New Patron Orientation and Waiver for the HPER Center

All NEW students must receive an orientation and sign a waiver prior to entering the HPER Center. This can be done electronically or in person. Below are the instructions for the electronic orientation and waiver.

1. Read the HPER Dress Code (2022)
2. Read the Campus Recreation and Wellness Orientation (2022)
3. Read the Notice to all Persons Participating Waiver
4. A touch pad device is needed.  Select the Fusion Portal
5. Turn phone horizontally
6. Sign into the Fusion Portal, in the upper right corner, with your MyUCA login information.
7. Scroll down to the GRAY box and TAP to open the gray the box.   
8. Sign in the WHITE BOX, select SAVE, AND and select SIGN NOW.
9. Close out the portal.

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