Aquatics Center FAQ’s

What size is the pool?

  • It is a 6 lane by 25 yard pool.  The shallow end is 4 ft. deep and the deep end is 12 ft. deep.

Can I do anything besides swimming?

  • Yes.  The pool has a one meter diving board and an Aquaclimb wall. 

How do I enter the pool?

  • To gain entrance all must use the HPER Center main entrance. After the turnstiles, turn right and walk through the weight room.  Either  use the locker rooms (towards the right) or the hallway (towards the left). 

Are children allowed to swim in the pool?

  • No. Unless space has been appropriately rented out prior to your visit, no one under the age of 18 (who is not a current, full-time UCA student) will be permitted to use the Aquatics Center pool.

What is the proper attire for the HPER Aquatic Center pool?

  • Please refer to the “Rules and Regulations” to answer this question. If you still have questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Aquatics.

Is the HPER Aquatic Center pool available for rental?

  • Yes, you can rent the pool for personal use.  Please contact the Assistant Director of Aquatics for more details. 

What is the temperature of the pool water?

  • The pool temperature is set to stay between 83-86 degrees.  According to USA Swimming, the national organization for Aquatics:
    • “Water varying from 83-86 degrees Fahrenheit (28-30 degrees Celsius) is the most comfortable temperature for typical water fitness classes and general aquatic programming.  This allows the body to react and respond normally to the onset of exercise and the accompanying increase in the body temperature.  Cooling benefits are still felt and there is little risk of overheating.  Program modifications will be required for water temperature outside the recommended range.  Aquatic Fitness Professionals should know the water temperature and modify the program accordingly based upon the population and the program format.”

Can we bring our own rafts and floatation devices?

  • No, unless permission is granted by the Assistant Director of Aquatics before you visit the facility. The Aquatics Center only provides noodles for your recreational use.