Group Exercise FAQ’s

 What are the class hours?
Classes will take place during the posted times.
What are the Senior Associate Director’s office hours?
Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, Room 127C in the Front Office Suite.  Phone: (501) 450-5091 e-mail:
Who is eligible to use the Group Exercise Studio?
Current student, faculty, and staff (spouses of each can purchase a membership) are eligible to use the Group Exercise Studio, also, retired faculty/staff (and spouses), alumni with proper ID and guests.
Do I need to bring my UCA I.D. with me to the UCA Fitness Center?
YES. You must present your UCA I.D. to enter the HPER facilities. You will need your ID to check-in for attendance records at each class attended.
Where are the bathrooms located?
Bathrooms on the second floor are located upstairs, by the Track.
Can I eat and/or drink in the Group Exercise Studio?
No food is allowed. Beverages are allowed in plastic nonspillable bottles.
Is there a Public Telephone located in the HPER Center?
No, the closest public telephone is located at the UCA Police Department, north of the HPER Center. However, there are phones in the fitness center/weight room, HPER Front Office and Front Check-in desk that students can use to make emergency local calls.
Where do I check for Lost & Found items?
At the Front Check-in desk.
Is there ice available in the HPER Center?
Yes, in the room behind the Cardio Room counter.
Do you have lockers available?
Students – lockers are available for daily use only. Items may not be left overnight.
Faculty/Staff – Locker rentals may be purchased at the HPER Center Front Office during business hours. In each Faculty/Staff locker room there are limited day lockers.
Can I reserve the Group Exercise Studio for private use and is there a cost?
Yes. The studios are available for reservation during times when classes are not taught. Reservations are through EMS. Must register for an EMS account. Search for EMS on the UCA home page, follow instructions.
Studio reservations are free to students. Restrictions are explained when reserving. Cost may apply under certain circumstances.
Where are you located on campus?
Northeast side of campus just off Farris Road and across from Mashburn.
Do you have student jobs available?
All Group Exercise Instructors must audition for teaching positions.
Do you provide towels?
No, however, you are asked to bring your own towel for your personal use.
What is the appropriate attire while in the UCA Group Exercise Studio?
Athletic attire is required. Athletic shoes, shorts, and shirt. No street clothes/shoes are permitted.
How do I make suggestions/complaints?
Suggestions/complaints can be made directly to the instructor, place a comment slip in the “Catch me doing my best” boxes located in each studio, or have them contact the Senior Associate Director through e-mail, phone or voicemail. Senior Associate Director’s information is listed above.