Types of Activities

Types of activities:

Team Building

Campus Recreation aims to provide everyone with a learning environment that can help address many of the personal and group obstacles that we experience in everyday life such as; commitment, critical thought, risk assessment, open mindedness, tolerance, confidence, and the expansion of the comfort zone.

The challenge course staff can structure activities to promote communication, inclusion, fellowship, problem solving skills, and leadership development.

“High” and “Low Challenges” structured within 4-8 hour reservations are ideal for team building scenarios.


Just want to have fun? We’ve got you covered! The challenge course staff can structure activities on elements like the Climbing Walls, Ziplines, a Giant Swing that promote constructive play, personal challenge, expansion of the comfort zone, and self discovery. 

Purely “recreational” reservations typically occur within 2-4 hour time frames depending on the size of the group.



Robert Stine (Challenge Course Coordinator) 

Email – rstine@uca.edu

Phone – (501) 852-0255

Richard Hammond (Director of Campus Recreation)

Email – rhammond@uca.edu

Phone – (501) 450-5705