FAQ’s for Fitness Center (Cardio & Weight Room)

In order to use the UCA HPER Fitness Center, every student/faculty/staff member MUST complete a safety orientation prior to using the facility. 

Where are the bathrooms located?

The bathrooms are located on the first level in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms.  Also on the first floor is a gender-neutral restroom through the weight room on your left as you walk towards the Aquatics Center.  The second floor also has men’s and women’s bathrooms past the game area.

Can I eat and/or drink in the Fitness Center?

No food is allowed in the Fitness Center. Drinks are allowed but must be in a non-spill able container.

Is there a public telephone located in the HPER Center?

No.  The closest public telephone is located at the UCA Police Department, north of the HPER Center.

Where do I check for lost and found items?

Lost and found items are kept at the Front Desk in the Equipment Check-Out room.

Can I reserve the fitness center for private use?


Do you have student jobs available?

Yes. We accept applications year round.

What is the size of the cardio room?

The Cardio Room is approximately 5,500 square feet.

What is the size of the weight room?

The weight room is approximately 10,000 square feet.

How can I get an orientation?

Orientations are offered every day at the quarter hour.  Please call the Front Desk at 450-3450 for more information.

How do the Cardio Room TVs work?

Each TV is associated with an FM transmitter.  Each piece of cardio equipment is fitted with a receiver for which you will need earplugs to listen and watch TV. Each TV has its own FM frequency (station) identified by a number at the bottom of each TV.  Simply tune into the FM station on the TV you wish to watch.  The FM station (number) for each TV is posted on the bottom of each TV.

Do you provide towels?

No. We ask that you bring your own towel and wipe off any sweat from machines/benches after use.

What is the appropriate attire while in the UCA Fitness Center?

Athletic attire is required.  Athletic shoes, shorts, and shirt.  No street clothes are permitted.

Are personal trainers available?

Yes.  Please visit the website for more information.

Do you have weight belts available?

Yes, and in different sizes.