Other Change Processes

This page provides information about academic administrative change processes not typically handled under the aegis of the Curriculum Development Process Guide. As need arises, detailed processes will be outlined in documents linked from this page.

Selected ADHE Forms

This section links to relevant ADHE forms in the CDPG Forms page. Some of these forms are also used for curricular changes.

Form IDDescription
LOI-2New Academic Administrative Unit
ADHE Attachment ATitle Change (Existing Certificate, Degree, Major, Option, Minor, or Organizational Unit)
LON-2Establishment of Administrative Unit (Center, Division, or Institute not offering primary faculty appointments, or certificate or degree programs)
LON-4Establishment of New Administrative Unit (Instruction, Research, or Service Institute/Center fully supported by non-state funds)
ADHE Attachment E4Deletion of an Organizational Unit
LON-7Reorganization of Existing Units

Administrative Change Processes Detailed

Academic Unit Name Change