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Business & STEM Students Participate in Eclipse Celebrations Led by CISA Prof. Susan Shaw

Monday was a beautiful day for Total Eclipse fun at UCA, and CISA Prof. Susan Shaw was out on the UCA Stripes with STEM students. The group included 17 “Girls Who Code” members, 11 College of Business students taking CISA classes, 3 Beta Alpha Psi Members, and 3 UCA sorority members.

At the Girls Who Code booth led by President Abby Bounds, the members taught about the significance of how rubber ducks help programmers when they get stuck writing their code. They let children decorate a duck at a table and created bracelets that spelled BEARS written in binary code. The Girls Who Code booth was a huge success, and we had over 700 visitors from 30 states visit the table.

Also Abby Bray completed her final independent study Data Science project. She presented her project at the event and even created an app where visitors could learn more about UCA and Conway and go on a scavenger hunt.

April 8 was quite a memorable day!


UCA College of Business Announces Outstanding Students of 2023-2024 Academic Year

At its annual Outstanding Student Awards Banquet, the UCA College of Business recently announced and celebrated the Outstanding Students selected for the 2023-2024 academic year. The awards given celebrate students who stood out this year in our academic programs and registered student organizations. The following selected students were selected because they have optimized their education by combining exemplary academic performance with internships, volunteerism, professional development, experiential education, and participation in clubs and other important experiences.

Outstanding Students of the Year


General Business
Miranda Ivy

“I feel like business fits me because I have lots of interest in many different areas that this major helps to fulfill. After graduation, I intend to explore options in the career field and gain experience for future endeavors.”

Miranda pictured with Dr. Watson who presented the award

Fully Online Undergraduate
Samantha Ashley

“As a non-traditional student, I have experience in a few different fields of business. At any given profession I have had, I always excelled in my computer skills. When I decided to go back to college to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, I chose a major in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Business Analysis to hone my existing skills and become an expert in a field that entails tasks that I enjoy. After graduation, I am hoping to be able to secure a remote position as a Data Analyst.”

Sam pictured with Dr. Casey who presented the award

Carson Griffin

Carson chose to major in accounting with a minor in financial services. He says, “I chose accounting because of the career opportunities available and the flexibility that it provides. I love working with numbers and the world of business, so accounting is where I fit it. After graduation, I will pursuing a MAcc here at UCA. After that, I plan to work in public accounting at FORVIS.”

Carson pictured with Dr. Watson who presented the award

Computer Information Systems
Grant McKnight

“I have always loved working with computers, starting first with playing video games, then creating documents, and now writing codes in languages such as SQL. I chose to major in Computer Information Systems because of this interest, the opportunity to get a great job, and to have a career that I know I will enjoy. I am looking for an internship or full-time position in Arkansas.”

Grant pictured with Dr. Downey who presented the award

Computer Information Systems – Business Analysis
Aiden Mendolia

(not pictured)

Information Systems
Hayden Weaver

(not pictured)

Natalie Quisenberry

“I chose economics because of its omnipresence in the business world. I found myself applying economic principles in almost all of my lower division business core classes, which was very intriguing to me. This ultimately led to the changing of my major and I have enjoyed it ever since. After graduating, I hope to obtain a position in business strategy while simultaneously pursuing a masters degree. After some time in the corporate world, I would like to pursue my PhD and return to higher education as a professor.”

Natalie pictured with Dr. Hodges who presented the award

Linda Galeano Midence

Linda chose to major in finance and minor in data analytics. She says she chose it because there is more math involved in this subject. She also hopes to get a job in the United States after graduation, but if not, she envisions herself back in Honduras working at a bank.

Linda pictured with Dr. Snyder who presented the award

Insurance & Risk Management
Sophia Fulgham

“I am a third generation insurance agent so I’ve grown up around the industry. I feel like I’ve gotten a front row seat to seeing the good insurance can do. My dad always says with insurance you’re selling people a piece of paper and a promise that you’ll be there for them when they need you most. I feel really excited to go into an industry where I can help people in this way. After graduation, I have been accepted into the MBA program here at UCA and will start taking classes toward my MBA this summer as I study abroad in Amsterdam! I am open to pursuing any job within the industry after I graduate this May. I hope that I will eventually be able to come back and help my dad run his independent agency, Integrity Insurance.”

