Farris Fields Complex

Reservation Process

Must submit reservation request 24 hours in advance. If requesting a weekend date please submit no later than Thursday at 4:30 pm. An email will be sent confirming your reservation, confirmation may take 24 hours. Field rate is $20 an hour 2 hour max. A lock combination will be sent the day of your reservation. Request more than a month out will not be confirmed. After using the field please lock the gate. Failure to do so may result in future usage not being allowed. If you have any questions regarding the reservation form please email lwile@uca.edu. Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of each month. Payments can be made over the phone at 501-450-3450 or at the front desk of the HPER Center.

Safety Terms:

  • Should inclement weather arise at any time during your reservation, you are required to exit the field and the complex.  You may receive a text informing you of such, and the immediate closure of the field.  Field closures are in accordance with university safety measures.  At this point, your group will be REQUIRED to immediately exit the field and complex for your safety.  UCAPD will do a ride-by to insure you have exited the complex.

  • Upon exiting the field, you are REQUIRED to lock the gate.

All safety term decisions are non-negotiable.  Failure to comply with adherence to the above stated Safety Term requirements will result in denial of future reservations.

By completing the reservation form, this signifies that you understand and agree to all terms stated above.

Field 1 Reservation

Field 2 Reservation

Field 3 Reservation

The Farris Fields Complex, located on the south end of the UCA campus, offers students and faculty a variety of sports opportunity.  Within the complex lies three oversized softball fields, which can be converted into three flag football or three soccer fields for intramural purposes.

The fields are furnished with a professional lighting system, which allows teams to play well into the night.  Each field is provided with an electronically operated scoreboard, which was sponsored by the Student Government Association.

There are bathrooms located within the tripod area for players and spectators.  Plenty of bleacher space is also provided for spectators and students.