Virtual Bike Across Arkansas



Teams of 2-3 compete to complete 1 of 2 virtual courses over 6 weeks time with a chance to win prizes along the way, while promoting your health and learning about the natural state and our state parks along the virtual course!



Bike Across Arkansas 2023

Please be advised that while this is a team event, EACH person must submit their own form along with team name and at least one other team member. Make sure you know these things before completing the form.
  • Please provide your name
  • List your other team member's name.
  • List your other team member's name.
  • Informed Consent

    Must be signed/agreed to by participant(s) in order to participate in the Bike Across Arkansas Event. I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration of the acceptance of this registration and for being permitted to participate in this event. I am a voluntary participant in this event, and in good physical condition. I know that this event is a potentially strenuous activity and there are certain risks associated with this even as with any physical activity. I herby assume full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur (a) during my participation in the event or (b) while on the premises of this event. For myself and any other person claiming by, through or under me, I hereby forever release, acquit and hold harmless, and covenant not to file suit against, the UCA HPER Center, the Board of Trustees of UCA, and any employee, officer or agent thereof, or any other person or entity associated with UCA, any loss, expense, claim or cause of action, whether known or unknown, which I may have arising out of my participation in this event, including but not limited to, personal injury or damage suffered by me or others whether same or cause by falls, contact with participants or conditions of the competition. If I/we do not follow all the rules of this event, I understand that I may be removed from the event.