Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)


  • Serve as the representative body for strategic planning at the university
  • Undertake updates and revisions to the UCA Strategic Plan as directed by the president and conduct other studies and inquiries as the SPC, in consultation with the president, deems appropriate
  • Report annually to the campus, based on reporting from the responsible units, on the university’s implementation of the strategic plan, including any recommendations for near-term implementation changes
  • Present concerns and recommendations to the president


The Strategic Planning Committee has the following members, appointed before October 1 of each year:

  • A chair, appointed by the president
  • The presidents and vice-presidents of the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, and the Student Government Association
  • Three tenured faculty members, including one academic department chair or equivalent, appointed by the Faculty Senate to two-year, staggered terms
  • Two staff members (one classified and one non-classified) appointed by the Staff Senate to two-year, staggered terms
  • Two students appointed by the Student Government Association to one-year terms
  • One dean, elected by the Council of Deans to a two-year term
  • One vice president elected by the president’s Cabinet to a two-year term
  • One member of the UCA Board of Trustees appointed by the Board to a one-year term
  • One community member appointed by the president to a two-year term
  • The provost or designee
  • The director of the Office of Institutional Research (non-voting ex-officio)


  • The SPC will meet at least twice per academic semester.
  • The meeting schedule for the following year will be established before the end of each spring semester, and the schedule will be announced to the university community using whatever communication means are considered most likely to reach the broadest possible university audience.

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SPC Links

Strategic Planning Website [currently under development]
Current SPC Membership
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Page updated: October 26, 2021