Sophia pictured with Dr. Yao who presented the award

Abbie Flake

“I am very math-brained but also love to be creative. Marketing was the perfect choice where I could do both! I am fascinated by the world of business and can express my creativity while also being analytical as a marketing major. I hope to attend graduate school at the University of Arkansas in the full-time Walton MBA Program.”

Abbie pictured with Dr. Garner who presented the award

Bresner Austin

“I run a small business on the side, and I’ve always had some interest in the way that these businesses run that I work for. It’s also a great backup plan for the firefighting career I’m going to pursue; especially because with that schedule I could continue to run my business among other things. Knowledge of the economy and how many things operate in a country like America is valuable to me. After graduation, I plan to enter the Little Rock Firefighting Rookie School program.”

Bresner pictured with Dr. Chen who presented the award

Human Resource Management
Abby McMillin

(not pictured)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Connor Tuttle

“I believed this major would give me the best overall learning experience for what it takes to run a business. I saw that it included courses from all departments in the College of Business and that is what stood out most. I wanted to leave college feeling as though I had experience in multiple different areas of business. In addition, I felt as though this major would encourage me to take a leap of faith and start my own venture. After I graduate, I intend to pursue a full-time job at my current workplace, The Studio Downtown. I also am looking at other employment options within the marketing department of companies like Howler Brothers, Turtlebox Audio, Yeti, or other outdoor lifestyle brands.”

Connor pictured with Dr. Suter who presented the award

Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Elizabeth “Liz” Ennis

“Inventory analysis is something that just makes sense to me. I worked at a local grocery store in high school and the idea of supply and demand at a larger scale piqued my interest. After studying abroad in Austria this past summer, my drive for international inventory and shipping has only been solidified. After I graduate, I plan to work on my Master’s in Supply Chain Management while working in a company within my degree path.”

Liz pictured with Dr. Voss who presented the award

Master of Accountancy
Jacqueline Berntsen

“I knew I wanted to be a business major because many of my family members had their own businesses. When I took principles of accounting, I really liked the class. I interviewed a family member that was a CPA at about the same time and found the interview really interesting. So I picked it and stuck with it. After graduation, I intend to start working at HCJ CPA’s & Advisors and start studying for the CPA exam.”

Jacqueline pictured with Dr. Oxner who presented the award

Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics
Julian Haessner

Julian says he chose applied data analytics because of research opportunities, to develop of analytical skills, and to prepare for doctoral studies.

Julian pictured with Dr. Ellis who presented the award

Master of Business Administration
Joao Rodrigues

“I pursued a major in Applied Data Analytics because it complements my MBA, equipping me with advanced analytical skills to leverage data in strategic decision-making and enhance my expertise in the business field. After I graduate, I will be working as a Financial Analyst in a commercial real estate firm in Central Arkansas.”

Joao pictured with Dr. McMurtrey who presented the award

College of Business Overall Outstanding Student
Carson Griffin

Carson pictured with Dean Hargis who presented the award


Mahayla Edwards

Mahayla says, “I would love to own my own business and run it from the ground up! I may move to NWA open a store front for my boutique then move to Dallas a few years later and open another store and a coffee shop!”

Mahayla pictured with Dr. Moseley who presented the award

Accounting Club
Izzy Saettele

Izzy is very active at UCA and was convinced to choose her major in accounting because her supplemental instructor inspired her to choose it. She says after graduation, “I plan to stay at UCA for my MAcc and sit for the CPA exam. I want to go into public accounting, specifically in tax and stay somewhere in the central Arkansas area.”

Izzy pictured with Dr. Phillips who presented the award

Beta Alpha Psi
Carson Griffin

Carson pictured with Dr. Phillips who presented the award

Bears for Advancing Supply Chain & Operations Management (BASCOM)
Claire Coon

“My initial attraction to the business world was and still is the direct, real world applications of the field. From my first two classes in business, microeconomics and the global environment of business, I was able to take things out of class and straight away use them to better understand everyday events in my life. Starting in January 2024 after my graduation in December, I began working full time as a real estate agent for Homeward Realty here in Conway. This new year I look forward to serving Conway and the greater Central Arkansas region as a real estate agent by applying skills and knowledge I’ve acquired during my time at the UCA College of Business (COB).”

Claire pictured with Dr. Voss who presented the award

Gamma Iota Sigma
Cole Vangsnes

Cole says he chose Insurance and Risk Management because it is a “very interesting career field with people that make it ten times better.”

