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Spring 2023

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March Hours

Open – Regular Hours except for Spring Break
We will be closed from Saturday, March 18 through Sunday, March 26.
The Tutoring Center will re-open on Monday, March 27

 The Tutoring Center will be tutoring both online and in-person for Spring 2023, in addition to being open for computer use and studying.

Please see our tutoring schedule for available tutors, subjects they tutor, and a link to their online tutoring page.
Tutoring Center Hours (Torreyson 223)

Monday – Thurs 9AM – 10 PM
Friday 9AM – 2PM
Sunday 4PM – 10PM

Online Tutoring Hours

Monday – Thurs 9AM – 10 PM
Friday 9AM – 2PM
Sunday 4PM – 10PM

 Appointments for tutoring can be made through Navigate. Log into your Navigate account on a laptop or desktop. Click on “Get Assistance” and follow the directions. We DO NOT
do multiple appoints one right after the other. Appointments are limited to 30 minutes unless no one else is waiting to be tutored.

Information on how to meet with our tutors, receive tutoring online or participate in an SI session is below. We will continue to tutor with both online and in-person tutoring.  We will be socially distancing in the Tutoring Center in Torreyson 223, and we will be here to check out calculators, assist with getting study hours, and tutor you for your classes. 






Online Tutoring

If a student has Biology I & II listed, they can tutor Bio 1400, Bio 1401, and Bio 1440

Online (Virtual) Tutoring sessions will occur through:
  • Click on this Zoom link
  • Discuss what type of tutoring you need with the online receptionist
  • The online receptionist will take your information for our records (UCA ID number or CHS ID number)
  • You will then be given a link in the ZOOM chat to meet with a tutor on GoBoard 
  • The online receptionist will stay on Zoom until the tutor is online with you
  • Phone:  501-852-0720
  • Email:  tutoring@uca.edu

For More Information or to Contact Us:

  • Select one of the tiles or tabs above for more information
  • Email tutoring@uca.edu if you have questions or would like an appointment
  • Need to reach us by phone? Call 501-852-0720.

The Tutoring Services Center provides individual tutoring services for UCA core courses and upper level mathematics, ACT Prep programs, Supplemental Instruction and services designed to help students succeed during their enrollment at UCA.

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