SPC Membership

For a description of the Strategic Planning Committee, with slight revisions approved in October 2021, see https://uca.edu/committees/strategic-planning-committee/.

Membership roster updated January 2024

Appointment CategoryRepresentation/Area/RoleMember NameThrough...
President's AppointmentSPC ChairPatricia Poulter
Ex Officio (V)President, Faculty SenateVaughn ScribnerMay 2024
Ex Officio (V)President, Staff SenateJennifer RuudMay 2024
Ex Officio (V)President, SGAColby WilsonMay 2024
Ex Officio (V)Vice President, Faculty SenateBrent ShiresMay 2024
Ex Officio (V)Vice President, Staff SenateWhit AblesMay 2024
Ex Officio (V)Vice President, SGAKylie GarrittyMay 2024
SGA AppointeeStudent MemberLilly MoritzMay 2024
SGA AppointeeStudent MemberMatt MoixMay 2024
Faculty Senate AppointeeFaculty RepresentativeShawn CharltonAY 2024-2025
Faculty Senate AppointeeFaculty RepresentativeJohn TothAY 2024-2025
Faculty Senate AppointeeFaculty Representative - Department ChairStephen O'ConnellAY 2023-2024
Staff Senate AppointeeNon-Classified StaffCourtney BryantAY 2023-2024
Staff Senate AppointeeClassified StaffTrisha ClarkAY 2023-2024
Council of Deans AppointeeCouncil of DeansMichael HargisAY 2024-2025
Executive Staff AppointeeUCA Vice PresidentsRobin WilliamsonAY 2024-2025
Board of Trustees AppointeeBoard of TrusteesCurtis BarnettCY 2024
Community AppointeeCommunity RepresentativeLori RossAY 2024-2025
Ex Officio (NV)Director of Institutional Research (or designee)Amber HallPermanent
Committee Staff (NV)SecretarySuzanne MasseyPermanent