Golf Simulator Info

Golf Simulator

Reservation/Usage Procedures

-Reservations can be made by phone (501-450-3450) or in person.

-Reservations will only be for 1 hour at a time unless a group of 4 or more.  If the next hour is open and the group/person currently using the simulator wants to extend their time, they are able to walk up and do so.

-We have clubs and balls for check out, but participants can bring their own. Personal clubs will need to be clean before they are able to use them with the simulator. All personal clubs need to be checked by the Front Desk before use. Only one set of clubs can be checked out per group unless they have a mixture of males/females or right/left handed players.

-Only one golfer can be in the simulator area at a time (in the Swing Path). All other players will need to be in the seating area outside of the simulator. Only one participant may be at the controls for the simulator while another participant is hitting.

-Participants are only allowed to use the touch screen controls on the wall.

-All damage done by the participants will be charged back to the participants.

-No horseplay will be allowed in the golf simulator. If anyone is caught doing so, those participants will lose access to the simulator for a minimum of a semester.

-No cleats or spikes of any kind are permitted in the simulator.

-All balls must be hit towards the simulator screen.

-No gum, food, or drinks are allowed inside of the simulator. Beverages in sealable containers are allowed in the seating area.