CDPG Forms

This page provides links to forms used in the curriculum development process. The forms are in MS Word format (except for certain ADHE documents in PDF format) and are in some instances protected for form filling. Word forms may be downloaded, filled in, saved, and used in curriculum processes.

To save to your local computer, right-click on the link to a form and choose “Save Target As . . .” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As . . .” (Firefox or Chrome).

Note for users of Word for Windows. When you are ready to use the form: If Word opens your form in the Reading view, switch to the Edit Document view to fill in the form.

Use the tabs to find the forms you need.

UCA Curriculum Forms

Note: All curriculum forms underwent a light but comprehensive update in March 2016. As further corrections and updates are introduced, the date of the update will be indicated. Please check back from time to time to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date form.

Compatible with Word for Mac and Word for Windows: In order to provide for use in both Word for Mac and Word for Windows, the UCA curriculum forms have been reworked using cross-platform compatible content controls. Filenames of the reworked forms include the infix <-cpc> (for cross-platform compatible). Tests of the forms have all been carried out in the latest version of Word for Mac and in Word 2013 or higher for Windows.

Undergraduate Curriculum Forms

Graduate Curriculum Forms

Curriculum Form Attachments

Program Assessment Forms

See links to forms and instructions on this page:

ADHE Forms

Note: ADHE forms – with some customization for UCA use – are linked from the following list as a service for UCA proposers. ADHE periodically updates these forms, and the Office of the Provost will do its best to ensure that the forms linked here are current. The ADHE guidelines related to proposals are available linked from the ADHE Program Proposal and Review web page. Most of the forms linked below were reviewed and, where necessary, updated on 2016-01-06.

Letters of Intent

LOI-1: New Certificate or Degree Program

LOI-2: New Academic Administrative Unit

LOI-3: New Off-Campus Center

LOI-4: Reactivation of Program Inactive for Five Years

Letters of Notification

LON-1: Name Change of Existing Certificate, Degree, Major, Option, or Organizational Unit (For academic unit—department, center, college, etc.—name changes, use this form and the process detailed in the Other Change Processes page.)

LON-1C: CIP Code Change Request

LON-2: Establishment of Administrative Unit (Center, Division, or Institute not offering primary faculty appointments, or certificate or degree programs)

LON-3: New Program Option, Concentration, Emphasis, or Minor (updated 2018-04-15)

LON-4: Establishment of New Administrative Unit (Instruction, Research, or Service Institute/Center fully supported by non-state funds)

LON-5: Deletion (Certificate, Degree, Option/Emphasis/Concentration, Minor, Organizational Unit) (Updated 2017-10-18)

LON-6: Inactivate or Reactivate Program (Updated 2018-01-26)

LON-7: Reorganization of Existing Units

LON-8: Undergraduate Certificate Program (6–21 semester credit hours)

LON-9: Undergraduate Certificate Program (21–45 semester credit hours, 75% of coursework from an existing associate or bachelor’s degree program) (Updated 2018-03-23)

LON-10: Graduate Certificate Program (GC or PMC, 12–21 semester credit hours)

LON-11: Reconfiguration of Existing Degree Programs (Consolidation or Separation of Degrees to Create New Degree) (Updated 2018-01-03)

LON-11C: Curriculum Revision of Existing Certificate or Degree Program

LON-12: Existing Program at Off-Campus Location

LON-13: Existing Program by Distance Technology

LON-TR: AA/AS Articulation/Transfer Agreement

LON-E: Existing Education Certificate or Degree

Educator Preparation Programs

ADE – Protocol for Approving Educator Prep Programs (Updated 2015-08-05)

ADE – Educator Prep Proposal Cover Sheet

ADE – Educator Prep Proposal, Section C


P-1: Program Proposal (updated 2017-12-06)

P-1: Program Proposal – Instructions (updated 2017-12-06)

ADHE supporting documents for proposals (use as required by P-1 or other forms):