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HPER Center Membership Eligibility Policies

A. Students:

  1. All full-time undergraduate and graduate students regularly enrolled at UCA are automatically HPER Center members (fees paid with tuition). All student members must possess and present a valid UCA I.D. card.
  2. All part-time undergraduate and graduate students who are 18 years of age and older.
  3. “Concurrent” enrolled students are prohibited from using the HPER Center.

B. Faculty/Staff:

1. All full-time and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to use the HPER Center. All faculty/staff must possess and present a valid UCA I. D. card.

C. UCA Retirees:

  1. Faculty and staff who have retired from the university are eligible for HPER membership. All UCA retirees must possess and present a valid UCA I. D. card.
  2. The retired faculty/staff must present a UCA I.D. card to the HPER office to obtain a membership.
  3. A UCA retiree is any individual who has officially retired and is currently included on the retirement list provided by the Human Resources Department.

D. University Affiliates:

  1. Currently, individuals residing or working with the following campus organizations are eligible to purchase an HPER Center membership.
  2. Memberships may be purchased at the same rate as those assessed for full-time UCA students.


o Oxford American

o Barnes and Noble

o UCA’s Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) – an employee of half-time or more.

a. A maximum of two employees for each RSO may obtain memberships, and the employee(s) must be an advisor of record in accordance with university policies established by the vice president for student services.
b. The RSO employee(s) must be employed a minimum of twenty hours per week and the primary work location must be the UCA campus.

E. Alumni

1. Must be a member of the UCA Alumni Association

F. Family Memberships:

1. Student, faculty, staff, retiree, university affiliates and alumni are eligible to purchase memberships for spouses and dependents.

*Dependents 18 to 26 may use the HPER Center.*

  1. A family membership card will be issued to each family member (18 years and older) after payment of the fee.
  2. Spouses of students, faculty, staff, retirees, university affiliates and alumni must show their husband or wife’s UCA I.D. when purchasing a family membership.
  3. Spouses are those persons who are recognized by the State of Arkansas as being legally married.
  4. Dependents are those persons under the age of 26 who reside with student, faculty, staff, retiree, university affiliate or alumni member who rely on the member for their sustenance