Inclement Weather and Delayed Start

It is the policy of the university not to close due to bad weather when students are on campus. Instruction and support operations will continue.

University personnel are expected to be at work when the university is open. Each employee must exercise judgment as to when it is safe to travel. Accrued annual leave must be used for absences during inclement weather unless the employee is on approved sick leave at the time of inclement weather.

The university may close due to severe weather in some instances when students are not in residence and food services are closed. An announcement will be given by the administration and the time off treated as an unofficial paid day-off.

Delayed Start Time

In cases in which weather conditions are unfavorable in the early morning but expected to improve during the day, the university may implement a delayed-start time. Announcement of the delayed-start will be given as early as possible on the morning of the delay. Generally, weather announcements will be televised on Channel 4 and Channel 7 and announced on radio stations KCON and KARN.

On a delayed-start day, employees arriving at work by 10 a.m. will not be charged for two hours leave. Employees arriving after 10 a.m. or not at all, except in cases of previously approved sick leave, will be charged with annual leave for all hours missed.

Critical Support Employees

Some critical support positions as designated by the university and/or departments (such as police officers and Physical Plant maintenance staff) are expected to report to work during inclement weather. Using personal judgment to determine when it is safe to travel, employees in these roles may be required to report to work early and/or remain after normal working hours in support of critical functions of the campus.

Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of severe or inclement weather the University of Central Arkansas will notify students, members of the faculty, and area residents of closings or changes in schedules in five ways:

1. The university’s web page (

2. Social Media: Facebook ( and Twitter (

3. Local and regional radio stations (FM 107.7, 102.9, 102.1, 98.5, 100.7, 96, 91.3, AM 920 KARN, 1230 KCON)

4. UCA Channel 6 and state television stations in Little Rock (ABC – Channel 7, NBC – Channel 4, and CBS – Channel 11);

5. Recorded messages at the university’s telephone number – (501) 450-5000.