Personal Training


The overall goal of personal training at the HPER is to assist clients in achieving their goals in a timely, healthy and effective manner. To achieve this, certified trainers set objectives based on clients’ goals and current industry standards.


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Personal Training Interest Form

If you are interested in working with a personal trainer please fill out the information below.
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Personal Training Information Packet

Personal Training Staff


  • Packages must be used in the semester they are purchased, unused packages are not refunded.
  • A comprehensive fitness assessment must be done before training session with initial package purchase.  This fitness assessment will performed by your assigned trainer.
  • Comprehensive fitness assessment will be required annually.
  • You will be charged a session if you do not show up for your scheduled session.  Rescheduling must be done 24 hours prior to your session.
  • Each client is required to complete a Health History Questionnaire (HHQ).  Keep in mind, based on answers to your HHQ, a physician’s release may be required.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment Consists of:

  • Health History Questionnaire
  • Sub-maximal Bicycle Graded Exercise Test (Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Measurements monitored)
  • Body Composition Measurement (via skin fold calipers)
  • Circumference Measurements
  • Hamstring Flexibility
  • One-minute Timed Bent Knee Sit-up Test
  • Push-up Test
  • Handgrip Test

 The goal of our personal training program is to provide you with the safest and effective service..  If you have participated, or are currently participating in the personal training services, we would appreciate if you took a few minutes out of your day to complete this survey, so we can continue to improve upon our program and better serve you and future clients.

Personal Training Client Satisfaction Survey