Cole pictured with Prof. Hudson who presented the award

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Collegiate
Kaddie Bailey & Malie Phimmachack

Malie: “I choose this major because I wanted to be able to help people. My interest in business-related activities began in High School, so I wanted to be able to pursue it in the future. Additionally, I enjoyed being able to assist others when they needed it, so I decided to major in management so that I could learn all the ins and outs of a business. After graduation I intend to go for my masters and start working.”

Kaddie chose to focus on Accounting and Religious Studies. She says, “I chose both of them because I love helping people. Accounting can be used in so many ways for the betterment of others like being a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant to helping corporations run their everyday operations. I get to work with those around me for the betterment of others. Religious studies helps me get to know the world more and allows me to help others across the street, across the states, and across the world. I get to be a light in communities full of darkness. After graduation, I intend to do a two year Journeymen program through the North American Missions Board and possibly short-term missionary work before coming back to earn my Master’s Degree in Accounting and possibly sit for the CPA exam. Life is an open book so I may end up doing something completely different, but this is what I think I am going to do.”

Kaddie and Malie pictured with Dr. Suter who presented the award

COB Student Ambassador
Abbie Flake

Abbie pictured with Dean Hargis who presented the award

Business Students & Alumni Share Why Day of Giving Matters

Current business students and alumni share how UCA’s Day of Giving contributes to scholarships and experiences that help them achieve goals.

Amaya Whitmore

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting in 2023, current Master of Accountancy student
“Scholarships are so important and can play a huge role in helping someone reach their educational goals. I was blessed to receive scholarships that allowed me to worry less about the financial burden of college and focus more on my studies.”


Emma Daughtrey

Insurance Risk Management major, class of 2025
“Growing up, I witnessed the devastating impact of risk firsthand. Now, thanks to scholarships, I can turn my passion for risk mitigation into a career dedicated to protecting others. Each scholarship signifies a strong belief in my abilities and potential. I’m determined to make them proud by becoming a future leader in the insurance and risk management industry.”

When you give, we grow.

Giving to funds like the CISA fund means that students will get to experience more:

  • visit more businesses to see technology in action;

  • network with more professionals in their classes and in student organizations;

  • practice with the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips.

Takari Glover

BBA in Marketing in 2023
“Scholarships played a huge role in my undergraduate college career. I was given more flexibility to study, continue to serve on campus and volunteer in the community. I didn’t have to stress or worry about how I was going to pay for tuition or books, and that was the most rewarding and satisfying part about college – being able to enjoy every moment stress free.”

Michael Isaac

Accounting major who hopes to someday earn a law degree, class of 2025
“I love accounting, and thanks to the relentless generosity and support of our donors, I get to do what I love!”

By giving to the UCA College of Business, you can help students reach their educational goals and impact their lives for the better.

AR Blue Cross Blue Shield Partners with UCA College of Business for Take Over Day

On Monday, March 4, 2024, business experts from Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield visited the College of Business for a “Take Over” Day! They spoke to students in every area of business to share their expertise and career opportunities available to students. In fact, Arkansas BCBS was recently named for the third consecutive year by Forbes magazine among America’s Best Employers for mid-sized organizations, which makes COB eve more thrilled to welcome this company to “Take Over” our college.

Several BCBS experts shared with our students about a wide range of business fields including accounting, marketing, human resources, finance, information systems, and more.

  • Mr. David Martin, VP of Infrastructure & Operations, spoke to Introduction to a Computer Architecture and Programming class.
  • Ms. Emily Shadell, Staff Accountant, spoke to three classes: Accounting Information Systems, Cost Accounting, and Auditing.
  • Mr. Jason Carter, Manager of Talent Acquisition, spoke to Strategic Human Resource Management and to a large class of freshmen in “Introduction to Business.”
  • Talent Acquisition Partner Ms. Maria Silva brought donuts and cookies to engage students passing through the COB Lobby and tell them about BCBS careers.
  • Teaming up to speak to an Advertising class: Mr. Trey Hankins, Director Customer & Digital Experience & Design, and Mr. Ben McVay, Manager Group Marketing/Member Engagement & Digital Strategy.
  • Mr. Henry (Buddy) Vogler, Director Treasury and Financial Operations, shared his experience with two Personal Finance classes.
  • Social Media Strategist Colton Faull joined behind the scenes and shared his experience with students.

At our drop-in lunch from 11am-1pm, students engaged with COB faculty and BCBS professionals, while some faculty spoke with fellow specialists about current events in their fields of expertise.

