CDPG Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page will grow as more questions are frequently asked—or as we discover questions that should be more frequently asked. In the meantime …

What is the continuous enrollment grade mode?

The continuous enrollment grade mode (its code is E) is used for certain kinds of courses (typically thesis, dissertation, or other multi-term courses) where continuous enrollment is required; this grade mode uses the grades PR (Progress - Credit), CR (Credit), and NC (No Credit) as needed. A PR grade indicates that a student has made satisfactory progress in the course/project but has not completed it; a CR grade is used in this context to indicate that the course/project has been successfully completed. Both PR and CR result in earned credit hours but do not carry quality points (and thus are not included in GPA calculations); an NC grade signifies in this context unsatisfactory progress or failure to complete the course/project—and so, of course, earns neither credit nor quality points. Note that the continuous enrollment grade mode is not intended to be used as a substitute for Deferred Credit (that is, an incomplete grade) in a course not requiring continuous enrollment for more than one term.

How is the X-grade used, and what considerations should faculty and students keep in mind?

The grade of X (Incomplete or “Deferred Credit”) is assigned only if satisfactory completion of the remaining course requirements can result in a passing grade for that semester’s work. An X grade is not computed in the GPA. One calendar year is the maximum time limit for removal of an X grade. If one year passes and the X has not been removed, the grade is changed automatically to an F. An individual instructor may specify a shorter time period for removal of an X. The instructor is required to state, in writing, the requirements for removing the grade of X at the time it is assigned. One copy of the requirements is to be given to the registrar, one to the student, and one to the department chair; one copy is retained by the instructor. Failure of the student to meet these requirements may result in the X becoming an F. A student may not re-enroll in a course for which an X is in effect.

No student may be cleared for conferral of an undergraduate or graduate degree until all incomplete (X) grades have been removed and all unreported grades (NR) have been reported. In order to be awarded a degree as expected, a student who finishes the semester in which she/he intends to graduate with an X grade must have submitted the required work to the instructor no later than one calendar week after the last day of final exams for that semester, and the instructor must have submitted a change of grade form to remove the X grade no later than two weeks after the last day of final exams for that semester. If these deadlines are not met, award of the degree will be delayed.

Page updated: August 1, 2019