Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

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  1. To collaborate with the Strategic Budgeting Advisory Committee, as part of the Strategic Planning and Resource Council.
  2. To make recommendations concerning the implementation of the strategic plan initiatives for the next fiscal year, in addition to a five-year period.
  3. To conduct studies and make inquiries related to the strategic plan and mission of the university.
  4. To present concerns and recommendations to the president and the university campus as a whole.


The Strategic Planning Committee will have the following voting members appointed before June 1 of each year with terms beginning June 1:

  1. The presidents and vice-presidents of the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, and the Student Government Association.
  2. Three tenured faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate to two-year staggered terms. One of these appointees will be an academic department chair or equivalent.
  3. Two staff members (one classified and one non-classified) appointed by the Staff Senate to a two-year staggered term.
  4. Two students appointed by the Student Government Association to a one-year term.
  5. One Dean, elected by the Council of Deans to a two-year term.
  6. One Vice-President elected by the Executive Staff to a two-year term.
  7. One UCA Trustee appointed to a one-year term.
  8. One community member appointed by the President to a two-year term.
  9. The Provost or designee.
  10. The Chair of the Strategic Planning and Resource Council will serve as chair. The chair will vote only when there is a tie.
  11. The Director of Assessment shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Strategic Planning Committee.


  1. Each spring, the Strategic Planning Committee will determine, via meetings with individual units and campus-wide forums, which objectives the university community believes should be moved from the list of possibilities generated during the university-wide strategic-planning process during AY 2010-11 to the active list for the following fiscal year; it will also consider additions to the campus list. It will incorporate the results of this discovery process – along with assessment results and other information – in its recommendations to SPARC and the president.
  2. The Strategic Planning Committee will prepare a written report for the Strategic Planning and Resources Council by September 15 of each year. This report – based on the campus discovery process (see item a above), the information contained in the Institutional Report Card presented to the Board of Trustees at their December meeting, and other appropriate inputs – will assess the university’s progress on the various strategic objectives contained in the Strategic Plan and recommend further action on those objectives or, upon completion of those objectives, recommend the adoption of new objectives from the lists generated during the university-wide strategic-planning process during AY 2010-11 as updated in the annual campus discovery process. This report will serve as a source of information for the Strategic Planning and Resource Council when it makes its October 1 report to the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government Association; and for the Strategic Budgeting Advisory Committee when that group makes its budget considerations and recommendations to the university president in December.


  1. The SPC will meet at least once per month from June to May of the following year.
  2. When possible, meetings should be convened in person. However, comments on specific issues and votes may be taken by written proxy (including email) if necessary.
  3. The meeting schedule for every year will be established in June and the schedule will be announced to the university community using whatever communication means are considered most likely to reach the broadest possible university audience.

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