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield partners with our college year-round by sponsoring our Imagine Lab. This is a special room designed for classes and collaboration. The room has tools to help students innovate and think creatively.

Thank you, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield! We want to thank the BCBS team who took time from their offices to spend a day with us here in the College of Business. They shared valuable experience that gave our students the opportunity to build networking and leadership skills as well as practical experience. Thank you for partnering with us for BCBS “Take Over” Day.

Emily Shadell, Jason Carter, David Martin, Trey Hankins, Ben McVay, Maria Silva, Colton Faull; not pictured: Henry (Buddy) Vogler

CISA Lecturer Susan Shaw Offers Data Project Course in Spring 2024, Plans to Take Students to Competition Again

Award-winning CISA Lecturer Susan Shaw has led the annual IT Careers Camp for years, but last spring, she began a new course that brought students to the Business Analytics Competition at Manhattan College in New York City. Known for her excellence in teaching and service, Shaw shares here why she chose to teach and her tips for new, current, or prospective business students.

NOTE: If you’re interested in joining the project mentioned below in spring 2024, ask your advisor about the CISA 4V71 Project Course. You can also talk with Lecturer Shaw. Registration for spring 2024 begins at the end of October.

Why did you choose to teach Computer Information Systems & Analytics?
CISA was just the perfect fit for me! Looking back over my years of experience in the industry and academia, I realized that every aspect of my professional career had been centered around computers and data. When I began teaching in the CISA department, I felt like I was able to blend the two in order to give students first-hand experience that they can relate to in the classroom.

What about your job brings you the most joy?
I absolutely love working with students! I made the transition into teaching because I loved teaching others. My hope is that in some small way, I can motivate students and help them determine what career path they were meant to be on!

What tips or advice would you give to new, current, or prospective business students?
My advice to students is to choose a major and focus on the area best suited to their interests. By choosing a major, you increase your employer hireability and your income potential!

Tell us about the Business Analytics Competition at Manhattan College.
In the spring semester of 2023, seven students participated in a project course to prepare for the Business Analytics Competition at Manhattan College, May 22-24, 2023. This was the first year that UCA attended the competition. The students signed up for the project course and competition, not knowing exactly what would be involved. They were divided into two teams to complete the projects; within the teams, they selected their roles (Project Manager, Research Manager(s), and Data Visualization Manager). Students received the competition dataset on February 1.

For Phase I of the competition, students were asked to complete a series of tasks: they identified the problem, collected and prepped data, developed a model, and answered research questions related to their data and models. They then created a poster that presented their team’s ideas, methodology, and conclusions based on the data analysis. The poster was submitted on May 1.

The students traveled to Manhattan College, where they presented their posters to industry professionals and professors from 23 schools. During Phase II of the competition, the students were given a new dataset and asked to find a similarity to the first dataset and create a presentation within a matter of hours. While we did not receive any awards, the students did an outstanding job on their projects and represented UCA and the College of Business extremely well! This was a great experiential learning opportunity for the students!

CISA Lecturer I Susan Shaw has earned awards in excellence in service (2022) and excellence in teaching (2023). If you want to catch her in the classroom, plan to take one of her courses next spring: Business Computing, Advanced Spreadsheet Applications, or the CISA 4V71 Project Course that will take students to a case competition.

You may also catch her at the annual IT Careers Camp next summer held for high school students to get hands-on experience with life on campus, activities in the MakerSpace and with making robots, as well as mentorship from IT professors and professionals.

Dr. Joe Cangelosi Shares His 35+ Years of Experience Through Teaching & Research

 Dr. Joe Cangelosi, Professor of Marketing, shares about his research, advice for students, and what brings him the most enjoyment as a Professor.

Why did you choose marketing?
I am a market researcher by trade, being in the MR industry for 5 years before going back to get a doctorate in marketing, so I could be a university professor.

What have you studied in your research?
I have studied the Marketing & Distribution of Preventive Health Care (PHC) information. I have been publishing in the area for 20+ years, finding new niches to focus my efforts. I have learned the demographics, activities, behaviors, social media tendencies of PHC consumers, across generational cohorts. I’m always looking for another publication opportunity in a good health care marketing journal.

What tips or advice would you give to new, current, or prospective business students?
1. Work hard in school so you can determine what your special gifts are.
2. Don’t be overburdened with hours on a job while in school; work the hours necessary to survive; don’t be buying new cell phones or a new car or buying too much of anything; just get through school with some good grades so you have the skills and grades to be competitive in the job market once you graduate. Students should heed my advice based on my 35+ years of teaching, research and consulting; I have a good feel for what it takes for students to succeed.

