Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment is commonly referred to as Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Programmatic Assessment.  This area of assessment focuses on in the improvement of student learning through data-driven decision making.

Assessment Plans

All non-accredited academic programs will submit an Academic Assessment Plan in which they will cover assessment activities, outcomes, cycles, methods, and measures.  The plan is intended to guide the assessment process for that program for a designated number of years based on their Existing Academic Program Review (EAPR) cycle.  Academic Assessment Plans are revised and resubmitted to the Academic Assessment Committee based on the EAPR cycle.

Here is the Academic Assessment Plan Template.  This file is intended to assist in facilitating assessment discussions.  All information should be entered into P.A.W.S. (Taskstream AMS)

As part of EAPR/Accreditation or for New Program Approval, the Assessment Plan will be reviewed by the Academic Assessment Committee.

Here is the Academic Assessment Plan Review Rubric.

Assessment Plans must be reviewed and approved by their respective departments and colleges.  Use the Transmissital Form when proposing a new Assessment Plan or changes to existing plans/processes.

Form AP-C (Assessment Plan Transmittal Form).


Academic programs are required to continuously document all assessment efforts in P.A.W.S. Here is a quick guide to navigating the academic workspace in P.A.W.S. For further information on submitting your findings for review and generating reports in P.A.W.S, see this guide.

In addition, all academic programs will submit an “End of Cycle” report on assessment activities for their program according to the cycle determined by their assessment plan. Reports must be submitted by October 15th of the academic year indicated by the program’s assessment plan. Reports are to be submitted electronically to the Office of Assessment.

Here is the “End of Cycle Report” template. This file is intended to assist in facilitating assessment discussions.

Academic Assessment Committee Feedback

The Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) will evaluate all of the submitted Academic Assessment Reports and provide feedback.
Here is the Academic Assessment Report Rubric.