Group Exercise

 Our Group Exercise classes are designed to offer our members a variety of activities to compliment our state of the art fitness center, weight room and recreational activities offered at the UCA HPER Center. You can choose a class that offers an overall (cardio and strength) workout, or a class that targets specific areas to be trained. We hope you have a great experience in our classes. If you have any questions or suggestions of programming you would like to see offered, please contact Ary Servedio at 450-5091.

All classes are free to HPER Center members (Faculty/Staff).

Water aerobics will be held in the Farris Center Pool.

We reserve the right to set minimums for all sessions.  Classes may be cancelled due to low attendance.

We reserve the right to set maximums for all sessions to insure the safety of all participants.

Proper athletic attire must be worn during class participation. Working out in street clothes/shoes is not permitted.

Some of the classes may be strenuous.  We strongly recommend that you have a physical examination before participating in any of the classes if you have not exercised in a while.

Large Studio Schedule: Spring 2015

Large Studio Class Descriptions

Medium Studio Schedule: Spring 2015

Medium Studio Class Descriptions

Spin Studio Schedule: Spring 2015

Spin Studio Class Descriptions