HPER Center

New Patron Orientation and Waiver for the HPER Center

All NEW students must receive an orientation and sign a waiver prior to entering the HPER Center. This can be done electronically or in person. Below are the instructions for the electronic orientation and waiver.

1. Read the HPER Dress Code (2022)
2. Read the Campus Recreation and Wellness Orientation (2022)
3. Read the Notice to all Persons Participating Waiver
4. A touch pad device is needed.  Select the Fusion Portal
5. Turn phone horizontally
6. Sign into the Fusion Portal, in the upper right corner, with your MyUCA login information.
7. Scroll down to the GRAY box and TAP to open the gray box.   
8. Sign in the WHITE BOX, select SAVE, AND and select SIGN NOW.
9. Close out the portal.

Guest Pass Information
Inclement Weather Policy

Campus Recreation and Wellness

Mission Statement 

  • The mission of Campus Recreation and Wellness is to enhance academic success, leadership, and the collegiate experience by providing opportunities and resources to foster fun, health, and community through play and adventure.

The HPER originally opened November 27, 2000 as a 72,000 square foot recreation center located on the corner of Student Lane and Farris on the southwest corner of the UCA Campus.  In 2012 the process for an extensive expansion and renovation project began.

In addition to the three pre-existing, re-finished full-sized basketball courts, the expansion and renovation include an approximate 10,000 sq ft. weight room, an approximate 6,000 sq. ft. cardio room, and three group exercise studios including one dedicated to spinning classes.  Windows have been placed around the pre-existing Mondo X indoor track to allow exercisers to look out to the nature reserve and provides an open feel that coincides with the architectural style of the new portion of the HPER.  Also added to the HPER is the natatorium, featuring a 6 lane, 25-yard lap pool.  Other additions include lounge areas, recreational game space, three racquetball courts, and an outdoor recreation center, where the campus community can check-out kayaks, canoes, camping equipment and even get basic bicycle services and repairs done.

It is our hope that the now completed expansion and renovation, will allow campus recreation to continue to fulfill its mission and continue making the UCA campus a healthier place as individuals and as a whole.