Knots Landing.

Beth’s movie career is equally impressive.  She has appeared, written, produced and or directed a dozen films.  Her film, A Rainy Day, was written, produced, and directed by Beth, and received seven top festival awards, including First Place at the USA Film Festival in Dallas.  A Rainy Day was broadcast on PBS.

She appeared with Kirk Douglas and Bruce Dern in Posse, and starred with Sondra Lock and Seymour Cassell in Deadly Game, and with Bo Hopkins in The Only Way Home.

One of her best-known works is Summer’s End that was written, produced, and directed by Beth.  Summer’s End has won 17-film industry awards, including a Blue Ribbon at the American Film & Video Festival in New York, a Gold Plaque in the Chicago International Film Festival, Best of U.S. Short Fiction at the Los Angeles International Film Festival and Second Place at the San Francisco International Film Festival.  The film has been broadcast on Showtime, A&E, Nickelodeon and PBS.

Beth continues to write and is currently working on another film.  She is also interested in politics and managed Blanche Lincoln’s first congressional primary victory.  In addition, she raised $250, 000 for the 1992 Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign, and supervised 500 volunteers for Michael Dukakis in 1988.

Her civic activities include Chair of the Director’s Guild of American Women’s Steering Committee, member of the Director’s Guild of America Projects Committee, Board of Directors for Women in Film, Emmy Awards Panelist for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Actors Studio-West Executive Steering Committee, and Screening Committee for the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.  She has also been inducted into the Southwest Theatre Association Hall of Fame.


Box 1

Item 1-Scrapbook: Arkansas State Teachers College, 1954-‘55

Item 2-Scrapbook: Arkansas State Teachers College, 1955-‘56

Item 3-Detailed report for each country visited in Europe and a map of the route traveled, 1959-1960

Item 4-Three 11” x 14” black and white photographs of Beth Brickell, 1965-1966

Item 5-Two black and white photographs of Beth Brickell, 1968

Item 6-Twelve black and white photographs of Beth Brickell, 1970 and 1974

Item 7-Poster: framed 11” x 13”, “Summer’s End”

Item 8-Stereo LP -“The Stars of Gentle Ben” TV Series -1969 starring -Dennis Weaver, Beth Brickell, Clint Howard, Rance Howard, and Candy Candido

End of Box 1


Box 2

File 1 – Beth Brickell Biography Information & 5” x 7” black/white photo of young Beth & Dad Carter Brickell c. 1944-45 era and 12 4×6 inch color photo of UCA Archives Reception – 2005

File 2 – Newspaper clippings, 1960’s

File 6 – Plaque featuring TV Guide magazine cover, 1967 (Plaque is missing, may be in Ms. Brickell’s possession)

File 17 – Newspaper clippings, 1970’s

File 3 – 4-8×10″ William Morris Agency publicity photographs for Beth Brickell, 1966 and program for PaperMill Playhouse “The Women” – March 22, 1966

File 4 – Beth Brickell Fan Club materials

File 5 – “Gentle Ben” television series various photographs, 1967-1969

File 14 – Publicity shots, 1968-1969

File 18 – “Marcus Welby” television series publicity folder, 1970

File 19 – William Morris Agency publicity photographs for Beth Brickell, 1972

File 21 – Publicity photographs, 1972

File 20 – Beth Brickell, Writer / Director / Teacher, 1973-2002

File 7 – Magazine – TV Radio Mirror –  Beth Brickell article on page 16, December 1967

File 8 – Magazine – TV Radio Talk – Beth Brickell article on page 42, December 1967

File 9 – Magazine – TV STAR Parade – Beth Brickell article on page 22, January 1968

File 10 – Magazine – Photoplay -Beth Brickell article on page 44, April 1968

File 11 – Magazine – Movieland & TV Time –  Beth Brickell on page 32, June 1968

File 12 – Magazine – TV & Movie Screen – Beth Brickell on page 24, June 1968

File 13 – Magazine – TV Radio Show – Beth Brickell article on page 22, December 1968

File 15 – Magazine – Movie Stars – Beth Brickell article on page 51, February 1969

File 16 – Magazine – TV Radio Talk – Beth Brickell article on page 25, February 1969

File 22 – Movie script draft – A Rainy Day – Beth Brickell final draft, October 1976

File 23 – Movie – A Rainy Day – Publicity and filming in Arkansas

File 24 – Movie – The Tomboy – Beth Brickell second draft

File 25 – Movie – Summer’s End – By Beth Brickell, June 1984

File 26 – Movie – Summer’s End – Production and publicity, 1984-1987

File 27 – Award of Appreciation presented to Beth Brickell by the City of Clarendon, Arkansas (filming site of Summer’s End)

File 28 – Portrait of a Winner – Beth Brickell

File 29 – Video Cassettes (VHS format) – A Rainy Day, 1979 and Summer’s End, 1986


Box 3

File 1 – Magazine – Press Woman – Beth Brickell article on page 5, February 1988

File 2 – NFPW (National Federation of Professional Women) Convention, Beth Brickell speaker, and article on page 13, June 1988

File 3 – Newspaper articles, 1980’s

File 4 – Walter Hussman – Editor of the Arkansas Democrat newspaper, October 1990

File 5 – Mr. Christmas by Beth Brickell, 1990

File 6 – Beth Brickell and Jim Spencer wedding album, 1991

File 7 – Political campaigns, 1992-1993

File 8 – Newspaper article: “Maud Crafford, first woman lawyer in Arkansas, Vanished in 1957″ – 1996

File 9 – Retired General Wesley Clark for President campaign, Beth Brickell was the Co-chairwoman of Arkansas for Clark

File 10 – Filming of Mr. Christmas by Beth Brickell – 2003-2006

File 11 – Beth Brickell newspaper articles:  1993, 2003, 2004, 2006 to present

File 12 – Awards, Certificates of Recognitions, etc. – 1995-2007

File 13 – William and Mary Brickell:  Founders of Miami and Fort Lauderdale (FL.) by Beth Brickell – Spring 2009

End of Box 2


Box 4

Item 1AA – (1) 13″x 19″ Poster – Book Signing at UCA’s McAlister Mirror Room – Thursday, March 14, 2019

Item 1A – San Diego Union: TV. week (front cover laminated only), and an article entitled, “Beth Brickell: Girl reporter who went straight”, 1967

Item 1B – Newspaper article (laminated): Beth Brickell

Item 1C – Publicity photograph (framed): Beth Brickell

Item 2 – Arkansas Traveler Ambassador Certificate awarded to Beth Brickell, June 1992

Item 3 – 19×19 1/2″ – Framed Key to the City of Camden, AR

Item 4 – 19×24″ – Framed Poster of TV show Gentle Ben

End of Box 4

End of Collection