HPER Center FAQ’s

Who is eligible to use the HPER Center?

Current student, faculty, and staff, spouses (significant others), and former faculty/staff with proper ID are eligible to use the HPER Center.

Can I eat and/or drink in the HPER Center?

You can drink any liquid as long as it is in a sealable container. No food is allowed.

Where do I check for Lost & Found items?

At the Front Desk.

Can I check-out equipment? If so, for how long?

Equipment may be checked out at no cost for day use or overnight use.  Equipment may be checked out during HPER hours of operation.  Overnight equipment may be checked out for up to one week.  If the equipment is returned damaged or is lost there will be a replacement charge.

Is there ice available in the HPER Center?

Ice is available in the Cardio Room.

Do you have lockers available?

Students – Lockers are available for day use only.  Items may not be left overnight.

Faculty/Staff – Lockers may be reserved for long terms use through the Campus Recreation office. In each Faculty/Staff locker room there are limited day lockers. 

How many times around the track is one mile?

Lane 1 (inside grey line) – 10 laps = 1 mile

Lane 4 (outside lane) – 9 laps = 1 mile

How many basketball courts are there, and what are the dimensions?

There are three wood floor basketball courts.  They are 84′ x 50′.

Can volleyball and badminton courts be reserved?

No, they are part of open recreational use.  If the court is not in current use, either can be set up for use.

How do I reserve a racquetball court?

Racquetball courts can be reserved at the HPER Front Desk.  Courts can be reserved one week in advance.  Visit the Front Desk or call 501-450-3450 for reservations.  Racquetball courts can also be set up to play Walleyball.

What is the total square footage of the HPER Center?

Approximately 115,000 square feet.

How large is the weight room?

Approximately 10,000 square feet

How large is the cardio room?

Approximately 5,500 square feet.