FAQ’s for Cardio Area, Weight Room, and Mezzanine

 All NEW students and employees must receive an orientation and sign a waiver prior to entering the HPER Center. This can be done electronically or in person.

Where are the bathrooms located?

  • The bathrooms are located on the first level in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms.  Also on the first floor is a gender-neutral restroom through the weight room on your left as you walk towards the Aquatics Center.  The second floor also has men’s and women’s bathrooms past the game area.

Can I eat and/or drink in the Fitness Areas?

  • No food is allowed in the Fitness Areas. Drinks are allowed but must be in a sealable container.

Where do I check for lost and found items?

  • Lost and found items are kept at the Front Desk in the Equipment Check-Out room.

How can I get an orientation?

  • Please call the Front Desk at 450-3450 for more information.

Do you provide towels?

  • No. We ask that you bring your own towel and wipe off any sweat from machines/benches after use.

What is the appropriate attire while in the UCA Fitness Areas?

  • Athletic attire is required.  Athletic shoes, shorts, and shirt.  No street clothes are permitted.

Are personal trainers available?

  • Yes.  Please visit the website for more information.

Do you have weight belts available?

  • Yes, and in different sizes.