What about your job brings you the most joy?
1. engaging students and seeing their success after graduation
2. getting manuscripts published in health care journals
3. teaching market research
4. the collegiality in the department of marketing and management; it is the best; good dept chair too!

This fall, Dr. Cangelosi is teaching Principles of Marketing and Marketing Research & Data Management. Students can plan to take these classes taught by Dr. Cangelosi in the spring. He also will be presenting an abstract at the 2023 Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in September 2023.

UCA’s Online CIS Business Analysis program Ranked #11 in Nation by has ranked UCA’s Online BBA in Computer Information Systems: Business Analysis program #11 overall in a comprehensive assessment of all online bachelor’s degrees in business analytics in the country. This ranking recognizes the program’s unique educational value to business analytics students.

Computer Information Systems combines the business profession with modern computer technology. CIS graduates are prepared to work in many capacities, depending on desire and the courses chosen. Graduates work as developers (programmers), database or network administrators, analysts of all kinds, security experts, project managers, and other roles that combine business with technology. The Business Analysis Concentration focuses on data analytics or using data to help managers make wiser decisions. There are multiple courses and focus areas for students to choose from, including data visualization, data mining, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and using Python for analytics., a business and data analytics education website, applies our thorough rankings methodology to all online business analytics programs in the country. Their analysis includes multiple factors, from program quality and price to reputation and student outcomes, accreditation status, academic focus, delivery format, and external awards. Next, they assess program costs to determine its accessibility. Finally, they consider the program’s history of successfully graduating business analytics students. Programs that perform well in all areas earn a placement in the rankings.

MBA Director McMurtrey Earns 2023 SWDSI Distinguished Service Award

The Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (SWDSI) has named Dr. Mark E. McMurtrey as its 2023 Distinguished Service Award recipient in recognition of his achievements in research, teaching, and service. He was presented the award on March 9, 2023, in Houston, Texas at the SWSDI 52nd Annual Meeting. McMurtrey holds the appointment of Professor of Computer Information Systems and Analytics and MBA Program Director for the UCA College of Business.

The SWDSI is a division of the Decision Sciences Institute, a professional organization made up of those interested in sharing research on the study of decision processes and the application of quantitative and behavioral methods to the problems of society.

Dr. McMurtrey has also been recognized as the SWDSI 2020 Outstanding Educator; he also has been awarded the UCA College of Business “Excellence in Service” Award (2014) and the “Excellence in Teaching” Award (2017).

Dr. McMurtrey has been very active in service with DSI and SWDSI in conferences for over 30 years. Between the two he has well over 100 activities, ranging from author, discussant, reviewer, session chair, track chair, presenter, VP-Finance, Program Chair, President, and Past President. McMurtrey had a research study win the Distinguished Paper Award at the 2022 SWDSI Conference in March and competed with the winners from the other regions at the National DSI meeting in November, finishing as a runner-up. McMurtrey has also been a Council Member for SWDSI and serves on both the Strategic Planning Committee and Outstanding Educator Award Committee.

CISA Professor Honored as Most Valuable Professor by UCA Student Athletes

Dr. Mike Ellis was honored last night as “Most Valuable Professor” at the UCA vs Arkansas State baseball game for his impact on UCA student-athletes. Here Dr. Ellis is pictured with MBA student and right fielder Kolby Johnson, who nominated him for the award. Dr. Ellis serves as an Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems & Analytics. Congratulations, Dr. Ellis!

Delwin Portillo Shares Recent Study Abroad Experience

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My semester abroad visiting The Hague, Netherlands was easily the most enriching semester of my undergrad. I learned so much about being a leader, diversity, self confidence, personal growth, and of course I learned a lot about business and marketing!

I was able to take a Purposeful Marketing course which had many different components to it. There was a leadership component, in which I learned different leadership skills and how to flesh out and improve these skills. There was a Project Management component where I learned how to use SCRUM Methodology in order to complete a project. And then the Marketing Component in which I worked with a real life charity in brainstorming a new marketing strategy for their upcoming projects.

Over the course of the semester I was able to travel to multiple countries and experience a variety of cultures. I was able to meet many people that I am now able to call mentors and friends. It is an experience that I will never take for granted, and I feel has given me a renewed appreciation for education and traveling. Thank you UCA for this fantastic opportunity.

  • Delwin Portillo | Senior | marketing major