Group Exercise




Hello UCA Bears!  

Our Campus Recreation Group Exercise Class Instructors are ready and excited to virtually bring YOU a portion of our regular group exercise classes through Zoom. See the schedule and instructions on how to sign up for the classes beginning this Wednesday April 15th, continuing through Tuesday, June 30th.  Staying active will help maintain a healthy immune system, decrease stress, depression and form a sense of community while in the privacy of your homes.  So, put on those workout clothes, grab a water bottle, towel, and join us!


Class cancellation policy due to low attendance will be followed.




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  


Spring 2020 

Throughout the week, we offer a variety of different classes, within our three group exercise studios. 

Spin Studio:

  • Mid-Day Move with Keeley
  • Sunrise & Spin with Keeley

Medium Studio

  • Barre with Carole
  • Cardio KickBoxing with Kimmy
  • TaekwonDo with Mason

Large Studio:

  • BOOTCAMP with  Kathy
  • Hatha Yoga with Saddaf
  • Hip-Hop Inspire with CJ
  • Insanity with Elena
  • Mid-Day PUMP with Kathy
  • Smooth Yoga True
  • STEP with Fina
  • STRONG with Rachel
  • Xtreme Hip Hop/ STEP  with Alline
  • Zumba with Caitlyn
  • Zumba Elena
  • Zumba with Staci

Spring 2020 Class Schedule

Spring 2020 Class Descriptions


Our Group Exercise Classes are designed to offer our members a variety of activities to complement our fitness center, weight room and recreational activities offered at the UCA HPER Center. You can choose a class that offers an overall (cardio and strength) workout, a class that targets specific areas to be trained or mind and body classes for stress management and improved flexibility. Our three new state of the art studios will provide an experience like no other. Our Large Studio (5,000 sq. ft.) is equipped with slim par lights and hemisphere mirror balls (a.k.a disco balls) where the colors change with the beat of the music to energize your work out experience. The classes feel like a dance party instead of a workout! Our Medium Studio (1,200 sq. ft.) has a full glass back wall facing our beautiful Jewel E. Moore Nature Reserve. This studio is a favorite of our smaller Yoga classes. The Spin Studio (800 sq. ft. hosting 24 Lemond Spin Bikes with cadence meters) is also equipped with slim par lights and one hemisphere mirror ball to fire up those spin classes. This studio also has a full glass back wall facing the Jewel E. Moore Nature Reserve as well. So, from Zumba to Kickboxing to Insanity to Spin Classes to Yoga, you are sure to find something that suits your needs in our group exercise classes. If you have questions, suggestions or are interested in becoming a Group Exercise Instructor, please contact Ary Servedio at 501-450-5091.
-All classes are free to HPER Center members (students/faculty/staff)
-We reserve the right to set maximums for all sessions to ensure the safety of all participants
-Proper athletic attire must be worn during class participation. Working out in street clothes/shoes/barefoot is not permitted. Only Yoga classes are taught barefoot.
-Some classes may be strenuous. We strongly recommend that you have a physical examination before participating in any of the classes if you have not exercised in a while or are recovering from a recent injury or surgery.
-Please be on time for classes. You will not be allowed to participate if you are late. Entering late is disruptive to the class and does not allow you the proper warm-up time for the class activity.
*Check out our “UCA Campus Recreation” Facebook page for pictures of our classes.